04-21-2023: Human Mind-Body Versus AI


Are covert weaponization of AI, nanotechnology, and the Cult of Transhumanism a threat?

I raise the above question because all three of these covert activities are related and paid for directly or indirectly by U.S. taxpayers through DARPA, the CIA’s IQT (formerly In-Q-Tel), and other funding mechanisms.  In other words, U.S. taxpayers are funding their own digital enslavement.  Perhaps we should know this—and STOP IT NOW.  Federal Agencies are being increasingly weaponized against the citizens they were created to protect and serve.  Self-government requires citizen involvement, and we are the citizens.  No one is coming to rescue us; we are who we are waiting for.

The scope of human behavior controls implemented by the above electromagnetic and chemical means in concert with captured G20 government agencies is staggering.  Such a worldwide reach requires entire books to even begin educating ourselves about this Luciferian global syndicate agenda.  If still in the dark, I’ve written an educational primer[1] on the worldwide Study Group System used to propagandize and promote this metastasizing AI mind-control gulag.  For now, we’ll limit considerations to a brief comparison of biology and artificial intelligence.

Clarification: As our latest pedophile defending U.S. Supreme Circus hack testified, “I am not a biologist.”  Neither am I, not to mention I am also not a tech guy, so there’s that.  I can, however, read English and still have a modicum of comprehension.  On that basis, my biased comparison follows.

Let’s consider human DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) for a bit.  We have come a long genetic way since Friedrich Miescher back in the 1860’s; followed by scientists Erwin Chargaff, Phoebus Levene, and finally Francis Crick, James Watson (1950’s), and others.  Today, given the ongoing bioterror attack on Earth’s population via synthetically toxic mRNA COVID JABS, so popular with G20 government order followers as well as thousands of malfeasant medical professionals, discussing DNA and AI together seems appropriate.

Lots of biology coming up, so will seem a digression, but it’s not—a point of comparison will be made.

The human body consists of ±3.7±0.8×1013 cells (30-40 trillion), though estimates vary as cells are hard to count, and more frustratingly, they are regularly dying and being replaced.  Estimates range as high as ±100 trillion cells in our bodies.  I do not know, and my low boredom threshold precludes counting, so let’s agree there’s a lot of cells in each of us.  Large cells are about the width of a human hair, while small cells run about 1/10th the diameter of a human hair.  There are more than two hundred types of human cells performing exponential numbers of functions simultaneously 365/24/7.  No super or quantum computer approaches this level of functional capability and human bodies don’t require electrical outlets. Just sayin’.

Most human cells have a nucleus in which DNA is bundled.  Other cells, like red blood cells, or cornified cells in hair, nails, and skin do not have a nucleus.  As we know, DNA contains genetic information encapsulating the basic blueprint of who and what we are.  We now better understand from quantum physics, epigenetics, and other areas of study—our genetic blueprint does not comprise an irrevocably, unchangeable contract with God.  Quite the contrary.  Human beings are designed via intelligent creation to share in creation through expression of our free will working in concert with Divine grace, i.e., God’s blessings.

For more on manifesting good stuff in our lives, including physical healing, please check out a few of my favs:  Two Essays on Analytical Psychology by C.G. Jung (1953 from Jung’s Collected Works): Beyond Visualization by Viki King (1992); The Making of Intelligence by Ken Richardson (2000); The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto (2001); The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention by D. Church (2014); You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza (2014); and Rich As F*ck by Amanda Frances (2020).

Getting back to it, there is an unimaginable amount of DNA stuffed into every human cell nucleus.  You may recall from high school biology; each half of a spiral DNA zipper-like structure is composed of corresponding nucleic acids called base pairs.  Each cell nucleus has about 3 billion base pairs.  Long chains of nucleic acid pairs make up our genesand now the fun begins.

Per Dr. Joe Dispenza[2], the DNA from just a single cell nucleus, stretched from end to end is ±6 feet long.  All this DNA material is bundled in the nucleus which is smaller than the cell, often about 10% of cell volume.  All the DNA within our human body, stretched end to end would extend from Earth to the Sun and back ±150 times.  Picture that, then realize if we collected all the DNA from the ±7-8 billion people on Earth, it could be scrunched into a single grain of rice.  That is an amazing amount of information packed into such a tiny volume.  Compare this grain of rice to the spectacular size of supercomputing farms needed just for AI surveillance and tracking.  Supercomputers are not impressive when compared to created life.

Anyway, DNA material as well as the entire human body are electromagnetically responsive, resonating with surrounding energy frequencies of plants, animals, and other objects. Resonant frequencies are life enhancing.  Non-resonant frequencies cause interference and can be debilitating.  Incidentally, Dr. Masaru Emoto[3] explains: “Humans are the only creatures that have the capacity to resonate with all other creatures and objects found in nature.  We can speak with all that exists in the universe.  We can give out energy and also receive energy in return.”  Not sure how DNA interconnects, but is this resonance thing not amazing?

We will mercifully not delve into the logistics of protein production here, but please realize protein manufacture is controlled by DNA and proteins are used to make antibodies and hormones, to be stored as fat, build muscle, and are burned for energy.  Proteins are a big deal, which is why COVID bioweapon JABS teach our bodies to produce harmful proteins—for whatever reasons we might imagine—all of them bad. Here is a link to just one 2022 study. https://www.cell.com/trends/molecular-medicine/fulltext/S1471-4914(22)00189-7

The Human Genome Project (1990-2003), continued as the Human Epigenome Project since 2003 , found approximately 100,000 different proteins plus another 40,000 regulatory proteins needed to make other proteins—all produced by only 23,688 genes[4].  In other words, our genetic expression is variable, fluctuating on a moment-to-moment basis controlled in part by the linking of our thoughts (mind) to our bodies (emotion) in a coordinated mind-body connection.  Typically, we activate about 1.5% of our DNA, while the remaining 98.5% is dormant, or at least appears dormant.  Ken Richardson[5] tells us 90% of our genes are activated by environmental signals, but this does not suggest thought and emotion play an insignificant role in genetic expression.  Our thoughts and emotions intersect with our environment, so it all fits nicely.

Earnest Rossi, Ph.D., writes in The Psychobiology of Gene Expression: “Our subjective states of mind, consciously motivated behavior, and our perception of free will, can modulate gene expression to optimize health.”  Such a change of gene expression occurring over the span of minutes can be passed on to future generations.

Dawson Church, Ph.D., writes in The Genie in Your Genes; “The tools of our consciousness—including our beliefs, prayers, thoughts, intentions, and faith—often correlate more strongly with our health, longevity, and happiness than our genes do.”

I bring all this bio-stuff up because it relates directly to the complexity of human brain-body functionality, and how our natural biological systems governed by Natural Law compare to the machines Transhumanists are bragging on.

Per Dr. Dispenza[6], our brain, about 75% water, is comprised of about 100 billion nerve cells called neurons seamlessly suspended in our brain’s aqueous environment.  Each nerve cell makes from 1,000 to 100,000 connections with other cells depending where in the brain the nerve cell resides.  Each tiny neuron functions like a bio-computer with more than 60 megabytes of RAM.  Each of our ±100 billion neurons can process hundreds of thousands of functions per second, and as we learn new things via experience, our neurons make new connections while exchanging electrochemical information with each other.

I don’t want to go on further with the bio-functions but would like the reader to understand that as we think a new thought, we change; we automatically evolve neurologically, chemically, and genetically.  Genes, both activated or latent, are turned on or off immediately as thoughts occur and as emotions are felt.  In other words, again paraphrasing Dr. Dispenza, our natural spirit-mind-body neural network is creating its own software, embedding that software into the hardware—then every time the software is used, it reinforces the hardware.

The complexity of the human bio-system and its ability to consciously and subconsciously interact with the spiritual unconscious, i.e., the created intelligence within all energy and matter, as well as with the physical world around us cannot be duplicated by a machine.  Not even close.  Not even imaginable.  Artificial intelligence superseding human potential is not possible; is a lie; and the only question is, WHY THE LIE?

In other words, artificial intelligence is not as smart as techno-psychopaths suggest.  The spiritually based subconsciousness of the human mind-body biosystem with its direct connection to the universal unconscious, i.e., what C.G. Jung called the “collective unconscious” along with conscious awareness and thought, makes the creative power of supercomputer farms a joke.  That is why transhumanist order followers work to integrate machine-mind interface nanotechnology. Man-made machines, easily disabled by rust, electric grid failures, sun activity, and so forth NEED the human brain to achieve real power.

Computers do not think.  Computers calculate as programmed, usually through algorithms, basically math equations or word cues—and do so wonderfully, almost magically it seems.  Algorithms are mathematical equations, i.e., lists of instructions used for performing computations, searching data, data processing, running automated systems, etc.  Algorithms or routines comprised of several algorithms are programmed with a set of instructions leading to a decision-making process or some other task.  Output is expressed as data or completion of a task.

Two common examples of functional algorithms are:
1. A “search query” as input run through a set of instructions to search a database for items relevant to the input query.

2. “Automation software”, usually comprised of many algorithms working together via a programmed set of rules or instructions to complete a task or tasks.

Distinct types of algorithms serve different purposes.  Without going into it, the most important types are:  1. Brute Force  2. Recursive   3. Randomized   4. Sorting   5. Searching   6. Hashing.

Machines can be programmed to learn things.  Supervised machine learning, for example, combines complex algorithms with data sets and defined variables to search for correlations and patterns.  Both the input and output are algorithmically specified by the programmer.  Unsupervised machine learning, on the other hand, searches unlabeled data to identify patterns useful for correlating and grouping data into subsets.  As I understand it, so-called deep learning, usually associated with artificial neural networks, is a specific type of unsupervised machine learning designed to simulate human brain function via layers of nodes simulating networked biological neuron activity.

So-called Artificial Intelligence relies entirely on algorithms and is limited by the finite knowledge base available to and expressed through its programming language.  It does not matter whether the initial algorithms used are programmed by the developer or revised and expanded by the machine.  An AI system is foundationally based on and limited by programmer knowledge and skill level, along with inherent, inescapable bias and/or prejudice of the developer.  The machine and its systems have no spiritual essence, hence no connection or access to the universal unconscious, i.e., intelligent creation.  Lacking human essence created by God, the machine cannot access the creative unknown for ideas, nor can it make moral or ethical judgements.  A machine has no value system other than that programmed via the biases of the developers who built it.

Humans think using words or other symbols.  Both writing and speech are nuanced by context, linguistic sentiment, and emotional expression.  Machines learn using numbers, so word and punctuation cues for example, must be converted to numbers for the machine to compute the contextual sense of written or spoken words and sentences.  Machines don’t know what context or sentiment are, or how emotion is meaningfully incorporated into context.

The machine often uses labeled data and what programmers refer to as pre-trained language models, breaking sentences down into word embeddings.  For example, a phrase or sentence in a social media post might be labeled humorous, angry, sarcastic, or whatever using weighted cues, which can be tested against other phrases, sentences, and so forth for more clarity.  To the extent I understand it, embedding converts the machine’s programmed real-world observations into numerical vectors it then attempts to interpret.  The machine can only simulate reality and understanding, mimicking unconscious perceptions and conscious thought as best it can under the duress of programming bias and skill limitations.  This remains true even as the machine algorithmically adapts.

One obvious danger and reason for WHY THE LIE mentioned earlier is the malevolent attempt to control human outcomes using a conscienceless machine incapable of true understanding, moral considerations, judgement, compassion, generosity, or other cultural/societal imperatives necessary to intelligent human life.  Replacing human decision making with simulated thinking is a bad idea likely to run amok even with the best of intentions—and I do not believe Elite intentions of dynastic families funding this pathologic technology are positive, though they nor their order followers likely realize it.  Pawns of Privilege running loose in World Economic Forum circles beneath the hidden global syndicate hand openly brag about using technology to herd human Main Street livestock into digitally controlled, stack-and-pack slave paddocks – at least those not yet deemed excess population, and democided.

For more than a century, delusional One World Government obsessed, so-called intellectuals have been openly writing about mass population control; indoctrinating rogue elements within corrupt multinational monopolies, who in turn, work with co-opted government agencies, i.e., Fascism married to Marxism—thereby synthesizing Globalism, a nice term for worldwide slavery.

I do not believe artificial intelligence is intended by its delusional financial sponsors, i.e., global Elites, to benefit humanity or any other life on Earth.  Unseen puppet masters intend AI to enslave humanity, control humanity, and finally—not just destroy humanity, BUT destroy all created life on Earth…and I suppose beyond, if any.  I allege the intent of Satanic influence is to mimic intelligent created energy electromagnetically for the sole purpose of destroying God’s creation.  Such hateful intent is pure evil and MUST be stopped by decent people, most likely Christians, hence today’s growing contempt and disparagement of Christianity.

The remote-controlled nanotechnology embedded in toxic JABS, aerosol spraying, shedding, food, water, other medicines, and whatever else, are our rude introduction to TRANSHUMAN SLAVERY and inevitable OMNICIDE—UNLESS WE STAND UP AND SAY NO THANK YOU.

The Cult of Transhumanism is evil personified—or more accurately, de-personified.  So-called Artificial Intelligence could serve a usefully constructive purpose, BUT only if developed transparently, under supervision of responsible adults.  Permitting the mostly covert weaponization of transhuman technologies, including AI by egomaniacal psychopaths with multinational, above the law privileges bestowed by global syndicate controllers; all enforced by a corrupt, order following Ruling Class cannot have a happy ending.

Cicero, in his The Republic[7], written just before the collapse of the Roman Republic has Scipio state: “Well then, a republic is the property of the public.  But a public is not every kind of gathering, congregating in any manner, but a numerous gathering brought together by legal consent and community of interest.”

It is time for Main Street American citizens to TAKE BACK OWNERSHIP OF OUR REPUBLIC, then resolutely say NO THANK YOU to the demonic perversion of Transhumanism.  We join the battle against evil or die beneath its bloated desecration of decency, human life, and the goodness of all God’s creation.

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