“True education can only start from naked reality, not from a delusive ideal.”[1]

A  fine quote by Professor Carl Jung.  We should consider as once free American citizens, taking it to heart and learning from it.

The progressive fable of our esteemed FBI being a stellar law enforcement agency has become as Professor Jung mentioned, increasingly delusive since its founding and must now be brought under Constitutional control by responsible Main Street citizens of the United States.  There has been for a long time, conspiratorial talk of a so-called international Deep State controlled by Shadow Governments—with every major country having its own Shadow Government—the parts of each integrated into a poisonous NWO whole dominated by dynastic family oligarchs and their Pawns of Privilege.

Folks like myself claim that what I call the evil Global Syndicate, cleverly hides itself in plain sight.  Most Americans don’t accept such commentary, often ridiculing the idea, whether they suspect elements of truth or not.  In any event, belief does not alter facts, nor learning about facts.

Fortunately, though not for the besieged Trump family, as of Monday, August 8, 2022, the oft disparaged truth is no longer hidden—at least not in the banana republic of these United States—certainly not in Florida.  The deeply corrupted Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), once a federal law enforcement agency, now a jack-booted surveillance thug club of heavily armed bullies has openly put its unconstitutional abuse of police state power on full display for the world to see.  It helpfully did so by launching a pre-dawn attack against President Donald Trump’s personal Florida residence.

In Beyond All Isms, my first book, I claim the CIA infiltrated FBI as well as most other captured federal agencies can no longer be fixed—only defunded and disbanded.  We must downsize Washington DC’s toxic $5 trillion-dollar septic pit of out-of-control agencies by at least 75% and start over.  Though a major undertaking, this repair must be performed surgically, lest we lose our Constitutionally recognized rights entirely as the Anglo-American Establishment and their Pan European co-conspirators intend.

The entire United States government, the White House, and every agency, starting with the eighteen or so, overlapping U.S. intelligence agencies, must be scrutinized by full and complete third-party forensic audits.  These agencies, weaponized from within against American citizens, have not been scrutinized since 1975’s Senate Select Committee Hearings referred to as the Church Committee Hearings.  The Church Committee attempted to analyze abuses conducted by the CIA, FBI, IRS, and NSA against American citizens.  This investigation was done alongside the House of Representative’s Pike Committee, and the Presidential Rockefeller Commission.  There were successes, but the intelligence service leviathan was able to effectively limit investigative efficacy with or without committee assistance.  I wasn’t there, so can’t say who was or wasn’t doing what.

Clearly, if the United States intends to save American self-governance, a second, more invasive Church Committee investigation is required.  However, since Global Syndicate tentacles are more deeply embedded than in 1975, today’s forensic audit must be international in scope, must be armed with subpoena power, must be backed by properly issued arrest warrants, and followed with civil and or criminal judicial proceedings, then followed by stiff sentences for the guilty.  No violence is necessary.  Just honest informed voting booths, citizen demands, citizen vigilance, citizen fortitude, and citizen persistence will motivate our broken justice system to honorably prevail.  We the people have the numbers—let’s act like we do.

I’m not a police officer, sheriff, lawyer, or judge—so am uncertain exactly how this necessary investigative and legal action is to be carried out, BUT failure to conduct a thorough forensic audit of federal agencies with subsequent legal action to follow will most certainly lead us into our 2nd revolution, in turn comprising our 2nd civil war.  I cannot imagine any U.S. citizen being apathetic enough or foolish enough to help bring such an atrocity about by doing nothing.

As the late film producer, Aaron Russo said some time ago in his documentary, America: Freedom to Fascism: “It’s time to stop being good Democrats.  It’s time to stop being good Republicans—and it’s time to start being good Americans.”

Establishment Rs and Ds for the most part, use different pandering rhetoric but deceitfully share one UniParty globalist agenda paid for by us but managed from outside the U.S. with interior complicity via captured agencies and corrupted politicians.  We are likely, the last generation capable of putting America back on God’s covenantal course.  This is our time.  Our failure to stand strong together as U.S. citizens leads directly to transhuman hell on earth, not only for North America, but for the world.

It is long past time concerned citizens took on a sense of urgency to begin networking within church and civic groups, PTAs, Elk and Rotary clubs, political party Precinct Committees and any other ways we can think of to bring about transparency and honesty in government at every level.  Failure is certain to be a painful option…so let’s not fail.  Let’s work together to get ‘er done.

[1] C. G. Jung, The Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Vol. 7: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology, trans. Gerhard Adler and R. F. C. Hull, 2nd ed. edition (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1972), 62.

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