02-21-2023: Take Back Our Power From Corrupt Government

AMERICA FIRST STRATEGY Considerations:  Article #3 – Arizona Self Governance

SELF-GOVERNANCE requires citizen awareness, discernment, and active participation.
FREEDOM requires self-governance.  Human beings have found no other way to freely cohabitate.


Big Government Complicity results in abuse and subjugation of Main Street citizens, i.e., slavery.

Psychopaths, socially deviant or not, and treasonous order-followers parasitically nest as Ruling Class Thugs within big government systems where layers of bureaucracy defy accounting compliance, effective oversight of any kind, rule of law, and fiduciary responsibility to citizens whose confiscated wealth pays the bills, and whose blood feeds designer wars orchestrated by the dynastic family owners of the Ruling Class Thugs.  History shows NO EXCEPTIONS.

The United States of America began less than 250 years ago as a manageable, limited government system with Constitutional restraints hand-cuffing rogue elements in government from abusing and subjugating citizens.  2023 America has left Constitutional checks and balances in tatters, bloating Washington D.C. into a monster of corruption; a multi-headed Leviathan gnawing on our Bill of Rights, with most, if not all Federal agencies weaponized against we the people.  If we don’t stand up and fix this mess, if we fail to support and increase the courageous Congressional numbers of the so-called Twenty within the GOP Freedom Caucus, our kids and grandchildren will grow up as emaciated cyborg serfs living on ground up bugs, trying to breathe poisoned air, in concrete stack and pack smart gulag cities enclosed within full spectrum dominant electromagnetic boundaries.

So what do we do? Where do we begin? The answer is local, local, local, that is, from the bottom up.

There are ±330 million of us in the U.S.  Of those, roughly 100 million are lost to globalist indoctrination.  Approximately 100 million are awakening to the need for spiritual discernment, courage, and the will to resist brutal Fifth Generation Warfare being unconditionally waged against Main Street values, judgement, and freedom.  In the middle are roughly another 100 million or so who don’t know there’s a problem; or they do but have no idea how to effectively address it.  It is our Christian responsibility as spiritually awakening citizens, all ±100 million of us to protect all citizens including the lost and comatose. Salvation of the entire world, for reasons I don’t quite understand, hangs on America’s winning our battle against order-following globalist proponents of the Satanically inspired New World Order.

If we ±100 million awakening citizens unite in Christ’s name; if we effectively network together in prayer as well as action, we organically form a massive army for good, protected by the Armor of God, countering the chaotic evil surrounding us.  The world has never seen an army this large.  We have the numbers, the loving attitude, and the discernment to say NO THANK YOU to conveniences entrapping us in a globalist mind-control gulag.  We just need to organize ourselves, putting our numbers to work.  This can be done in small ways—each within our towns, cities, counties, and states.

Since we have the numbers, we don’t have to dedicate our entire lives, sacrificing everything to save our country and the world.  We MUST, however, each do something.  To get started, here’s a few action item suggestions.  We can each personalize our own short list per our individual interests, available time, training, and skill sets.

Since I reside in Coolidge, Arizona (Pinal County) I’ll start with just one suggestion:

▪ Follow what’s happening with active Arizona House and Senate legislation.
  Here’s a link to the AZ Legislature website’s “Introduced Bills” page.

  If you haven’t used this web page before, as I haven’t in the past, here’s what I’ve learned so far.  Hopefully, you’re a more skilled searcher than I am and know better ways to search bills—but this has been working for me.
     •Go to the Introduced Bills webpage using the above link.
     •Go to the Menu heading for House Bills or Senate Bills.  Click on the one you’re interested in.
     •In either case you’ll see a column with rows identifying a range of Bill Numbers.

             Let’s say you want to check on House Bill HB 2552 regarding voting; elections; tally; prohibition.  Click on the row showing the range of bills from 2551 to 2600.
              Then click on Bill 2552 in the column that comes up.
     •When HB 2552 comes up, you’ll see a summary page.  To see the text of the bill, click on the Menu Item “DOCUMENTS”.  This will bring up a page displaying related PDF documents to choose from.
     •If you would like to read the Introduced Version of HB 2552, click on the PDF blue icon on the right.  This will bring up the full text of the document.

▪ Contact your Arizona House or Senate Member to let them know where you stand on bills in question.  We should be sharing our opinions with representative regularly.  I know this, because I’m the guy irritated for decades because my representatives never did what I wanted—BUT how could they?  I never reached out to them with my agreement or concerns.

Following AZ legislation and commenting to our representatives is just one thing we can do as responsible citizens of Pinal County, Arizona to take our State back from the Establishment goons who attacked our election integrity and freedom to choose on November 8, 2022.  First we take back Arizona; then the United States of America; then the world. Just sayin’.

02-13-2023: Does America Have Electile Dysfunction ?

AMERICA FIRST STRATEGY Considerations:  Article #2 – Election Fraud

Do we know who we voted for in 2016?  2018?  2020?  2022?  Do we really know?

ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION (Hat Tip to Captain Seth Keshel) has been a mainstay of elections since modern day elections were invented, at least in Europe and North America during the 17th century as I understand it.  Ancient Athens and Rome as two examples employed elections much earlier, but today’s version of representative government slowly emerged in the 17th century—as I imagine, did modern day election fraud, since people are people and people like to win, especially psychopaths and their order following minions.

Current U.S. election whining began in 2000 when Gore supposedly lost to Bush II and Democrat AINOs screamed bloody murder about stolen elections.  Democrat AINOs were of course, media-vaunted freedom fighters.  We learned from bus-loads of expensive litigators about punch card voting problems, dimpled chads, pregnant chads, and hanging chads, all of which were counted and re-counted for days on end by anyone lacking a boredom threshold.  Orchestrated citizen frustration was amped up by wanna be corrupt politicos and Mockingbird Media to the point Congress passed 2002’s Help America Vote Act which as planned (my opinion), catapulted American elections from pathetic amateur election fraud levels to dreamed of professional electronic fraud—an impossibility to visibly secure.

Various types of optical scanning machines and other technologies were introduced in the sixties and seventies, but at that time the idea of audit trails and vote verification were considerations that had to be done away with for power mongers to benefit.  Amateur election fraud retains the inconvenience of audit trails and simply counting votes.  Professional grade election fraud demands votes be CALCULATED, not counted, and never audited.  Professional grade was brought about by direct-recording electronic voting machines.  Voila!  No audit trail what-so-ever!  Elite life is good and the people of Main Street are screwed.  Representative government is now criminalized to a more acceptably obscene level for perpetuation of our U.S. Administrative Dictatorship.  The old mechanical direct-recording machines were pretty good BUT could be taken apart and examined so had to be thrown out.  Invisible electronics now rule the election roost.

Leapfrog forward to 2016 with invisible electronic vote calculating firmly in place across the United States.  That took some serious under the table logistics and only traitors know how much money had to be paid out, but order-following won out in the end.  Vote counting was no longer a thing, and the invisibility concept was copacetic with voters, uninformed voters anyway, when out of the blue, Democrat AINO freedom fighters started screaming bloody murder about career criminal Hillary Clinton being cheated by Trump’s unimaginable alleged skullduggery.  It was probable cause challenged Russia, Russia, Russia treason, an expensive DNC fake dossier, FBI slugs, corrupted legacy media, and the whole globalist team working full time yet—Trump won.  Poor Hillary was so shocked by her guaranteed selection derailment she apparently didn’t prepare a concession speech.

Jump to 2020 and we watch a hair-sniffing imbecile and political prostitute hide from the campaign trail for month after month only to supposedly win more votes than Communist Barack Hussein Obama supposedly won when he was selected in 2008.  Now after two decades of Democrat AINO complaints, hard-working MAGA Republicans raise their heads out of the media goop, wondering how Trump with tens of thousands attending rallies across the country for months on end was beaten by a Delaware criminal who could not fill a high school gym on his best day.  These disgruntled America First voters, however, were immediately demonized as media-vaunted domestic terroristsOh, the horror of it!  Bring on the corrupt FBI Stasi.

Now, after two frustrating years of media ridiculed, election denier conspiracy, alleged insurrection by a ridiculous unarmed take-over of American government on January 6, 2021, and corrupted courts not acknowledging mountains of electronic “packet captured” meta data, photographic, video, and statistical evidence along with ignoring thousands of witness affidavits given under oath—World War III has begun.  Earth, now beaten down and embroiled by Fifth Generation Unrestricted Warfare, cowers on the brink of kinetic war.  Worse, given the integrity challenged nature of psychopathic G20 leadership malfeasance under the demented auspices of World Economic Forum urging, possibly nuclear war.

Question:  The WW I orchestrated trigger occurred in Bosnia amidst Balkan instability related to Austro-Hungarian oppression in Bosnia, Serbia, and Herzegovina.  The WW II orchestrated trigger was pulled when Germany invaded Poland, amidst discord involving France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, and Russia.  Today’s Ukraine completes a geostrategic triangle central to Mackinder’s concept for controlling the entire Eurasian Heartland.  My question is:  IS THE UKRANIAN CONFLCIT AN ACCIDENT OF HISTORY?  It does not appear to be. In any case, stopping the demented carnage or living through the pending WW III carnage is a choice brought about by political agency and elections.  ELECTIONS MATTER!  Main Street human beings are not obligated to become victims by choice.  Choice on the other hand requires freedom to choose—and again, we’re back to open, free, and honest elections.

How can American citizens secure their elections?  Are secure elections even a possibility?

For those not aware, a brief overview of how the vote tabulation system is corrupted:

Regardless of differing laws for handling EARLY VOTING and/or MAIL-IN BALLOTS in different jurisdictions, laws are ignored, and mail-in ballots are used to determine early voting trends.  Since electronic tabulation machines are programmed TO CALCULATE VOTES, rather than COUNT VOTES; the algorithms are calibrated per early trends in favor of selected parasitic candidates and ballot initiatives.  The longer EARLY VOTING IS PROLONGED, the easier it is to fine tune what are to become PREDETERMINED BALLOT CALCULATED OUTCOMES.  This knowingly corrupt, intentional process is augmented by jimmied voter rolls, ballot harvesting, fake ballots, etc.  Any group controlling vote tabulation logistics can produce any outcome they wish for any election.  So-called signature verification is so unreliably foolish, it doesn’t bear consideration as a security measure.

NOTE:  There are many ways for electronic voting tabulators to fraudulently function.  Votes can be switched, re-switched, not counted, counted more than once, etc.  Ballots can easily be printed out of scale, damaged, or misread, then placed into manual adjudication for non-transparent fraudulent counting by corrupt order followers.  Another method is simply weighting the count.  For example, a Republican or Democrat candidate vote can be calculated by tabulators as 0.80 votes.  An opposing candidate vote can be calculated as 1.20 votes.  Total ballots cast will equal total votes calculated within an acceptable margin of error and the selected candidate wins the count with zero transparency and no ability to reliably audit results.  This is how election results show impossible vote totals with partial votes like 10,687.3 or 103, 956.8, etc.  What person cast the 0.3 or 0.8 vote?  Wireless or physical internet connection to tabulators adds the capability for remotely adjusting calculation algorithms while confounding audit trails.  This can be done from outside the U.S. as we saw in Germany, Portugal, Italy and other locals in 2020 via online metadata packet-capture courts refused to look at.

Here’s one way ELECTION FRAUD works:

1. Early voting enables setting up programed algorithms for tabulated calculation instead of simple vote counting.

2. Programmed tabulators begin calculating final votes on voting day—or sometimes, for weeks afterward.  If unanticipated voting day trends upset predetermined outcomes, vote tabulation is stopped as in 2020 so algorithms can be adjusted, then fraudulent calculation resumes.

3. Extended so-called COUNTING is continued beyond ELECTION DAY so the final tabulation calculations can be supported by adding or removing ballots, real or fake.  Longer so-called COUNTING periods simply enable the number of real or fake ballots to be more conveniently adjusted so the final vote calculations appear balanced within acceptable limits.

Suggestions for ENDING ARIZONA ( and U.S.) ELECTION FRAUD:

1. Voter identification required.

2. No mail-in ballots.

3. No early voting or late voting.

4. No electronic vote tabulating machines.

5. Ear-marked or otherwise officially demarcated verifiable PAPER BALLOTS, printed by audited certified printers, protected by a transparently verifiable chain of custody provided by all political parties involved.

6. All ballots are HAND COUNTED under transparent observation by observers appointed by all political parties involved.  Each party appoints a minimum of three observers.

7. Voting is on ELECTION DAY.  Make ELECTION DAY AN ARIZONA HOLIDAY, or better, the U.S. establishes a NATIONAL VOTING HOLIDAY.

8.  Precincts MUST be made small enough for all VOTE COUNTING to be completed and results known within at most,  5 hours of designated poll closing.

The GOOD NEWS IS, these eight points will make a good start toward circumventing criminal election behavior.  If we can accomplish this election clean-up, then we can investigate and prosecute WHO DONE IT criminals.

The BAD NEWS IS, sufficient numbers of Main Street voters MUST get their hands dirty as political volunteers, poll observers, Precinct Committee Persons, social media warriors, etc., in order to establish fair and open elections.  Winning honest elections by COUNTED numbers is likely the only chance America has to avoid a 2nd Civil War, a disaster we MUST work hard to avoid.

02-02-2023: 1913 — 17TH AMENDMENT: Loss of State’s Voice in Federal Legislation

AMERICA FIRST STRATEGY Considerations:  Article #1 – Introduction

We cannot have full self-governance with the 17th Amendment in place.  From a strategic perspective we also cannot tackle it now.  We need a 5-Year plan.  I propose starting today with properly securing elections as Phase I.  We end the 5-Year Plan in 2027-28, hopefully with President Trump in office, by repealing the 17th Amendment; thereby returning the voice of State’s Rights to the Federal legislative process.  We MUST work together figuring out and implementing intermediate plan Phases leading us to our 5-Year Final Plan Phase.

Note:  Stopping election fraud NOW is a necessary first step toward getting AMERICA FIRST candidates elected generally and Donald J. Trump as President specifically.

This is my first article in a series related to working with people to develop a grass roots, deplorable organizational plan to SAVE AMERICAN FREEDOM, which for me, means beginning in Pinal County, Arizona; then 14 remaining Arizona counties; then the State of Arizona; then the country.  Our “ground-up” grass roots plan structure can be similar in all 50 states with revisions as appropriate.  So here we go!

Article I, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution states:
“The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, [chosen by the Legislature thereof,] for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote.”

The prescient language above established not just a significant check and balance for State’s Rights in the Federal legislative process; but an absolutely critical check and balance.  The loss to American citizens by revising this original Article 1, Section 3 language is incalculable—as intended within the overall 1913 coup.

Quick slice of American history:  The 1913 coup.
▪The 16th Amendment establishing an obscenity called the INCOME TAX, was ratified on February 3, 1913.  Some legal scholars insist this Amendment was never properly ratified by ¾ of the 48 States at the time.  We’ll not deal with this allegation here.  Note that a “heavy or graduated income tax” is the 2nd Plank in Marx & Engels’ Communist Manifesto of 1848.

▪The 17th Amendment subjecting U.S. Senators to the same mud-slinging popular vote (easy-peasy electoral corruption) as U.S. House Members was ratified April 8, 1913.  Again, some legal scholars insist this Amendment was not properly ratified and additionally violates States Rights under Article 5.  Note that, Alabama, Florida, Georgia , Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia did not ratify this Amendment.  Article 5 states: “…and that no State, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”   The 17th Amendment (in my non-lawyer view) does deprive States of equal Suffrage—but again, this argument is not in my wheelhouse.

▪The Federal Reserve Act was signed into law by globalist President, Woodrow Wilson on December 23, 1913.  This act created America’s central banking system.  Note that a national bank monopoly centralizing and controlling credit is the 5th Plank in Marx & Engels’ Communist Manifesto.

From 1913 to 2023, America has been taken over by the marriage of dynastic family power, i.e., a global syndicate, along with obedient minions within organized crime and Shadow Government intelligence services engaging in surveillance, blackmail, and extortion.  Order following, Ruling Class Thugs, elected, and appointed conduct the legislative and administrative wealth confiscation, money laundering, regulatory subterfuge, and other dirty work.  This entire administrative (deep) state network is bound together through the international nexus of powerful banking interests—and has since 1850 or so, successfully perpetrated an incremental coup d’état, thereby taking operational control of the United States government to raid created wealth of productive Main Street wealth creators.  Making matters worse, most state and local governments are also corrupted by this same international network via, captured legacy media attack or support, captured multinational corporate monopolies, and always the so-called money trust.

Hard working American citizens have their wealth confiscated with government sanctioned impunity by Ruling Class order followers representing, not American citizens, but global elite families and their privileged multinational minions.  It doesn’t matter if elected and appointed officials know what they’re doing or not—the resulting harm to Main Street is the same.  The 17th Amendment cleverly and unabashedly rendered this unconstitutional theft, this pirating of hard-earned citizen wealth all but impossible to stop.

The day (April 8, 1913) U.S. Senators were no longer held responsible to their elected State legislatures, and could not be appropriately replaced for poor performance, they became subject to the vagaries of the world’s most powerful families and their minions, i.e., the global syndicate, cartel, or whatever we choose to call this psychopathic cartel pre-selecting only globalist candidates for Main Street voters to choose from.

How do we deal with our corrupted, once representative republic?  Can we handle taking on a Constitutional Amendment process today—and win?  NO, I do not believe so.  Prussian, now Marxist infiltration into America’s educational system since 1780 at Yale, 1781 at Harvard, then on and on and on has dumbed us down and left us unprepared to defend ourselves.  For that reason along with the nearly unimaginable magnitude of Washington D.C. corruption, sedition, and treason—we need a phased, citizen self-defense plan eventually leading to repeal of the 17th Amendment.  We cannot undertake this task now.  The root of our problematic circumstance is not alone here in America anyway; it is international in scope led by denizens of other power centers like City of London, the Vatican, Zurich, Frankfurt, Singapore, etc.

Constitutional Amendments are not easy to pass or repeal.  Entering the constitutional process for either is dangerous when financial, legal, and political power are not equally distributed among the haves and have-nots as America is today.  17A must be repealed for the United States to fully regain self-government BUT not today.  Today, we will lose this battle and could lose more constitutionally recognized rights as well.

Sadly, the U.S. Senate has been, since 1913, metastasized into one of the most corrupt groups of privileged lifetime actors on earth.  Unfortunately, we the people have been cheated by our education system, lied to by Mockingbird Media, abandoned and abused by elected and appointed officials, attacked by regulatory agencies, lost our judicial protections, taken advantage of by woke military leadership—so stand alone on Main Street.  We are who we have been waiting for to save us.  There is no one else.  Leaders come and go.  Leaders can be influenced, coerced, and turned against their own people.  Belief in our Creator, faith, generosity, integrity, and morality provide foundational principles upon which beneficial policy is constructed.  Such principles are universal, eternal, and indestructible.  With our principles and understanding to guide us, we are no longer dependent on leaders for answers, or even decisions.

We the people of Main Street MUST develop a sound strategy leading up to repeal of the 17th Amendment.  Given we have lost fair and open electoral control of our cities, counties, states, and Federal government, this is a sizable undertaking.  Concerned citizens MUST work together over the coming months and years to discuss and consider the most effective ways of mobilizing millions of patriotic Main Street Americans for effective action to throw off the shackles of this incremental coup.  This is not a Democrat/Republican, liberal/conservative battle.  This is American deplorables against the might of generationally entrenched wealth, power, and Satanic influence.  It is our SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION—this time against our own 21st century government tyranny.

If we fail — America will experience the tragedy of a 2nd Civil War.  We may anyway at this point, BUT with 330 million people, the destructive horror of such a conflagration will be unimaginable.  Better we unite against our true enemies—the psychopathic victims of Satanic influence abusing us and the rest of the world, all of whom must be freed.

Talking is not getting the job done.  We need action, but networked action must be organized and focused.  Shot-gunning many simultaneous solutions will fail, though they are needed.  My own analysis suggests ELECTION FRAUD must be Numero Uno on our priority activity list.  If we cannot fairly and openly elect our city, county, and state leadership—we cannot win in the corrupt  D.C. septic pit.  We MUST organize our carnival ducks in a row, discipline ourselves in tight networked organizations, then knock down our ducks, one at a time.  I appreciate and am requesting feedback from readers regarding election fraud as priority one.  Am I correct or missing something?

Over the coming weeks we can, if readers are interested, consider ways we might prioritize, organize, and accomplish our tasks.  In the meantime, something to think about is this.  The Democrat Party is lost to Marxist/Globalist totalitarianism, leaving us with the pathetic Republican Party, the Establishment portion of which rides with the Marxists as a functional UNIPARTY.  The corrupt RNC Establishment leadership renders the RNC AWOL for our self-governance purposes at both state and national levels.

Ostensibly, we need a large new national organization to say, roll the 80 million or so AMERICA FIRST MAGA voters into legislative battle formation.    However, if we have the money and will to do that—our single organization can easily be attacked and have its head cut off.  It may be safer to have hundreds, or thousands of small independent ad hoc America First organizations networked together across the country and territories through small neighborhood meetings, churches, clubs, social media, word-of-mouth, etc.  This diffuse structure would be almost impossible to effectively attack, though difficult to coordinate.  We already have many decent organizations we can join and work with to continue building a larger, more connected network of strong, willing, deplorable freedom warriors.

Once we build our 80-120 million citizen political network, guess what?  If it is too late?  If we already lost control of our government to the point it cannot or will not serve its own citizens; then sadly but fortunately we will have already built our 80-120 million citizen militia.  We don’t want to use this militia, MUST AVOID doing so, but can if we must.

ACTION!  ACTION!  ACTION!  We must blog, discuss, educate, meet, post on social media, and effectively organize ourselves to a better level of understanding, BUT it is time to roll up our sleeves, get our Main Street hands dirty, and carry our country back to legitimate self-government BY GETTING INVOLVED IN GOVERNMENTAL PROCESSES.  Our government at every level has abandoned us and MUST be fixed from the bottom up.

Washington D.C. is lost to Main Street America.  More than 90% of all monies borrowed or spent by our Federal government are not constitutionally authorized.  Tens of trillions of dollars are missing and unaccounted for.  D.C. can no longer be fixed from the top, down.  D.C. MUST be fixed from the ground, up.


SAVING AMERICAN FREEDOM requires developing our plan of action together beginning NOW—TODAY.  More to come from myself and many other deplorables more knowledgeable, wiser, and tougher than I am.

Presets Color