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BEYOND ALL ISMS, 2nd Edition
Kolinski, Bruce J

If you’re wondering — THE STUDY GROUP SYSTEM is my term for the primary worldwide networking tool for spreading globalist propaganda and outright lies for the age old purpose of human behavior modification and control. The international Study Group System is the glue sustaining dynastic family academic endowments, foundations, trusts, and societies for controlling Shadow Government, i.e., ROGUE, intelligence services of all major nations. Shadow Governments, via blackmail, bribes, censorship, extortion, sweetheart deals, surveillance, etc., rule associated international Deep State interests such as academia, industrial agriculture, banking, government, industry, media, medicine, military, mining, many NGOs, pharmaceuticals, publishing, religion, science, shipping, transportation, etc.

The STUDY GROUP SYSTEM also serves as the primary global NWO indoctrination, networking, training, vetting, and promotion vehicle for order-followers enslaved or soon to be enslaved by elite dynastic family members perching like vultures at the top of this Satanic dung heap of human devastation. The wet work is, of course, carried out by interlocked multinational monopolies metastasizing with compliant regulatory agency support and profit incubation nontransparently run by privileged Ruling Class Thugs we foolishly think of as “working for us” within various levels of supposed self-government. So-called Tech Companies and Social Media platforms, most created by or in concert with DARPA, CIA, or other government agencies lacking Congressional oversight, function as interlocked government propaganda and surveillance services weaponized against citizens whose confiscated taxes pay for them. We can see this treasonous behavior prominently displayed relative to 1st and 2nd Amendment issues, or more specifically, regarding toxic COVID bioweapon JABS, election fraud, and other freedom threatening activities ongoing in places like Gaza, South Africa, Syria, Uganda, Ukraine, Venezuela, and many others..

Anyway, my first non-fiction book (paperback), BEYOND ALL ISMS, 2nd Edition is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most other book sellers on a POD basis, so takes 5-10 days for delivery.
Book categories are history, political science, religion, science, and Transhumanism – an enormous amount of ground to cover so Beyond All Isms may best serve as a heavily indexed reference text rather than rainy-day reading.
Readers will quickly provide the answer.

This book, my first, is a social interrogatory considering how America has been subverted since 1776 from a self-governing republic to a 1984 style Administrative Dictatorship ruled by psychopathic order followers representing a Luciferian inspired global syndicate. It raises questions and more importantly, offers self-defense remedies for Main Street citizens to resist Transhuman Corporatism and Big Government over-reach to
take back American self-governance.

BEYOND ALL ISMS focuses on unrestricted warfare against humanity. Michael T. Flynn, LTG, U.S. Army (retired) describes this as, Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW), i.e., attacks on the cyber/informational/legal/spiritual underpinnings of America’s founding principles to bring about self-destructive, self-defeating domestic and foreign policy. We now live with toxic, nano-particle infused JABS as Main Street’s mandated introduction to the Satanic Transhuman attack launched against humanity and Earth’s biosphere – a holographic unreality some call Metaverse. I suspect this book will be better understood about a decade from now: say 2032 or so as we realize abandoning our Creator’s love was a poor idea.

Spiritual Self-defense required!

Let’s get to work as Dr. David Martin so often says –
“Putting Humanity Back Into Humans.”

We the decent people of Main Street are taking our country and freedom back – not just for our American selves – but to share with the world.

Fix November 3rd, 2020 AND November 8th, 2022 – then we’ll discuss the future.



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