D.C. RULING CLASS to Award $20-$50 Billion to America’s Big Tech for Screwing America.


U.S. companies supported by the Silicon Industry Association (SIA) like Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and others have spit on American workers for decades by offshoring semiconductor manufacturing away from loyal North American labor markets to China, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and European countries where labor is cheaper or even enslaved (China), and environmental protections are more limited or nonexistent (China). The good Chinese people have enough problems with the CCP; they don’t need D.C. to fuel any fires of unrest, calamity, or war. Samo, samo for the often abused Russian people.

Now the corrupt, Globalist captured D.C. Ruling Class wants to reward these corporate monopoly traitors with $20 to $50 billion in protection racket money to bring their criminally monopolistic, dehumanizing practices back home to the America they urinate on and take advantage of every day.

Bringing back greedy mercantilist chip manufacturers to North America may sound practical in the short term but is a concept dumber than frozen snot in the long run.  If we are foolish enough to accept this money laundering give-away to mercantilist Elite monopoly coffers, it will surely prove to be about as beneficial to American citizens over time as the frozen snot just grossly mentioned.

I say NO!  BUILD NEW – NOT BRING BACK PATHOLOGICAL TRAITORS.  If D.C. is going to unconstitutionally subsidize business, supposedly for security reasons, then subsidize NEW ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESS EFFORTS – not the traitorous garbage who already abandoned us once. 

Please recall, the moronic D.C. Ruling Class freak show now proposing to reward corruption with our confiscated tax dollars is the same Ruling Class who caused this now critical security debacle with Brazil, China, India, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia in the first place.  I suppose South Africa, the 5th BRICS Nation may also align against untrustworthy, disastrous, American foreign policy as will supposed European allies.  What choice has the fraudulent Biden Administration and its Establishment RINO enablers given them?

Russia and China have been forced together by D.C. imbecility and together placed our European brothers and sisters and the rest of the global community in a horrible power/supply chain bind, both in energy and technology. D.C. stupidity and corrupt cowardice have, at World Economic Forum (WEF) bidding, now subjected a billion or more innocent people around the world to probable famine, civil unrest, war – and as Martin Armstrong’s Socrates Platform predicts, possibly nuclear WW III, likely in 2024.

American tax dollars, if unconstitutionally given away by bought and paid for Ruling Class cowards, MUST AT LEAST support honorable American entrepreneurial wealth creators, not globalist putrescent scum consistently demonstrating malevolent intent to USE AMERICA, not SUPPORT AMERICA – the same America providing their original wealth creating opportunities in the first place.

Just sayin’.

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