01-20-2023: Harmeet Dhillon or Mike Lindell For RNC Chair?

Bruce Kolinski, P.E. (Retired)

2 min ago

Mission success requires effective team management.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) regardless intent has specifically failed Republican voters since 2020 and has generally failed to stand for a secure U.S. electoral system.   Whatever success RNC leadership claims, RNC Chair, Ms. Ronna McDaniel and RNC Chief Counsel, Mr. Justin Riemer have weakly pandered to, and abjectly failed since November 2020 to aggressively fight for Republican voting rights or for overall election integrity. The entire country lives with corruption as a result.

How on Earth are we supposed to convincingly GET THE VOTE OUT, when tax paying “would be” voters KNOW their votes mean nothing when election fraud enabled by early voting, ballot harvesting, late voting, and machine voting will together with legislative and  judicial complicity disenfranchise their votes? It’s the count that elects, not the ballots.

The RNC has openly conducted itself as a professionally expensive pandering society helping bring about a totalitarian globalist future for American citizens.  Regardless intention, that is the result of their efforts.  Exposure, speeches, and obscenely racked up levels of RNC expenses do not add up to accountability for election integrity or for citizen friendly, operational government processes.  It is my humble opinion that RNC leadership MUST be changed and the entire RNC organization revamped for honest voter representation and America First effectiveness.

At present it appears Ms. Harmeet Dhillon and Mr. Michael Lindell are front runners for RNC chair in 2023.  Both are highly respected leaders in the Republican Party and are worthy of consideration.  For what it’s worth, my Sonoran Desert thoughts on this are as follows:

Good managers manage effectively and generally speaking; an individual successfully managing an auto factory, potato chip factory, pillow factory, or other endeavor will likely do well managing most anything—at least anything not requiring extensive technical or other special expertise.

♣Mike Lindell is a proven manager, proven fund raiser, and proven workaholic making energizer bunnies look lazy by comparison.  He donates his own time and spends tens of millions of his own hard earned dollars fighting diligently for election integrity and trying to educate eligible voters regarding same.  I know of no other person in America more deserving of a shot as RNC Chairman.

♣Harmeet Dhillon is an experienced, successful, nationally recognized attorney and proven warrior litigator.  Her skill set is impressive across a broad range of advocacy terrain, one aspect of which is “election law”.  I have no idea as to Ms. Dhillon’s managerial capability, but let’s assume it’s exceptional.

If Harmeet Dhillon becomes RNC Chairwoman, she will be handcuffed by routine travel along with managerial and fund raising tasks.  These are not small things in any realm, certainly not within the octagon of political in and out fighting.  With Ms. Dhillon as RNC Chairwoman, the Republican Party loses her skills as successful litigating warrior.  Is loss of Ms. Dhillon’s highest and best use a good choice?  Would Ms. Dhillon consider or accept a juicier role as RNC Chief Counsel? In the present felonious circumstance, Ms. Dhillon can spend weeks arguing before and coordinating arguments before District Courts and the Supreme Circus.

Mike Lindell is a proven manager and fund raiser.  This is his skill set—his highest and best use.  Mike is a fighter but not a litigator and the RNC desperately requires talented legal counsel to represent freedom as well as quality management. Can we have both?

I propose consideration of Harmeet Dhillon as our RNC warrior litigator (Chief Counsel) and Mike Lindell as RNC Chairman.  The America First RNC doesn’t just need a strong, aggressive leader; it also requires a strong warrior team to overcome the staggering globalist odds stacked against U.S. election integrity and freedom.

01-16-2023: One America First Strategy Consideration


For the first time in my 71-years as an American citizen, members of the U.S. House of Representatives stood together and said NO to the GLOBALIST LEVIATHAN.  Just a mere handful courageously forming a battle phalanx of twenty strong standing as the Spartans at Thermopylae in 480 B.C. against unimaginable international numbers of cowardly, lying, bought and paid for, seditious, and treasonous PAWNS OF PRIVILEGE.  David and Goliath.  A biblical standoff against Satanic influence, I suspect marking a major turning point in world history.  JANUARY 2023 ROCKS and we the people of God’s creation are just beginning to wake up—to the age-old fight against demonic authoritarianism.

Nothing like the MAGA AMERICA FIRST TWENTY has been witnessed in North America since the 1776 signing of America’s Declaration of Independence.  The spark of freedom heralded in January 2022 by brave Canadian and American truckers is bearing fruit.  If awakening American Main citizens hope to restore the American Founder’s Covenant with our Creator, thereby through God’s blessings, leading the entire world to freedom—one red shirt, one red cap, one small group, one city, one state, one nation, one continent at a time—THEN THE TWENTY MUST BE PROTECTED AGAINST GLOBALIST VIOLENCE, whether attacks are via informationfare, lawfare, mediafare, or other asymmetric means.

We the people MUST support the TWENTY’s efforts, helping them not just survive DC criminality, but to grow their battle phalanx, building its people power shield wall into an international alliance capable of bringing down the psychopathic global syndicate elite with their putrescent army of multinational corporate order followers, greedy lobbyist foot soldiers, indoctrinated Mockingbird media parrots, and cowardly treasonous political hacks buried layers deep in every level of academic, judicial, government, military, and corporate life.

The awakening of Main Street worldwide, certainly those of us in the United States, want and are working up to demanding justice for the miscreants steadily diminishing our Constitutionally recognized rights and stealing somewhere between $21 trillion and $86 trillion documented (Inspector General Audit Reports from 1998 to 2015) U.S. dollars out the corrupt back doors of Congress.  Our bicameral United States Congress is nothing more than a money laundering sieve for organized global crime networks and Satanic destruction of creation.  The global syndicate laughs while rubbing our Main Street noses in their filthy blackmail, extortion, pedophilia, sex slavery, drug and weapons trafficking, modern-day human slavery, organ harvesting, and designer wars by selecting a hair-sniffing, treasonous imbecile and a political whore to sully our White House, while our economy and lives are crushed into economic oblivion by order following elements in academia, banking, government, Hollywood, law enforcement, manufacturing, media, medicine, military, organized crime, shipping, transportation, etc.

Stopping this democidic omnicide requires supporting, protecting, and growing the numbers of our small group of TWENTY in their efforts to actually represent interests of American citizens against the metastasizing malevolent weaponization of government agencies against we the people.  Investigative committees such as a second Church and/or Pike style committee are proposed to shed light on facts, educate citizens, and help thwart the global syndicate’s slavering grab for full spectrum transhuman dominance over the American people.

The possibilities for investigation are endless—BUT—REALIZE every illegal, seditious, or treasonous activity to be investigated IS MADE POSSIBLE BY AND IS FUELED BY MONEY.  Widespread investigations can quickly waste resources, yielding little.  Integrity challenged $2,000/hour globalist litigators and corrupt or incompetent indoctrinated judges like Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson (my opinion) will use circular reflexive law arguments to reject hearing any legitimate case their handlers don’t want heard.  Corrupt SPECIAL PROSECUTORS will be appointed by the Biden Freak Show to wall-off communications, documents, information, and testimony from any serious investigation by Congressional committees, State Attorneys General, or private  lawsuits.

I’m not a lawyer and have no idea how this unconstitutional legal impasse can or will be jousted with.  Clearly, if Congressional investigations are limited to the toothless Trey Gowdy standards like the masturbatory frenzy of Benghazi wherein corrupt, even treasonous behavior by public officials, weapons traffickers, and others were available open source by early 2012—well, the whole effort would be pointless, wouldn’t it?  BUT what about:


Like the 1931 Al Capone mob case wherein Capone, heir to Johnny Torrio was found guilty of tax evasion, money can be followed by accounting audit trails.  Granted, DC doesn’t have any real accountability for anything, certainly not foreign aid, military expenditures, or for other Congressional and Executive money laundering business of the day.  This is even more true since 2018’s FASAB Standard 56 took government accounting transparency, such as it was, completely dark for so-called National Security reasons.  Here’s a link to FASAB 56:    http://files.fasab.gov/pdffiles/handbook_sffas_56.pdf

None the less, serious investigators, when subpoenas are enforceable, can attempt to audit bank transactions across the globe linking global syndicate order followers together within their international web of illegal, sometimes treasonous activity.  Perhaps the joke of our abused Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) can be used for some of the network tracking.  Global syndicate order followers are so historically protected and isolated from PUBLIC      scrutiny, they only operate offensively, thereby becoming the EDUCATED STUPID—possessing No Defensive Capability at all.  These sloppy psychopathic deviants can be tracked, and corrupt judges can be worked around by talented investigators armed with serviceable subpoenas.

The TWENTY may be able to better enforce subpoenas internationally by withholding funds to uncooperative nations.  Recall how hair-sniffing punk, Joe Biden leveraged Ukraine investigation of his crime family and the Obama Administration in 2016 by abusing American good faith and credit.

The TWENTY, if successful, and with our America First support, have an opportunity to head off the slowly developing 2nd American Civil War we sense approaching like a roiling black storm cloud—if we fail to stand up, working together to change America’s present course.  Dumping Row v. Wade was a step toward renewal of God’s blessings.  Let’s not waste this opportunity.  Let’s work together to capitalize on it by strategizing how we as the little people of Main Street can be of service to our freedom as well as freedom for the entire world.

There is a crack in the New World Order armor.  Let’s widen that crack and dump the DAVOS CROWD into the trash heap of history.  FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!  Money ties everything together and capital flows never lie.

When the World Economic Forum calls—always say NO THANK YOU.

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