02-02-2023: 1913 — 17TH AMENDMENT: Loss of State’s Voice in Federal Legislation

AMERICA FIRST STRATEGY Considerations:  Article #1 – Introduction

We cannot have full self-governance with the 17th Amendment in place.  From a strategic perspective we also cannot tackle it now.  We need a 5-Year plan.  I propose starting today with properly securing elections as Phase I.  We end the 5-Year Plan in 2027-28, hopefully with President Trump in office, by repealing the 17th Amendment; thereby returning the voice of State’s Rights to the Federal legislative process.  We MUST work together figuring out and implementing intermediate plan Phases leading us to our 5-Year Final Plan Phase.

Note:  Stopping election fraud NOW is a necessary first step toward getting AMERICA FIRST candidates elected generally and Donald J. Trump as President specifically.

This is my first article in a series related to working with people to develop a grass roots, deplorable organizational plan to SAVE AMERICAN FREEDOM, which for me, means beginning in Pinal County, Arizona; then 14 remaining Arizona counties; then the State of Arizona; then the country.  Our “ground-up” grass roots plan structure can be similar in all 50 states with revisions as appropriate.  So here we go!

Article I, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution states:
“The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, [chosen by the Legislature thereof,] for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote.”

The prescient language above established not just a significant check and balance for State’s Rights in the Federal legislative process; but an absolutely critical check and balance.  The loss to American citizens by revising this original Article 1, Section 3 language is incalculable—as intended within the overall 1913 coup.

Quick slice of American history:  The 1913 coup.
▪The 16th Amendment establishing an obscenity called the INCOME TAX, was ratified on February 3, 1913.  Some legal scholars insist this Amendment was never properly ratified by ¾ of the 48 States at the time.  We’ll not deal with this allegation here.  Note that a “heavy or graduated income tax” is the 2nd Plank in Marx & Engels’ Communist Manifesto of 1848.

▪The 17th Amendment subjecting U.S. Senators to the same mud-slinging popular vote (easy-peasy electoral corruption) as U.S. House Members was ratified April 8, 1913.  Again, some legal scholars insist this Amendment was not properly ratified and additionally violates States Rights under Article 5.  Note that, Alabama, Florida, Georgia , Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia did not ratify this Amendment.  Article 5 states: “…and that no State, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”   The 17th Amendment (in my non-lawyer view) does deprive States of equal Suffrage—but again, this argument is not in my wheelhouse.

▪The Federal Reserve Act was signed into law by globalist President, Woodrow Wilson on December 23, 1913.  This act created America’s central banking system.  Note that a national bank monopoly centralizing and controlling credit is the 5th Plank in Marx & Engels’ Communist Manifesto.

From 1913 to 2023, America has been taken over by the marriage of dynastic family power, i.e., a global syndicate, along with obedient minions within organized crime and Shadow Government intelligence services engaging in surveillance, blackmail, and extortion.  Order following, Ruling Class Thugs, elected, and appointed conduct the legislative and administrative wealth confiscation, money laundering, regulatory subterfuge, and other dirty work.  This entire administrative (deep) state network is bound together through the international nexus of powerful banking interests—and has since 1850 or so, successfully perpetrated an incremental coup d’état, thereby taking operational control of the United States government to raid created wealth of productive Main Street wealth creators.  Making matters worse, most state and local governments are also corrupted by this same international network via, captured legacy media attack or support, captured multinational corporate monopolies, and always the so-called money trust.

Hard working American citizens have their wealth confiscated with government sanctioned impunity by Ruling Class order followers representing, not American citizens, but global elite families and their privileged multinational minions.  It doesn’t matter if elected and appointed officials know what they’re doing or not—the resulting harm to Main Street is the same.  The 17th Amendment cleverly and unabashedly rendered this unconstitutional theft, this pirating of hard-earned citizen wealth all but impossible to stop.

The day (April 8, 1913) U.S. Senators were no longer held responsible to their elected State legislatures, and could not be appropriately replaced for poor performance, they became subject to the vagaries of the world’s most powerful families and their minions, i.e., the global syndicate, cartel, or whatever we choose to call this psychopathic cartel pre-selecting only globalist candidates for Main Street voters to choose from.

How do we deal with our corrupted, once representative republic?  Can we handle taking on a Constitutional Amendment process today—and win?  NO, I do not believe so.  Prussian, now Marxist infiltration into America’s educational system since 1780 at Yale, 1781 at Harvard, then on and on and on has dumbed us down and left us unprepared to defend ourselves.  For that reason along with the nearly unimaginable magnitude of Washington D.C. corruption, sedition, and treason—we need a phased, citizen self-defense plan eventually leading to repeal of the 17th Amendment.  We cannot undertake this task now.  The root of our problematic circumstance is not alone here in America anyway; it is international in scope led by denizens of other power centers like City of London, the Vatican, Zurich, Frankfurt, Singapore, etc.

Constitutional Amendments are not easy to pass or repeal.  Entering the constitutional process for either is dangerous when financial, legal, and political power are not equally distributed among the haves and have-nots as America is today.  17A must be repealed for the United States to fully regain self-government BUT not today.  Today, we will lose this battle and could lose more constitutionally recognized rights as well.

Sadly, the U.S. Senate has been, since 1913, metastasized into one of the most corrupt groups of privileged lifetime actors on earth.  Unfortunately, we the people have been cheated by our education system, lied to by Mockingbird Media, abandoned and abused by elected and appointed officials, attacked by regulatory agencies, lost our judicial protections, taken advantage of by woke military leadership—so stand alone on Main Street.  We are who we have been waiting for to save us.  There is no one else.  Leaders come and go.  Leaders can be influenced, coerced, and turned against their own people.  Belief in our Creator, faith, generosity, integrity, and morality provide foundational principles upon which beneficial policy is constructed.  Such principles are universal, eternal, and indestructible.  With our principles and understanding to guide us, we are no longer dependent on leaders for answers, or even decisions.

We the people of Main Street MUST develop a sound strategy leading up to repeal of the 17th Amendment.  Given we have lost fair and open electoral control of our cities, counties, states, and Federal government, this is a sizable undertaking.  Concerned citizens MUST work together over the coming months and years to discuss and consider the most effective ways of mobilizing millions of patriotic Main Street Americans for effective action to throw off the shackles of this incremental coup.  This is not a Democrat/Republican, liberal/conservative battle.  This is American deplorables against the might of generationally entrenched wealth, power, and Satanic influence.  It is our SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION—this time against our own 21st century government tyranny.

If we fail — America will experience the tragedy of a 2nd Civil War.  We may anyway at this point, BUT with 330 million people, the destructive horror of such a conflagration will be unimaginable.  Better we unite against our true enemies—the psychopathic victims of Satanic influence abusing us and the rest of the world, all of whom must be freed.

Talking is not getting the job done.  We need action, but networked action must be organized and focused.  Shot-gunning many simultaneous solutions will fail, though they are needed.  My own analysis suggests ELECTION FRAUD must be Numero Uno on our priority activity list.  If we cannot fairly and openly elect our city, county, and state leadership—we cannot win in the corrupt  D.C. septic pit.  We MUST organize our carnival ducks in a row, discipline ourselves in tight networked organizations, then knock down our ducks, one at a time.  I appreciate and am requesting feedback from readers regarding election fraud as priority one.  Am I correct or missing something?

Over the coming weeks we can, if readers are interested, consider ways we might prioritize, organize, and accomplish our tasks.  In the meantime, something to think about is this.  The Democrat Party is lost to Marxist/Globalist totalitarianism, leaving us with the pathetic Republican Party, the Establishment portion of which rides with the Marxists as a functional UNIPARTY.  The corrupt RNC Establishment leadership renders the RNC AWOL for our self-governance purposes at both state and national levels.

Ostensibly, we need a large new national organization to say, roll the 80 million or so AMERICA FIRST MAGA voters into legislative battle formation.    However, if we have the money and will to do that—our single organization can easily be attacked and have its head cut off.  It may be safer to have hundreds, or thousands of small independent ad hoc America First organizations networked together across the country and territories through small neighborhood meetings, churches, clubs, social media, word-of-mouth, etc.  This diffuse structure would be almost impossible to effectively attack, though difficult to coordinate.  We already have many decent organizations we can join and work with to continue building a larger, more connected network of strong, willing, deplorable freedom warriors.

Once we build our 80-120 million citizen political network, guess what?  If it is too late?  If we already lost control of our government to the point it cannot or will not serve its own citizens; then sadly but fortunately we will have already built our 80-120 million citizen militia.  We don’t want to use this militia, MUST AVOID doing so, but can if we must.

ACTION!  ACTION!  ACTION!  We must blog, discuss, educate, meet, post on social media, and effectively organize ourselves to a better level of understanding, BUT it is time to roll up our sleeves, get our Main Street hands dirty, and carry our country back to legitimate self-government BY GETTING INVOLVED IN GOVERNMENTAL PROCESSES.  Our government at every level has abandoned us and MUST be fixed from the bottom up.

Washington D.C. is lost to Main Street America.  More than 90% of all monies borrowed or spent by our Federal government are not constitutionally authorized.  Tens of trillions of dollars are missing and unaccounted for.  D.C. can no longer be fixed from the top, down.  D.C. MUST be fixed from the ground, up.


SAVING AMERICAN FREEDOM requires developing our plan of action together beginning NOW—TODAY.  More to come from myself and many other deplorables more knowledgeable, wiser, and tougher than I am.

01-20-2023: Harmeet Dhillon or Mike Lindell For RNC Chair?

Bruce Kolinski, P.E. (Retired)

2 min ago

Mission success requires effective team management.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) regardless intent has specifically failed Republican voters since 2020 and has generally failed to stand for a secure U.S. electoral system.   Whatever success RNC leadership claims, RNC Chair, Ms. Ronna McDaniel and RNC Chief Counsel, Mr. Justin Riemer have weakly pandered to, and abjectly failed since November 2020 to aggressively fight for Republican voting rights or for overall election integrity. The entire country lives with corruption as a result.

How on Earth are we supposed to convincingly GET THE VOTE OUT, when tax paying “would be” voters KNOW their votes mean nothing when election fraud enabled by early voting, ballot harvesting, late voting, and machine voting will together with legislative and  judicial complicity disenfranchise their votes? It’s the count that elects, not the ballots.

The RNC has openly conducted itself as a professionally expensive pandering society helping bring about a totalitarian globalist future for American citizens.  Regardless intention, that is the result of their efforts.  Exposure, speeches, and obscenely racked up levels of RNC expenses do not add up to accountability for election integrity or for citizen friendly, operational government processes.  It is my humble opinion that RNC leadership MUST be changed and the entire RNC organization revamped for honest voter representation and America First effectiveness.

At present it appears Ms. Harmeet Dhillon and Mr. Michael Lindell are front runners for RNC chair in 2023.  Both are highly respected leaders in the Republican Party and are worthy of consideration.  For what it’s worth, my Sonoran Desert thoughts on this are as follows:

Good managers manage effectively and generally speaking; an individual successfully managing an auto factory, potato chip factory, pillow factory, or other endeavor will likely do well managing most anything—at least anything not requiring extensive technical or other special expertise.

♣Mike Lindell is a proven manager, proven fund raiser, and proven workaholic making energizer bunnies look lazy by comparison.  He donates his own time and spends tens of millions of his own hard earned dollars fighting diligently for election integrity and trying to educate eligible voters regarding same.  I know of no other person in America more deserving of a shot as RNC Chairman.

♣Harmeet Dhillon is an experienced, successful, nationally recognized attorney and proven warrior litigator.  Her skill set is impressive across a broad range of advocacy terrain, one aspect of which is “election law”.  I have no idea as to Ms. Dhillon’s managerial capability, but let’s assume it’s exceptional.

If Harmeet Dhillon becomes RNC Chairwoman, she will be handcuffed by routine travel along with managerial and fund raising tasks.  These are not small things in any realm, certainly not within the octagon of political in and out fighting.  With Ms. Dhillon as RNC Chairwoman, the Republican Party loses her skills as successful litigating warrior.  Is loss of Ms. Dhillon’s highest and best use a good choice?  Would Ms. Dhillon consider or accept a juicier role as RNC Chief Counsel? In the present felonious circumstance, Ms. Dhillon can spend weeks arguing before and coordinating arguments before District Courts and the Supreme Circus.

Mike Lindell is a proven manager and fund raiser.  This is his skill set—his highest and best use.  Mike is a fighter but not a litigator and the RNC desperately requires talented legal counsel to represent freedom as well as quality management. Can we have both?

I propose consideration of Harmeet Dhillon as our RNC warrior litigator (Chief Counsel) and Mike Lindell as RNC Chairman.  The America First RNC doesn’t just need a strong, aggressive leader; it also requires a strong warrior team to overcome the staggering globalist odds stacked against U.S. election integrity and freedom.

01-16-2023: One America First Strategy Consideration


For the first time in my 71-years as an American citizen, members of the U.S. House of Representatives stood together and said NO to the GLOBALIST LEVIATHAN.  Just a mere handful courageously forming a battle phalanx of twenty strong standing as the Spartans at Thermopylae in 480 B.C. against unimaginable international numbers of cowardly, lying, bought and paid for, seditious, and treasonous PAWNS OF PRIVILEGE.  David and Goliath.  A biblical standoff against Satanic influence, I suspect marking a major turning point in world history.  JANUARY 2023 ROCKS and we the people of God’s creation are just beginning to wake up—to the age-old fight against demonic authoritarianism.

Nothing like the MAGA AMERICA FIRST TWENTY has been witnessed in North America since the 1776 signing of America’s Declaration of Independence.  The spark of freedom heralded in January 2022 by brave Canadian and American truckers is bearing fruit.  If awakening American Main citizens hope to restore the American Founder’s Covenant with our Creator, thereby through God’s blessings, leading the entire world to freedom—one red shirt, one red cap, one small group, one city, one state, one nation, one continent at a time—THEN THE TWENTY MUST BE PROTECTED AGAINST GLOBALIST VIOLENCE, whether attacks are via informationfare, lawfare, mediafare, or other asymmetric means.

We the people MUST support the TWENTY’s efforts, helping them not just survive DC criminality, but to grow their battle phalanx, building its people power shield wall into an international alliance capable of bringing down the psychopathic global syndicate elite with their putrescent army of multinational corporate order followers, greedy lobbyist foot soldiers, indoctrinated Mockingbird media parrots, and cowardly treasonous political hacks buried layers deep in every level of academic, judicial, government, military, and corporate life.

The awakening of Main Street worldwide, certainly those of us in the United States, want and are working up to demanding justice for the miscreants steadily diminishing our Constitutionally recognized rights and stealing somewhere between $21 trillion and $86 trillion documented (Inspector General Audit Reports from 1998 to 2015) U.S. dollars out the corrupt back doors of Congress.  Our bicameral United States Congress is nothing more than a money laundering sieve for organized global crime networks and Satanic destruction of creation.  The global syndicate laughs while rubbing our Main Street noses in their filthy blackmail, extortion, pedophilia, sex slavery, drug and weapons trafficking, modern-day human slavery, organ harvesting, and designer wars by selecting a hair-sniffing, treasonous imbecile and a political whore to sully our White House, while our economy and lives are crushed into economic oblivion by order following elements in academia, banking, government, Hollywood, law enforcement, manufacturing, media, medicine, military, organized crime, shipping, transportation, etc.

Stopping this democidic omnicide requires supporting, protecting, and growing the numbers of our small group of TWENTY in their efforts to actually represent interests of American citizens against the metastasizing malevolent weaponization of government agencies against we the people.  Investigative committees such as a second Church and/or Pike style committee are proposed to shed light on facts, educate citizens, and help thwart the global syndicate’s slavering grab for full spectrum transhuman dominance over the American people.

The possibilities for investigation are endless—BUT—REALIZE every illegal, seditious, or treasonous activity to be investigated IS MADE POSSIBLE BY AND IS FUELED BY MONEY.  Widespread investigations can quickly waste resources, yielding little.  Integrity challenged $2,000/hour globalist litigators and corrupt or incompetent indoctrinated judges like Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson (my opinion) will use circular reflexive law arguments to reject hearing any legitimate case their handlers don’t want heard.  Corrupt SPECIAL PROSECUTORS will be appointed by the Biden Freak Show to wall-off communications, documents, information, and testimony from any serious investigation by Congressional committees, State Attorneys General, or private  lawsuits.

I’m not a lawyer and have no idea how this unconstitutional legal impasse can or will be jousted with.  Clearly, if Congressional investigations are limited to the toothless Trey Gowdy standards like the masturbatory frenzy of Benghazi wherein corrupt, even treasonous behavior by public officials, weapons traffickers, and others were available open source by early 2012—well, the whole effort would be pointless, wouldn’t it?  BUT what about:


Like the 1931 Al Capone mob case wherein Capone, heir to Johnny Torrio was found guilty of tax evasion, money can be followed by accounting audit trails.  Granted, DC doesn’t have any real accountability for anything, certainly not foreign aid, military expenditures, or for other Congressional and Executive money laundering business of the day.  This is even more true since 2018’s FASAB Standard 56 took government accounting transparency, such as it was, completely dark for so-called National Security reasons.  Here’s a link to FASAB 56:    http://files.fasab.gov/pdffiles/handbook_sffas_56.pdf

None the less, serious investigators, when subpoenas are enforceable, can attempt to audit bank transactions across the globe linking global syndicate order followers together within their international web of illegal, sometimes treasonous activity.  Perhaps the joke of our abused Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) can be used for some of the network tracking.  Global syndicate order followers are so historically protected and isolated from PUBLIC      scrutiny, they only operate offensively, thereby becoming the EDUCATED STUPID—possessing No Defensive Capability at all.  These sloppy psychopathic deviants can be tracked, and corrupt judges can be worked around by talented investigators armed with serviceable subpoenas.

The TWENTY may be able to better enforce subpoenas internationally by withholding funds to uncooperative nations.  Recall how hair-sniffing punk, Joe Biden leveraged Ukraine investigation of his crime family and the Obama Administration in 2016 by abusing American good faith and credit.

The TWENTY, if successful, and with our America First support, have an opportunity to head off the slowly developing 2nd American Civil War we sense approaching like a roiling black storm cloud—if we fail to stand up, working together to change America’s present course.  Dumping Row v. Wade was a step toward renewal of God’s blessings.  Let’s not waste this opportunity.  Let’s work together to capitalize on it by strategizing how we as the little people of Main Street can be of service to our freedom as well as freedom for the entire world.

There is a crack in the New World Order armor.  Let’s widen that crack and dump the DAVOS CROWD into the trash heap of history.  FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!  Money ties everything together and capital flows never lie.

When the World Economic Forum calls—always say NO THANK YOU.

11-28-2022: A Beginning

Kolinski Chronicle – a glimpse into one writing student’s meandering creative labyrinth.

11-28-2022_THE BEGINNING: 7:00 A.M. Monday
Since age 14 or so, writing was my dream vocation, BUT life happens, I adjust…or dodge as the case may be; and authorship is relegated to what Steven Pressfield in “the WAR of ART” describes as a part-time amateur avocation.  At 71-years young I am changing that paradigm, with I suppose the decision marking a milestone on my path to growing up.

Before the beginning of this section of writer’s maze, in June of 2022 I self-published through my own company, Grit Company Unlimited LLC, a work of nonfiction titled BEYOND ALL ISMS Lurks the Study Group System – Well Hidden in Plain Sight.  For the curious,  my print on demand (POD) services are through IngramSpark’s Lightning Source with wholesale distribution through Ingram Book Company (Ingram Book Group LLC) in conjunction with IngramSpark’s Global Connect Program.  I am more than 100% satisfied with IngramSpark services.  The book is available for anxious readers at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most other booksellers as well as through my own author website at: https://brucekolinski.com/non-fiction-books/.  I’m certain this provides a solid start for my adventure into archetypal fiction as a pro.

Anyway, moving back up to the beginning, November 2022, I’ve started work on a new screenplay after scrapping three others over the years, none of which survived the horror of their creation.  Of course, as a new full-time vocated PROFESSIONAL instead of lowly part-time advocated amateur, I MUST HAVE a dedicated writing space.  I’ve chosen my upstairs leather shop and have spent weeks planning and converting it to a full-time professional writing and leather working studio—immediately adjacent to what I refer to as the whiskey lounge with its man cave frig and sumptuous vintage leather couch by Hancock and Moore of North Carolina.  No distraction here to worry about.

I confess to creative writing professors everywhere, I detest outlines—cringing at the idea of doing any kind of redundant work like developing character bios, story outlines, etc.  I’ve taken university English courses and read dozens of books on writing novels and screenplays so am aware of the academic litany proclaiming the importance of such necessary work—but as Pogo said, “we have met the enemy and he is us”…or me in this case.  So, in the interest of disciplined hard work becoming at least minimally useful, my new professional strategy is writing a well-structured 110-page spec screenplay as the outline for a well-structured 330-page novel.  Easy peasy. Anybody can do this and two for one is a good deal in the end.

I should mention for the Hollywood unwary, spec scripts used to be 120-pages, but today’s systemically over-worked readers prefer 105 – 110 pages with lots of white space and some seriously good, bare bones writing or your amateur script finds the round file before page 10 and maybe before page 3 gets a look-see.  In any case, I’m a Gemini twin, so compulsively am drawn to over-written, under-written or sometimes just right, despite addiction to “words, words, more words” as Beavis and Butthead characterize it, so also enjoy the bare bones discipline of white space juxtaposed with compelling conflict.

OK…good plan or not, workspace is dusted and ready, dark roast in a full steaming mug, computer purring like a well-tuned dragster next to Chanel, my 14-year-old feline manager waiting expectantly in the warm glow of her south facing window, mountains in the distance. Nice breeze coming in.  Final Draft 12 is queued up on a 27” monitor, the Beat Board is coming on hot along with my brand-new 23” x 35” cork board on the wall, which I’ve lined off into Act 1, 1st half of Act 2, 2nd half of Act 2, and Act 3.  This cork board strategy is by the way per both, old school Syd Field’s and the late Blake Snyder’s SAVE THE CAT!   Two sizes of index cards; 300 board pins; a dozen each, colored Pentel gel pens and fine point Sharpies are lined up.

READY TO LAUNCH!  OPENING IMAGE ON THE WAY!  Sitting quietly, breathing deeply, two typing fingers poised above the keyboard, all two dozen Aeron chair settings adjusted perfectly for long hours of rewarding labor.  Leather high-top Converse All Star writing shoes tied tight.  Run faster, jump higher, write faster, less errors.  Ramping up the energy.  Get the creative juice flowing.  Hmmmn, I wonder.  What is the opening image going to be?  Need a perfect image.  It must set the tone and mood of our story.  Must mirror my ending image to tidy things up 110 pages down the road.  Beginnings and endings.  Must echo title expectations and must enhance the logline.  Huh?  Not sure about the best image to set the stage, capture the audience, begin suspension of disbelief.  Close but not quite there.  Needs some work.

Haven’t wasted precious time on a metaphoric title or compelling ironic logline yet but that shouldn’t be a problem.  I hate that planning stuff—it kills spontaneity.  Academic nonsense.  Have a great scene in mind though; to be honest, three or four killer scenes every audience will love.  This is the best story idea I’ve had in over a decade—so profound, it’ll be a cult classic practically writing itself.  Just need that pesky opening image.  Then it’s first draft done in 21 days per Viki King or maybe half that time.  Cooking with gas now.  What‘s that opening image again?  Hmmmn?  I had a great idea for an Arizona sunrise this morning.  Allegorical sunrise with pinks blending into purples over the mountains, then to lighter blues above—symbol of new beginnings in our ordinary world.  A little cliche and we’ve seen it a hundred times, but I can tweak it a bit, make it a different sunrise.  Same but different.  That’s the key.  Give the audience a hint but let ‘em figure it out…take ownership involvement right off.

You know what?  I didn’t take my vitamins yet today.  How stupid is that?  Let’s go downstairs and fix that.  OK.  One chocolate protein shake loaded with 20 grams of powerful whey protein, 2-pound handful of vitamin supplements, 16 ounces of filtered water, and to make sure, two poached organic free-range eggs on buttered (grass fed of course) organic sour dough toast.  Preparatory stop in the throne room on the way back up.  Oh!  Hold it a minute, need a refill on coffee.  OK.  Got our coffee.  Uh-oh.  Better do these dishes and sweep the kitchen quick.  Don’t leave a mess for Nan to deal with.  Just take a minute.  This trash needs to go out too doesn’t it?  Get it off my mind.  There we go.  Got ‘er done.  Back up the stairs. Good exercise.

Back in the Aeron chair.  Computer’s sleeping.  Wake the dragster up.  Final Draft 12 Beat Board coming on hot.  Here we go!  Act 1 – Page 1 – Scene 1 – Opening Image.  Jesum Criminy!  Does that sunrise thing really work here?  Where am I going with this?  Feels kind of vague.  I know what to do.  Search Southwest desert sunrise images to jolt the perfect vision lose.  Maybe catch that last closing image too?  What else is the internet for? A perfect world. Efficiency rocks.

Well look at this YouTube thing.  An early morning fight between a cute, trapped squirrel and a nasty poisonous rattlesnake.  Wow!  Gotta’ see this. Tuck it away for allegorical story ideas.  Impressive how that little squirrel got away.  Poor rattler is still hungry though.  Hey!  Look at this.  A grainy 1935 newsreel showing a Joe Louis versus Max Baer fight.  Only 20 minutes.  Let’s take a look.  Geez, the Brown Bomber was amazing.  I need some a’ that training discipline.  Let’s swing some kettlebells real quick and jack up my energy level so I can focus better.  Whew!  Feelin’ great.  Energized.  Back in the perfectly set up Aeron chair.  Like William Goldman said, “seat of the pants to the seat of the chair—don’t get it right, get it written.”  That’s me.

OK.  Computer’s asleep again.  Lazy thing.  Wake ‘er up and let’s get ‘er done.  Success is about work ethic.  Amateurs talk, pros work.  Jeez, it’s already eleven o’clock and the old stomach’s growling.  Now what?  Haven’t written one word today.  Forget low blood sugar.  Dial up those desert sunrise images and get some work done.  Need 5 pages a day to stay on deadline.  Man, oh man, these images aren’t cuttin’ it.  Not getting’ the job done for my audience.  Need something better, a more powerful image  to convey…convey what?

Huh?  Not sure where this story is going.  Not sure at all.  Not quite sure where it starts or how it gets to my cool scenes.  You know what…I need to boost that blood sugar a bit.  Post kettlebell lunch. Then I’ll get ‘er done.


OMG!!!  Do I need an outline?

09-06-2022: VOTING MADE EASY

In June 1977, London’s Guardian attributed the following remark to reputedly anti-Communist Nicaraguan dictator, Anastasio Somoza Garćia (1896-1956), assassinated on September 21, 1956.  I don’t know when Mr. García’s quote was recorded, but here it is, as though proudly spoken in Washington D.C., November 4, 2020.

Indeed, you won the elections, but I won the count.

If responsible citizens believe elections are important in terms of real-life consequences, and if we care about each other, maybe we can agree honest elections are important for ensuring a balance of power.  Interestingly, when subversive groups want to hog power to control other people; elections become even more important—so critical in fact, they require fraud to ensure controlled outcomes.  American elections have reached this level of criminality, so now we the people of Main Street MUST fix the mess we allowed to be made—because most, if not all so-called elected representatives are now fraudulently selected pawns of special multinational interests who no longer represent Main Street constituents.  How can we ensure citizen ability to elect honest candidates?

The answer is simpler than we are told by agendavized pundits.  We might notice if we listen carefully, a tendency of so-called experts to over-complicate problem analysis.  We might also notice if paying attention, this tendency of experts is often linked to covering up corruption, in this case, election fraud on a national scale.

From an engineering perspective, the honest voting fix is simple and straight forward to implement—at least if election officials aren’t covertly supporting election fraud.  Here’s a few gray-haired suggestions.

First of all, let’s remind ourselves of two facts.

1. Voting by mail cannot be allowed as there is no possible way to secure or verify CHAIN OF CUSTODY.  Without a reliably secure chain of custody, election security is impossible.  Mail-in voting is fraud-prone and logistically difficult even when implementation is honestly attempted by election officials—apparently an increasingly rare occurrence.

2. Every brand of electronic voting machine I know of CALCULATES VOTES.  Why would any voting machine need calculation programming when its only job is to COUNT VOTESNOT CALCULATE VOTES?  A calculating voting device is a fraudulent device by definition.  Who was it exactly that cast that 0.3 vote?  The ground-up design function of a vote calculating machine is manipulation and cheating of vote counts by calculating deceit.  The increased complexity of calculating software versus counting software is not justifiable and destroys integrity of honest elections.  This is just common sense.  Any State or County official buying and using calculators instead of counters for any step in the election tabulation process MUST be investigated for election fraud and prosecuted if evidence demonstrates criminality.  I suppose gullible incompetence could be excused from criminal charges, but firing is mandatory in all cases.  Of course, the calculating machine itself speaks for its built-in corruption enabling design.  Today’s voting machines have no need to be hacked—they are designed to be manipulated through calculation, whether connected to the internet or not.  Internet connections just enhance ability to cheat remotely from anywhere in the world while confounding electronic audit trails.  Electronic voting is a proven practical tool for dependable election fraud.

Eight Honest Election Protocol Suggestions:


2. Voting occurs on one day.  We institute VOTING DAY—not voting month and certainly not EARLY VOTING nor LATE VOTING, both ensuring maximum possible time for fraudulent planning and execution.
            A. Precincts must be small enough in terms of population to enable efficient, accurate, observable vote counting of all cast paper ballots within six (6) hours of the close of poll locations.

            B. With authenticated ID presented, absentee ballots, obtained personally at the County Recorder’s Office (or other officially designated office) can be allowable as in the less abusive past.

3. A verifiable, inspectable CHAIN OF CUSTODY must be provided for every ballot cast.

4. All ballots are officially printed on certified, routinely inspected ballot paper with appropriate watermarks or other visible authentication indicators.  No Political Party identification ballot markers can be allowed outside closed primary elections.

5. No vote is cast, handled, or counted without unimpeded observation by a minimum of three certified observers appointed by each political party involved in the election.  Five observers is even better.

6. Item 4 above eliminates electronic voting since observable verification of electronically cast votes is impossible.
            A. Votes cast using paper ballots must be hand-counted per provisions of item 3 above.

7. Paper ballot marking devices unable to damage or confuse the ballot MUST be standardized within each State and provided to voters in good condition at all voting locations.

8. Elected Secretaries of State or Commonwealth (Massachusetts, Pennsylvania &Virginia), as well as Lieutenant Governors (Alaska, Hawaii & Utah) are members of political parties, therefore by definition are partisan in terms of party loyalty bias.  The same holds true in States where the Secretary of State is appointed by an elected Governor or State Legislature.  No conflicted office is well suited to securing fair and honest elections.  Every State should have a State Elections Director appointed by a committee of Precinct Committee Persons from each party active in the State, with each Party having three PC Committee Members, each having one vote in choosing the State Elections Director—or some other appropriately less biased system.

Honest voting is this simple.
Debated alternatives to paper ballots cast in person on the same day are just the noise of distraction.

D.C. RULING CLASS to Award $20-$50 Billion to America’s Big Tech for Screwing America.


U.S. companies supported by the Silicon Industry Association (SIA) like Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and others have spit on American workers for decades by offshoring semiconductor manufacturing away from loyal North American labor markets to China, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and European countries where labor is cheaper or even enslaved (China), and environmental protections are more limited or nonexistent (China). The good Chinese people have enough problems with the CCP; they don’t need D.C. to fuel any fires of unrest, calamity, or war. Samo, samo for the often abused Russian people.

Now the corrupt, Globalist captured D.C. Ruling Class wants to reward these corporate monopoly traitors with $20 to $50 billion in protection racket money to bring their criminally monopolistic, dehumanizing practices back home to the America they urinate on and take advantage of every day.

Bringing back greedy mercantilist chip manufacturers to North America may sound practical in the short term but is a concept dumber than frozen snot in the long run.  If we are foolish enough to accept this money laundering give-away to mercantilist Elite monopoly coffers, it will surely prove to be about as beneficial to American citizens over time as the frozen snot just grossly mentioned.

I say NO!  BUILD NEW – NOT BRING BACK PATHOLOGICAL TRAITORS.  If D.C. is going to unconstitutionally subsidize business, supposedly for security reasons, then subsidize NEW ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESS EFFORTS – not the traitorous garbage who already abandoned us once. 

Please recall, the moronic D.C. Ruling Class freak show now proposing to reward corruption with our confiscated tax dollars is the same Ruling Class who caused this now critical security debacle with Brazil, China, India, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia in the first place.  I suppose South Africa, the 5th BRICS Nation may also align against untrustworthy, disastrous, American foreign policy as will supposed European allies.  What choice has the fraudulent Biden Administration and its Establishment RINO enablers given them?

Russia and China have been forced together by D.C. imbecility and together placed our European brothers and sisters and the rest of the global community in a horrible power/supply chain bind, both in energy and technology. D.C. stupidity and corrupt cowardice have, at World Economic Forum (WEF) bidding, now subjected a billion or more innocent people around the world to probable famine, civil unrest, war – and as Martin Armstrong’s Socrates Platform predicts, possibly nuclear WW III, likely in 2024.

American tax dollars, if unconstitutionally given away by bought and paid for Ruling Class cowards, MUST AT LEAST support honorable American entrepreneurial wealth creators, not globalist putrescent scum consistently demonstrating malevolent intent to USE AMERICA, not SUPPORT AMERICA – the same America providing their original wealth creating opportunities in the first place.

Just sayin’.

Presets Color