07-26-23: Is Arizona Election Fraud Just Fine with Establishment GOP Leadership?

If Arizona and National Establishment GOP leadership do not stand by their Party Platform nor actively represent Republican America First MAGA interests—the Party majority; then who or what do they represent?

If Establishment Arizona and/or National GOP leadership disagree with Laura Ingram’s pronouncement last week on Fox News, declaring in part, “If I were Trump or running his campaign, I would strongly urge him to stop talking about 2020, it is over, enough.”; neither of these two GOP leadership groups demonstrate it publicly.  Many America First MAGA Republicans like me are disgusted with well into six-figure salaries/week, media shills like Ms. Ingram, who squawk Establishment 4:00 A.M. talking points like starving parrots in a media cage, performing for rewards.

NO, Ms. Ingram!  It’s the election stupid!  WE CANNOT HAVE A FREE COUNTRY AND NOT HOLD FREE ELECTIONS!  Overwhelming terabytes of evidence are available for proving massive election fraud in nearly every county in the U.S., more than 3,100 counties, in the form of electronic packet capture metadata, documented electric voting system manipulation, video and photographic evidence, ballot-harvesting, fake ballots, destroyed ballots, and tens of thousands of witness affidavits signed under oath by election workers observing illegal election activity.

Yet U.S. attorneys, state attorney generals, nor county district attorneys will conduct preliminary hearings or convene federal or state grand jury investigations to verify probable cause in local, state, or federal election fraud cases now undermining the entire United States’ legal system and government.  This is a disgrace, with every case involving ballots for candidates competing in federal elections also intersecting sedition or even treason if outside nations are entangled.  In my sunbaked Arizona opinion, any American taking election fraud lightly is American in Name Only—and should be ashamed of themselves.  Should we consider what our criminally malfeasant FBI goons have to say about election crimes?

Per the now corrupted, politically weaponized, Stasi-wannabe FBI, federal election crimes fall into three broad categories—campaign finance crimes, voter/ballot fraud, and civil rights violations.  For a broader explanation of each category please visit the once honorable FBI website link below.

Also, per the FBI website link above, election crimes become discriminatory federal cases when certain conditions are met, though such cases only apply to America First Republicans, soccer moms and dads who prefer their children not be racially or sexually groomed by pronoun obsessed ignoramuses, or sexually mutilated by sick freaks requiring psychiatric assistance instead of endorsement.  Apparently, Marxist Democrats and Establishment AINO Republicans are exempt from election crime enforcement, particularly when aiding and abetting illegal citizens smuggled into the U.S. as Democrat labor slaves, guaranteed to remain uneducated Establishment slaves generationally.  When the Biden freak show invites illegals from around the world, the slavery part of the story isn’t mentioned.  Understanding for these victims comes too late to run.

Anyway, FBI Election Crime Conditions for Constitution abiding citizens FBI goons despise include:
▪The ballot includes one or more federal candidates.
▪The crime involves an election official abusing his or her duties.
▪The crime pertains to fraudulent voter registration.
▪Voters are not U.S. citizens.

Cowardly media jackals can laughingly claim “no evidence of 2020 or 2022 election fraud” because the U.S. system of law is weaponized against we the people.  Corrupt or gutless judges routinely refuse to look at mountains of indisputable evidence compiled since November 2020.  Proof of U.S. federal banana republic, Bill of Rights suppression went on full display with kangaroo court imprisoned January 6th political prisoners, and on October 31, 2022, as order following U.S. Marshalls bullied True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips from a Houston courtroom to jail for daring investigate corrupt election software company, Konnech, despite all electronic voting software companies being corrupt.  Yes, all!

All, because ALL independently conducted, electronic voting machine software testing I have seen, uncovered programming elements and backdoor hardware access designed to manipulate vote counts directly via system computers, thumb drive, QR code on a ballot, or other physical access, as well as remote control via Wi-Fi modems or internet connection.  Modems are built into voting tabulation system hardware in a manner making it nearly impossible for untrained or poorly trained observers to identify.  Such criminally designed machines are common in most counties.

Hopefully, Arizona Governor, Kari Lake, duly elected in November 2022—then robbed of her landslide election while the Arizona GOP enjoyed the show along with Marxist Democrats to stick Arizona citizens with globalist pawns like Katie Hobbs and former Sinaloa cartel lawyer, Adrian Fontes.  Arizona’s corrupt state executives now openly promote an unprotected, open southern border for conveniently profitable fentanyl and other poisonous drug trafficking, human trafficking for slave and sex labor, and worse, wholesale child torture and rape as called out in the movie Sound of Freedom, a courageous film denizens of Hollywood ignore or pan along with globalist media.  Should we ask why?

Despite snickering dribble from Laura Ingram or other pandering shills, who would have us accept that a corrupt hair-sniffing punk like Joe Biden, an intellectually challenged Katie Hobbs, and whatever John Fetterman is supposed to be, were elected to office by hard-working, sane American voters while none of the three even campaigned for office; NO, we do not accept election fraud—and never will accept election fraud.  Machine-selected goons are not legitimate.

We demand honest criminal investigations with indictments, prosecution, and stiff sentences when warranted.  The fact globalist UniParty odds are stacked by corrupt lawmakers and courts against Main Street Americans does not suggest despicable shills like Ingram, Hannity, and dozens of others are truth tellers or even have legitimate opinions.

Our America First action item MUST be NONSTOP Election Fraud investigation until the trash is thrown out, the precinct polls are clean again, and the guilty are punished.  That is when we, the people of Main Street, will stop talking about 2020 and will also make sure this criminal behavior is prevented in future elections.

For those interested, here’s a link to an informative Conservative Daily presentation demonstrating how quickly electronic voting machines can add votes, subtract votes, flip votes, and change votes.  This is conveniently done by election criminals remotely or locally using software and system backdoors designed specifically to manipulate these functions without leaving an audit trail.  https://rumble.com/v2gagxg-show-this-video-to-your-country-officials-machine-rigging-exposed-in-90-min.html

Here’s a second link to an older, but informative and relevant video by Bev Harris of Black Box Voting.

This next link, https://thebiglie.frankspeech.com/ARIZONA/index.html shows 2020 Arizona election related Packet Capture Metadata provided to Mike Lindell’s election fraud expose—more than thirty terabytes of data captured in real time.  True the Vote has even more of this data captured for courts to examine—but that has not been happening, hence the false claim, no evidence exists.  Packet capture is a networking term for intercepting packets of data in real time as the discreet information packets cross through network nodes.  This occurs within small networks as well as across global networks.  The metadata captured consists of things like timestamps, protocol, IP address of source machine, IP address of targeted destination machine, latitude and longitude coordinates of both the source and destination IP addresses, and more.

This Arizona 2020 November Election metadata for Biden and Trump show every county in my home state of Arizona experienced illegal vote tabulation manipulation.  Pinal County, for example, had 7,662 votes stolen from Donald Trump and 7,662 votes given to Joe Biden at 0:14:23, on November 6, 2020, by a source machine in Nara, Japan manipulating vote tabulations on a destination machine in Coolidge, Arizona, home of Pinal County Elections Department.  Note this was done on November 6th, three days after polls closed on November 3rd.  This illegal election nonsense is going on all over the United Banana Republic States of America—AND MUST STOP NOW.

More relevant today than decades ago, usually attributed to Black Panther Party leader, Eldridge Cleaver, “There is no more neutrality in the world.  You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.”  This wonderful quote made memorable by Mr. Cleaver is said to originate with ad agency owner, Charles Rosner, who apparently coined the statement for a now defunct company named VISTA.

In any case, thank you Mr. Cleaver and my prayer is that we the people of Main Street USA take your words seriously and put them to work.  Despite disingenuous soundbite experts earning tens of millions annually as well-dressed, global syndicate talking heads: AMERICA CAN NEVER REGAIN CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT WITHOUT HOLDING FREE ELECTIONS.  We will not stop until 2020 election fraud cases have been adjudicated by criminal courts.  Please put pressure on our county District Attorneys, State Attorney Generals, and U.S. Attorneys to work together getting ‘er done.  We cannot fail our children if we never quit pushing for honest U.S. elections.

07-20-23:  Bi-Cameral Congress Votes for U.S. Government Insolvency

Stopping corrupt, often treasonous representative insanity means no more electronic voting systems.  It means defunding and abandoning Globalist UniParty Democrat-Republican Establishment Leadership to, DESPITE RNC LEADERSHIP, SUPPORT PATRIOTIC REPUBLICAN, America First MAGA Precinct Committee Persons and grass roots Republican candidates showing the courage necessary to represent Main Street American and Main Street world interests instead of WEF Young Global Leaders and their dynastic family handlers.

Oh, by the way.  This is mostly spiritual warfare, so let’s please remind ourselves to pray for the bad boys and girls.  Fight to protect those we love, not to injure those who attack us.

If we could find a lost copy of the U.S. Constitution forgotten in a propaganda littered corner of an obscenely expensive government office, we could read Article 1, Sections 7 and 8 to get an idea of how and what federal expenditures are Constitutionally authorized.  Then we could visit the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) website at: https://www.govinfo.gov/app/collection/budget and spend hours combing through abuses of the “general Welfare” clause to tabulate EXPENDITURES NOT AUTHOURIZED by our Constitution.  The more than 90% UNAUTHORIZED money laundering we’ll see is not waste;  it is intentional FRAUD with nary a bicameral eyebrow raised nor question asked—and I haven’t mentioned tens of trillions of dollars missing out the back doors of Congress since 1998.  Refer to https://missingmoney.solari.com/ and learn more than you want to know about WOKE military dereliction of duty and government malfeasance.

I get that globalist, WEF order following Democrats and their sycophant media partners detest America’s founding principles with visceral intensity, desperately want a return to feudalism for the little people; and I get that so-called conservative Republicans are riding the D.C. Power Short Bus.  I understand the Short Bus isn’t a comfortable nor politically safe ride.  None-the-less, politicians are paid to politic, yet most Republicans politely don’t politic on behalf of Main Street; at least not honestly, nor aggressively, unless helping nudge the U.S. closer to financial insolvency via Tytler’s oft quoted path of citizen selfishness, apathy, and dependence leading directly to BONDAGE.

A Republican representing Main Street constituents could at least get on a roof somewhere and raise a stink about what’s wrong in government, i.e., make a real commotion despite media censorship and lies; but outside that effort by a tiny handful of patriots, all Main Street gets is money raising RNC photo ops.  Out here on Main Street, with zero balance of political power, we continue getting ripped off in exchange for polite crickets and no satisfaction.  Why?  Because Democrat leadership works for the CCP and Republican Party leadership supports the Republican Party, NOT THE COUNTRY, and never we gullible voters.  Main Street is drowning in pandering excuses for why truth can’t be pursued because the D.C. guilty will never indict guilty co-conspirators.  The predictable technological result intended by WEF order followers is a floundering U.S. ship of state impoverishing and enslaving its own people.

I don’t expect the tiny number of decent Republicans to win a battle against Marxist evil or Fascist government today, but I want them to defend our Constitution per their oath of office, whether they win or lose.  Avoiding this critical battle for any reason looks like they only care about themselves and their rewarded future with the Republican Party Establishment.  It looks this way because it is this way for all Establishment Neocon Republicans.  Living our overtaxed, over-regulated lives on Main Street, we only see AND TRY TO SURVIVE Pro-REPUBLICAN PARTY policy—with uniformly bad results.  My advice is do not support the GOP generally.  Support grass roots America First candidates specifically and narrowly.  We must stop spending our money on cowards willing to introduce us to transhuman slavery, the new feudal model.

Other than twenty or so American House Members loyal to their oath of office, and fifty or so more doing their weak-kneed best—the remaining members of the U.S. House of Representatives clearly want and regularly vote for U.S. federal government insolvency.  We know this because the Republican portion of the UniParty, despite pandering objections, consistently vote for appropriations exceeding revenues for unconstitutionally authorized spending at every opportunity.  This is fiduciary malfeasance, not misfeasance.  They know what they’re doing.  Ridiculous 2023 Republican Party debt limit treason aiding our enemies put despicable Party-Over-People Policy on full display.  Disgusting Commie Democrats cannot destroy American freedom on their own.  They need media lies and Establishment Republican Party complicity every step of the treasonous way—and Marxist Democrats are never disappointed are they?

In the U.S. Senate, only one Senator from Wisconsin consistently stands behind his oath of office, with thirty or so more doing their pandering best—the remaining 68 U.S. Senators clearly agreeing the U.S. federal government MUST be insolvent.  Is this one reason why so-called representatives are selected by fraudulent voting machines rather than elected by paper ballot on Election Day?

U.S. House and Senate members, since June 5, 1933, after which creditors could no longer demand payment in gold; and more so since 1973 when the U.S. abandoned even remnants of a gold standard, routinely vote to spend money the U.S. does not have.  Rather than honor their oath and fiduciary responsibility to the American taxpayer by competently managing federal budgets, most of Congress corruptly and consistently panders rhetorically for fiscal responsibility while corruptly and irresponsibly voting for debt.  This is well documented in Congressional records since 1933.  The fatuous claim that Congress performs budget oversight is an insulting lie, though Congress does doublecheck that they and their corrupt handler’s interests are well funded by suckers on Main Street.

Listening to so-called conservative pundits bemoan how weak Republicans are, how they just don’t get it is nauseating.  Of course, they get it.  They get it with complicit perfection, becoming wealthy and privileged by dishonestly working for and voting for Main Street impoverishment and loss of civil rights.  Going along to get along at the state level and in D.C. regardless how destructive a policy is for the American people requires knowingly selling your representative soul to the devil.  Please stop parroting how graduates of Duke, Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, and Yale Law; or Harvard, MIT, and Stanford economics programs are too stupid or too weak to understand what they are doing.  Corrupt representatives are protected by shadow government imbeciles, quickly becoming wealthy by destroying Main Street liberty precisely because they get it perfectly.  Are they indoctrinated with globalist academic tripe; consumed with envy and greed?  Of course—but stupid, NOT a chance.  They know what they do; they just don’t care as Batman might say.

Can we sadly and rightfully call the bankrupt, failing United States a Banana Republic?

Sadly, YES, we can.  Analysts cite markers characteristic of nations we refer to as banana republics.  One critical marker is annual government budget deficits exceeding 100% of GDP.

▪The 2023 Biden Freak show annual deficit—only passed with helpful Establishment Republican votes, will be ±133% of declining annual U.S. GDP.  Total U.S. debt in 2023 will reach ± 764% of 2023 GDP.  These malfeasant, and I say treasonous debt levels are the highest in United States’ history, qualifying America’s economy as a significant banana republic marker.

Twenty-four additional banana republic markers also found in 2023 America are:

▪Multinational corporations, especially international banks dictate government policy.
▪Indoctrinated military leadership treasonously turned against its own people.
▪Unprotected national borders and widespread trafficking of all kinds.
▪Population swaps engendering ethnic and racial clashes employed to keep people weak and divided.
▪Religious and traditional cultural morays are criticized, ridiculed, and sometimes persecuted.
▪Targeted civic unrest, looting, and street violence are applauded by political leaders.
▪Schools abandon education for authoritarian indoctrination and social engineering.
▪Families are divided and turned against each other.
▪Food supplies and nutrition are weaponized for population control.
▪Medicine and healthcare are weaponized for population control.
▪Transportation options and geographic mobility become discriminatory and privileged.
▪Go along to get along false media reporting and character assassination attacks.
▪Free speech is censored and/or criminalized.
▪Property rights become discriminatory and are politically weaponized.
▪Insiders have low cost of capital while others have high costs or no access to capital.
▪Corrupt law enforcement and weaponized courts.
▪Go along to get along legislators and thug administrators.
▪Financial cronyism, insider trading, and sweet heart deals for captured officials.
▪Abusive taxation and fees are imposed on citizens as political weapons.
▪If elections are held, lack of trust in election outcomes due to rampant election fraud.
▪Indoctrinated electorate with groups targeted for emotional polarization.
▪Political leaders and media blame foreign nations for both domestic and economic difficulties.
▪Political opponents are demonized, with coups, and impeachments common.
▪Incoming administrations prosecute members of previous administrations.

The above markers indict America’s subversively infiltrated transition into world history’s largest, most expensive banana republic.  This is not arguable.  The question is, do we the over-taxed, unrepresented people of Main Street accept obvious sedition and treason—or do something about it—and if so, what?

I firmly believe our first efforts to recover self-government must be Constitutional or we lose everything.  For example, being better at election fraud than the America Haters is a poor strategy as is political violence.  In both instances, winning is losing.  Since the Democrat Party is lost to totalitarian Marxist/Fascist Globalism and the Establishment GOP leadership at state and national levels are 100% complicit, though claiming otherwise; Main Street’s only realistic, nonviolent path to recovering self-governance is the America First MAGA Movement led by President Trump and his white hat associates, whoever they are.  If I’m missing a better alternative, please let me know, I do sport gray hair and aging side effects.

I see only one reasonable political agenda and goal between now (July 2023) and November 2024.  ABOLISH THE CHEAT MACHINES.  Melt ‘em down and turn ‘em into prison bars as Mike Lindell suggests.  Demand one election day with certified paper ballots hand counted at the voting precinct.  DJT probably has a Devolution Plan (H/T to Patel Patriot) I don’t know about, but if needed, Plan B MUST be honest, transparent elections held on Election Day.  We need honest elections for the future anyway, so let’s eliminate election fraud today.  We have less than 14 months to get ‘er done and the RNC Establishment will not help us – they will fight us.

It appears at present, we have one U.S. Senator, Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) who MAGA can count on.  The other 99 are on the Hate America Team, or are useless to Main Street, or are pandering cowards.  The twenty U.S. House members we the people can count on, must support, and whose number must grow if American collapse can hope to be averted are:

Andy Biggs   R-Arizona                       Paul Gosar   R-Arizona
Dan Bishop   R-North Carolina           Andy Harris   R-Maryland
Lauren Boebert   R-Colorado               Mary Miller   R-Illinois
Josh Brecheen   R-Oklahoma              Anna Paulina Luna   R-Florida
Michael Cloud   R-Texas                      Ralph Norman   R-South Carolina
Andrew Clyde   R-Georgia                   Andy Ogles   R-Tennessee
Eli Crane   R-Arizona                          Scott Perry   R-Pennsylvania
Byron Donalds   R-Florida                  Matt Rosendale   R-Montana
Matt Gaetz   R-Florida                         Chip Roy   R-Texas
Bob Good   R-Virginia                        Keith Self   R-Texas

If providing financial support to these candidates, and we should, please do not send one dime to the Republican National Committee (RNC) nor any state office of the Republican Party.  From what I can see, the RNC does not support America First candidates, and often works to thwart them.  Further proof of RNC bad faith at the state and national levels is lack of support for stopping election fraud or for America First candidates who were cheated.  Send your hard-earned money directly to your candidate’s office, never unaccountable NGOs like WinRed and so many others. There are several popular Republicans I will not add to my courageous patriot list unless and until they quit pandering and actively stand up for Main Street Americans.  I don’t care if they win—just please stand up and make a racket for the world to see.  You can’t win but you can educate.

Where are the subpoena’s Mr. Jordan?  Was MTG part of setting Kevin McCarthy up as Speaker so we could see his true Hate America colors, or is she on the wrong team?  I don’t know as I don’t go to the meetings.  Will the brilliant Ted Cruz ever stop popping up every thirty or so days to make himself relevant and do something useful for Main Street?  Where has new moderate, Mike Lee been?  Why does Rand Paul never go for the knockout punch?  Was Bob Barr still a globalist Bushie, or did he change colors and take one for the devolution team?  I don’t know.  Did Mike Pence also take one for the team to set up devolution, or is he just the eloquent globalist pawn he’s been?  I don’t know.

There are more questions, but we get the point.  Few people or things are as they seem.  Let’s not foolishly rush to conclusions in a world where game theory has gone on a steroidal rampage.

It’s the election stupid!  WE CANNOT HAVE A FREE COUNTRY AND NOT HOLD FREE ELECTIONS!  Unless and until President Trump’s Devolution Team, if it exists in whole or in part, is back in office, the only short-term strategy worth executing is GET RID OF ALL ELECTRONIC ELECTION FRAUD SYSTEMS.  Of course, PCs must get the vote out or there’s no election – BUT – VOTING HARDER will never beat fraudulent machine algorithms.  We’ve had our noses rubbed in smelly mail-in ballot and early voting 2020 and 2022 election fraud.  Do we really need a third stinking nose rub for the 2024 charm?  How much more freedom rope do we think is left to hang on to?  Let’s save our country with that rope—not hang ourselves.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!  LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL and ELECTIONS, ELECTIONS, ELECTIONS.  This is the only viable path currently visible for ending U.S. banana republic status while reclaiming our American sovereignty as a self-governing nation of decent, hard-working people.

We take back our counties, one red hat at a time; then our states, one flag shirt at a time; then we take back the United States of America ONE PATRIOT AT A TIME from the pathologic dynastic families using pathetic order followers to capture it.


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