Bruce K.
Bruce K.

Not much here yet – just getting started.

Welcome! Happy to meet you!

I’m not a writer yet – BUT WILL GROW UP TO BE ONE. As a 71-year old, wannabe screenwriter and novelist, I will be sharing some of my 3rd career journey into the world of creative writing with interested visitors. Hopefully, some of my sore fingers, strained eyes, and neck pain, along with a few successes will be of instructive use to other aspiring creatives.
P.S. Hopefully, success overcomes hip and knee issues too.
That would be sweet!


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“We have met the enemy and he is us.”
{Walt Kelly’s Pogo}

Tough love and common sense
harsh cure for WOKISM.

The corrupt, treasonous United States Federal Government MUST BE DOWNSIZED to 25% of its current bloated condition.



We the people of Main Street are the storm.
We are who we have been waiting for.