10-05-2023:  Does America Have A National Border Or A Globalist Goal-Line?

♦Larger Concern:  Is America’s Open Border Building a Trojan Horse?♦

One way would be to create and orchestrate-useful-crises in victim nations around the world to:

  • Make local living conditions unbearable.
  • Play on the generosity of American citizens and propagandize their need-to-help REFUGEES.
  • Contrary to U.S. and international law, re-define illegal immigrants as amnesty-seeking refugees.
  • Market the U.S. as a realistic safe haven through U.N., globalist NGOs, and captured media.
  • Use captured media to internationally advertise the U.S. open border policy.
  • Advertise a probable path to U.S. citizenship for illegal migrants paid by U.S. taxpayers.
  • Advertise free travel planning, coordination, and safety, for illegal migrant travel to U.S.
  • Advertise all expenses paid for anyone illegally agreeing to migrate to the U.S.
  • Advertise all migration coordination safely provided by U.N., Catholic charities, Red Cross, and NGOs.
  • Advertise a NO TRACABLE PAPERWORK U.S. immigration policy for illegal migrants.
  • Advertise free air or bus transportation for illegal migrants upon arrival to U.S. destination cities.
  • Advertise provision of indefinitely provided living expenses while illegals settle in new sanctuary city.


Hhhmmmm?  If these tactical steps were effectively accomplished and they are visibly in motion—how hard could it be to insert and arm America Hating Killers into this out-of-control Cloward-Piven Strategic Process?  We can all laugh at this question, but what if it’s true?  U.S. National Guard troops are shown on video keeping illegal invaders safe while crossing the Rio Grande, dangerous desert terrain, etc.  Some illegals are women, children, and families.  Most “are not” and most of the “are nots” are military age males.  Thousands of the children are cartel trafficking victims.  Is this happenstance or a plan?  Consistency suggests planning does it not?

Federal agency whistle-blowers are starting to quietly speak out about the invasion threat.  A small number of investigators are reporting that military age, illegal migrants among the caravans openly claim they are coming to the United States to KILL AMERICANS.  Some of these baby-faced killers claim America will no longer be America by 2025 year’s end.  Is any of this real?  Should Main Street America wonder what’s going on here?  How much trouble is being caravanned at taxpayer expense to Main Street doorsteps by America’s Administrative Dictatorship?  Maybe at least some of us should turn off our conditioning tubes for a bit and ponder this question.

Note:  The primary remaining obstacle to One World Dictatorship and the Global Transhuman Slave Plantation ruled by Elite gods of Money is the independent, entrepreneurial, American middle-class.  Elites have abused the Petro Dollar as a global manipulation tool since the early seventies and NOW Elites have decided is the time to destroy confidence in the U.S. fiat dollar as the world reserve currency—while they can still blame someone else and profitably take advantage of the ruse.

U.S. currency and credit derivatives unconstitutionally allowed to exist by our oath-breaking bi-cameral U.S. Congress now total nearly $633 trillion dollars per https://www.usdebtclock.org/.  U.S. fiat currency is created by debt; so, this insanity means each one of America’s 330 million or so citizens is liable for ±$1.9 million dollars.  Given 134 million full time workers and 27 million part-time workers, this is ±$3.9 million dollars per working taxpayer.

In other words, confidence in the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency is short-lived.  Change is coming and some of the change will be painful.  Bank credit along with supply chains reliant on credit will predictably be disrupted.  Ripple effects across Main Street could be significant and since Elites caused this and Elites fear rusty pitchforks, Elite corporate and government order followers are tasked with orchestrating covering chaos to protect their Elite handlers, all of which will be blamed on Main Street.

For example, real inflation, now running at ±18% (not a ridiculous 3.7%) is being blamed on working class salaries, which Biden Regime Pawns of Privilege claim are unreasonably high.  Every economic metric is pointing to the coming depression.  D.C. fear is palpable.  We saw globalist pawn, AOC ( https://rumble.com/v2coylm-james-okeefe-exposes-government-conspiracy-to-frame-citizens-at-january-6th.html ) shrieking at Nancy Pelosi to do her f—ing job, while demanding CCP Joe Biden do something because “the public doesn’t fear us anymore”.  How can an American citizen with family, friends, and neighbors speak and behave like this?

If even part of what I just described is real—could it be done?  Is it possible to do such things on a worldwide stage?  This plan requires hundreds of billions of dollars annually.  How does Congress appropriate this obscene level of unconstitutional funding without raising an eyebrow?  I don’t go to the meetings, so readers, please tell me, but I will say; someone like me not only can believe but does believe rogue elements in our government are in cahoots with this treasonous plan to take down middle-class America.  We know this because legislators vote to fund it all.  This is public record, not tinfoil hat stuff.

Whether true globalist believers or just corrupt scum, I don’t know, but proof is in the overwhelming Cloward-Piven invasion.  At the same time, I can’t imagine hard-working, decent, average Americans getting their arms around something this ugly.  I mean, this subversive plan requires wreaking havoc on entire nations while resource raping them under the guise of providing foreign aid and/or protection.  It means the migrants and the killers aimed at us are all desperate victims.  It means receiving-country populations across Europe and the U.S. are all soon-to-be desperate victims of long-planned crimes against humanity.

For decent, hard-working  people who cannot imagine this scenario, let’s think about it in the context of analogous questions.  Could any of this treasonous government policy and crimes against humanity occur if we the people were taught and understood our sovereign rights as recognized by our U.S. Constitution?  More importantly, could this planned catastrophe happen if we not only knew what our God-given rights are—but we stood up together and peacefully, but firmly demanded our elected and appointed government officials respect and protect those rights as their oath of office requires?

What if you and I, or any of us were United States government officials?  As you read what follows, please ask yourself, “How can any American citizen aid and abet crimes against humanity—especially in their own house?”

What if any of us advertised around the world, that at 11:59 PM, Tuesday, May 11, 2023 we would be standing on a lift above the Del Rio, Texas – Ciudad Acuña International Bridge to begin scattering limitless pallets of $100 bills?  What if we advertised countless numbers of these $100 bills to be freely collectible for any unidentified, non-U.S. citizen willing to cross under that bridge to the United States from Mexico—AND that free transportation services were being provided for all illegal Racers from just inside the U.S. border to American cities from coast to coast—would anyone show up to cross that GOAL LINE?

What if any of us advertised that along with these $100 bills; U.S. National Guard troops would be deployed to maintain order and ensure the safety of all Racers willing to cross under the bridge from Mexico into the United States—would anyone show up to cross that GOAL LINE?

NOTE: The advertisement says, it makes no difference if Racers race to the GOAL LINE on their own; or if Racers made a deal with a foreign government or human trafficking cartel.  All Racers to the GOAL LINE will be protected while crossing to collect gifts donated to Racers by our generous U.S. Congress-persons, who confiscated the money to pay for Racer gifts from hard-working American taxpayers, who I guess feel guilty about once having jobs and now prefer to give them up.

Additionally, what if any of us also advertised that this free money–free transportation giveaway also included room, board, medical services, clothes, gifted electronic devices per Racer’s choice, beverages, toys, and other things requested for an indeterminate length of time—would anyone show up to cross that GOAL LINE?

If any of us advertised that all the above are now aspects of United States’ policy for the foreseeable future—would anyone from around the resource-raped, impoverished world show up to cross that GOAL LINE?

If the United Nations, Red Cross, corrupt insider connected NGO’s, rogue Catholic Charities, and other globalist entities were gorging themselves on unaudited U.S. tax dollars flowing like a rampaging river out the back doors of our treasonous bicameral Congress—to help bring these Racers to the Del Rio bridge—how long could the RACE TO that GOAL LINE last?  How many millions of Race winners could we attract, like bees to pollen, each year?

Or is it more like VULTURES to ROADKILL because middle-class America is being run over by a globalist wrecking machine; abandoned to die on the dusty, littered shoulder of the central banker’s highway of greed?

Critics can ridicule my above questions—BUT—sadly, these questions are facts put in place by rogue criminals who executed the most recent American coup d’état, the November 2020 coup.  A coup many multinational corporate monopoly executives, and Americans-In-Name-Only (AINOs)—in and out of state and national government aided and abetted for their global syndicate handlers.  All this pain cheered on by activist Mockingbird Media parrots.

What if, as award-winning war correspondent, Michael Yon warns:  many of these invaders are America-Hating Terrorists mobilized—by whom, to KILL American citizens?  If this is correct, who are the American influencers and assets working so hard to bring this murderous hate-mission to fruition?  If this is a possibility, and Psychopathic Terrorists are being delivered to communities across the continent using our tax dollars, by our own government—how are we, for example, in an unarmed Brentwood home going to defend our family?

Millions of unidentified invaders procured from resource-raped globalist hellholes all over the world have been and are still being solicited and transported to major U.S. metropolitan bivouac areas like: Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York.  Many hundreds of thousands more are being stashed in somewhat smaller sanctuary cities like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington D.C.  Finally, more hundreds of thousands are being distributed to uninformed cities like Atlantic City, Austin, Charlotte, and others.

What if the global elite plan is to continue the largely unopposed American invasion until some strategically central-planned number (GOAL) is reached—say 30 million or more unidentified illegals, many of them as Michael Yon warns, American-Hating Terrorists.  What if the free stuff spigot is suddenly turned off by our globalist order followers currently holding power?  Instantly, American cities are faced with 30 million or so homeless, starving globalist victims, most of whom have little or no education, no income, no work skills, and can’t speak English.  What if the armed Terrorists team up with globalist funded subversives like indoctrinated Antifa and Marxist BLMers who already openly burn American cities and are protected by BLUE morons while doing so?

These millions of globalist victims brought here by AINOs will get hungry quickly—as will we if supply chains are disrupted for any prolonged period.  Then what?  Your house or mine?  They will be coming for one, the other, or both.  Our government did this and is still doing it.  What do we do now?

One suggestion is:  since oncoming chaos is no longer avoidable, with our eye on tomorrow’s rising from the ashes, let’s start our crash course in Constitutional education today so we don’t make this mistake again.  Cram together in neighborhood groups, church groups, and so forth until we get our God-given unalienable rights crammed into our hearts and heads.  Armed with that once legally binding, principled knowledge, we can cast better informed votes, throw the trash out, and clean up our lives, liberty, and sacred honor without a catastrophic 2nd civil war.  Doing nothing is not likely to have a happy ending.  Just sayin’.

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