VOTE ON ELECTION DAY—to slow down machine cheating.

How does voting on election day help discourage election fraud?

Before answering this question, let’s revisit how machine election fraud works.

In a nutshell, electronic vote tabulators need help TO EFFECTIVELY CONTROL ELECTION OUTCOMES.

The primary ingredients voting cheat machines need to manipulate votes are NAMES.

•Obtaining easy to manipulate NAMES requires RIGGING VOTER ROLLS, i.e., VOTER REGISTRATIONS.  ELECTRONIC POLL BOOKS effectively offer covert means for centralized management of what appear to be de-centralized county voting systems.  After all, there are more than 3,100 counties in the United States.  True enough, but centralized data bases like ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), intentionally or not, facilitate remote manipulation of records, leaving no audit trail for state or county election workers to identify.  States not using ERIC but retaining county managed electronic poll books are still an easy target for cyber database manipulation—again, leaving no visible audit trail.  Taking a cue from Slick Willy’s 1992 strategist, Ragin’ Cajun, James Carville, “It’s not just the machines, stupid.”

TIME is the second most important ingredient in the ELECTION CHEAT RECIPE.  Now that voter registration cheaters have collected names of conned people, dead people, fake non-existent people, illegals, etc. – it’s time to HARVEST BALLOTS.  Since millions of ballots must be harvested to steal a national election—and since many of those registered voters have been conned, are dead, non-existent, fake in several states, etc., it takes thousands of morally challenged, ground level activists to create, collect, coordinate, and MAIL-IN or DELIVER HARVESTED BALLOTS to UNMONITORED DROP BOXES, so the machines have an enormous supply of illegal ballots to count once, twice, or more, then manipulate totals.  Since ballots counted are supposed to match total vote tallies or someone might notice a problem, these thousands of ELECTION FRAUD MULES NEED TIME TO COMPLETE THEIR FELONIOUS WORK TASKS.  Check out Mr. Dinesh D’Souza’s 2022 documentary, 2000 Mules, if you haven’t seen it.  https://2000mules.com/

•Cheaters have the NAMES.  Cheaters have the HARVESTED BALLOTS.  Now it’s time to bring on EARLY VOTING.  ELECTION FRAUD LOGISTICS REQUIRE TIME.  If cheating is done haphazardly, i.e., without prior knowledge, fraudulent vote totals might not appear plausible to voters.  Winning margins must appear reasonable.  Compliant Mainstream Media, a major component in election fraud,  front loads election expectations with fake poll results, hog wash opinions, and outright lies.  This propagandized conditioning used to con voters into suspension of disbelief also requires TIME.  Therefore, the longer EARLY VOTING can be extended, the more time available for carefully planned election cheating.  Some states restrict ballot access prior to election day, but most do not.  My home state of Arizona allows Mail-In ballots to be counted for two-weeks prior to Election Day.  Plenty of time to cheat.

Early vote tallies can easily be analyzed to identify voter trends for comparison to pre-set calculation software.  If unexpected trends are identified in rigged races, the software can be reprogrammed to ensure controlled outcomes while leaving no visible audit trail for election workers or poll observers to witness.  Additional time needed to make felonious vote adjustments are also one reason why post-election vote calculating takes days or even weeks to complete.  The revised vote totals must always be checked against the number of ballots logged in or honest voters might notice the fraud.  This cheating process can eat time.  None-the-less, during the few post-election audits we’ve seen—it is not uncommon to verify more votes counted than the number of registered voters in the precinct.

Electronic voting machine software, i.e., protocols and systems of math equations are set up and  programmed to calculate votes.  These machines DO NOT COUNT VOTES—THEY CALCULATE VOTES USING HIGH LEVEL, 6TH, 7TH, AND 8TH DEGREE MATH EQUATIONS.  This is why we sometimes see vote totals like 2,639,428.3 votes.  Who on Earth cast that 0.3 vote?

Anyway, this corrupt programming requires time to set up the STEAL, hence the need for extended EARLY VOTING and LATE COUNTING.  Today’s commonly used electronic voting machines are designed from the ground up to calculate and manipulate vote tallies.  They do not require HACKING.  They do not have GLITCHES.  They are intentionally designed to RIG ELECTIONS.

When as happened in November 2020, Donald Trump support overwhelmed the pre-programmed algorithmic systems on election day, vote counting was stopped in several key states, providing time necessary to reprogram the equations to offset the large number of unanticipated Donald Trump votes.  Easy peasy.

•So, cheaters have arranged the REGISTERED NAMES, the HARVESTED BALLOTS, and the TIME.  Now THEY can use our electronic voting machines to CONTROL ELECTION OUTCOMES—TO SELECT THE WINNERS.  This is where algorithmic systems come into play.  An algorithm is a procedure, a set of rules and instructions outlining how a particular problem can be solved or a task carried out.  There are many different types of algorithms serving a variety of applications; some of which lend themselves to mathematical solutions.  Vote counting isn’t one of these applications as simple addition is all that’s needed to count votes.  A first grader can do it.  Many two-year-olds can count to ten without difficulty.

Yet, voters have been bombarded for decades with EXPERT CLAIMS telling us that unseen complex equations and systems of equations, hidden inside electronic circuitry are somehow necessary to count 1, 2, 3, and so forth.  Pure hog wash, but there it is.  The truth is, the complex equations and sophisticated software programming are necessary to confound the simple process of counting votes for the purpose of cheating, i.e., ELECTION FRAUD, stealing elections.  OK, so how does this work?

Vote count manipulation can be performed in many ways.  Educational videos listed below explain several methods commonly in use.  Since electronic voting machines are programmed to perform certain functions—they can also be reprogramed.  Reprogramming can be done directly via the operating system of a network server, tabulator, or group of tabulators.  This can be done locally via direct system keyboard access, thumb drive, QR Code on a ballot, or other physical connection.  Reprogramming can also be done remotely via wireless modems installed somewhere in the tabulation system.  A wireless modem provides reprogramming  access by smart phones, outside computer systems via Wi-Fi, ISMI catchers like Sting Ray, and I suppose other means I’m not aware of.


♣Check out the Bev Harris documentary, FRACTION MAGIC, if you haven’t seen it.Here’s a link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fob-AGgZn44

♣Check out Mr. Joe Oltman’s interview with mathematician, Edward Solomon, if you haven’t seen it.  You’ll learn how systems of equations are used to manipulate up to eight elections simultaneously.
Here’s a link: https://rumble.com/v36e7zs-11-august-2023-am-show-edward-solomon.html

♣Check out Mr. Mark Cook’s presentation on Joe Oltman’s Conservative Daily podcast.  Along with a five-person panel, Mr. Cook clearly and succinctly demonstrates multiple ways elections are stolen and makes suggestions for fixing these security deficiencies.  This is the best explanation I’ve yet seen for how quickly and easily this electromagnetic form of cheating can be done.  Well worth our time to watch and learn
Here’s a link: https://rumble.com/v2gagxg-show-this-video-to-your-country-officials-machine-rigging-exposed-in-90-min.html


Larry P. Arnn, twelfth Hillsdale College President,  speaking to a group on June 30, 2023 mentioned, “the electoral process is the sole constitutional means by which the American people can control the government.  To protect the electoral process, the Founders set it up in a decentralized way.”  Slowly, over the past two centuries since adoption of our U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, many of us citizens, certainly me, have apathetically taken our rights for granted, seldom even understanding the scope of unalienable God-given rights we had, then failed to ensure we retained those rights as recognized in our Constitution—in this case, the right to ELECT our representatives.

We use our Constitution and enforce it as our Rule of Law—or we lose it.  I don’t want to lose it.  I hope you don’t want to lose it… and if we agree on that – we can work together to reestablish honest voting in the United States.

To be absolutely redundant:

ALL U.S. certified Election Software is designed from the ground up to manipulate votes.  Direct system access and/or remote wireless access is built into the system, so no real hacking is necessary.  I AM NOT AWARE OF A CERTIFIED EXCEPTION.  Counting votes does not require calculation software, nor highly sophisticated 7th and 8th degree math equations.  In today’s world, calculated vote totals are fraudulent vote totals.  These machines can produce accurate totals, but rarely do since Marxist, Fascist, Globalist – UNIPARTY candidates cannot win honest elections.  That’s why PAPER BALLOTS, HAND-COUNTED, UNDER CLOSE VIDEO SCRUTINY ON ELECTION DAY ARE CRITICAL.



It will take time to fix our corrupted electoral system.  We have almost no time left before 2024 primaries and the November General Election.  Certainly not enough time to fight the fight we should have begun in December 2020.  That said, we can begin that fight for electoral freedom today, and meanwhile we can help protect our 2024 votes by VOTING ON ELECTION DAY.

As recommended by very smart people: if you have a Mail-In ballot—hold it and turn it in at your precinct polling location in person on Election Day.  If you are told you already voted, immediately file a police or sheriff “stolen identity” complaint so it is on record.  Do it immediately, before leaving the polling location.  If you cannot hand deliver your Mail-In ballot on Election Day, then drop it in a DROP BOX.  Please do not, under any circumstance, mail your ballot.  That’s the best we can do for 2024, so please get out there, vote, get your family, friends, and neighbors to vote—all on Election Day.


God Speed in all we do together!  With God’s grace we are taking back our government and returning it to the Constitutional Limits agreed to in Article 1, Section 8 of our U.S. Constitution.

06-20-2024: Is social justice Really Justice?

Are Western European and American Main Streets under attack by global elites?
Will we the people ever realize FAKE JUSTICE is PERSECUTION?

Persecution takes many forms.  Persecution can be religious, secular, or something less recognizable.  One common form is politicizing non-political institutions with dishonest agendas.  This institutional infiltration by enemies is a Trojan Horse type of subversion putting a powerful brake on the effective function of institutional purpose.  Via this incremental rotting process, protective institutions become enslavement tools.  Frederic Douglas reminded us never to lose track of our “saving principles” outlined in the 1776 Declaration of Independence.  Mr. Douglas was, and still is, an expert regarding human enslavement.  It’s in our best interest to pay attention.

In my humble opinion, the most important saving principle is stated in the final paragraph of our 1776 Declaration.  In the form of a Covenant with God it plainly states for all the world to see; “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Politics is politics, dirty or not, and as social beings; we are likely stuck working out political differences on many mud-slinging fronts.  Such routine differences, however, do not threaten the fabric of culture, society, or tradition as infiltrated weaponization always intends.  We don’t like to talk about it, but destructive infiltration of trusted institutions is a demonically influenced activity, i.e., spiritual warfare.  We become victimized by forgetting that personal potential only becomes fully actualized by freely choosing to unite our created human essence with our Creator’s essence.  Sans unification, we are left to struggle with demonic influence on our own—not a proven recipe for success.

Fake justice is based on lies and other forms of deception. When we are lied to, our perception is skewed—in turn altering our ability to coherently reason and make freely chosen appropriate decisions.  Since lying masks or displaces truth, our right to freely choose is stolen from us.  This violates the 7th Commandment, not to steal.  On a societal level, propaganda is an enormous crime impacting billions of lives and is vastly underrated as a source of discontent and maladjustment.  Information, legal, and surveillance warfare are forms of spiritual warfare, the resulting harm of which must never be underestimated or tolerated.  Unnoticed inches add up to miles of damage.

Spiritual unification with our Creator is the sole source of our ability to overcome evil influence in the material world.  Human ability to receive and share LOVE requires avoiding and/or overcoming evil influence, and we are not able to do either of these without the blessings of GRACE.   Faith, hope, and charity in the presence of love, along with consideration for ourselves and others enables the possibility of political generosity.  Our God-given consciousness, moral authority, and the ability to reason separate humanity from nature’s flora and fauna.  We are not animals and ought not consciously behave as though we are.  Immobilizing human consciousness to a lower level of animal consciousness disarms us and renders political selfishness attractive.

For reasons outside my wheelhouse, we are born in the image and likeness of God into a material world inhabited by powers and principalities motivated by an aversion to God’s love.  These spiritual creatures despise all creation, particularly humans with a rage difficult to imagine.  Given this circumstance, abandoning the armor of God at any point in life is a bad idea.  Despite history’s many lessons, in this 21st century, many people of the United States and Europe are shunning God’s eternal love, while simultaneously accepting the evil politicization of basic institutions our society relies on for protection from the same evil influence we foolishly embrace.  Remember the apple!

If we wrote this story in a comic book, we would never believe it.  Not only have American and European culture and traditions been inappropriately politicized, BUT many of our once-trusted institutions are cruelly weaponized against humanity, i.e., our communities—even though we must live in this world together.  Institutions we rely on are no longer under our control, cannot be trusted, and are aggressively enslaving us within a growing surveillance state.  Here’s a short list of politicized institutions now dangerously weaponized against the innocent people who pay for them.

Business (Monopolies, NGOs)
Career Management
Currency Management
Government Agencies & Departments
Mass Media
Military Service
News Narrative (Propaganda)
Retail Sales
Technology (AI, Entrainment, Nanotech)
Vaccines (Nanotech, mRNA)
and More

We might ask, “why is this politicized list of weaponized institutions important?  Why does it matter?  The short answer is because this list of corrupted institutions along with citizen apathy result from unconstitutional government subversively intertwining with Communism and Fascism. This cancerous Globalist autocracy then uses blackmail, bribery, extortion, and intimidation to mold a fear-driven, ORDER-FOLLOWING Ruling Class which not only detests human freedom but despises ALL CREATION.  The same freedom necessary for love to flourish is routinely strangled by bureaucratic corruption and incompetent nepotism and/or patronage.  Globalist lies, surveillance, and entrainment do not enable freedom.  GLOBALISM IS SLAVERY!

Ultimately, GLOBALISM’S ONLY GOAL is to DESTROY ALL CREATION as painfully as possible.  Another name for the religion of GLOBALISM IS SATANISM, but we commoners aren’t supposed to realize that salient fact.  Hence the real motivation behind our INFORMATION WAR as well as all 5th Generation Warfare (5GW).  H/T to U.S. Army Ltg. (retired) Flynn and Boone Cutler.  Here’s a link:  Citizens Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare

Cancerous Globalism cannot be fought from the top down.  Blackmail, sweetheart deals, and extortion render top-down remedies ineffective as leadership is captured.  As U.S. Army Col. (retired) John Mills explains in The Nation Will Follow published in 2022, the Deep State must be defeated from the ground up.  Think local, local, local – one county at a time; all 3,143 of them across the United States.  Col. Mills followed this analysis with 2023’s War Against the Deep State.

Here’s the links: The Nation Will Follow      War Against the Deep State

For reasons I don’t understand, humanity’s healthy survival apparently requires America’s survival, which means Americans MUST STOP saying Yes to self-destructive, weaponized poison pills.  It’s time for America to honor its covenant with Divine Providence, time to grow up, stand up, and take our protective, non-resource raping rightful place in the world.  This is not a “should do”.  This is a “MUST DO” – NOT FOR America alone, BUT for the world.  The CIA, FBI, State Department, and seditious, treasonous agencies like them MUST be flushed down the toilet of American history’s mistakes.  They can no longer be fixed or saved.  Article 1, Section 8 is American Law.

In fact, all American government agencies and departments not authorized under Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution MUST be dissolved.  We don’t need any of them, even if we like them and imagine we receive short-term benefits.  Our Constitutional Rule of Law, with God’s grace will save us if we choose to use these tools we inherited with our republic.  The republic we the people own.

Our newest millennium began on January 1, 2001, but most of us customarily consider the year 2000 as the birth of our third millennium.  Technical calendar issue I guess, though year 2000 was designated as the International Year for the Culture of Peace as well as World Mathematical Year, so there’s that—but less noticed, year 2000 also offered a prescient good read most of us missed.  It dealt directly with the subversive corruption of our legal system.  We should have paid attention.

Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton co-authored The Tyranny of GOOD INTENTIONS that year.  Subtitled, “HOW PROSECUTORS AND BUREAUCRATS ARE TRAMPLING THE CONSTITUTION IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE”; this well documented work, taken to heart, with prompt citizen action, could have saved Americans from the mockery of freakshow government and courtroom circus extremes plaguing us today.  One infiltrated extreme DEMONIZES, then unconstitutionally INDICTS INNOCENT VICTIMS via alleged imaginary process crimes, always political in nature; while the other extreme ignores probable cause, PROTECTING BRAZEN CRIMINALS from adjudication, always for political reasons.  This is Satanically influenced banana republic criminality gone off the rails in a grossly uninformed, propagandized Amerika.

Corruptive identity politics, simple-minded virtue signaling, and other divisive thought control mechanisms lead to WOKE logic failures muzzling the free exchange of ideas.  Cunningly constrained boundaries focus and popularize bigoted Overton Windows ensuring someday we will rue the remaining days of our truth-starved lives.  With study of logic banned from the globalist indoctrinated, Prussian wannabe classroom, reflexive terminology circles back on itself, cleverly establishing new discriminatory legal precedents outside centuries-old, established common law.  By contorting linguistically alchemized word salad ingredients like climate denier, diversity, equity, fairness, gender identity, homophobia, inclusion, misogyny, racial justice, social justice, and other manipulative terminology—the Constitutional equality of every person is trampled, including the tramplers.

Censorship, information warfare, lawfare, and truth-challenged media narrative relentlessly attack constitutionally recognized unalienable rights, i.e., civil rights; replacing God-given human value and dignity of every person with cheap, prejudiced sound-bite equity applauding confirmed status quo herd behavior.  Judgmental social justice surveillance and social credit systems are mind-control cattle prods, coercing destructive behavior from fearful victims of peer reviewed ridicule or worse.  Careers are put at risk for daring to think creatively or even to think at all.  Criminalized political views now mean prison time for innocents still believing the 1st Amendment is respected in captured Trojan Horse leadership circles.

Spiritual warfare, bolstered with lawfare, and confounding word salads are relentlessly parroted by globalist mass media propagandists to divide and weaken every sector of society, but the productive middle class is the most targeted group slated for emotional and intellectual destruction.  Worse, we are slowly learning drop by drop, the middle class is also being democided via endless wars, toxic aerosol spraying, bioweapon JABS, food and water poisoning, harmful vaccines, and other means.

Arbitrarily applied equity and fairness dogma coercively elevate preferred classes of privileged bullies to impregnable positions of societal influence.  For instance, the miniscule U.S. transgender population of 0.39% estimated by National Institute of Health in February 2017 is abusively being used to help destroy cultural morays of more than 330 million U.S. citizens (99.16%) with what are as of yet, undetermined effects—both for self-identified transgenders and everyone else.  No one is safe, particularly transgenders with suicide attempt rates ranging from lows of 30% to highs of 50% across national boundaries.  Is this inhuman brutality a worthy goal for any cultural tradition?

We may be unhappy with society, but we still live in it.  Do the cruelly used transgenders, all 0.39% of them, like some other minorities, imagine they will finally thrive when our imperfect Christian culture of forgiveness is replaced with Satanically induced anarchial chaos?  Who will brandish the biggest club?  Lying to and emboldening the bullied to become bullies themselves cannot resolve abuse of power.  Such behavior just strengthens the painful clubs of abuse by adding revenge sweeteners to the poisonous mix.  All Main Street winners are cleverly eliminated by the boiling hate-pot until finally, without Main Street noticing, the puppet masters enslave the programmed bullies and bullied victims alike.  Only fallen angels are left to chant in the aftermath of Main Street darkness—unless and until we spiritually awaken from our worldly coma to take appropriate action.

Adrenaline and anger disrupt the monotony of daily life and can make us feel more alive but aiding and abetting the simmering of each other’s brains in cortisol is a self-defeating trap we should avoid.  As hippie guru, Ram Dass recalls in Be Here Now (1971, page 43), being told by Georges I. Gurdjieff, “You are in prison. If you think you’re free, you can’t escape.”  Sadly, the importance and necessity of freedom to the quality of human life are no longer taught in American or European education.  If mentioned at all, liberty is deceitfully maligned.  Only Big Government is at liberty to do as it wilt—and as unredacted history demonstrates, always and predictably does to the starving detriment of Main Street.  Hence the critical significance of Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-1769) regarding legal theory, particularly in pre-revolutionary America.  Historic significance we mistakenly ignore at our peril.

Short of a miracle, the only way we the people fix this Satanic Ruling Class mess controlled by dynastic family elites is to say “NO THANK YOU” to bad choices while embracing good choices for each other.  No politician can or will save us from ourselves.  We MUST with God’s grace DO THE WORK.  Since the Devil owns the fence, sitting on it is a poor strategy.  We need to educate each other, study hard, and determine healthy courses of action.  We MUST each take a stand on these healthy courses and make sure we defend each other’s backside against attack by the powers and principalities arrayed against us.  Together we win.  Divided we fall.  Winning freedom back requires each of us doing our small part.  Clarity requires turning off the propaganda machine.

Consider spending some quiet time alone.  Pray and meditate.  Put on some beautiful music and kick back with friends, or better, make music and do some singing ourselves.  Repent for mistakes made and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and blessing for our emboldened spiritual path to better government.  Then meet with friends and neighbors.  Network together.  Discuss and figure out what is best for our neighborhoods and our counties. Take out the trash and make good things happen across our neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, countries, and world.  Courageous, grass roots, prayerful action is a powerful force empowered by Divine Spirit.

The Spirit of Love cannot be overcome by the spirit of darkness, but since we have free will—WE MUST DO THE WORK.  God and His angels respect free will, therefore work through us; not for us.  We must provide God with efforts to bless.  Let’s help each other stop disparaging each other and start strengthening each other through good intentions and prayerful actions.  We can do this if we want to and if we remember to request God’s blessing for the work we do together.  In America, WE THE PEOPLE ARE SUPREME.  Our GOVERNMENT IS OUR SERVANT—not our master.  Embrace this concept. Our world can live within a loving system of TRUE God-given JUSTICE if we choose to exercise our DUTY to the CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY every American has.  Our blessings can then be shared across the world as Christ intends

05-21-2024: TACTICAL CIVICS and Restoring Our Broken Republic.

Can working Americans peacefully restore our republic?  Tired of waiting for “Others”?

Short answer:  YES, by EXERCISING our CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY, we don’t have to wait.

What authority we might ask?

The CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY sovereign citizens of the United States legally possess to enforce our Constitutional Rule of Law—authority most of us were never taught we have.  We the people of the United States don’t just possess God-given unalienable rights as all humanity does.  The 5th Amendment to our unique Constitution specifies that accountability for committing capital crimes occurs by presentment or indictment of a grand jury.  Grand jury indictments per the laws of the union are enforced by legally formed militia as spelled out in Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16 of the U.S. Constitution.  These are two levers for taking back America.

I refer here only to Constitutionally stipulated, legally formed, locally trained, County and/or State militia as opposed to privately formed militia groups regardless of intention or how well organized the groups may be.

In short, humanity’s unalienable rights recognized in our 1776 Declaration of Independence are secured for American citizens by the form of republican, i.e. representative government established by the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments.  The U.S. Constitution comprises the Rule of Law throughout America.  This Rule of Law and our sovereign citizen, self-governing DUTY to enforce the law is supreme in these United States.  No branch of government in America looms supreme over we the people.  We the people, “do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”  Below is the proper structure of American government.

We the U.S. people are supreme under God across America.  Legislators, executives, and judges are not supreme in these United States.  Sadly, and intentionally, at least since the Civil War and after twelve abusive years of so-called Reconstruction, most Americans have never been taught this Constitutional fact.  The only Constitutionally legitimate force of U.S. law arises from legally formed county militia exercising true posse comitatus (power of the county) to enforce citizen grand jury indictments.  This is how we bring the battle against corruption into our own hands.  Standing armies and law enforcement were abhorrent to our Founders, each posing potentially abusive threats to liberty.  2024’s military and law enforcement power-overreach are proof-certain of correct Fonder thinking and Constitutional process.  Our republic is in tatters, ruled by traitorous nincompoops and MUST be repaired.

It’s time we learned about these Constitutional Facts of our history and founding.  Thankfully, a group of determined patriots are now teaching these untaught truths of our nation’s founding, while building a network of civics educated citizen volunteers.  Working together, this Tactical Civics network, with God’s grace, is legally and peacefully working hard to take back our country’s Constitutional liberty from the demons who stole it—one county at a time.

Notice: Whereas I am an advocate of Tactical Civics™, I do not speak for nor represent Tactical Civics™ nor the AmericaAgain!  Trust.  Additionally, I am NOT endorsed by Tactical Civics™ or AmericaAgain!  Trust.”

To learn more about Tactical Civics, I recommend checking out: https://tacticalcivics.com/

Our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, and finally, we ourselves have trusted centralized government and law enforcement to defend us.  Instead of being protected and served, we find ourselves intimidated, subjugated, ruled, and often robbed by our own public servants—the servants we pay.  For generations we have elected, or had machines select, so-called representatives who cannot or will not act in our citizen best Constitutional interest per the oath they each swear before God.  Every level of U.S. government is now weaponized against Main Street America, all or in part.  Citizens are now a pocketbook to steal from and a vote to miscount or not count at all.

We are who we are waiting for.  There is no one coming to save us, except Jesus Christ, and Jesus wants us to do our work first.  We have a moral obligation, a DUTY as Christians to nourish and protect our United States’ Declared Covenant with our Creator to serve Divine Providence on Earth.  Many of us have walked away from that DUTY.  As a result, we must apologize, then actively repent by doing the Hard Work of saving the United States for the world, the entirety of which, is depending on us.  With God’s grace we cannot fail in this mission.

That said, in order to win we must first begin.  That is, take the first step.  For those of us, disappointed and exhausted while waiting for someone else to get ‘er done, the door is open for each of us to do our small part.  One such door is Tactical Civics, where we can all meet each other as the good and decent people we are.  We have the numbers.  It’s time we started acting like it by doing our chores, or…

04-23-2024: Constitutional Authority and Duty—or Just a Few Rights?

Many American Boomers like me grew up believing academic, church, corporate, entertainment, government, medical, military, news, sports, and other venerated institutions could be trusted; that managers of these institutions were honorable people who might occasionally error but would never intentionally betray the trust of fellow Americans.  I couldn’t imagine U.S. corporate managers plotting and scheming to poison agricultural food crops and torture farm animals; nor could I imagine doctors prescribing harmful drugs to patients.  Federal government employees, elected and appointed (or hired), even take an oath before God to defend our Constitution, which last I checked does not legalize theft or homicide.  Supreme Court justices take two oaths: the Constitutional oath and a judicial oath, both apparently meaningless to activist justices.

Here’s a copy of the federal oath of office:
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.  So, help me God.

How many allegedly elected U.S. house members and senators honor their oath?  I cannot name more than one U.S. senator and maybe twenty or so house members.  We have 100 senators and 435 house members.  The math suggests an honorable percentage of 1% in the senate and maybe 4.6% in the so-called people’s house.  Who on Main Street hires employees for our businesses who are predictably 95.4% to 99% dishonest?  Right.  Me neither.  Yet, as sovereign citizens under our Constitution, most of us quietly stand still for this breach of trust decade after decade.  We silently watch D.C. corruption steadily morph into sedition, and finally, even treason.  I certainly have been irresponsibly silent.

With my 73rd birthday approaching this June, I sadly accept that my own silence contributed to EVERY, yes—every American institution I can identify has lied to me my entire life.  No exceptions.  Not one.  If you can inform me of a major American institution not yet weaponized against the health and liberty of Main Street USA, please do.

We might ask, “how did we get here?”  The simple answer is, “by ignoring and/or misrepresenting the original intent of our U.S. Constitution.”  Why did we ignore or agree to this stupidity?  The simple answer is, “because freedom hating globalists lied to us and we bought into the lie.”  Global elite psychopaths cannot efficiently murder 90% of Earth’s human population and enslave the rest while America’s independent middleclass stubbornly stand in the way.  America’s middleclass is under attack and is being destroyed by privileged miscreants.  Multinational monopoly management as well as rogue elements within every level of our own U.S. governance systems aid and abet this attack—whether they understand that or not.  Our own apathy finishes the job.

Can we still defend our once free, American republic—re-establish our liberty, then share that liberty across the world?

Yes!  We revive our broken republic through active repentance.  We embrace our Creator’s love, arm ourselves with that love, then honor our founding covenant with God as we should have all along.  With love in our hearts, we do the work of reasserting the Constitutional Rule of Law and self-governance in every one of our 3,141 counties across all fifty states.  A substantial project, I know, but not surprisingly, taking the first step leads to the second step and so on.  Martin Luther King, Jr. reminded us, “Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

OK.  What is the first step?  The first step is civically educating ourselves, and networking with other patriots at the county level to build a protective political voice capable of peacefully making itself heard.  We can still return United States government to the limited form of government originally authorized in Article 1, Section 8 of our U.S. Constitution.  Why MUST we accomplish this task?  The simple answer is because privileged government officials do not care what you and I want for our country.  As Batman told us, “They know!  They just don’t care.”

Consider this:  Professors Martin Gilens (Princeton University) and Benjamin I. Page (Northwestern University) analyzed more than twenty (20) years of data to determine if the U.S. government represents its people.  Martins and Gilens concluded, “The preferences of the average American appear to have only a miniscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”  Here’s a link to their study: Gilens and Page 2014 Study  How much longer are we going to tolerate this dictatorial nonsense?  If we do nothing today—do our kids, grandkids, and future generations have a future?  If we continue losing our American Republic, can Main Street freedom survive globalist dictatorship anywhere in the world?

If you are not convinced our U.S. government is abusive, consider following the money.

Article 1, Section 8 of our U.S. Constitution lists seventeen (17) specific powers loaned by We The People to our elected legislators in the House and Senate.  That’s it. Section 9 lists specific powers our federal legislators do not have.  The 10th Amendment to our U.S. Constitution states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States respectively or to the people.”  How is it that elected servants supposedly representing citizen interests in our bicameral congress routinely violate their oath of office to appropriate 90% or more of federal spending on items outside the authorization of Article 1, Section 8?

We are talking about the unconstitutional 90% of a nearly $7 trillion-dollar unaudited, annual D.C. slush fund.  That is ±$6.3 trillion dollars of unauthorized, criminal money laundering annually.  U.S. debt is now increasing at $1 trillion dollars every 90-100 days, i.e., $4 trillion annually added to $34 trillion existing federal debt.  The intentionally criminal United States spending level—Congressional members do vote for this—is approaching 25% of national GDP.  Even the cryptic U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) claims such spending cannot be sustained.  Feb 2024 GAO Warning

Most of us have not been taught that America’s Rule of Law, established by the U.S. Constitution authorizes We The People to UNLOAN any authority previously loaned to our federal government. As legal citizens of the United States, we don’t just have a few recognized God-given rights;  we possess the legal authority to make changes and as Christians, have a duty, a moral obligation to exercise our authority as America’s highest magistrate, i.e., consent of the governed.  For the American republic to survive, We The People MUST take our duty seriously and act on it.

When rogue elements in government behave treacherously by confiscating hard-earned wealth of productive working citizens for unaudited distribution to whomever they choose, we have a problem.  When rogue elements in government routinely pass unconstitutional legislation written by third party special interests; legislation We The People do not want or need—it is every citizen’s duty to stop it.  The near total lack of U.S. citizen political voice in Washington D.C. is not my opinion—it has been proven qualitatively and quantitatively by Gilens and Page (see above) as well as many other analysts.  This illegal, un-American, centralized government power-grab began long ago.

The highly centralized government corruption of our once representative republic was spawned during the Civil War.  Over the ensuing 150 or so years, our republic degenerated into a malicious Administrative Dictatorship ruled by unelected, unaccountable, unseen Mercantilist Bosses.  We can and MUST as Americans bring this bloated beast to heel.  Fortunately, citizens of the United States, as a group, are uniquely endowed with the sovereign Constitutionally recognized authority to govern ourselves under God through our elected legislators—and I do mean ELECTED, not SELECTED by rigged machines and criminal activists.  America is the first country in human history to have this unique, self-governing form of republican government, which has so far, outlasted any previous republican form of government anywhere in the world.

I am frustrated with the in-our-face, unresponsive, openly corrupt behavior of Washington D.C. politicos, and as now imitated in many of our state capitols and county offices.  I am disgusted by the censorship, constant media fear porn, and divisive controlled conflict noise flooding the airwaves and print media 24/7.  At a loss for “what to do” about our now dangerous government, I bumped into a Constitutionally legal, peaceful plan called Tactical Civics.  The Tactical Civics long-term, full-spectrum solution focuses on local county political action as our direct means of overcoming governmental organized crime at the county, state, and national levels.  This is a true grass roots, bottom-up rebuilding plan.  We have 3,141 counties across the fifty states, so plenty of healthy work for the various skill sets we each possess.  For this to be successful, however, we MUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP.  The first step is civics education to better understand the original intent of our Founders.  Without this foundation we lose it all.

With our new civics’ education, no longer dependent on academic failure, media lies, or pandering politicians, with faith in Jesus Christ, active repentance, armored with the grace of the Holy Spirit, we can effectively network together at the local county level.   We roll up our sleeves and through peaceful hard work, we leave corrupt courts and broken justice systems behind.  We work together, building our army of patriots to establish Constitutionally appropriate, legal County Grand Juries and County Militias to enforce our Constitution and Rule of Law as God and our Founders intended.

We are who we are waiting for.  No one else is coming to save us from apathy, ignorance, and our rogue government.

Notice: Whereas I am an advocate of Tactical Civics™, I do not speak for nor represent Tactical Civics™ nor the AmericaAgain!  Trust.  Additionally, I am NOT endorsed by Tactical Civics™ or AmericaAgain!  Trust.”

03-17-2024:  Comment on United States Marxist Indoctrination

  1. How long have Marxist infiltrators been indoctrinating U.S. citizens with totalitarian ideas

Short answer:  Since Woodrow Wilson, Colonel Edward M. House, and Comrades on or about 1911; but absolutely without question, since 1920.  The longer answer follows.

In 1984,  Mr. G. Edward Griffin interviewed Yuri Bezmenov, a Soviet KGB defector to the Unites States.  In this interview, Yuri explained a KGB strategy for subjugating nation states without the need for violent overthrow.  Put simply, he described a long-term KGB brainwashing program conducted in four phases.

Here’s a link to the Griffin-Bezmenov interview:

Stage 1 is DEMORALIZATION which typically requires 15 – 20 years for completion.

Stage 2 is DESTABILIZATION which typically requires 2 – 5 years for completion.

Stage 3 is CRISIS which typically requires only 6 weeks or so.


Please bear this ±25-year societal demolition program timing in mind while I tell you a personal story.

Back in the pre-Google dark ages of 1982, I was working as a 31-year-old, Assistant City Engineer for Monona, Wisconsin.  I became friends with a retired General Contractor working part-time as our Construction Inspector.  He lived in a beautiful home on the east shore of Lake Mendota in Madison.  His home had a wonderful private library in which I was free to roam.  This library story is significant because as you may recall the first message transmitted over ARPANET was sent on October 29, 1969.  By the end of 1982, ARPANET was just reaching transmission speeds of  ±50Kb/second—so Google was 16-years in the future and libraries were our best-bet information sources.

Anyway, while browsing early one evening before dinner and cognac, I ran across a pamphlet in the Military History section of the library.  Though not military per se, I guess it was filed there because it was a Communist publication, and we were caught up in the so-called Cold War (1947 – 1991).

In any event, to my limited knowledge, the first organized, large scale, intentional Marxist demoralization attack on individuality and free thinking in America was launched by the Wilson Administration in 1913; later in conjunction with true believers in Communism, mostly labor related, during the roaring twenties, not long after the Anglo-American Atlanticist funding of the 1917 Bolshevik Coup in Russia.  The pamphlet I held in my own, once callused hands, was a stapled manual of maybe two dozen or so, 5” x 8” pages, copyrighted 1920, published by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA, as split from the Socialist Party of America in 1919).

This pamphlet simply and clearly outlined protocols for creating small independent groups (now called cells) to infiltrate and undermine the Catholic Church specifically and Christian churches generally, as well as indoctrination of American educators and popular societal groups.  The objective specified, was and still is, undermining moral and cultural values in America.  Marxist infiltrators were instructed to create disharmony and societal disorder through a process of undermining local organizational effectiveness by incrementally infiltrating state governments, county boards, city councils, school boards, school administrations, university faculties, religious associations, church groups, publishing houses, newspaper editorial staffs, newsrooms, professional associations, etc.  The success of this demoralization program was and remains impressive, hence today’s attack on human decency by dumbed-down WOKE culture.

I’m disappointed I didn’t make a copy.  My bad!  This pamphlet epitomized Fabian Socialism and the teaching of Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci (1860 – 1937) as well as others of the so-called Frankfurt School, who believed Communist utopia would eliminate capitalism incrementally via a better idea, i.e., infiltration instead of invasion, as opposed to the Marxist/Leninist view of violent overthrow by the working class.

I’m sharing this Communist pamphlet story to showcase the long length of American indoctrination in the context of Yuri Bezmenov’s 1984 remarks, where he explains that after just fifteen to twenty or so years of DEMORALIZATION brainwashing, a significant percentage of the targeted population no longer processes information.  This unfortunate percentage, susceptible to brainwashing, usually at least one third of the population, no longer cares about making decisions and prefers to be told what to do and how to behave.  After 15-20 years of this indoctrination, the KGB found that only a severe shock could break through the brainwashing filters to reignite logical thinking processes.

My little personal story suggests people of the United States have now been under DEMORLIZATION attack since at least 1920.  That’s more than a century of DEMORALIZTION—five times longer than the typically required twenty or so years the Soviet KGB found necessary to overcome a population.  Recent kinetic wars loom large in all our minds; but the nearly invisible 5GW Information War began 248-years-ago.  Its incremental nature renders it difficult to realize this war even exists, much less that the attack poses a threat we must fight, if humanity is to survive and thrive.

This circumstance suggests, those of us working to restore our Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law should not become unduly frustrated with difficulties encountered while engaging enemies of our Republic or mind-controlled victims of those 5GW enemies.  We are engaging this largely spiritual battle with Satanically influenced totalitarianism, more than a century after our psychopathic enemies from within and without our national boundaries started the fight.  We won’t win this fight overnight.  Success in this fight requires courage, discernment, fortitude, patience, perseverance—and most of all, PRAYER.  Obtaining victory in our 21st century Fifth Generation Warfare struggle means, We MUST ask for our Creator’s help in this battle, just as our Founders did in their day.

If you haven’t read The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) by LTG, U.S. Army, Michael T. Flynn (Retired) and SGT, U.S. Army, Boone Cutler (Retired), please check it out.  It’s an excellent guide to better understanding humanity’s battle against Globalism. Here’s a link to LTG Flynn’s Substack:

Many strategists argue taking back sovereign citizen control of local city and county government is our best strategy for defeating Globalism.  Along the lines of this local, local, local strategy is another excellent book by Colonel, U.S. Army, John Mills (Retired) titled, THE NATION WILL FOLLOW.  Here’s a link to Colonel Mill’s Substack: https://substack.com/@colonelretjohn

The spiritual, intellectual, and emotional violence of Marxism, its twisted sister Fascism, and finally, synthesized Globalism drive many of us to imagine violent self-defense as the logically exclusive answer to humanity’s survival.  Self-defense via a 2nd Civil War may necessarily become our future path – but not yet.  We can still save American Rule of Law through grass roots political action.  At least two-thirds of the United States population are Constitutionalists of Christian or Jewish faith.  We have the majority numbers but do not act as though we do.  It’s time we did.  Time to become involved locally in our church groups, at school boards, town, city, county, and state levels.  As THEY say—all politics are local.  Let’s get involved, get our hands dirty, and work together – wiping America clean of Satanic totalitarian disease.

More recently, adding to Yuri Bezmenov’s 1984 remarks, Professor of Psychology at Belgium’s University of Ghent, Dr. Mattias Desmet offers instruction in “mass formation”, a subject arising from KGB studies of “mass demoralization” (my opinion).  Through a process of applied societal stresses and repetitive indoctrination, large population groups can be conditioned to adopt a hypnotic “collective unconsciousness”, forming what Gustav Le Bon (1841-1931) referred to earlier, as a “psychological crowd”.  Such groups feel socially isolated, humanly disconnected, cannot make sense of life, therefore lack meaning and purpose in life; then, suffering from free-floating anxiety, behavior metastasizes into free-floating aggression.  We saw this conditioned behavior among the Bolshevik Red Guard, Mussolini’s Black Shirts, Hitler’s Brown Shirts, Mao’s Red Guard, and we see the repeat today with social justice warriors like members of Antifa, BLM and so forth.

If you haven’t read it, Professor Desmet’s 2022 book titled The Psychology of Totalitarianism is beyond informative and well worth our curious time.

The Mass Formation indoctrination process, which the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has turned into a fine art, creates groups of people incapable of tolerating competitive or opposing views, even to the point of responding with Fascistic violence to simple questions.  Frustration generated by the narrowly limited ability to engender rational responses to questions and debate drives these unfortunates to confront reality, instantly herding them back to the anxiety and unhappiness precipitating mass formation initially.   We’ll not delve into this further, but must realize in self-defense, globalist conditioning runs deep, posing extreme danger to all free or mostly free societies.  A person, once demoralized, can no longer effectively process information.  This mass formation conditioning cannot be reversed except through some form of extreme shock.  We see the sad result of mass formation conditioning throughout the United States, in every BLUE CITY, BLUE STATE, and among complicit Establishment RINOs.

Making matters worse, as though Marxism alone isn’t Satanically destructive enough, useful idiots have blended Marxism with Fascism, thereby synthesizing Globalism, i.e. worldwide totalitarian slavery of the many by the few.  As the Nanny State promise predictably fails everywhere its tried, the hobnailed boot of Fascism crushes Main Street throats, enforcing the subjugation of Big Government Dependency.  This incestuous marriage of twisted sisters, Marxism and Fascism spawn the enslavement system euphemistically called Globalism, now struggling to gain transhuman traction in our dumbed down schools.  This raises a 2nd, longer term question.

  • How long have dynastic families been indoctrinating U.S. citizens with authoritarian ideas?

Short answer:  Since authoritarian Prussian educational principles began infiltrating our universities beginning at William and Mary College in 1776, matriculating to Yale in 1780, Harvard in 1781, and so forth.  Authoritarian Prussian thinking steadily spread across America’s university system until finally in 1877 the federal Bureau of Education was formed.  Today we call this demoralizing monster of centralization the United States Department of Education.  Through state and national standards supported by detailed record keeping—all tied to unconstitutional federal educational funding, the United States has foolishly centralized education, thereby enabling its systemic failure to properly educate while strengthening its infiltrated ability to indoctrinate.

On pages 34-39 in his 2004 book titled LIBERTY AND LEARNING, Twelfth President of Hillsdale College, Dr. Larry P. Arnn describes the 1877 culmination of this protracted assault on education (my words) as announced by Andrew Dickson White at the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1877.  Dr. Arnn ends his summary with a comment on 20th century American education.  “We now have the Prussian system.”

For those interested in learning more about this Prussian infiltration, I suggest reading Mr.  Will Zoll’s deep dive into history, through his series of Substack articles called Prussia Gate.  Here’s a link:

If you prefer listening to reading, check out Mr. Patrick Gunnel’s Substack series called “Reading Epic Threads.”  Scrolling through the threads, you’ll find among other interesting content, readings of the Prussia Gate series.  Here’s a link: https://substack.com/profile/6869492-patrick-gunnels.

This second bit of history adds a considerable time duration to planned educational undermining and authoritarian brainwashing of Americas leaders and citizens; but that scope of discussion is beyond today’s comments.  I shared my personal Marxist pamphlet experience along with a glimpse of Prussian history, so we can better understand how long and how deep this godless delusion has been planted within our dumbed down, once educational culture.  We must remain coherent in our thinking, firm in our commitment to truth, and avoid being trapped into violence against one another as our enemies so often instigate.

We fight for love of those we care about and in defense of those unable to defend themselves, but never out of hatred for each other.  This is how, with love and our Creator’s guidance we defend ourselves against evil, take back our American Republic—and with that accomplished, help others around the world take back their unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

10-05-2023:  Does America Have A National Border Or A Globalist Goal-Line?

♦Larger Concern:  Is America’s Open Border Building a Trojan Horse?♦

One way would be to create and orchestrate-useful-crises in victim nations around the world to:

  • Make local living conditions unbearable.
  • Play on the generosity of American citizens and propagandize their need-to-help REFUGEES.
  • Contrary to U.S. and international law, re-define illegal immigrants as amnesty-seeking refugees.
  • Market the U.S. as a realistic safe haven through U.N., globalist NGOs, and captured media.
  • Use captured media to internationally advertise the U.S. open border policy.
  • Advertise a probable path to U.S. citizenship for illegal migrants paid by U.S. taxpayers.
  • Advertise free travel planning, coordination, and safety, for illegal migrant travel to U.S.
  • Advertise all expenses paid for anyone illegally agreeing to migrate to the U.S.
  • Advertise all migration coordination safely provided by U.N., Catholic charities, Red Cross, and NGOs.
  • Advertise a NO TRACABLE PAPERWORK U.S. immigration policy for illegal migrants.
  • Advertise free air or bus transportation for illegal migrants upon arrival to U.S. destination cities.
  • Advertise provision of indefinitely provided living expenses while illegals settle in new sanctuary city.


Hhhmmmm?  If these tactical steps were effectively accomplished and they are visibly in motion—how hard could it be to insert and arm America Hating Killers into this out-of-control Cloward-Piven Strategic Process?  We can all laugh at this question, but what if it’s true?  U.S. National Guard troops are shown on video keeping illegal invaders safe while crossing the Rio Grande, dangerous desert terrain, etc.  Some illegals are women, children, and families.  Most “are not” and most of the “are nots” are military age males.  Thousands of the children are cartel trafficking victims.  Is this happenstance or a plan?  Consistency suggests planning does it not?

Federal agency whistle-blowers are starting to quietly speak out about the invasion threat.  A small number of investigators are reporting that military age, illegal migrants among the caravans openly claim they are coming to the United States to KILL AMERICANS.  Some of these baby-faced killers claim America will no longer be America by 2025 year’s end.  Is any of this real?  Should Main Street America wonder what’s going on here?  How much trouble is being caravanned at taxpayer expense to Main Street doorsteps by America’s Administrative Dictatorship?  Maybe at least some of us should turn off our conditioning tubes for a bit and ponder this question.

Note:  The primary remaining obstacle to One World Dictatorship and the Global Transhuman Slave Plantation ruled by Elite gods of Money is the independent, entrepreneurial, American middle-class.  Elites have abused the Petro Dollar as a global manipulation tool since the early seventies and NOW Elites have decided is the time to destroy confidence in the U.S. fiat dollar as the world reserve currency—while they can still blame someone else and profitably take advantage of the ruse.

U.S. currency and credit derivatives unconstitutionally allowed to exist by our oath-breaking bi-cameral U.S. Congress now total nearly $633 trillion dollars per https://www.usdebtclock.org/.  U.S. fiat currency is created by debt; so, this insanity means each one of America’s 330 million or so citizens is liable for ±$1.9 million dollars.  Given 134 million full time workers and 27 million part-time workers, this is ±$3.9 million dollars per working taxpayer.

In other words, confidence in the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency is short-lived.  Change is coming and some of the change will be painful.  Bank credit along with supply chains reliant on credit will predictably be disrupted.  Ripple effects across Main Street could be significant and since Elites caused this and Elites fear rusty pitchforks, Elite corporate and government order followers are tasked with orchestrating covering chaos to protect their Elite handlers, all of which will be blamed on Main Street.

For example, real inflation, now running at ±18% (not a ridiculous 3.7%) is being blamed on working class salaries, which Biden Regime Pawns of Privilege claim are unreasonably high.  Every economic metric is pointing to the coming depression.  D.C. fear is palpable.  We saw globalist pawn, AOC ( https://rumble.com/v2coylm-james-okeefe-exposes-government-conspiracy-to-frame-citizens-at-january-6th.html ) shrieking at Nancy Pelosi to do her f—ing job, while demanding CCP Joe Biden do something because “the public doesn’t fear us anymore”.  How can an American citizen with family, friends, and neighbors speak and behave like this?

If even part of what I just described is real—could it be done?  Is it possible to do such things on a worldwide stage?  This plan requires hundreds of billions of dollars annually.  How does Congress appropriate this obscene level of unconstitutional funding without raising an eyebrow?  I don’t go to the meetings, so readers, please tell me, but I will say; someone like me not only can believe but does believe rogue elements in our government are in cahoots with this treasonous plan to take down middle-class America.  We know this because legislators vote to fund it all.  This is public record, not tinfoil hat stuff.

Whether true globalist believers or just corrupt scum, I don’t know, but proof is in the overwhelming Cloward-Piven invasion.  At the same time, I can’t imagine hard-working, decent, average Americans getting their arms around something this ugly.  I mean, this subversive plan requires wreaking havoc on entire nations while resource raping them under the guise of providing foreign aid and/or protection.  It means the migrants and the killers aimed at us are all desperate victims.  It means receiving-country populations across Europe and the U.S. are all soon-to-be desperate victims of long-planned crimes against humanity.

For decent, hard-working  people who cannot imagine this scenario, let’s think about it in the context of analogous questions.  Could any of this treasonous government policy and crimes against humanity occur if we the people were taught and understood our sovereign rights as recognized by our U.S. Constitution?  More importantly, could this planned catastrophe happen if we not only knew what our God-given rights are—but we stood up together and peacefully, but firmly demanded our elected and appointed government officials respect and protect those rights as their oath of office requires?

What if you and I, or any of us were United States government officials?  As you read what follows, please ask yourself, “How can any American citizen aid and abet crimes against humanity—especially in their own house?”

What if any of us advertised around the world, that at 11:59 PM, Tuesday, May 11, 2023 we would be standing on a lift above the Del Rio, Texas – Ciudad Acuña International Bridge to begin scattering limitless pallets of $100 bills?  What if we advertised countless numbers of these $100 bills to be freely collectible for any unidentified, non-U.S. citizen willing to cross under that bridge to the United States from Mexico—AND that free transportation services were being provided for all illegal Racers from just inside the U.S. border to American cities from coast to coast—would anyone show up to cross that GOAL LINE?

What if any of us advertised that along with these $100 bills; U.S. National Guard troops would be deployed to maintain order and ensure the safety of all Racers willing to cross under the bridge from Mexico into the United States—would anyone show up to cross that GOAL LINE?

NOTE: The advertisement says, it makes no difference if Racers race to the GOAL LINE on their own; or if Racers made a deal with a foreign government or human trafficking cartel.  All Racers to the GOAL LINE will be protected while crossing to collect gifts donated to Racers by our generous U.S. Congress-persons, who confiscated the money to pay for Racer gifts from hard-working American taxpayers, who I guess feel guilty about once having jobs and now prefer to give them up.

Additionally, what if any of us also advertised that this free money–free transportation giveaway also included room, board, medical services, clothes, gifted electronic devices per Racer’s choice, beverages, toys, and other things requested for an indeterminate length of time—would anyone show up to cross that GOAL LINE?

If any of us advertised that all the above are now aspects of United States’ policy for the foreseeable future—would anyone from around the resource-raped, impoverished world show up to cross that GOAL LINE?

If the United Nations, Red Cross, corrupt insider connected NGO’s, rogue Catholic Charities, and other globalist entities were gorging themselves on unaudited U.S. tax dollars flowing like a rampaging river out the back doors of our treasonous bicameral Congress—to help bring these Racers to the Del Rio bridge—how long could the RACE TO that GOAL LINE last?  How many millions of Race winners could we attract, like bees to pollen, each year?

Or is it more like VULTURES to ROADKILL because middle-class America is being run over by a globalist wrecking machine; abandoned to die on the dusty, littered shoulder of the central banker’s highway of greed?

Critics can ridicule my above questions—BUT—sadly, these questions are facts put in place by rogue criminals who executed the most recent American coup d’état, the November 2020 coup.  A coup many multinational corporate monopoly executives, and Americans-In-Name-Only (AINOs)—in and out of state and national government aided and abetted for their global syndicate handlers.  All this pain cheered on by activist Mockingbird Media parrots.

What if, as award-winning war correspondent, Michael Yon warns:  many of these invaders are America-Hating Terrorists mobilized—by whom, to KILL American citizens?  If this is correct, who are the American influencers and assets working so hard to bring this murderous hate-mission to fruition?  If this is a possibility, and Psychopathic Terrorists are being delivered to communities across the continent using our tax dollars, by our own government—how are we, for example, in an unarmed Brentwood home going to defend our family?

Millions of unidentified invaders procured from resource-raped globalist hellholes all over the world have been and are still being solicited and transported to major U.S. metropolitan bivouac areas like: Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York.  Many hundreds of thousands more are being stashed in somewhat smaller sanctuary cities like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington D.C.  Finally, more hundreds of thousands are being distributed to uninformed cities like Atlantic City, Austin, Charlotte, and others.

What if the global elite plan is to continue the largely unopposed American invasion until some strategically central-planned number (GOAL) is reached—say 30 million or more unidentified illegals, many of them as Michael Yon warns, American-Hating Terrorists.  What if the free stuff spigot is suddenly turned off by our globalist order followers currently holding power?  Instantly, American cities are faced with 30 million or so homeless, starving globalist victims, most of whom have little or no education, no income, no work skills, and can’t speak English.  What if the armed Terrorists team up with globalist funded subversives like indoctrinated Antifa and Marxist BLMers who already openly burn American cities and are protected by BLUE morons while doing so?

These millions of globalist victims brought here by AINOs will get hungry quickly—as will we if supply chains are disrupted for any prolonged period.  Then what?  Your house or mine?  They will be coming for one, the other, or both.  Our government did this and is still doing it.  What do we do now?

One suggestion is:  since oncoming chaos is no longer avoidable, with our eye on tomorrow’s rising from the ashes, let’s start our crash course in Constitutional education today so we don’t make this mistake again.  Cram together in neighborhood groups, church groups, and so forth until we get our God-given unalienable rights crammed into our hearts and heads.  Armed with that once legally binding, principled knowledge, we can cast better informed votes, throw the trash out, and clean up our lives, liberty, and sacred honor without a catastrophic 2nd civil war.  Doing nothing is not likely to have a happy ending.  Just sayin’.

09-26-2023:  January 6th Is Not and Never Has Been About January 6th.

January 6th Is About Criminalizing Free Speech.  Unarmed insurrections do not exist.  Simply put, globalist authoritarian pawns cannot win a debate on the merits, hence their need for intimidation and abuse of power to satisfy the greed of their elite handlers.

Please consider the following as a U.S. taxpayer.
Take a look at your personal household budget, consider your political beliefs, whatever they are, along with the financial living your family depends on: then wonder how you would cope with being arrested by heavily armed, oath-breaking, FBI Blue Shirt goons, taken into custody with no habeas corpus rights—no files charged; then unconstitutionally imprisoned in solitary confinement by carefully selected jailers who have been lied to and hate their political prisoners; only so you can be hung out to dry by brainwashed oath-breaking government lawyers and corrupt judges with no shred of courage or honor—backed by nearly $3 billion dollars of U.S. citizen debt, i.e., unlimited fiat prosecution funds.

Any citizen, unintentionally caught up within this looming, metastasizing American Gulag Archipelago[1], will realize, too late, their hard-earned, confiscated federal tax dollars have paid for annihilation of their God-given rights as recognized by our U.S. Constitution.  Such citizens ARE SCREWED!  If you thought, or still foolishly think your once sacred 1st Amendment rights are respected by U.S. Government Agencies, U.S. courts, or our special interest representing Congress—you are incorrect.  Any attempt by any citizen to array their obscenely taxed household budget against the nearly $3 billion available to criminally malfeasant, now provably treasonous government lawyers will cost that citizen’s family everything.  Sans help from decent America First Voters; all sadly mistaken citizens end up destitute and/or imprisoned.

In other words, any American citizen daring assemble or speak out against D.C.’s Administrative UNIPARTY Dictatorship is rendered politically irrelevant.  Worse, any citizens daring QUESTION sedition and treason exercised through State enabled electoral abuses are subject to criminal prosecution without the right of habeas corpus.

Below is a quote taken from Stasi[2] wannabe mouthpiece National Public Radio (NPR); an exemplary example of Mockingbird Media parroting, proudly, though softly bragging about flagrantly unconstitutional Department of Injustice atrocities since 2021.  The quote is an early morning Mockingbird Media talking point vomited into the eyes and ears of American normies, finally victimized enough by mass formation[3] to believe what National Public Radio (NPR) claims on March 25, 2023 at 5:00 A.M. (EST).

“More than two years after rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, prosecutors have now charged more than 1,000 people in relation to the Jan. 6, 2021 attack.

These hundreds of people encompass “the most wide-ranging investigation” in the history of the Justice Department.  NPR has been tracking every case related to the attack as they move through the court system, from the initial arrest to sentencing.

How Much work has this been for the federal government?

The investigation has been a massive undertaking, both in its scope and cost.  Every U.S. Attorney’s office has been involved, as well as every FBI field office. As part of the $1.7 trillion government spending package passed in December, $2.6 billion was allocated to the Attorneys, in part to support the Jan. 6 prosecutions.”

If the braindead victims of post-Constitutional academic indoctrination working for National Plutocracy Radio[4], brazenly spewing this uninformed, intimidating propaganda in print (audio version also available), believe what they wrote and said—please pray for them.  Apparently, NPR job interviewers screen out readers of history for potential employment.  If this or something like it is the case, the policy is sad and abusive, because astute students of history understand the day the Marxist/Fascist junta takes full power on behalf dynastic family elites, those who aided its fuckery (H/T to Badland Media’s Patrick G.) are eliminated with extreme prejudice.  If America First MAGA candidates fail in November 2024 to overcome make-believe voter rolls,  fake mail-in ballots, and cheat machines—NPR pawns and thousands of their indoctrinated co-conspirators may soon come face to face with the history they helped create.  In that unfortunate circumstance, every American will struggle belly to belly with this democidal beast.

If you have no idea what I’m referencing above, please find an un-redacted history book lying in a dusty corner somewhere disclosing the fate of “useful idiots” in Russia, China, North Korea, Cambodia, North and South Vietnam, across the African continent, across Central and South America, and elsewhere.  You will quickly observe, though may not understand what happens to people getting in the way of central banking cartel resource rape—and now it’s North America’s turn to learn.

GLOBALISM and its GREAT RESET[5],  requires the unrestricted warfare slaughter of United States’ and European middle-class independence.  WHY?  Because independent, educated populations, particularly creative, entrepreneurially minded populations, uniformly and staunchly oppose slavery, whether enforced by weaponized weather, disaster capitalism, Transhuman entrainment, and 5GW[6], or more traditional fear, ghettos, starvation, guns, cattle cars, whips, chains, poison gas, and barbed wire.

The age-old battle between good and evil has landed in North American ports with a Satanically influenced global vengeance.  This vicious attack on humanity feels political, feels seasoned with cultural angst, ethnic discord, and economic strife, BUT this battle is 99% spiritual and ultimately will be won or lost in the spiritual arena.  God’s grace, prayer, fasting, love, and spiritual coherence are our most effective weapons in this war for our souls.  Humanity’s ancient war began when Lucifer, Angel of Light and his horde of fallen angels turned against our Creator’s love and were banished from Heaven to dimensions within our space/time universe.

America’s current circumstance is not about which psychopathic cabal assumes ruling power over our forlorn republic—the republic bled for by our Founders and blessed by God.  The same republic we once owned as free sovereign citizens.  This biblically epic 21st century battle is bigger and far more significant for each of us, than anything brainwashed UNIPARTY pawns care about or discuss.  Let’s not get lost among the lost.  Let’s come together as individuals and protect each other.

Instead of hating each other, let’s work together to re-establish God’s blessing for America along with her role in protecting others around the world.  I remind you of something biblical cycle analyst, Bo Polny (https://bopolny.com/) mentioned on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog (https://usawatchdog.com/) on September 16th.  Mr. Polny reminds us, the Israelites were chosen by God to be His people.  America’s Founders were not chosen by God, at least to my knowledge; and yet, America’s Founders chose to form our new nation under God’s protection through their own volition.  They acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence, humanity’s unalienable rights, endowed by our Creator—and declared in front of the entire world, America’s firm reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence.

If anyone thinks our Creator will turn His or Her back on that commitment—that covenant; I believe they are mistaken.  I bring this up because many people I talk to are confused and afraid of what’s happening.  I can’t and won’t attempt to tell anyone what to think or do but am willing to share my own viewpoint, if readers are interested.  If not, just skip the next paragraph.

I’m anxious about what’s happening as well, but believe we must remind ourselves, there is nothing to be afraid of except being on the wrong side of this battle between good and evil.  Material life isn’t even a blink in eternity.  All that matters in our corporeal lifetime is that we love God, love our country, love our families, and do our best to love each other, even when we hurt each other.  Faith and grace do the heavy lifting for us if we keep trying to get it right.  My gray hair and bruises over time convinced me of this simple truth, though I admit, life is a mystery, and the final answer is not revealed until we cross over into the spiritual realm.  Maybe not even then?

January 6th is a UNIPARTY ruse focused on obliterating the 1st Amendment through intimidation in order to take and hold UNIPARTY power in service to elites—nothing more.  The MAGA movement threatens all abuse of power, stands against despotic abuses, and therefore must be strangled by UNIPARTY goons to prevent fraud, sedition, and treason from being exposed by President Donald J. Trump, his associates, or members of the populist America First Movement he courageously and generously inspired.  Liars, criminals, and despots hate truth, hence January 6th persecutions.  Globalism cannot overcome truth, no matter how big the lies, and despite how many innocent people are harmed or killed by order following Pawns of Privilege.

Amendment 1 states:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Our U.S. Constitution is designed to secure our unalienable rights under the Rule of Law, but preserving American institutions requires vigilance and the hard work be done by us.  God will not violate our free will by fighting our battles for us.  We have 24/7 access to God’s grace, i.e., all the armor and power we need to win this epic battle, BUT we MUST do the work—realizing, we already won by just standing in the gap—because Christ’s death and resurrection empowered each of us, through the Holy Spirit, to overcome evil influence.  The only issue in question is our personal choice, for which we are each responsible.

There is no safe middle ground in this eternal spiritual battle since Satan owns the fence.  Given that we are stuck with “either – or” as options, let’s leave hurtful political party trash-talking behind.  Instead, let’s apply prayer and a bit of game theory to help each other patiently determine a path to beneficial cooperation through loving mutual respect.  Then we can considerately discuss our differences, and more easily make spiritually healthy, constructive choices.  With God’s grace, we can work for each other’s best interest and mutually prosper.  Only Globalism and globalist freaks demand we mistrust, dislike, and work against each other.

Note:  I am a pacifist who believes in self-defense.  As a professional engineer, I am not capable of viewing violence as an effective means of repairing broken systems or of bringing about legitimate long-term solutions.  That said, I will say this.  Video footage shows FBI assets and Capitol Police inviting people into and around Capitol Premises on January 6thThere was no insurrection—just paid agitators and a few who got excited.  Windows broken by agitators do not constitute an insurrection.  American history suggests, the sad day, which I pray never comes, that American Patriots are forced by authoritarian goons to physically defend themselves against wanton abuses of power and unconstitutional government over-reach; will be the same day Leftist pawns learn what the Bill of Rights means, and what the normally sleepy, American Lion can and will do to protect itself and its loved ones.  If you are an idiot goon reading this, please never make that day happen.

You and I, as legal American citizens own our Republic.  Let’s start acting like it, exercise our sovereign rights, get involved in the debate, and take our country back peacefully.  Emotionally driven rhetoric is ratcheting up as demonically intended and we must work carefully to avoid the violence trap.  Our kids and future generations will be stuck having to live with what we do or don’t do regarding the in-our-face witnessing of organized criminal sedition and treason by multinational corporate insiders, both outside and within our own corrupt government.  Let’s get this right (pun intended) and secure our abundant future for America and the world.  If American citizens drop this ball;  our entire world is in trouble; but with God’s grace that cannot happen.

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[4] Meg Anderson and Nick McMillan, “1,000 People Have Been Charged for the Capitol Riot. Here’s Where Their Cases Stand,” NPR, March 25, 2023, sec. Investigations, https://www.npr.org/2023/03/25/1165022885/1000-defendants-january-6-capitol-riot.

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[6] Lt General Michael Flynn and Boone Cutler, Introduction to 5GW (Boone Cutler Media Enterprise, LLC, 2022).

09-16-2023:  Is Impeachment Talk a Distraction?

If so, what is this shiny object distracting Main Street from noticing?

YES, of course, impeachment is a UniParty distraction.  The kabuki theater is worth a Mockingbird media fortune for starters, though America’s Ruling Hunta has so disastrously debased U.S. electoral processes and subsequent impeachments, both corrupt circus rings should require warning labels for members of Gamblers Anonymous; not because outcomes are predetermined, but because the in-your-face depravity breeds a psychotic addition to adrenaline while we excitedly wait for the next unbelievable pile of B.S. to spew all over our blouses and work shirts.

At this point, Americans not yet locked down in a Big Tech entrained coma might wonder “what is it”, Main Street is not supposed to notice?  Can there be more than one thing?  A clue suggesting something malevolent hides behind the curtain, is the absurd nature of psychoneurotic culture both multinational corporations and Big Government order followers coerce us to wade through.  Lying claims of “following the science” or “it’s for sustainability” are so laughably vacuous, one wonders when exactly did we miss American Education’s funeral parade?

Note:  Before digging in, let’s please realize no human alive today has lived one day under free-market capitalism.  The idea that capitalism failed is specious at best.  Capitalism has never been tried or turned loose in any country on Earth.  America’s economy and the world economy have been and still are a mercantile economy, though since the late 19th century have become a blend of Marxism and Fascism aligned against a non-existent Capitalism to bring about Globalism, i.e., a return to feudal serfdom of old, though now in its new form of transhuman slavery.  Though well off to the side, this economic voodoo is something Main Street is never to understand.

In any event, the U.S. government, now fully weaponized against American Main Street citizens, is 99.99% captured by a corrupt cabal of international dynastic families.  This psychopathic group of miscreants controls voracious Asset/Risk Management firms like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, and others less well known with 100% regulatory cover, as well as under-the-table U.S. tax dollars and debt.  If you know of a single U.S. Federal Agency still representing best interests of U.S. taxpayers, please tell me about it because I can’t name one.

Citizens are not supposed to notice that various forms of money laundering are a primary federal agency activity bulldozing U.S. tax dollars out the back doors of Congressional appropriation to unaudited agencies, and then to corrupt multinational corporations and insider NGOs without transparency.  Even worse, nearly all Federal Agencies are functional profit incubators for their supposedly regulated interests.  Agencies provide protective cover for government sanctioned propaganda, surveillance, censorship, monopoly price fixing, and restraint of free trade.  This is criminal malfeasance, not misfeasance, and impeachment nonsense just provides excellent cover for all of it by offering the allusion of choice.

So, who or what drives never-ending distraction?  Easy-peasy.  That would be money and psychopathic power hell-bent on One World Totalitarian Dictatorship.  The NWO nightmare already failed by the way but is still dangerous to billions of innocent people.  This authoritarian Prussian concept requires forcing the independent American middle class to its bloody financial knees because Americans don’t like slavery—not for themselves and not for anybody else.

Such independent Main Street spirit is balderdash to World Economic Forum sycophants under the loathsome leadership of global syndicate pawn, Klaus Schwab.  These nutjobs want slavery by another name and are trying to reestablish it on a world-wide basis via electromagnetic means.  Their primary tool of influence is above-the-law multinational monopoly business married to corrupt government morons, hence the birth of large asset management companies.  The plan just recycles the British and Dutch East India Company playbooks—on a larger, more democidal scale.

Anyway, swinging back to global asset management, end of year 2022 financial assets held by the above-mentioned asset management companies comprise more than 50% of all S&P 500 company shares—about $22 trillion of the S&P $40 trillion.  BlackRock manages ±$10 trillion; Vanguard ±$8 trillion, and State Street ±$4 trillion.  This extraordinary, government sanctioned concentration of wealth poses an ominous power balance threat across Earth’s entire socioeconomic and political spectrums.  Very soon, if not already, just a dozen or so mentally ill investment people will control most American companies and sadly, our elected and appointed officials violate their Constitutional oaths by nurturing and protecting this Satanically influenced plutocracy despite obvious harm to American and world families.  Main Street is not supposed to inquire about this wealth transference to insiders, so we discuss meaningless impeachments instead.

The WOKE globalist indoctrination destroying American business creativity and productivity by offshoring investment capital and employment since 1997, with disingenuous Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance scores, fake climate change models, LGBTQIA+ divisiveness, open borders, unconstitutional racial and sexual preferences, etc., are all promoted by these unaccountable, above the law, multinational monopolies invading Main Streets in America and across the world.  It is imperative for Elites, that American citizens do not notice the incremental disintegration of their civil rights; hence we avoid logic in favor of discussing impeachment of a man fraudulently selected by dead people, fake ballots, and cheat machines in the first place.  Does anyone still believe Joe “Diner” Biden attends meetings to intelligently discuss serious issues with serious people? 

Our families are under Fifth Generation Warfare[1] (5GW), i.e., unrestricted warfare attack through a difficult to identify matrix of censorship, economic warfare, educational warfare, environmental warfare, ethnic warfare, health warfare, gender warfare, information warfare, lawfare, medical warfare, nutritional warfare, political warfare, pollution warfare, psychological warfare, racial warfare, religious warfare, sexual warfare, surveillance, and whatever types of anxiety provoking warfare we can imagine.

This multifront 5GW attack is designed to annihilate perception,  coherence and logic; then our Constitutional Republic, our Constitutionally recognized unalienable rights, our liberty, and ultimately our lives.  For this Satanically influenced strategy to successfully destroy American self-governance and freedom—it is imperative that Main Street does not pay attention to anything real.  Shrieking about impeaching a hair-sniffing imbecile 24/7 provides useless red meat for the distracted to chew on and argue about while being resource raped and democided.

Below are some items globalist thugs prefer hard-working taxpayers not notice or talk about because totalitarian globalist order followers do not like pitchforks.  Impeachment is the recently recommended topic for discussion and distraction, since 330 or so million rusty pitchforks in calloused, rebellious hands presents a frightening vision for abusive Pawns of Privilege.

Three May 2023 statistics with comparative analysis by John Williams at: https://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data:

▪ Official U3 unemployment is at 4%.
  U6 unemployment is at 7%.
  Actual unemployment is over 25%.

▪ Official inflation is at 4%.
  Actual inflation is at 12%.

▪ Official U.S. GDP is at 6%.
  Actual GDP is at -1.5%.

Odds and Ends Main Street is distracted from noticing:

▪ U.S. annual deficit is approaching $2 trillion per year at current interest rates.

▪ U.S. National On-book Debt is approaching $33 trillion.

▪ U.S. National Off-book Debt is ±$37 trillion ($16 + $21, see below).
   Consisting of:
            • July 21, 2011, GAO Report on the Federal Reserve found more than $16 trillion paid out   to big banks.  This was the Obama Administration open-ended slush fund extension of the unconstitutional Bush II Administration TARP bailout of ±$800 billion.[2]
            • DoD and HUD Inspector General Audit Reports from 1998 through 2015 (now heavily redacted) found ±$21 trillion missing dollars identified as “undocumentable adjustments.”
Note:  I somehow missed the GAAP announcement declaring amounts on the order of $21 trillion to be reasonable and customary adjustments.  Just kidding!  Washington D.C. doesn’t use GAAP.

▪ U.S. Government credit worthiness has been downgraded by two of three credit-rating firms from AAA to AA+.

▪ WOKE military leadership above O6 has put U.S. Military readiness in jeopardy per some analysts.
            • I cannot verify accuracy of this assessment, but the entire world witnessed the U.S. walk     away from billions of dollars worth of military equipment and service canines in Afghanistan      while extracting military personal before safely extracting civilian foreign service staff.

▪ American citizen DOJ political prisoners, whose 1st Amendment rights are ignored to the deafening silence of Congress are rotting and dying in prison since January 2020.

▪ 3,000 to 10,000 illegals per day are flooding across the open U.S. Southern border at the invitation of the Biden Regime, United Nations, Catholic Charities, and dozens of other international NGOs.

▪ The FBI does not aggressively fight child sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking—including fentanyl, or weapons trafficking, but has plenty of time to intimidate concerned parents at school board meetings.

▪ More than 100 U.S. House Members and 40 U.S. Senators are apparently on China’s Communist Party dole per the Center for Renewing America.

▪ Political opinion in the United States is now criminalized if favoring Constitutional Rule of Law.

I think that’s enough for us to grasp the idea that there are many corrupt activities, some of them seditious and/or treasonous that power mongering order followers must distract taxpayers from observing.  The need of fraudulent criminals to cover up felonious behavior on a massive scale is one reason why U.S. airwaves are littered ionosphere deep with daily shiny objects to distract voter’s attention.


The endless investigations, not even one based on “probable cause”, of President Donald Trump and his two impeachment hearings were and still are an embarrassment to coherent citizens.  After seven years, tens of millions of wasted dollars, and now, 91 charges across the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, and New York, we still don’t see evidence of broken laws or statutory violations.  Where is the crime?  Attorney, Alan Dershowitz—not a Trump fan,  has suggested the UniParty (my term) strategy is to “get” Trump before the 2024 election; “convict” Trump before the 2024 election;  with all convictions “over-turned on appeal” after the 2024 election, since there is no there, there.

I leave it to readers, why America is being dragged through this expensive legal creep show.

Several Joseph Biden crimes on the other hand are well documented, though have not been charged or adjudicated.  I suspect this is because if scum like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or Joe Biden, were put on a witness stand in a real court, with real prosecutors, discovery would lead to indictment of at least two-thirds of our bicameral Congress along with hundreds, if not thousands of bureaucratic indictments.  Good, bad, or otherwise—this isn’t a concern for the near future as the Rule of Law in the United States perished some decades ago.  Hopefully, a bit of legal/political triage can restore it peacefully.

Conflicts of interest, felonious corruption, and even treason run rampant through D.C., many state governments, and many county governments.  Most of us want bad guys and gals to be punished, but that won’t get our missing $37 trillion dollars back; and it could lead to a Constitutional Crisis capable of taking down our entire republic.  We need stiff deterrents to end this horrible behavior but MUST be cautious or we risk losing everything we thought we had.

Biden impeachment will likely never happen, is strategically stupid and divisive if it does, and distracts from the fact that our bicameral Congress, intentionally or unintentionally, is destroying the United States of America from the inside while Main Street argues about whether XY boys with penises, and XX girls with vaginas are biologically different.  Another stupid PsyOp distraction.

Let’s stop listening to Americans-In-Name-Only (AINOs) like Kevin McCarthy, Chuck Schumer, and dozens of others, drop the impeachment nonsense, and start investigating county governments, state houses, and denizens of D.C., along with multinational corporate corruption, for money laundering, sedition, treason, and other crimes against humanity.  Local, local, local!  We take back self-governance one county, one red shirt at a time until we’re done.

[1] Lt General Michael Flynn and Boone Cutler, Introduction to 5GW (Boone Cutler Media Enterprise, LLC, 2022).

[2] “Gao-11-696.Pdf,” 131, accessed September 16, 2023, https://www.gao.gov/assets/gao-11-696.pdf.

08-31-2023: Timetable for Probable U.S. Electronic Voting System Fraud

Is U.S. election fraud across ±3,140 counties happenstance; the result of opportunistic criminals taking advantage of taxpayers—or is U.S. election fraud a long-term subversive strategy?

The 26th Amendment, Section 1, ratified on July 1, 1971, states: “The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.”  I turned eighteen in 1969, so cast my first Presidential vote in 1972 for George McGovern, who to my young delight was at political war with J. Edgar Hoover’s already corrupt FBI.  Aside from notorious musings about Chicago’s Daley Machine, Louisiana Scandals, New Jersy racketeering, New York’s Tammany Hall, and Pennsylvania political antics, election fraud seemed a minor thing, never appearing on my fruited plain radar.

Florida’s 2000 electoral Chad Circus did make my radar screen, not due to the fact of election fraud, but because obsessive Mockingbird media parrots squawked 24/7 not about fraud, but about despicable ballots.  Ballots are inanimate objects.  Why was the focus on ballot hatred?  Why by the fall of 2002, were Secretaries of State like Georgia’s Cathy Cox and dozens of highly paid pundits suddenly arguing, apparently on behalf of Diebold and other companies that only touch-screen technology could secure elections?  From an engineering standpoint, this made no logical sense.  How could an invisible electronic voting system be trusted to secure anything?  How could an audit be conducted?  Who could even perform the audit?

Anyway, I lead a heat-sheltered life deep in the Sonoran Desert, so it feels a bit like Electronic Voting didn’t popularly erupt as election narrative until 2016 or so, when Russia, Russia, Russia, and career criminal Hillary’s disappointment broke fallen angel hearts.  Despite my own lack of attention,  Electronic Voting Systems have been in development since the 1970s, becoming increasingly sophisticated over the past half-century.  I am a technology fan, but don’t view election technology as a good thing.  Bad people quickly began doing bad things with this technology and these machines while responsible adults were AWOL from the technical playroom.  United States’ voters are being duped by a Globalist UNIPARTY comprised of America hating Neo-Marxist Democrats, working in concert with Fascist Establishment Republicans.  This is a life-threatening combination as we’ve seen through COVID lockdowns, toxic JABs, and non-treatment of ill hospital patients—to name just three proofs.  The UNIPARTY wreaked this havoc and the UNIPARTY adores Electronic Voting Systems—therefore, we should ask, “what is the UNIPARTY?”

The worker’s Democrat Party of old degenerated into a 100% united MONEY TRUST darling hellbent on financially and technologically enslaving the entire planet.  The once anti-slavery Republican Party is at war with itself.  The Establishment Ruling Class side aligns with Cultural Marxist Democrat depravity.  These two treasonous groups—Marxist Democrats and Establishment Republicans are the UNIPARTY.

The UNIPARTY is owned and operated by the global syndicate, i.e., the CARTEL, the MONEY TRUST, or whatever we wish to call this malignant cabal.  Wall Street (New York), Lombard Street (London), and Silicon Valley, along with WOKE military leadership around the world are primary enslavement tools for bringing about destruction of all civil rights such as, freedom of assembly, free speech, education, property ownership, free trade, unrestricted travel, healthy nutrition, competent medical services, and so forth.

The MAGA America First side aligns with Main Street humanity in a growing world-wide populist movement intent on removing Satanically influenced One World Government criminals from power, while re-establishing our relationship with our Creator.  Our 21st century populist movement, of which America First is an integral part, is all that stands between global transhuman slavery through entrainment and other means.  Election fraud in the hands of UNLIMITED GOVERNMENT can and is stopping our freedom movement from re-establishing Constitutionally recognized God-given rights in the U.S, as well as strangling freedom across the globe.

United States Voters should realize using Electronic Voting Systems including Electronic Poll Books—especially Poll Books integrated with centralized ERIC, Inc. data bases, PRECLUDE the ability of election management staff, election workers, and election observers from auditing or even observing what happens inside proprietary electronic systems.  Since audit trails are erased as voter rolls are changed or as tabulation manipulation occurs, election workers cannot even verify when the cheating happened, who did the cheating, nor from what local or remote location voter roll adjustments or tabulation changes were made.   Electronic Voting Systems cannot be secured.  Hard stop!

Election workers have no opportunity to effectively monitor proprietary election software or hardware.  A thousand or so highly trained election workers standing around a tabulator cannot see anything happening inside the machine, nor inside remote machines it may be connected to.  Even worse, most election workers and observers are not highly trained technicians and could not recognize an installed wireless modem if they were looking at it.  The predictable result is that testing, and certification of electronic voting systems simply assures software and hardware can accurately, quickly, and invisibly add, subtract, or flip tabulation results via local or remote control.  These cheat machines can also function honestly but are rarely used for that.

Evidence has been publicly available for two decades proving Electronic Voting Systems are designed from the ground up to be operated and controlled remotely and/or locally.  It has been proven repeatedly by independent technical analysis over the past two decades that programming adjustments can be made invisibly via direct or wireless computer system servers, system workstations, tabulators, direct internet connection, wireless internet connection, Smartphone access, USB port, Sting Ray, DRT Box, other IMSI-catcher technology, QR codes on tabulated ballots, and I suppose other means.

In view of this readily available information, the fact that elected representatives holding office or appointed agency staff at any level of government ignore or enable this brazen criminal behavior for any reason is indefensible and not acceptable.  Electronic Election System Ignorance in 2023 is not bliss.  2023 Election system ignorance is cowardice, negligence, or criminality.

American elections are 99% centralized (a few counties do not use electronic systems) by using similar software and hardware created, manufactured, and integrated by a small monopoly of certified companies.  Use of the centralized ERIC, Inc.  system further centralizes ease of access into and out of demographic record keeping databases.  Such demographic information is useful for fine tuning electronic voting system algorithms calculating votes instead of just counting votes.

Why do we need Math and I.T. Ph.Ds. to count 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.?  Most 2-year-olds can count to 10 without difficulty.  For example, in Nevada’s 2022 Clark and Washoe County elections, Edward Solomon found:
“The result of this investigation reveals that a Vector Manifold Formula was applied across all the precincts in both counties.  This Vector Manifold Formula rigs the elections of four races simultaneously, treating each like-ratio of the four different races at each precinct as a quaternionic vector.  This feat could only be accomplished by a HVNN  (Hypercomplex Valued Neural Network).”
Here’s a link:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SCgXpvHwfHJN0T-DdERC3NUQbMlMhOWmRfFjnJs0Ui8/edit

Note: Adding one paper ballot to another paper ballot does not require the use of 6th, 7th, or higher degree equations.  Complicated math equations used in Tabulator software are designed to cheat—not to count.

The idea that United States elections are decentralized and difficult to rig because America has more than 3,100 counties is childish and dangerous to liberty.  Our American republic is owned by its sovereign citizens.  As sovereign citizens we “LOAN” authority to representative officials to govern on our behalf with our consent.  The U.S. Constitution does not grant authority to elected nor appointed officials to without consent of the governed, steal, or in any way abrogate the recognized God-given Right of American voters to determine the course of the republic they own.  We own our elections.

I’ve begun to realize that U.S. election fraud on a nationwide level is not a recent thing.  What I mistakenly thought was opportunistic happenstance is a global syndicate long-term plan to disenfranchise American voters as just one more weapon in the arsenal of unrestricted, Fifth Generation Warfare.  I do not know how old this plan is, but clearly, it’s been PROGRESSING (pun intended) at least since 1993.  In other words, voting rights of America’s productive middle-class have been under incrementally relentless direct attack for at least three decades.

As Professor Jordan Peterson has so eloquently mentioned, we should pay attention.  Anyway, here is a summary timetable of events and activities leading up to today’s ALL OUT ASSAULT against voting rights.  This timetable is by no means exhaustive.


•National Voter Registration Act of 1993
(also known as the Federal Moter-Voter Law)
This bill, among other things, related national MVD data bases with County Voter Registration data bases.
            Note:  Section 7 of the Act ALSO requires states to offer voter registration opportunities at all offices providing public assistance and all offices that provide state-funded programs primarily engaged in providing services to persons with disabilities.  All applicants for any of these services, renewal of services, or address changes MUST be provided with a voter registration form as well as assistance in completing the form and submitting the application to local election officials.  (See Appendix at end of article.)

…Must be provided with forms as well as ASSISTANCE???  Outside of disabled people—why is this fraud enabling language included in this legislation?

•Fat Chads, Hanging Chads, and Pregnant Chad controversy.  Credible or not, this propagandized Chad Circus launched a Mockingbird media crusade for popular acceptance of Electronic Voting Systems.

•Electronic Election System Fraud Accelerates
•Bev Harris discovers 40,000 voting machine files on the internet.  Less than 2-years after the Chad Circus we learned ES&S systems flipped the Alabama Governor’s race, famously introducing the pseudonym “glitch”  into election vernacular to distract from more accurate terms like vote rigging, vote tampering, etc.

•Electronic Voting System problems are documented across the U.S., with many, like Arizona, since even before 2000.  Refer to: 1994 Oro Valley issues in Pima County—not sure what machines were in use;  1998 Global Election Systems (now Diebold) issues also found in Pima County, AZ.

•Bev Harris started Black Box Voting.org with its website in 2003.

•Bev Harris published: Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century (2004)

•The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC, Inc) System was created in 2012, initially contracting with seven (7) states.  ERIC, at last count, was still contracted with 25 states, though in 2022-2023, Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia abandoned the system, so I’m not sure about current state membership.

•ERIC, Inc. maintains four (4) data bases for member states I am aware of.
            1.  Voter Registration Records
            2.  Motor Vehicle Department Data
            3.  Social Security Administration Death Records
            4.  United States Postal Service Address Data

Sorry, but this is an elevated level of data centralization, convenient or not.

•A short list of Election Objectors Not Indicted for objecting to election results:  Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden, Anthony Brindisi, Cory Booker, Barbara Boxer, Corrine Brown, Sherrod Brown, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, William Lacy Clay, Hillary Clinton, James Clyburn, Danny Davis, Howard Dean, Dick Durbin, Dianne Feinstein, Marcia Fudge, Andrew Gillum, Raul Grijalva, Tom Harkin, Kamala Harris, Rita Hart, Alcee Hastings, Eric Holder, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., Pramila Jayapal, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Ted Kennedy (RIP), John Kerry, Ron Klain, Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson Lee, Ted Lieu, John Lewis (RIP), Eddie Bernice Johnson, Ed Markey, Terry McAuliffe, Jim McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, Jerrold Nadler, Nancie Pelosi, Karine Jean-Pierre, Jamie Raskin, Harry Reid, Cedric Richmond, Bernie Sanders, Jan Schakowsky, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chuck Schumer, Jamal Simons, Bennie Thompson, Chris Van Hollen, Elizabeth Warren, and Maxine Waters.

•Bev Harris releases video titled FRACTION MAGIC-Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration.
This video shows how more than 5,000 contractors & middlemen have access to real-time voter data bases, electronic voting systems, voter rolls, and multiple jurisdictions—all simultaneously.  Does this look de-centralized?


•Currently, the United States Electronic Assistance Commission (EAC) registers and certifies manufacturers of electronic voting systems in the U.S.  Not all registered companies are certified.

•To date, well documented Electronic Voting System concerns have surfaced in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, to name 21 states.

•Packet capture metadata gathered since November 2020 show Electronic Election System fraud in every U.S. County using Electronic Voting Systems—no exceptions I’m aware of.

•Questioning honesty of elections in now criminalized across many U.S. jurisdictions.

Educational Links to Relevant Election Result Information:

Edward Solomon interviewed by Joe Oltmann explaining how the algorithm math works.

April 29, 2023—Edward Solomon’s detailed explanation of the math used in Nevada’s Clark and Washoe County 2020 and 2022 elections.

About a year old, Dr. Shiva explains Maricopa County ballot signature issues.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fob-AGgZn44&t=3s   Fraction Magic video by Bev Harris.

https://rumble.com/v2gagxg-show-this-video-to-your-country-officials-machine-rigging-exposed-in-90-min.html  Mark Cook presentation on Conservative Daily with Joe Oltman and panel of five.

https://thebiglie.frankspeech.com/US/thebiglie/index.html  Nov. 2020 Metadata per Frankspeech.

https://thebiglie.frankspeech.com/ARIZONA/index.html  Frankspeech Nov. 2020 Arizona results

Article Appendix:

National Voter Registration Act of 1993:  SEC. 7.  VOTER REGISTRATION AGENCIES.

(1) Each State shall designate agencies for the registration of voters in elections for Federal office.
(2) Each State shall designate as voter registration agencies— (A) all offices in the State that provide public assistance; and (B) all offices in the State that provide State-funded programs primarily engaged in providing services to persons with disabilities.
(3XA) In addition to voter registration agencies designated under paragraph (2), each State shall designate other offices within the State as voter registration agencies.
(B) Voter registration agencies designated under subparagraph (A) may include— (i) State or local government offices such as public libraries, public schools, offices of city and county clerks (including marriage license bureaus), fishing and hunting license bureaus, government revenue offices, unemployment compensation offices, and offices not described in paragraph (2XB) that provide services to persons with disabilities; and (ii) Federal and nongovernmental offices, with the agreement of such offices
(4XA) At each voter registration agency, the following services shall be made available: (i) Distribution of mail voter registration application forms in accordance with paragraph (6). (ii) Assistance to applicants in completing voter registration application forms unless the applicant refuses such assistance. PUBLIC LAW 103-31—MAY 20, 1993 107 STAT. 81 (iii) Acceptance of completed voter registration application forms for transmittal to the appropriate State election official
(B) If a voter registration agency designated under paragraph (2XB) provides services to a person with a disability at the person’s home, the agency shall provide the services described in subparagraph (A) at the person’s home.

08-25-2023: Are Americans-in-Name-Only Dangerous Politicos?

Yes!  But only if we want to live healthy, abundant lives, enjoy each other’s liberty, and share the mutual happiness of self-determination without centralized overseer intervention.

If we want these things, if we want liberty, free association, and the peaceful enjoyment of our property, then multinational monopoly management, Marxist Democrats, Establishment Republicans, and indoctrinated order-following Pawns of Privilege do pose an imminent threat to our well-being.  This mercantilist power structure cannot even exist while supporting the best interests of American families, friends, communities—or that of all other nations and people around the world.

Americans In Name Only (AINOs—H/T to journalist, Ms. Noor bin Ladin) are always GLOBALISTS.  Globalists are an indoctrinated ideological mixture of spiritually twisted Cultural Marxists, Fascists, and Mercantilists, with a few Satanists thrown in.  These Satanic victims love power, money, and the pain of others.  Angry, bitter, confused, envious psychopaths attracted to totalitarian political systems have abandoned their own humanity.  In doing so, they reject our Creator’s love and the gift of Christ’s grace, aligning instead with Satan’s unimaginable hatred and rage.  Under the guise of philanthropy and caring they indoctrinate and financially rape the little people they claim to help.  Using endowments, foundations, trusts and other legally disingenuous money laundering vehicles, they brutalize, disempower, enslave, impoverish, plunder, and destroy every targeted tribe they divide against each other—eventually including themselves.

Fully conditioned, no longer able to process information due to mass formation (H/T to Dr. Mattias Desmet), globalist pawns and lemmings cannot think creatively, behave positively, or build anything constructive.  Standing alone—even in large cults, such as Scientism, ruled by Satanic influence without the armor of God to protect them; they are welded to material reality, having no sense of personal spiritual identity, value, or eternal joy.  Sadly, globalist zombies are demonically led to mindlessly criticize, divide, mock, ridicule, and tear down everybody and everything within reach.  Communism and Fascism, the twisted sisters synthesizing into Globalism offer no exception to societal devastation in world history.  Their only authoritarian offerings are anger, anxiety, division, fear, frustration, hopelessness, impoverishment, imprisonment, lies, mass murder, pain, torture, and enslavement to the dynastic family controllers sponsoring God-hating insanity in the first place.  Controllers being the international MONEY TRUST and their privileged, order-following goons.

Unfortunately for our 21st century world, indoctrinated globalists networking through what I term the international Study Group System, into leadership positions throughout academia, professional associations, banking, business, endowments, foundations, government, institutes, religion, science, trusts, etc., are almost always psychopaths, and sometimes are socially deviant.  We the decent, hard-working, Main Street commoners of Earth have foolishly allowed indoctrinated psychopaths to intentionally or unintentionally make progress toward destroying all creation.  Fortunately, their delusional New World Order plan has failed and is crumbling around them.

To rescue ourselves from this still dangerous evil, our first American Main Street task appears to be taking back the self-governance we gave away to these treacherous nut jobs.  We MUST get this done without damaging our Constitutionally recognized rights more than they already are damaged while we take out the trash and clean up our D.C. and state messes.  We MUST take care as we work, because the destructive globalist order is still dangerous and still capable of harming millions of innocent people.  Our second task, after surgically taking back self-governance of the United States, is sharing our freedom, and making our entire world great again.  Despite present dangers and difficulty, with God’s grace, and only through God’s grace, our task becomes incredibly empowering, inspiring, and should be enthusiastically embraced by all 8 billion or so of us humans, as success assures eternal posterity in everlasting love.  Is that cool or what?

SO—how do we de-fang, neuter, and remove seditious AINO traitors from power to restore limited U.S. government—not to be confused with small government?  My suggestion, from an engineering point of view is to first identify the core problem—the original source of American tyranny.  This requires examining the extended coup d’état running from the 1776 Prussian infiltration of American education at William and Mary College, to the City of London Crown’s financial capture of the U.S. in 1913 via the Federal Reserve, to our own CIA’s November 1963 coup, and finally to today where we find separation of powers fully vaporized by our own citizen complicity with—wait for it—the DYNASTIC FAMILY CENTRAL BANKING CULT running the international Deep State and in our case, America’s treasonously corrupt, NEOCON UNIPARTY.

Washington D.C. has degenerated into an evil septic pit built not from the top down, but sadly constructed from the gullibly apathetic ground up.  This makes the source of the attack on American sovereignty difficult to identify because we ourselves are woven throughout the mind control matrix as brainwashed co-conspirators.  So many citizens, including me of course, are victims of what China’s CCP calls unrestricted warfare—orwhatMichael T. Flynn, LTG, U.S. Army (retired) calls Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW).  5GW constitutes a nearly invisible, though relentless emotional and psychological attack on cultural values, economic ideology, industrial morality, legal government, military honor, political conscience, religious traditions, scientific rigor, social values, and at its evil nadir—our appreciation of the infinite value of God-given life itself.

Back in the early to mid-1930s, Pennsylvania Congressman, Louis T. McFadden made several noteworthy, well informed, sadly ignored speeches on the floor of the House.  He warned of the ongoing criminal financial coup and takeover of United States’ government by an international credit monopoly.  The American branch of this Satanically influenced financial cartel was and is the Federal Reserve System.  The link below includes extensive quotations from Congressman McFadden’s speeches from that period, during which the unconstitutional economic capture of America by what I call the global syndicate was treasonously institutionalized—not by foreigners, but by American citizens, who should be properly identified as Americans-In-Name-Only, i.e., TRAITORS.


Unfortunately, the rot of systemic corruption throughout our Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government, already entrenched before McFadden’s days in Congress—has, as nearly all of us know, grown much worse.  We are no longer dealing with differences of opinion between legitimate political factions.  Since January, 20 2021, we are dealing with full on sedition and treason.  There are no other words for what we are having our noses rubbed in.

American citizens have for nearly three years, been watching a literal, in-our-face Washington D.C. FREAK-SHOW—aided and abetted by Mockingbird media and treasonous leadership of many States, trying to leverage planet Earth into the Armageddon of a nuclear World War III.  Another war fought for Satanically influenced power, money, and more destruction of creation.

To suggest the Biden Administration or our cowardly bi-cameral Congress persons are corrupt and/or insane is complementary.  Outside The Twenty and maybe a few more, their despicable, oath violating, honor challenged behavior, lack of candor, and outright criminality goes far beyond insanity to pure evil.  Captured leadership willing to stand by or enable democidal activities like:  never-ending war, illegal surveillance and propagandizing of citizens, uncontrolled foreign invasion, mass murder of innocent people via intentional and provably TOXIC JABS, support for a plague of medical non-treatment for treatable illness, banning historically proven treatment protocols and medicines, funding poisonous aerosol spraying, weaponizing weather, and government support of malnutrition programs are not incompetent—such leadership is a dangerous enemy to its own people posing an imminent threat, not just to America, but the world.  This MUST stop NOW.

By securing non-electronic, machine tabulated elections, i.e., transparent hand-counted, paper ballot elections with no early voting or mail-in ballots, we can remove the trash from our city, county, state, and federal government offices—both elected and/or appointed trash.  We citizens have been used from the ground up to tear our country apart.  We fix it the same way—from the ground up, one county, one red shirt at a time.  This is not a contrived Democrat-Republican issue.  This is an issue for every American citizen.  Failure to join in the honest repair of broken U.S. government operations, with a return to the original limited intent of our Constitution likely means a 2nd civil war.  War between 300 or so million Americans is something Earth has never seen, and never should see.  Only we, as Main Street citizens, can or will fix this.  We are who we are waiting for.  Washington D.C. is 100% AWOL from reasonable solutions as are most State capitals.

Despite lying narratives, it is the Left that always wants and precipitates violence—a historic truth.  America First people like me do not seek violent solutions to problems easily eradicated by respectful debate.  The captured UNIPARTY, however, does not allow open debate on the merits.  If we the people do not JOIN TOGETHER as Ben Franklin suggested so long ago, to resolve our differences morally, peacefully, reasonably, and legally; we may leave ourselves with no option but to start killing each other.

Any person imagining civil war is a solution to anything at all is a dangerous fool, who should pack their stuff and escape from the U.S. to China, Venezuela, or some other totalitarian paradise where your equity dream is already established.  Leave the rest of us alone.  We don’t want your sick dream.

If you are on the stupid side, the totalitarian control side of this struggle—please do not force America First citizens to defend themselves against your mindless violence.  The world has seen more than once how the American Lion responds when backed into a corner.  I beg of you as an old man—don’t once again, make the world witness American citizens being forced to defend themselves.  Please don’t make that mistake.  Stop poking the American Main Street Lion.  Instead, join an honest debate and win or lose that debate on the merit of your ideas.  Instead of killing each other, let’s just make voting honest again and clean our dirty laundry the boring way.

Presets Color