Coming July 2022

My first non-fiction book, BEYOND ALL ISMS will be released
in July of 2022.
Categories are history, political science, religion, science, and Transhumanism – an enormous amount of ground to cover so may best serve as a heavily indexed reference text rather than rainy-day reading.
Readers will quickly provide the answer.

This book, my first, is a social interrogatory considering how America has been subverted since 1776 from a self-governing republic to a 1984 style Administrative Dictatorship ruled by psychopathic order followers representing a Luciferian inspired global syndicate. It raises questions and more importantly, offers self-defense remedies for Main Street citizens to resist Transhuman Corporatism and Big Government over-reach to
take back American self-governance.

The book focuses on the cyber/informational/spiritual warfare underpinnings of America’s self-destructive, self-defeating domestic and foreign policy. Toxic, nano-particle infused JABS are Main Street’s mandated introduction to the Satanic Transhuman attack now launched against Earth’s biosphere – a holographic unreality called Metaverse.

Spiritual Self-defense required!

We the decent people of Main Street are taking our country and freedom back – not just for our American selves – but to share with the world.

Fix November 3rd, 2020 – then we’ll discuss the future.