I am a student focused on learning, not politics, though am geopolitically sensitive to anything threatening freedom. High quality education is prerequisite for high quality life in every civilized field of endeavor, including itinerant street people.

Like it or not, we are combatants in unrestricted,

Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW).

I am dedicated to defending, with God’s grace against Satanically inspired attacks on our God given liberty, and to working with individual persons together in our communities across the world, fighting deceitful Satanic influence. Setting aside our puny differences, we can in the name of Jesus Christ, responsibly make our world a better place to live abundantly, enjoy each other’s company, and raise happy, healthy children in clean air, while drinking fresh, pure water. Of course, this won’t just happen. We MUST each choose to make our world more abundant, more generous, and safer. We MUST have each other’s backs.

If wondering who I am – here’s more than you care to know.

I’m a 72-years young grandfather and semi-retired professional civil engineer (no longer licensed to practice) and General Contractor (also no longer licensed) with a B.S. Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering earned in December 1980 at University of Wisconsin – Madison.  I earned credits toward English and Biology majors at University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point prior to attending UW-Madison. I am a committed America First Constitutionalist doing my small part to restore self-government in America – and then the World. Also self-studying how to become a better writer – slow going at the moment but on track to improve in 2023. If interested in such study material, I list instructive books I’ve bumped into on my Writer’s Reading List Page. I HAVE ABANDONED ALL POLITICAL PARTIES AS THEY OPENLY AND PROUDLY FAIL TO HONOR OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION OR DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTIONALLY RECOGNIZED UNALIENABLE RIGHTS AS HUMAN BEINGS..

My partner and I were issued U.S. Patent 8,381,523 B2 on February 26, 2013 titled: GEOTHERMAL ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION METHODS AND GEOTHERMAL ENERGY COLLECTION SYSTEMS. Our innovative nonpartitioned, convection driven, geothermal technology is ideally suited to harvesting heat from the Earth at supercritical temperatures and pressures for generating electricity at an estimated cost of $0.008 per kWh with clean water as our only environmental emission.
Our energy website is: http://zgroupenergy.com/


I happily self-publish through IngramSpark printing and global distribution services.



Hatched, baptized, confirmed, and raised Roman Catholic in Stevens Point, Wisconsin where I grew up (1951-1976), I veer toward Orthodox Christian teaching. In The Point, a beautiful city along the Wisconsin River, longest river in Wisconsin and tributary to the Mighty Mississippi, I attended St. Stephen’s Elementary School with the good Sisters of Notre Dame and Pacelli High School with the wonderful Christian Brothers. No, I was never abused and don’t know of anyone who was.

I’ve been an altar boy, paper boy, Christmas tree trimmer, farm laborer, warehouse worker, leather worker (twice), truck driver (twice), general contractor (twice), survey instrument man, draftsman, construction inspector, civil design engineer, construction manager, project manager, and am a geothermal supercritical energy developer (US Patent 8,381,523 B2) as mentioned above, endeavoring to become a respected author.

I raised horses for a number of years in the late sixties/early seventies and had a friend (later my Best Man) who raised Angus, Charolais, Hereford, and Santa Gertrudis beef cattle on Central Wisconsin’s Buena Vista Marshes, i.e., big marsh grass, sand county, (remember Aldo Leopold’s Sand County Almanac?) prairie chicken country, which sparked an interest in custom leather carving and tooling, though I’m not a saddle maker. Never learned to rope worth a hoot either. Truck driving and truck service shop work paid for some of civil engineering school. Nan covered the rest. Thank you Honey Bunch!

I write now because it’s pound a word processing key board OR live on a tatami mat in the back yard, occasionally running down the street screaming profanities at our cowardly government ruling class. On a more practical level, I roll up my sleeves as a Pinal County (America First) Republican Precinct Committeeman – though 100% OF MY PUBLISHED WRITING AND/OR SPEAKING IS MY OWN. I NEVER SPEAK FOR OTHER PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN, NOR FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AT LARGE, the Establishment, AINO portion of which I despise. AINOs, by the way are American In Name Only (H/T Noor bin Laden).Writing also occupies my time more productively than begging for Crunchy Cheetos ( the most wonderful non-food ever invented), large pizzas (who wants a small one) and potato chips (you can’t have just one bag), none of which are on my primal diet striving for a trimmer waistline, more energy, and fewer metabolic syndrome issues.


I’m not extreme enough to do full on paleo, but do follow the Warrior Diet (Ori Hofmekler), The Primal Blueprint (Mark Sisson), The Complete Guide to Fasting (Dr. Jason Fung & Jimmy Moore) and Gin Stephens’ FAST. FEAST. REPEAT. I still eat some potatoes, organic wild rice, free range organic eggs, other organic grass fed dairy (raw if I can get it), and love organic oatmeal/raisin cookies, though not as many as I’d like.

Down from a high of 256 lbs. at 28% body fat to 220 lbs. at 14% body fat – hoping to get under 12% body fat to a 36″ waist in the next year or so. I struggle with portion control as a foodie, so this brutal belly-fat battle continues with me winning in the end, mostly working with kettlebells, body-weight stuff, jump rope, and walking 10-12 miles weekly. Foolishly made my sciatic nerve angry in April 2023, so starting to work with TAI CHI and mindfulness via online courses. Gentle, gentle, gentle or I’ll be sorry my incredible chiropractor reminds me.


Happily married since 1975, and that’s an understatement, I love my precious wife and best friend, Nan; emotionally support my very independent daughter to the best of my ability; cherish my gifted late son; walk our dogs (I still walk all of them though they’ve crossed over), praise our kitties (two of the most recent three have passed over), hike the Arizona mountains a bit, do some camping at higher elevations, smoke occasional cigars, drink a bit of whiskey, do custom leather work, do business development for our patented, supercritical, geothermal energy technology with my partner; and work at becoming a credible student/author. Our Arizona company, Grit Company Unlimited, LLC is my publisher.

Lived in Madison, Wisconsin area from 1976 to 1985, Phoenix area from 1985 to 2016, currently residing since 2016 in Coolidge, Arizona – a nice part of God’s country surrounded by farms and ranches located about 60 miles southeast of Phoenix. Nan and I have a semi-feral cat named Ryles and a frog Nan named Pepe living on our front porch. Neither tolerates being inside or taking direction, so it’s just food, water, and interesting conversation. Ryles tolerates Pepe pretty well though Pepe likes to sit around in the water dish at night meaning I have to clean the tiny pool every day. You may recall it gets pretty dry here in the Sonoran Desert, so the tiny pool has evaporation issues anyway. Not sure where Pepe lives during winter, when the desert cools down nor how old he is? Ryles and Pepe both play close to the vest… a good idea these days.

Thanks for visiting. Much appreciated.

“My Doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four.
Unless there are three other people.”
{Orson Welles}

I resemble the above remark and struggle accordingly.

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