VOTE ON ELECTION DAY—to slow down machine cheating.

How does voting on election day help discourage election fraud?

Before answering this question, let’s revisit how machine election fraud works.

In a nutshell, electronic vote tabulators need help TO EFFECTIVELY CONTROL ELECTION OUTCOMES.

The primary ingredients voting cheat machines need to manipulate votes are NAMES.

•Obtaining easy to manipulate NAMES requires RIGGING VOTER ROLLS, i.e., VOTER REGISTRATIONS.  ELECTRONIC POLL BOOKS effectively offer covert means for centralized management of what appear to be de-centralized county voting systems.  After all, there are more than 3,100 counties in the United States.  True enough, but centralized data bases like ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), intentionally or not, facilitate remote manipulation of records, leaving no audit trail for state or county election workers to identify.  States not using ERIC but retaining county managed electronic poll books are still an easy target for cyber database manipulation—again, leaving no visible audit trail.  Taking a cue from Slick Willy’s 1992 strategist, Ragin’ Cajun, James Carville, “It’s not just the machines, stupid.”

TIME is the second most important ingredient in the ELECTION CHEAT RECIPE.  Now that voter registration cheaters have collected names of conned people, dead people, fake non-existent people, illegals, etc. – it’s time to HARVEST BALLOTS.  Since millions of ballots must be harvested to steal a national election—and since many of those registered voters have been conned, are dead, non-existent, fake in several states, etc., it takes thousands of morally challenged, ground level activists to create, collect, coordinate, and MAIL-IN or DELIVER HARVESTED BALLOTS to UNMONITORED DROP BOXES, so the machines have an enormous supply of illegal ballots to count once, twice, or more, then manipulate totals.  Since ballots counted are supposed to match total vote tallies or someone might notice a problem, these thousands of ELECTION FRAUD MULES NEED TIME TO COMPLETE THEIR FELONIOUS WORK TASKS.  Check out Mr. Dinesh D’Souza’s 2022 documentary, 2000 Mules, if you haven’t seen it.

•Cheaters have the NAMES.  Cheaters have the HARVESTED BALLOTS.  Now it’s time to bring on EARLY VOTING.  ELECTION FRAUD LOGISTICS REQUIRE TIME.  If cheating is done haphazardly, i.e., without prior knowledge, fraudulent vote totals might not appear plausible to voters.  Winning margins must appear reasonable.  Compliant Mainstream Media, a major component in election fraud,  front loads election expectations with fake poll results, hog wash opinions, and outright lies.  This propagandized conditioning used to con voters into suspension of disbelief also requires TIME.  Therefore, the longer EARLY VOTING can be extended, the more time available for carefully planned election cheating.  Some states restrict ballot access prior to election day, but most do not.  My home state of Arizona allows Mail-In ballots to be counted for two-weeks prior to Election Day.  Plenty of time to cheat.

Early vote tallies can easily be analyzed to identify voter trends for comparison to pre-set calculation software.  If unexpected trends are identified in rigged races, the software can be reprogrammed to ensure controlled outcomes while leaving no visible audit trail for election workers or poll observers to witness.  Additional time needed to make felonious vote adjustments are also one reason why post-election vote calculating takes days or even weeks to complete.  The revised vote totals must always be checked against the number of ballots logged in or honest voters might notice the fraud.  This cheating process can eat time.  None-the-less, during the few post-election audits we’ve seen—it is not uncommon to verify more votes counted than the number of registered voters in the precinct.

Electronic voting machine software, i.e., protocols and systems of math equations are set up and  programmed to calculate votes.  These machines DO NOT COUNT VOTES—THEY CALCULATE VOTES USING HIGH LEVEL, 6TH, 7TH, AND 8TH DEGREE MATH EQUATIONS.  This is why we sometimes see vote totals like 2,639,428.3 votes.  Who on Earth cast that 0.3 vote?

Anyway, this corrupt programming requires time to set up the STEAL, hence the need for extended EARLY VOTING and LATE COUNTING.  Today’s commonly used electronic voting machines are designed from the ground up to calculate and manipulate vote tallies.  They do not require HACKING.  They do not have GLITCHES.  They are intentionally designed to RIG ELECTIONS.

When as happened in November 2020, Donald Trump support overwhelmed the pre-programmed algorithmic systems on election day, vote counting was stopped in several key states, providing time necessary to reprogram the equations to offset the large number of unanticipated Donald Trump votes.  Easy peasy.

•So, cheaters have arranged the REGISTERED NAMES, the HARVESTED BALLOTS, and the TIME.  Now THEY can use our electronic voting machines to CONTROL ELECTION OUTCOMES—TO SELECT THE WINNERS.  This is where algorithmic systems come into play.  An algorithm is a procedure, a set of rules and instructions outlining how a particular problem can be solved or a task carried out.  There are many different types of algorithms serving a variety of applications; some of which lend themselves to mathematical solutions.  Vote counting isn’t one of these applications as simple addition is all that’s needed to count votes.  A first grader can do it.  Many two-year-olds can count to ten without difficulty.

Yet, voters have been bombarded for decades with EXPERT CLAIMS telling us that unseen complex equations and systems of equations, hidden inside electronic circuitry are somehow necessary to count 1, 2, 3, and so forth.  Pure hog wash, but there it is.  The truth is, the complex equations and sophisticated software programming are necessary to confound the simple process of counting votes for the purpose of cheating, i.e., ELECTION FRAUD, stealing elections.  OK, so how does this work?

Vote count manipulation can be performed in many ways.  Educational videos listed below explain several methods commonly in use.  Since electronic voting machines are programmed to perform certain functions—they can also be reprogramed.  Reprogramming can be done directly via the operating system of a network server, tabulator, or group of tabulators.  This can be done locally via direct system keyboard access, thumb drive, QR Code on a ballot, or other physical connection.  Reprogramming can also be done remotely via wireless modems installed somewhere in the tabulation system.  A wireless modem provides reprogramming  access by smart phones, outside computer systems via Wi-Fi, ISMI catchers like Sting Ray, and I suppose other means I’m not aware of.


♣Check out the Bev Harris documentary, FRACTION MAGIC, if you haven’t seen it.Here’s a link:

♣Check out Mr. Joe Oltman’s interview with mathematician, Edward Solomon, if you haven’t seen it.  You’ll learn how systems of equations are used to manipulate up to eight elections simultaneously.
Here’s a link:

♣Check out Mr. Mark Cook’s presentation on Joe Oltman’s Conservative Daily podcast.  Along with a five-person panel, Mr. Cook clearly and succinctly demonstrates multiple ways elections are stolen and makes suggestions for fixing these security deficiencies.  This is the best explanation I’ve yet seen for how quickly and easily this electromagnetic form of cheating can be done.  Well worth our time to watch and learn
Here’s a link:


Larry P. Arnn, twelfth Hillsdale College President,  speaking to a group on June 30, 2023 mentioned, “the electoral process is the sole constitutional means by which the American people can control the government.  To protect the electoral process, the Founders set it up in a decentralized way.”  Slowly, over the past two centuries since adoption of our U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, many of us citizens, certainly me, have apathetically taken our rights for granted, seldom even understanding the scope of unalienable God-given rights we had, then failed to ensure we retained those rights as recognized in our Constitution—in this case, the right to ELECT our representatives.

We use our Constitution and enforce it as our Rule of Law—or we lose it.  I don’t want to lose it.  I hope you don’t want to lose it… and if we agree on that – we can work together to reestablish honest voting in the United States.

To be absolutely redundant:

ALL U.S. certified Election Software is designed from the ground up to manipulate votes.  Direct system access and/or remote wireless access is built into the system, so no real hacking is necessary.  I AM NOT AWARE OF A CERTIFIED EXCEPTION.  Counting votes does not require calculation software, nor highly sophisticated 7th and 8th degree math equations.  In today’s world, calculated vote totals are fraudulent vote totals.  These machines can produce accurate totals, but rarely do since Marxist, Fascist, Globalist – UNIPARTY candidates cannot win honest elections.  That’s why PAPER BALLOTS, HAND-COUNTED, UNDER CLOSE VIDEO SCRUTINY ON ELECTION DAY ARE CRITICAL.



It will take time to fix our corrupted electoral system.  We have almost no time left before 2024 primaries and the November General Election.  Certainly not enough time to fight the fight we should have begun in December 2020.  That said, we can begin that fight for electoral freedom today, and meanwhile we can help protect our 2024 votes by VOTING ON ELECTION DAY.

As recommended by very smart people: if you have a Mail-In ballot—hold it and turn it in at your precinct polling location in person on Election Day.  If you are told you already voted, immediately file a police or sheriff “stolen identity” complaint so it is on record.  Do it immediately, before leaving the polling location.  If you cannot hand deliver your Mail-In ballot on Election Day, then drop it in a DROP BOX.  Please do not, under any circumstance, mail your ballot.  That’s the best we can do for 2024, so please get out there, vote, get your family, friends, and neighbors to vote—all on Election Day.


God Speed in all we do together!  With God’s grace we are taking back our government and returning it to the Constitutional Limits agreed to in Article 1, Section 8 of our U.S. Constitution.

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