09-16-2023:  Is Impeachment Talk a Distraction?

If so, what is this shiny object distracting Main Street from noticing?

YES, of course, impeachment is a UniParty distraction.  The kabuki theater is worth a Mockingbird media fortune for starters, though America’s Ruling Hunta has so disastrously debased U.S. electoral processes and subsequent impeachments, both corrupt circus rings should require warning labels for members of Gamblers Anonymous; not because outcomes are predetermined, but because the in-your-face depravity breeds a psychotic addition to adrenaline while we excitedly wait for the next unbelievable pile of B.S. to spew all over our blouses and work shirts.

At this point, Americans not yet locked down in a Big Tech entrained coma might wonder “what is it”, Main Street is not supposed to notice?  Can there be more than one thing?  A clue suggesting something malevolent hides behind the curtain, is the absurd nature of psychoneurotic culture both multinational corporations and Big Government order followers coerce us to wade through.  Lying claims of “following the science” or “it’s for sustainability” are so laughably vacuous, one wonders when exactly did we miss American Education’s funeral parade?

Note:  Before digging in, let’s please realize no human alive today has lived one day under free-market capitalism.  The idea that capitalism failed is specious at best.  Capitalism has never been tried or turned loose in any country on Earth.  America’s economy and the world economy have been and still are a mercantile economy, though since the late 19th century have become a blend of Marxism and Fascism aligned against a non-existent Capitalism to bring about Globalism, i.e., a return to feudal serfdom of old, though now in its new form of transhuman slavery.  Though well off to the side, this economic voodoo is something Main Street is never to understand.

In any event, the U.S. government, now fully weaponized against American Main Street citizens, is 99.99% captured by a corrupt cabal of international dynastic families.  This psychopathic group of miscreants controls voracious Asset/Risk Management firms like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, and others less well known with 100% regulatory cover, as well as under-the-table U.S. tax dollars and debt.  If you know of a single U.S. Federal Agency still representing best interests of U.S. taxpayers, please tell me about it because I can’t name one.

Citizens are not supposed to notice that various forms of money laundering are a primary federal agency activity bulldozing U.S. tax dollars out the back doors of Congressional appropriation to unaudited agencies, and then to corrupt multinational corporations and insider NGOs without transparency.  Even worse, nearly all Federal Agencies are functional profit incubators for their supposedly regulated interests.  Agencies provide protective cover for government sanctioned propaganda, surveillance, censorship, monopoly price fixing, and restraint of free trade.  This is criminal malfeasance, not misfeasance, and impeachment nonsense just provides excellent cover for all of it by offering the allusion of choice.

So, who or what drives never-ending distraction?  Easy-peasy.  That would be money and psychopathic power hell-bent on One World Totalitarian Dictatorship.  The NWO nightmare already failed by the way but is still dangerous to billions of innocent people.  This authoritarian Prussian concept requires forcing the independent American middle class to its bloody financial knees because Americans don’t like slavery—not for themselves and not for anybody else.

Such independent Main Street spirit is balderdash to World Economic Forum sycophants under the loathsome leadership of global syndicate pawn, Klaus Schwab.  These nutjobs want slavery by another name and are trying to reestablish it on a world-wide basis via electromagnetic means.  Their primary tool of influence is above-the-law multinational monopoly business married to corrupt government morons, hence the birth of large asset management companies.  The plan just recycles the British and Dutch East India Company playbooks—on a larger, more democidal scale.

Anyway, swinging back to global asset management, end of year 2022 financial assets held by the above-mentioned asset management companies comprise more than 50% of all S&P 500 company shares—about $22 trillion of the S&P $40 trillion.  BlackRock manages ±$10 trillion; Vanguard ±$8 trillion, and State Street ±$4 trillion.  This extraordinary, government sanctioned concentration of wealth poses an ominous power balance threat across Earth’s entire socioeconomic and political spectrums.  Very soon, if not already, just a dozen or so mentally ill investment people will control most American companies and sadly, our elected and appointed officials violate their Constitutional oaths by nurturing and protecting this Satanically influenced plutocracy despite obvious harm to American and world families.  Main Street is not supposed to inquire about this wealth transference to insiders, so we discuss meaningless impeachments instead.

The WOKE globalist indoctrination destroying American business creativity and productivity by offshoring investment capital and employment since 1997, with disingenuous Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance scores, fake climate change models, LGBTQIA+ divisiveness, open borders, unconstitutional racial and sexual preferences, etc., are all promoted by these unaccountable, above the law, multinational monopolies invading Main Streets in America and across the world.  It is imperative for Elites, that American citizens do not notice the incremental disintegration of their civil rights; hence we avoid logic in favor of discussing impeachment of a man fraudulently selected by dead people, fake ballots, and cheat machines in the first place.  Does anyone still believe Joe “Diner” Biden attends meetings to intelligently discuss serious issues with serious people? 

Our families are under Fifth Generation Warfare[1] (5GW), i.e., unrestricted warfare attack through a difficult to identify matrix of censorship, economic warfare, educational warfare, environmental warfare, ethnic warfare, health warfare, gender warfare, information warfare, lawfare, medical warfare, nutritional warfare, political warfare, pollution warfare, psychological warfare, racial warfare, religious warfare, sexual warfare, surveillance, and whatever types of anxiety provoking warfare we can imagine.

This multifront 5GW attack is designed to annihilate perception,  coherence and logic; then our Constitutional Republic, our Constitutionally recognized unalienable rights, our liberty, and ultimately our lives.  For this Satanically influenced strategy to successfully destroy American self-governance and freedom—it is imperative that Main Street does not pay attention to anything real.  Shrieking about impeaching a hair-sniffing imbecile 24/7 provides useless red meat for the distracted to chew on and argue about while being resource raped and democided.

Below are some items globalist thugs prefer hard-working taxpayers not notice or talk about because totalitarian globalist order followers do not like pitchforks.  Impeachment is the recently recommended topic for discussion and distraction, since 330 or so million rusty pitchforks in calloused, rebellious hands presents a frightening vision for abusive Pawns of Privilege.

Three May 2023 statistics with comparative analysis by John Williams at: https://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data:

▪ Official U3 unemployment is at 4%.
  U6 unemployment is at 7%.
  Actual unemployment is over 25%.

▪ Official inflation is at 4%.
  Actual inflation is at 12%.

▪ Official U.S. GDP is at 6%.
  Actual GDP is at -1.5%.

Odds and Ends Main Street is distracted from noticing:

▪ U.S. annual deficit is approaching $2 trillion per year at current interest rates.

▪ U.S. National On-book Debt is approaching $33 trillion.

▪ U.S. National Off-book Debt is ±$37 trillion ($16 + $21, see below).
   Consisting of:
            • July 21, 2011, GAO Report on the Federal Reserve found more than $16 trillion paid out   to big banks.  This was the Obama Administration open-ended slush fund extension of the unconstitutional Bush II Administration TARP bailout of ±$800 billion.[2]
            • DoD and HUD Inspector General Audit Reports from 1998 through 2015 (now heavily redacted) found ±$21 trillion missing dollars identified as “undocumentable adjustments.”
Note:  I somehow missed the GAAP announcement declaring amounts on the order of $21 trillion to be reasonable and customary adjustments.  Just kidding!  Washington D.C. doesn’t use GAAP.

▪ U.S. Government credit worthiness has been downgraded by two of three credit-rating firms from AAA to AA+.

▪ WOKE military leadership above O6 has put U.S. Military readiness in jeopardy per some analysts.
            • I cannot verify accuracy of this assessment, but the entire world witnessed the U.S. walk     away from billions of dollars worth of military equipment and service canines in Afghanistan      while extracting military personal before safely extracting civilian foreign service staff.

▪ American citizen DOJ political prisoners, whose 1st Amendment rights are ignored to the deafening silence of Congress are rotting and dying in prison since January 2020.

▪ 3,000 to 10,000 illegals per day are flooding across the open U.S. Southern border at the invitation of the Biden Regime, United Nations, Catholic Charities, and dozens of other international NGOs.

▪ The FBI does not aggressively fight child sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking—including fentanyl, or weapons trafficking, but has plenty of time to intimidate concerned parents at school board meetings.

▪ More than 100 U.S. House Members and 40 U.S. Senators are apparently on China’s Communist Party dole per the Center for Renewing America.

▪ Political opinion in the United States is now criminalized if favoring Constitutional Rule of Law.

I think that’s enough for us to grasp the idea that there are many corrupt activities, some of them seditious and/or treasonous that power mongering order followers must distract taxpayers from observing.  The need of fraudulent criminals to cover up felonious behavior on a massive scale is one reason why U.S. airwaves are littered ionosphere deep with daily shiny objects to distract voter’s attention.


The endless investigations, not even one based on “probable cause”, of President Donald Trump and his two impeachment hearings were and still are an embarrassment to coherent citizens.  After seven years, tens of millions of wasted dollars, and now, 91 charges across the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, and New York, we still don’t see evidence of broken laws or statutory violations.  Where is the crime?  Attorney, Alan Dershowitz—not a Trump fan,  has suggested the UniParty (my term) strategy is to “get” Trump before the 2024 election; “convict” Trump before the 2024 election;  with all convictions “over-turned on appeal” after the 2024 election, since there is no there, there.

I leave it to readers, why America is being dragged through this expensive legal creep show.

Several Joseph Biden crimes on the other hand are well documented, though have not been charged or adjudicated.  I suspect this is because if scum like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or Joe Biden, were put on a witness stand in a real court, with real prosecutors, discovery would lead to indictment of at least two-thirds of our bicameral Congress along with hundreds, if not thousands of bureaucratic indictments.  Good, bad, or otherwise—this isn’t a concern for the near future as the Rule of Law in the United States perished some decades ago.  Hopefully, a bit of legal/political triage can restore it peacefully.

Conflicts of interest, felonious corruption, and even treason run rampant through D.C., many state governments, and many county governments.  Most of us want bad guys and gals to be punished, but that won’t get our missing $37 trillion dollars back; and it could lead to a Constitutional Crisis capable of taking down our entire republic.  We need stiff deterrents to end this horrible behavior but MUST be cautious or we risk losing everything we thought we had.

Biden impeachment will likely never happen, is strategically stupid and divisive if it does, and distracts from the fact that our bicameral Congress, intentionally or unintentionally, is destroying the United States of America from the inside while Main Street argues about whether XY boys with penises, and XX girls with vaginas are biologically different.  Another stupid PsyOp distraction.

Let’s stop listening to Americans-In-Name-Only (AINOs) like Kevin McCarthy, Chuck Schumer, and dozens of others, drop the impeachment nonsense, and start investigating county governments, state houses, and denizens of D.C., along with multinational corporate corruption, for money laundering, sedition, treason, and other crimes against humanity.  Local, local, local!  We take back self-governance one county, one red shirt at a time until we’re done.

[1] Lt General Michael Flynn and Boone Cutler, Introduction to 5GW (Boone Cutler Media Enterprise, LLC, 2022).

[2] “Gao-11-696.Pdf,” 131, accessed September 16, 2023, https://www.gao.gov/assets/gao-11-696.pdf.

08-31-2023: Timetable for Probable U.S. Electronic Voting System Fraud

Is U.S. election fraud across ±3,140 counties happenstance; the result of opportunistic criminals taking advantage of taxpayers—or is U.S. election fraud a long-term subversive strategy?

The 26th Amendment, Section 1, ratified on July 1, 1971, states: “The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.”  I turned eighteen in 1969, so cast my first Presidential vote in 1972 for George McGovern, who to my young delight was at political war with J. Edgar Hoover’s already corrupt FBI.  Aside from notorious musings about Chicago’s Daley Machine, Louisiana Scandals, New Jersy racketeering, New York’s Tammany Hall, and Pennsylvania political antics, election fraud seemed a minor thing, never appearing on my fruited plain radar.

Florida’s 2000 electoral Chad Circus did make my radar screen, not due to the fact of election fraud, but because obsessive Mockingbird media parrots squawked 24/7 not about fraud, but about despicable ballots.  Ballots are inanimate objects.  Why was the focus on ballot hatred?  Why by the fall of 2002, were Secretaries of State like Georgia’s Cathy Cox and dozens of highly paid pundits suddenly arguing, apparently on behalf of Diebold and other companies that only touch-screen technology could secure elections?  From an engineering standpoint, this made no logical sense.  How could an invisible electronic voting system be trusted to secure anything?  How could an audit be conducted?  Who could even perform the audit?

Anyway, I lead a heat-sheltered life deep in the Sonoran Desert, so it feels a bit like Electronic Voting didn’t popularly erupt as election narrative until 2016 or so, when Russia, Russia, Russia, and career criminal Hillary’s disappointment broke fallen angel hearts.  Despite my own lack of attention,  Electronic Voting Systems have been in development since the 1970s, becoming increasingly sophisticated over the past half-century.  I am a technology fan, but don’t view election technology as a good thing.  Bad people quickly began doing bad things with this technology and these machines while responsible adults were AWOL from the technical playroom.  United States’ voters are being duped by a Globalist UNIPARTY comprised of America hating Neo-Marxist Democrats, working in concert with Fascist Establishment Republicans.  This is a life-threatening combination as we’ve seen through COVID lockdowns, toxic JABs, and non-treatment of ill hospital patients—to name just three proofs.  The UNIPARTY wreaked this havoc and the UNIPARTY adores Electronic Voting Systems—therefore, we should ask, “what is the UNIPARTY?”

The worker’s Democrat Party of old degenerated into a 100% united MONEY TRUST darling hellbent on financially and technologically enslaving the entire planet.  The once anti-slavery Republican Party is at war with itself.  The Establishment Ruling Class side aligns with Cultural Marxist Democrat depravity.  These two treasonous groups—Marxist Democrats and Establishment Republicans are the UNIPARTY.

The UNIPARTY is owned and operated by the global syndicate, i.e., the CARTEL, the MONEY TRUST, or whatever we wish to call this malignant cabal.  Wall Street (New York), Lombard Street (London), and Silicon Valley, along with WOKE military leadership around the world are primary enslavement tools for bringing about destruction of all civil rights such as, freedom of assembly, free speech, education, property ownership, free trade, unrestricted travel, healthy nutrition, competent medical services, and so forth.

The MAGA America First side aligns with Main Street humanity in a growing world-wide populist movement intent on removing Satanically influenced One World Government criminals from power, while re-establishing our relationship with our Creator.  Our 21st century populist movement, of which America First is an integral part, is all that stands between global transhuman slavery through entrainment and other means.  Election fraud in the hands of UNLIMITED GOVERNMENT can and is stopping our freedom movement from re-establishing Constitutionally recognized God-given rights in the U.S, as well as strangling freedom across the globe.

United States Voters should realize using Electronic Voting Systems including Electronic Poll Books—especially Poll Books integrated with centralized ERIC, Inc. data bases, PRECLUDE the ability of election management staff, election workers, and election observers from auditing or even observing what happens inside proprietary electronic systems.  Since audit trails are erased as voter rolls are changed or as tabulation manipulation occurs, election workers cannot even verify when the cheating happened, who did the cheating, nor from what local or remote location voter roll adjustments or tabulation changes were made.   Electronic Voting Systems cannot be secured.  Hard stop!

Election workers have no opportunity to effectively monitor proprietary election software or hardware.  A thousand or so highly trained election workers standing around a tabulator cannot see anything happening inside the machine, nor inside remote machines it may be connected to.  Even worse, most election workers and observers are not highly trained technicians and could not recognize an installed wireless modem if they were looking at it.  The predictable result is that testing, and certification of electronic voting systems simply assures software and hardware can accurately, quickly, and invisibly add, subtract, or flip tabulation results via local or remote control.  These cheat machines can also function honestly but are rarely used for that.

Evidence has been publicly available for two decades proving Electronic Voting Systems are designed from the ground up to be operated and controlled remotely and/or locally.  It has been proven repeatedly by independent technical analysis over the past two decades that programming adjustments can be made invisibly via direct or wireless computer system servers, system workstations, tabulators, direct internet connection, wireless internet connection, Smartphone access, USB port, Sting Ray, DRT Box, other IMSI-catcher technology, QR codes on tabulated ballots, and I suppose other means.

In view of this readily available information, the fact that elected representatives holding office or appointed agency staff at any level of government ignore or enable this brazen criminal behavior for any reason is indefensible and not acceptable.  Electronic Election System Ignorance in 2023 is not bliss.  2023 Election system ignorance is cowardice, negligence, or criminality.

American elections are 99% centralized (a few counties do not use electronic systems) by using similar software and hardware created, manufactured, and integrated by a small monopoly of certified companies.  Use of the centralized ERIC, Inc.  system further centralizes ease of access into and out of demographic record keeping databases.  Such demographic information is useful for fine tuning electronic voting system algorithms calculating votes instead of just counting votes.

Why do we need Math and I.T. Ph.Ds. to count 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.?  Most 2-year-olds can count to 10 without difficulty.  For example, in Nevada’s 2022 Clark and Washoe County elections, Edward Solomon found:
“The result of this investigation reveals that a Vector Manifold Formula was applied across all the precincts in both counties.  This Vector Manifold Formula rigs the elections of four races simultaneously, treating each like-ratio of the four different races at each precinct as a quaternionic vector.  This feat could only be accomplished by a HVNN  (Hypercomplex Valued Neural Network).”
Here’s a link:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SCgXpvHwfHJN0T-DdERC3NUQbMlMhOWmRfFjnJs0Ui8/edit

Note: Adding one paper ballot to another paper ballot does not require the use of 6th, 7th, or higher degree equations.  Complicated math equations used in Tabulator software are designed to cheat—not to count.

The idea that United States elections are decentralized and difficult to rig because America has more than 3,100 counties is childish and dangerous to liberty.  Our American republic is owned by its sovereign citizens.  As sovereign citizens we “LOAN” authority to representative officials to govern on our behalf with our consent.  The U.S. Constitution does not grant authority to elected nor appointed officials to without consent of the governed, steal, or in any way abrogate the recognized God-given Right of American voters to determine the course of the republic they own.  We own our elections.

I’ve begun to realize that U.S. election fraud on a nationwide level is not a recent thing.  What I mistakenly thought was opportunistic happenstance is a global syndicate long-term plan to disenfranchise American voters as just one more weapon in the arsenal of unrestricted, Fifth Generation Warfare.  I do not know how old this plan is, but clearly, it’s been PROGRESSING (pun intended) at least since 1993.  In other words, voting rights of America’s productive middle-class have been under incrementally relentless direct attack for at least three decades.

As Professor Jordan Peterson has so eloquently mentioned, we should pay attention.  Anyway, here is a summary timetable of events and activities leading up to today’s ALL OUT ASSAULT against voting rights.  This timetable is by no means exhaustive.


•National Voter Registration Act of 1993
(also known as the Federal Moter-Voter Law)
This bill, among other things, related national MVD data bases with County Voter Registration data bases.
            Note:  Section 7 of the Act ALSO requires states to offer voter registration opportunities at all offices providing public assistance and all offices that provide state-funded programs primarily engaged in providing services to persons with disabilities.  All applicants for any of these services, renewal of services, or address changes MUST be provided with a voter registration form as well as assistance in completing the form and submitting the application to local election officials.  (See Appendix at end of article.)

…Must be provided with forms as well as ASSISTANCE???  Outside of disabled people—why is this fraud enabling language included in this legislation?

•Fat Chads, Hanging Chads, and Pregnant Chad controversy.  Credible or not, this propagandized Chad Circus launched a Mockingbird media crusade for popular acceptance of Electronic Voting Systems.

•Electronic Election System Fraud Accelerates
•Bev Harris discovers 40,000 voting machine files on the internet.  Less than 2-years after the Chad Circus we learned ES&S systems flipped the Alabama Governor’s race, famously introducing the pseudonym “glitch”  into election vernacular to distract from more accurate terms like vote rigging, vote tampering, etc.

•Electronic Voting System problems are documented across the U.S., with many, like Arizona, since even before 2000.  Refer to: 1994 Oro Valley issues in Pima County—not sure what machines were in use;  1998 Global Election Systems (now Diebold) issues also found in Pima County, AZ.

•Bev Harris started Black Box Voting.org with its website in 2003.

•Bev Harris published: Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century (2004)

•The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC, Inc) System was created in 2012, initially contracting with seven (7) states.  ERIC, at last count, was still contracted with 25 states, though in 2022-2023, Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia abandoned the system, so I’m not sure about current state membership.

•ERIC, Inc. maintains four (4) data bases for member states I am aware of.
            1.  Voter Registration Records
            2.  Motor Vehicle Department Data
            3.  Social Security Administration Death Records
            4.  United States Postal Service Address Data

Sorry, but this is an elevated level of data centralization, convenient or not.

•A short list of Election Objectors Not Indicted for objecting to election results:  Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden, Anthony Brindisi, Cory Booker, Barbara Boxer, Corrine Brown, Sherrod Brown, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, William Lacy Clay, Hillary Clinton, James Clyburn, Danny Davis, Howard Dean, Dick Durbin, Dianne Feinstein, Marcia Fudge, Andrew Gillum, Raul Grijalva, Tom Harkin, Kamala Harris, Rita Hart, Alcee Hastings, Eric Holder, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., Pramila Jayapal, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Ted Kennedy (RIP), John Kerry, Ron Klain, Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson Lee, Ted Lieu, John Lewis (RIP), Eddie Bernice Johnson, Ed Markey, Terry McAuliffe, Jim McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, Jerrold Nadler, Nancie Pelosi, Karine Jean-Pierre, Jamie Raskin, Harry Reid, Cedric Richmond, Bernie Sanders, Jan Schakowsky, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chuck Schumer, Jamal Simons, Bennie Thompson, Chris Van Hollen, Elizabeth Warren, and Maxine Waters.

•Bev Harris releases video titled FRACTION MAGIC-Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration.
This video shows how more than 5,000 contractors & middlemen have access to real-time voter data bases, electronic voting systems, voter rolls, and multiple jurisdictions—all simultaneously.  Does this look de-centralized?


•Currently, the United States Electronic Assistance Commission (EAC) registers and certifies manufacturers of electronic voting systems in the U.S.  Not all registered companies are certified.

•To date, well documented Electronic Voting System concerns have surfaced in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, to name 21 states.

•Packet capture metadata gathered since November 2020 show Electronic Election System fraud in every U.S. County using Electronic Voting Systems—no exceptions I’m aware of.

•Questioning honesty of elections in now criminalized across many U.S. jurisdictions.

Educational Links to Relevant Election Result Information:

Edward Solomon interviewed by Joe Oltmann explaining how the algorithm math works.

April 29, 2023—Edward Solomon’s detailed explanation of the math used in Nevada’s Clark and Washoe County 2020 and 2022 elections.

About a year old, Dr. Shiva explains Maricopa County ballot signature issues.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fob-AGgZn44&t=3s   Fraction Magic video by Bev Harris.

https://rumble.com/v2gagxg-show-this-video-to-your-country-officials-machine-rigging-exposed-in-90-min.html  Mark Cook presentation on Conservative Daily with Joe Oltman and panel of five.

https://thebiglie.frankspeech.com/US/thebiglie/index.html  Nov. 2020 Metadata per Frankspeech.

https://thebiglie.frankspeech.com/ARIZONA/index.html  Frankspeech Nov. 2020 Arizona results

Article Appendix:

National Voter Registration Act of 1993:  SEC. 7.  VOTER REGISTRATION AGENCIES.

(1) Each State shall designate agencies for the registration of voters in elections for Federal office.
(2) Each State shall designate as voter registration agencies— (A) all offices in the State that provide public assistance; and (B) all offices in the State that provide State-funded programs primarily engaged in providing services to persons with disabilities.
(3XA) In addition to voter registration agencies designated under paragraph (2), each State shall designate other offices within the State as voter registration agencies.
(B) Voter registration agencies designated under subparagraph (A) may include— (i) State or local government offices such as public libraries, public schools, offices of city and county clerks (including marriage license bureaus), fishing and hunting license bureaus, government revenue offices, unemployment compensation offices, and offices not described in paragraph (2XB) that provide services to persons with disabilities; and (ii) Federal and nongovernmental offices, with the agreement of such offices
(4XA) At each voter registration agency, the following services shall be made available: (i) Distribution of mail voter registration application forms in accordance with paragraph (6). (ii) Assistance to applicants in completing voter registration application forms unless the applicant refuses such assistance. PUBLIC LAW 103-31—MAY 20, 1993 107 STAT. 81 (iii) Acceptance of completed voter registration application forms for transmittal to the appropriate State election official
(B) If a voter registration agency designated under paragraph (2XB) provides services to a person with a disability at the person’s home, the agency shall provide the services described in subparagraph (A) at the person’s home.

08-25-2023: Are Americans-in-Name-Only Dangerous Politicos?

Yes!  But only if we want to live healthy, abundant lives, enjoy each other’s liberty, and share the mutual happiness of self-determination without centralized overseer intervention.

If we want these things, if we want liberty, free association, and the peaceful enjoyment of our property, then multinational monopoly management, Marxist Democrats, Establishment Republicans, and indoctrinated order-following Pawns of Privilege do pose an imminent threat to our well-being.  This mercantilist power structure cannot even exist while supporting the best interests of American families, friends, communities—or that of all other nations and people around the world.

Americans In Name Only (AINOs—H/T to journalist, Ms. Noor bin Ladin) are always GLOBALISTS.  Globalists are an indoctrinated ideological mixture of spiritually twisted Cultural Marxists, Fascists, and Mercantilists, with a few Satanists thrown in.  These Satanic victims love power, money, and the pain of others.  Angry, bitter, confused, envious psychopaths attracted to totalitarian political systems have abandoned their own humanity.  In doing so, they reject our Creator’s love and the gift of Christ’s grace, aligning instead with Satan’s unimaginable hatred and rage.  Under the guise of philanthropy and caring they indoctrinate and financially rape the little people they claim to help.  Using endowments, foundations, trusts and other legally disingenuous money laundering vehicles, they brutalize, disempower, enslave, impoverish, plunder, and destroy every targeted tribe they divide against each other—eventually including themselves.

Fully conditioned, no longer able to process information due to mass formation (H/T to Dr. Mattias Desmet), globalist pawns and lemmings cannot think creatively, behave positively, or build anything constructive.  Standing alone—even in large cults, such as Scientism, ruled by Satanic influence without the armor of God to protect them; they are welded to material reality, having no sense of personal spiritual identity, value, or eternal joy.  Sadly, globalist zombies are demonically led to mindlessly criticize, divide, mock, ridicule, and tear down everybody and everything within reach.  Communism and Fascism, the twisted sisters synthesizing into Globalism offer no exception to societal devastation in world history.  Their only authoritarian offerings are anger, anxiety, division, fear, frustration, hopelessness, impoverishment, imprisonment, lies, mass murder, pain, torture, and enslavement to the dynastic family controllers sponsoring God-hating insanity in the first place.  Controllers being the international MONEY TRUST and their privileged, order-following goons.

Unfortunately for our 21st century world, indoctrinated globalists networking through what I term the international Study Group System, into leadership positions throughout academia, professional associations, banking, business, endowments, foundations, government, institutes, religion, science, trusts, etc., are almost always psychopaths, and sometimes are socially deviant.  We the decent, hard-working, Main Street commoners of Earth have foolishly allowed indoctrinated psychopaths to intentionally or unintentionally make progress toward destroying all creation.  Fortunately, their delusional New World Order plan has failed and is crumbling around them.

To rescue ourselves from this still dangerous evil, our first American Main Street task appears to be taking back the self-governance we gave away to these treacherous nut jobs.  We MUST get this done without damaging our Constitutionally recognized rights more than they already are damaged while we take out the trash and clean up our D.C. and state messes.  We MUST take care as we work, because the destructive globalist order is still dangerous and still capable of harming millions of innocent people.  Our second task, after surgically taking back self-governance of the United States, is sharing our freedom, and making our entire world great again.  Despite present dangers and difficulty, with God’s grace, and only through God’s grace, our task becomes incredibly empowering, inspiring, and should be enthusiastically embraced by all 8 billion or so of us humans, as success assures eternal posterity in everlasting love.  Is that cool or what?

SO—how do we de-fang, neuter, and remove seditious AINO traitors from power to restore limited U.S. government—not to be confused with small government?  My suggestion, from an engineering point of view is to first identify the core problem—the original source of American tyranny.  This requires examining the extended coup d’état running from the 1776 Prussian infiltration of American education at William and Mary College, to the City of London Crown’s financial capture of the U.S. in 1913 via the Federal Reserve, to our own CIA’s November 1963 coup, and finally to today where we find separation of powers fully vaporized by our own citizen complicity with—wait for it—the DYNASTIC FAMILY CENTRAL BANKING CULT running the international Deep State and in our case, America’s treasonously corrupt, NEOCON UNIPARTY.

Washington D.C. has degenerated into an evil septic pit built not from the top down, but sadly constructed from the gullibly apathetic ground up.  This makes the source of the attack on American sovereignty difficult to identify because we ourselves are woven throughout the mind control matrix as brainwashed co-conspirators.  So many citizens, including me of course, are victims of what China’s CCP calls unrestricted warfare—orwhatMichael T. Flynn, LTG, U.S. Army (retired) calls Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW).  5GW constitutes a nearly invisible, though relentless emotional and psychological attack on cultural values, economic ideology, industrial morality, legal government, military honor, political conscience, religious traditions, scientific rigor, social values, and at its evil nadir—our appreciation of the infinite value of God-given life itself.

Back in the early to mid-1930s, Pennsylvania Congressman, Louis T. McFadden made several noteworthy, well informed, sadly ignored speeches on the floor of the House.  He warned of the ongoing criminal financial coup and takeover of United States’ government by an international credit monopoly.  The American branch of this Satanically influenced financial cartel was and is the Federal Reserve System.  The link below includes extensive quotations from Congressman McFadden’s speeches from that period, during which the unconstitutional economic capture of America by what I call the global syndicate was treasonously institutionalized—not by foreigners, but by American citizens, who should be properly identified as Americans-In-Name-Only, i.e., TRAITORS.


Unfortunately, the rot of systemic corruption throughout our Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government, already entrenched before McFadden’s days in Congress—has, as nearly all of us know, grown much worse.  We are no longer dealing with differences of opinion between legitimate political factions.  Since January, 20 2021, we are dealing with full on sedition and treason.  There are no other words for what we are having our noses rubbed in.

American citizens have for nearly three years, been watching a literal, in-our-face Washington D.C. FREAK-SHOW—aided and abetted by Mockingbird media and treasonous leadership of many States, trying to leverage planet Earth into the Armageddon of a nuclear World War III.  Another war fought for Satanically influenced power, money, and more destruction of creation.

To suggest the Biden Administration or our cowardly bi-cameral Congress persons are corrupt and/or insane is complementary.  Outside The Twenty and maybe a few more, their despicable, oath violating, honor challenged behavior, lack of candor, and outright criminality goes far beyond insanity to pure evil.  Captured leadership willing to stand by or enable democidal activities like:  never-ending war, illegal surveillance and propagandizing of citizens, uncontrolled foreign invasion, mass murder of innocent people via intentional and provably TOXIC JABS, support for a plague of medical non-treatment for treatable illness, banning historically proven treatment protocols and medicines, funding poisonous aerosol spraying, weaponizing weather, and government support of malnutrition programs are not incompetent—such leadership is a dangerous enemy to its own people posing an imminent threat, not just to America, but the world.  This MUST stop NOW.

By securing non-electronic, machine tabulated elections, i.e., transparent hand-counted, paper ballot elections with no early voting or mail-in ballots, we can remove the trash from our city, county, state, and federal government offices—both elected and/or appointed trash.  We citizens have been used from the ground up to tear our country apart.  We fix it the same way—from the ground up, one county, one red shirt at a time.  This is not a contrived Democrat-Republican issue.  This is an issue for every American citizen.  Failure to join in the honest repair of broken U.S. government operations, with a return to the original limited intent of our Constitution likely means a 2nd civil war.  War between 300 or so million Americans is something Earth has never seen, and never should see.  Only we, as Main Street citizens, can or will fix this.  We are who we are waiting for.  Washington D.C. is 100% AWOL from reasonable solutions as are most State capitals.

Despite lying narratives, it is the Left that always wants and precipitates violence—a historic truth.  America First people like me do not seek violent solutions to problems easily eradicated by respectful debate.  The captured UNIPARTY, however, does not allow open debate on the merits.  If we the people do not JOIN TOGETHER as Ben Franklin suggested so long ago, to resolve our differences morally, peacefully, reasonably, and legally; we may leave ourselves with no option but to start killing each other.

Any person imagining civil war is a solution to anything at all is a dangerous fool, who should pack their stuff and escape from the U.S. to China, Venezuela, or some other totalitarian paradise where your equity dream is already established.  Leave the rest of us alone.  We don’t want your sick dream.

If you are on the stupid side, the totalitarian control side of this struggle—please do not force America First citizens to defend themselves against your mindless violence.  The world has seen more than once how the American Lion responds when backed into a corner.  I beg of you as an old man—don’t once again, make the world witness American citizens being forced to defend themselves.  Please don’t make that mistake.  Stop poking the American Main Street Lion.  Instead, join an honest debate and win or lose that debate on the merit of your ideas.  Instead of killing each other, let’s just make voting honest again and clean our dirty laundry the boring way.

08-18-2023: Where Do Designer Refugees Come From?

Refugees don’t come from thin air like fiat money does.  Unfortunately, fiat money empowers and enables a tiny circle of powerful people to impoverish millions of victims, then use those victims to impoverish others around the world.  The circle must be broken.

Do we imagine penniless, tin-pot war lords and dictators are financing, supplying, and arming themselves to murder, torture, and impoverish thousands of their own people?  Of course not.  They have help, inspiration, and gobs of fiat money.  Lots of help from the wealthiest of the wealthy oligarchs around the globe.  Aristocrats are few.  Commoners are many.  We have the numbers—but do we have the will to stop the devastation; to make our world safer and more abundant; to stop the endless creation of refugees who should never be forced to leave their homes in the first place?

I’m going to pick on America today; not because I hate her but because I love her.  America’s role in the Anglo-American Establishment and the course of human events around the world demands America re-embrace Nature’s God to regain her people’s health, strength, and determination to secure life, liberty, and happiness for everyone on God’s Earth.  This article discusses WHY, for the good of the world, America MUST look in the mirror, assess itself honestly, then take back the self-governance we gave away to evil dynastic families.  We MUST, WILL, and ARE DOING THIS.

Our failure to turn back to Divine Providence has been carefully planned to suffocate America’s spiritual and financial independence, thereby bringing about the “impoverished equity and hopelessness” needed for WOKE New World Order goons to implement global transhuman slavery.  America is the last country standing and like it or not, it is our job, our duty to stop this evil from going any further.  Refugees are brutally created and cruelly used as weapons in our war of good against evil and we MUST recognize that fact.  It’s not about refugees versus non-refugees—this is about all people on Earth standing together against Satanically influenced tyranny.

Abused globalist victims fleeing from Marxist hellholes across the world are being delivered at American expense to American cities for the purpose of turning the United States into the world’s newest globalist hellhole.  Urine and feces smothered sidewalks are a sign.  The same group of psychopaths destroying dozens of victim nations annually; psychopaths creating vicious terrorists and millions of desperate refugees; are importing those terrorists and refugees to create chaos, overload the system, and force America’s middle-class to its bloody financial knees.  Fortunately, the MAGA Movement WILL NOT COMPLY.

Refugees emanate from all over the world but are almost always driven from their homes due to contrived circumstances serving the international cartel Professor Carroll Quigley referred to as The Anglo-American Establishment[1], and of course, their associates.  Usually, refugee home countries are under global syndicate attack as are guest countries where recently herded refugees, like cattle, are being shipped.  The clash of civilizations de-stabilizes both the fleeing and arriving ends of the cartel’s disaster train.  Sadly, all G20 and most other national governments are infected with corrupt groups of privileged rogue elements serving, not their own countries and people, but the exclusive interests of heartless, greedy dynastic family elites.

Via an international Study Group System comprised of academia, associations, clubs, endowments, foundations, institutes, media, NGOs, publishing, societies, think tanks, trusts, etc., rogue element recruits are hazed by, indoctrinated by, networked by, promoted by, rewarded by, linked to, and are working for this Anglo-American Establishment.  Notorious order-following psychopath, Klaus Schwab, for example, chairman and founder of the Satanically globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) and its 1,400 or so Young Global Leaders, just one small link in the international Study Group System, insanely brags about infiltrating every major national government on Earth.  Young Global Leaders comprise a litter of fashionably dressed, indoctrinated swine guilty of home country treason in most greedy cases—and I mean no insult to hogs.

This so-called Establishment—not all Anglo, nor American, nor Atlanticist—by the way, take advantage of good intentions and institutional trust of decent, wealth producing, American middle-class people by abusing the good faith and credit built by those people.  In other words, United States’ wealth, diplomatic influence, and military power are abused around the world for various purposes such as, population control, regime change, resource rape, or other horrific agendas.

Despite press corpse lies, worldwide democide programs, famines, and generational poverty are the result of political histrionics, not natural happenstance.  Mother nature, even at her most extreme, does not cause institutionalized starvation and endemic poverty.  Rogue elements in governments do that—either directly or more often by hiring heartless surrogate NGOs and paramilitary forces via the Money Trust to foment civil discord and Designer Wars—all coordinated through the U.N. and various foreign aid programs—in turn financed by big banks using confiscated U.S. tax dollars and digital debt.  {Hat Tip to correspondent, Michael Yon for his term, Designer Wars.}

These crimes against humanity, paid for by uninformed American taxpayers and a few others around the world, are the source of victim refugees.  The same psychopaths telling Main Street we must take care of these refugees are the same people using our confiscated wealth to earn hundreds of billions in military and trafficking blood money annually by destroying entire nations pitted against each other, thereby creating these refugees in the first place.  Then they earn hundreds of billions more each year, raking in tax dollars and national debt to finance their pillaging, resource rape, and profitable infrastructure reconstruction.  Why do we participate in this sick process?

Instead of prattling on about this global evil—let’s look at a list of specific countries voraciously attacked by multinational corporate goons working with intelligence service Shadow Governments of various nations such as:  CIA and para-military forces; Britain’s MI6; China’s Ministry of State Security; Germany’s FIS (BND); Iran’s MOIS (SAVAMA); Israel’s Mossad; Pakistan’s ISI; Russia’s CBR, FSB, KGB, and SVR; Saudi Arabia’s Mahabith; and too many others to name.

Per various researchers with some disagreement, here are most but not all countries de-stabilized by recent generations of the Anglo-American Establishment.  This is important to understand because Designer Wars and orchestrated Civil Unrest produce Designer Refugees.  The pain isn’t accidental—it’s planned.  Here’s a short list of refugee sources.

Afghanistan 1979-1992 & 2001-2021     Albania 1949-1953 & 1991    Algeria 1954-2019-? Angola 1975-1991     Argentina 1976     Australia 1973 – 1975     Austria-Hungary 1917-1920     Austria 1945-1955     Belgium 1944-1945     Bolivia 1964 & 1971
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1990-2010-?     Burma (and China) 1950-1953     Brazil 1962-1964
British Guiana (Guyana) 1953-1964    Bulgaria 1990     Cambodia 1955-1970     Chad 1981-1982     Chile 1964-1973     China 1945-1949-1960s     Columbia 1846-2023 Congo (Zaire) 1960-1975 & 1996-1997 Costa Rica 1917 & 1948-1950s & 1970-1971     Cuba 1906-1909 & 19591962 Dominican Republic 1916-1924 & 1961 – 1963     Ecuador 1960-1963 & 2000
Egypt 1952-1957     El Salvador 1863-2023     Ethiopia 1974-1991     Fiji 1987     France 1944-1965
East & West Germany 1917-1950s     Ghana 1966     Greece 1947-1949 & 1967     Grenada 1983     Guatemala 1952-1954     Haiti 1915-1934 & 1994-1995 & 2004     Hawaii 1893 Honduras 1903-1925 & 2009     India 1858-1947
Indonesia 1957-1958 & 1965-1967 Iran 1952-1953     Iraq 1959 & 1963 & 1991-1996 & 2003-2021     Italy 1941-1946
Jamaica 1976-1980     Japan 1941-1952     South Korea 1945-1948     Kuwait 1899-2017     Kyrgystan 2005     Laos 1958-1960     Lebanon  1943-2023     Libya 1980s & 2011 Mexico 1865-1867     Mongolia 1944-2023    Morocco 1912-1956 & 1974-2017-?
Nepal 1951-1977-?     Nicaragua 1909-1910 & 1912-1933 & 1981-1990     Netherlands 1944-1945     North Korea 1950-2023     Russia (Soviet Union) 1917-2017      Pakistan 2022 Palestinian Territories 2006-2007     Panama 1989-1994
Philippines 1899-1902 & 1944-1945 Poland 1980-1989     Portugal 1974-1976    Samoa 1887-1889     Seychelles 1979-1981
Somalia 1993 & 2005-2007-?     Sudan 1996-2007-? Syria 1949 & 1956-1957 & 2005-2009 & 2012-2017
Suriname 1982-1984     Thailand 1833-2023,     East Timor 1975-1999     Ukraine 2014     United States 1871-2023     Uruguay 1976
Venezuela 2002     North & South Vietnam 1945-1973     Yemen 1982-1984 Yugoslavia 1999-2000

The above list of 80 countries, including the United States government which has now turned on its citizens, is what I’ve determined while searching various sources.  Dates are uncertain since covert espionage, nation meddling, regime change, resource rape, and other nefarious activities aren’t advertised, and I don’t attend the meetings.  The list seems excessive but prominent 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has mentioned governments of 73 nations interfered with, overturned, or otherwise suppressed.  CIA bastion of propaganda, the Washington Post has also mentioned interference in more than 70 nations, so there’s that.

Additionally, author and historian, the late William Blum (1933-2018) tells us in America’s Deadliest Export[2], “that since the end of World War II the United States has
•endeavored to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, most of which were democratically elected;

•grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries;

•attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders;

•dropped bombs on the people of more than 30 countries;

•attempted to suppress a populist or nationalist movement in 20 countries.”

The list is so long we may think, “so what, regime change happens all the time—it’s nothing.”  I get it, but seriously doubt even one person fleeing these hellholes; fleeing imposed famine, poverty, imprisonment, torture, mass murder, and a hopeless future of despair imagines it is nothing.  This is coordinated evil and American apathy is sucking hard-working, busy citizens into it.  We MUST wake up.

Despite documented U.S. involvement, I don’t place singular blame on the U.S. for what is mentioned above.    The CIA has been evil from its inception but not all encompassing.  Mr. Blum’s allegation, I believe mistakenly, suggests American political leaders are decider guys and gals.  That is not the case.  At least since globalist Woodrow Wilson in 1913 through globalist Barack Obama in 2009, U.S. Presidents have been nothing more than mid-level global syndicate managers, though some have been more patriotic than others.  President Donald J. Trump, fortunately for Main Street, broke this mold in 2017 and will break it again in 2025.  The Biden Freak Show isn’t worth mentioning.

Outside 20 or so U.S. House members and one U.S. Senator that I know of, the rest of Congress have made themselves so corruptly irrelevant to honest government operations, they don’t even qualify as mid-level management.  No one respects Congressional cowardice or stupidity.  Most Congressional members and their despicable supporting staff are just money laundering bag men and women for global syndicate handlers.  Order-following agency scum involved in our $7 trillion per year Administrative Dictatorship don’t bother responding to Congressional subpoenas and the U.S. judicial system refuses to even recognize Congress still exists.  Our present U.S. bi-cameral Congress is not just harmful to Main Street domestic interests—its cowardice poses a dangerous threat to the world as it compliantly lurches toward WW III.

America’s WOKE leaders are involved in international crime but do not lead this depravity.

The international horror show alluded to above requires influential, wealthy, powerfully connected cartel partners.  Building up and tearing down entire nations requires cooperation between “above the law” entities like central banks, other big banks, multinational monopoly corporations, and treasonous legions of order-following government pawns.  With the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Economic Forum, dozens of networked NGOs, para-military forces, communications, media, and propaganda networks all obediently arranged around the central banking cartel—The Money Trust—no one nation can operate all necessary moving parts.  Effective international criminality, crimes against humanity, and genocide require a global village of willing psychopaths.

The head of this international horror show is Satan, worshipped by a small group of dynastic family members as the historic inner circle, surrounded by ever larger circles of lower and lower levels of less-informed criminal co-conspirators.  Many Pawns of Privilege involved are so dumbed down, they don’t even know they’re involved.  I guess they believe they’re saving the world or just enjoy their carrots.

OK!  Enough about all that.  The survival question is—how can American citizens stop their own illegitimate, rogue government and WOKE military from abusing our good Main Street intentions, good faith and credit, and more importantly our precious military blood, sweat, and tears?  I’m not sure, but here’s today’s suggestion for consideration.

STEP 1.  Turn back to God.  Turning away from our Creator’s love cost us our country.  We cannot win this battle against powers and principalities without wearing the armor of God.

STEP 2.  Establish honest elections NOW—TODAY.  Get rid of the cheat machines, early voting, mail-in ballots, and voting for weeks on end.  Aside from a horrible idea like hosting a 2nd civil war, the only way we can remove scum from office is by ELECTING America First MAGA candidates to office.  MAGA is the only group in America fighting for freedom, so MAGA it is.

STEP 3Take out the garbage.  Honest representation in the people’s White House, Congress, and at State, County, and City levels will enable FIRING seditious, often treasonous globalist scum throughout the D.C., State, County, and City bureaucracies.

STEP 4.  Recover our tens of trillions of dollars missing out the back doors of Congress since 1998, or arrange to have it paid back, or obtain an equity position in what it’s spent on.

STEP 5.  Punish the evil doers, though punishing thousands of traitors constitutes a serious Constitutional Crisis.  I’m not sure if this can be done without losing our Constitution entirely.  We all want justice but must proceed with caution to avoid doing more harm than good.

That’s it.  Five steps.  It’s long past time to stop pointing fingers and whining about America’s vacuous leaders selected by machines.  It is time to fix the mess we allowed to be made on our watch.  We have work to do and there’s never been a better crew to work with than American Patriots.  One red shirt, one county at a time—let’s get ‘er done!


[1] Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishment – Original Edition.

[2] Blum, America’s Deadliest Export, 1.

08-09-2023: Limited Government and Enumerated Powers—A Lesser Magistrate Strategy.

Four things necessary for good people to be free from tyranny are faith in God’s love, and a form of Constitutional Republic with limited government and enumerated powers.

Why are these four things necessary for freedom?  They are necessary because people are people and we’re prone to making bad decisions and messing things up for each other and ourselves.  Humans need practical, defined behavioral boundaries to secure life, liberty, and happiness.  These are four things our Founders thought about that I’m aware of, and that the White House squatting hair-sniffer might call, The Thing—you know, The Thing – which in good faith, and with honor, limits one group of people from injuring and stealing from other groups of people, though the CCP’s hair-sniffer wouldn’t respect that.

Thankfully, Americans have a Declaration of Independence identifying humanity’s unalienable rights and the principles governing those God-given rights.  In a nutshell as Dr. Larry P. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, David Barton of Wall Builders, or Rick Green at Patriot Academy would all eloquently explain; the 1776 Declaration addresses limited government based upon the following:
1.  Moral Law exists.
2.  God, our Creator exists.
3.  Humanity possesses God-given unalienable rights such as life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, freedom of association, free speech, and self-defense.
4.  Governments are formed to protect God-given rights.
5.  We have the right to vote on everything else.

Links to Hillsdale College, Patriot Academy, and Wall Builders are included at the end of this article.

The U.S. Constitution outlines our legal system for securing those rights.  Neither the Declaration nor the Constitution have practical relevance without the other.  These two documents support each other, and we require both to maintain the freedom our generation was born into.  Unfortunately, we have abandoned our Constitution through human error and a combination of enemy infiltration, deceptive indoctrination, Money Trust financial manipulation, internal subterfuge, apathy, and lack of vigilance.  Now like Sisyphus, endlessly pushing his enormous rock up a steep hill, we strain to carry the bloated, treasonous shackles of Administrative Dictatorship.

A nearly impenetrable bureaucratic Leviathan controlled from outside Washington D.C., is steadily eliminating the once independent wealth-creating middle-class by impoverishing and enslaving hard-working Americans in servitude to dynastic family masters we don’t know or see.  All we see are order-following privileged thugs the Money Trust rewards and selects to visibly lie to us, dumb us down, rule us, and rob us of our dignity and wealth.

We can choose to set aside our differences and fix this treasonous disaster NOW while we still legally can, or our children and future generations will be confined within a cyber gulag of transhuman serfdom—or if they have the stones we haven’t yet shown, will gut their way through an unimaginable 2nd civil war between more than 300,000,000 people—along with the millions of intentionally imported illegals disappointed and angry that D.C. liars cannot and will not sustain free delivery of free stuff.  Sorry, but the lies and math don’t work.  If we willingly leave this dark future for our young people, there is something seriously wrong with us.  We’ve been lied to and made mistakes, BUT that does not mean we cannot or will not fix our mistakes.  The only issue is how to fix those mistakes.

Since I am a mistake maker, my own experience suggests making repairs using the above four things, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, BY ENFORCING protection of our God-given rights within our originally intended Constitutional Law through moral actions taken by  us, as the sovereign citizenry under the historic Doctrine of  Lesser Magistrates.  If we can work together and accomplish this, then hard-working, decent, productive people can more easily raise families and live together peacefully without the selfish rancor ALWAYS caused by psychopathically driven aristocrats.  We all want things.  We all want comfort and security for our families and friends.  Good, bad, or otherwise, we’re all willing to do foolish things from time to time in support of whatever our concept of comfort and security may be.  It’s just human nature in a world of good, under constant attack by evil influence.

Despite shared strengths and weaknesses, arrogant oligarchs with self-assumed importance, i.e., self-appointed, inbred nobility whether financially privileged, military, monarchial, power possessed, or somehow royal are always a special breed of human more willing to cheat, maim, threaten, torture, and kill for power and wealth than any other class of human.  So-called aristocrats, unfortunately for them,  are the most Satanically influenced, emotionally and intellectually injured casualties of spiritual warfare.  Less spiritually attacked commoners, consequently, must pray for society’s psychopathic leaders, but sadly, must also defend themselves against abuse of power.  We might ask: Why do we find ourselves in this ethos of despotism, struggle, and hardship?

The clearest explanation, the Biblical explanation tells us because an enraged Satan and envious legions of fallen angels were thrown out of Paradise.  These demons carried their anger and hatred with them into Earth’s spiritual universe; then later because our ancestors chose to follow Satan’s influence instead of freely accepting God’s love, all humanity inherits the moral ethos and necessity of having to fight for love to obtain love.

 Free will means love must be freely chosen, is demonically opposed, is no longer free, and neither is anything else in our Satanically influenced universe.  Humanity may be created out of love but isn’t born into it.  God’s love must be chosen.  As a result, humans don’t just fall into love, like it’s a trip hazard.  We fight for love and struggle every day to keep it and share it once we find it.  Of course, all this Luciferian influence is why the few who control governments abuse power, making life suck for the many.  Limited government is the obvious solution but is difficult to bring about.

So, why mention this Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates?  I raise the concept because there are historic precedents for commoners to legally and peacefully stand against unjust government systems.  I’m not going to theologically define it here, but we can refer to Pastor Matthew Trewhella of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for explanation in his 2013 book, The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.  In a nutshell, and as notably stated in our U.S. Declaration of Independence (see below); when a civil authority of higher station than occupied by ourselves makes an immoral or unjust law or pursues immoral or unjust action—lower ranking or lesser authorities, i.e., lesser magistrates have both the right and the duty to refuse obedience and if necessary, to actively resist such unjust authority.  In a republic, we the people are the ultimate lesser magistrate.  We own our republic and are sovereign, not giving over, but loaning representative governing power per consent of the governed.

Our U.S. 1776 Declaration explicitly says, “…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and happiness.”

In my humble opinion, we don’t need and MUST NOT abolish our Constitutional Form of Government.  In doing so, we will likely lose everything; we will lose all rights under that scenario because we are as a nation, too dumbed-down and entrained at present to win anything via a Constitutional Convention or Debate.  We ignore our Constitution anyway, and don’t enforce it—so as a practical matter, why bother re-writing it, or replacing it.  A better strategy is to use and enforce what we already have.  Competent constitutional work is already done—now it’s our job to do our duty as responsible citizens.  Our safest and surest option is simply, firmly, and legally re-instituting our Constitutional Rule of Law, with enforced limited government, and enumerated powers, then steadfastly maintain all three.  If we accept this concept, what’s next?

One way to begin this battle is fighting simultaneously on two fronts—always a difficult and dangerous strategy, but in our economically time challenged case, necessary.  We must immediately cease and desist with all electronic voting systems along with early voting, mail-in ballots, and any kind of centralized electoral record keeping or reporting.  This move enables us to replace fake representative Americans-In-Name-Only and fire layer upon layer of government agency subversion.  Simultaneously, we MUST re-educate ourselves regarding the meaning and import of critical constitutional terms like GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, and ENUMERATED POWERS.

To over-simplify a bit—the United States became a $7 trillion dollar per year money laundering ADMINISTRATIVE DICTATORSHIP because we the people of Main Street, primarily through academic indoctrination, along with governmental, and media subversion,  lost track of important concepts like the value of human life, limited government, and enumerated powers.  More than 90% of all U.S. on-book federal spending—about $6.3 trillion annually, IS NOT authorized under Article 1, Section 8 enumerated Constitutional powers. Every penny beyond Section 8 is fraudulent.  This is not waste or error—it is willful fraud at citizen expense.  We pay dearly to watch our corrupt bi-cameral Congress impoverish and disempower our own citizen sovereignty.

By re-educating each other regarding our Constitutional foundation, we strengthen and embolden our policy debating and decision-making capabilities—building a direct path to enforcing limited government with balanced separation of powers and constitutional enumeration of authority.  The United States as our ancestors knew it is gone—but with God’s grace and hard work can be re-established by responsible citizens.  We gave our liberty and wealth to globalist liars, cheats, and mass murderers.  It is our duty to take it back.  This is not our children’s job.  It’s our responsibility.  We Join our MAGA movement or Die as transhuman globalist slaves.  At present, survival suggests our best Main Street option is joining and leading our worldwide populist freedom movement to tear the deep state down.  The time has come to flush the global syndicate down the toilet of history’s mistakes.

I’m not a slave and never will be.  I DO NOT COMPLY WITH TOTALITARIAN ANYTHING.  I sure hope you don’t comply with globalist totalitarianism either.  Together with God’s blessings we the people of Main Street win.  Divided and without our Creator’s blessings, we lose—at least for now.

Despite all odds, no American generation ever quit, and we are not the first.  Human life has always been challenging and still is.  Let’s get past frustrated finger pointing and embrace our generation’s glorious opportunity to courageously battle evil influences.  It’s an exciting time to be human and with God’s grace, to have each other’s back.  Let’s embrace a more abundant, more loving future for all creation.

We can Work Together,  Make America Great Again—Then Make the World Great Again.

Here’s three links to Constitutional education well worth our time and effort.

Hillsdale College:  https://www.hillsdale.edu/

Patriot Academy:  https://www.patriotacademy.com/

Wall Builders:  https://wvw.wallbuilders.com/


08-03-2023: Corporatized Government Lies By Omission

Is Congressional Oversight an Urban Myth?  Of course, it is.

“There is no such thing as new truth; error might be old or new, but truth is as old as the universe.”  {Frederick Douglass}

Robert Barron, Catholic Bishop – Diocese of Winona-Rochester (Minnesota), reminded graduating students of this profound statement by Mr. Douglass during his May 13, 2023, Commencement Address at Hillsdale College; Hillsdale’s 171st Commencement Ceremony.  Thank you, Hillsdale!  It makes me wonder if perhaps more government employees would consider honoring their oath of office and at least pretend to respect the truth by acknowledging the honest fact of compromised government, not to mention respecting the citizens they are paid to supposedly serve.  All Federal employees including Congress take the following Constitutional oath—apparently many of them, at least within the CIA, DOJ, and other agencies considering it a joke.  Supreme Circus justices take two oaths—one Constitutional, one Judicial.  Sadly, study group indoctrinated justices, believing international law supersedes U.S. Constitutional Law also consider oaths a joke.  They violate their oath while taking it.

Per 5 U. S. C. § 3331: Constitutional Oath
“I, _________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So, help me God.”
Straight forward oath isn’t it—not complicated.  The President and military have their own oaths.

Despite oaths, honor, and truth—the District of Columbia houses the world’s largest, most corrupt money laundering operation yet seen on Earth, but doesn’t usually crap on U.S. and world citizens directly.  America has more than 400 global syndicate captured federal agencies with near zero Congressional oversight and NO fiscal oversight.  Agencies routinely hire global syndicate preferred contractors for accountability cover; and to carry out tasks like citizen censorship, citizen surveillance, plausible deniability, population control, propaganda, resource rape, wealth confiscation, and worse.  This openly democidal horror show occurs beneath good faith and credit of U.S. citizen voters, making voters tacit accomplices—or do we allow electronic voting systems to do that for us?

For example, NSA and CIA claim they don’t spy on American citizens.  Both CIA and FBI claim not to censor free speech.  NIH claims it doesn’t fund and support bioweapon research and development, including real time testing on uninformed citizens.  CDC and FDA claim they don’t cover up illegal, immoral, now murderous NIH activity conducted in partnership with other nations, including self-proclaimed U.S. enemy, the Chinese Communist Party.  DoD claims since 1997, it doesn’t experiment with or use weaponized weather technology.

If we never look at the sky or when taken at face value, these claims are true—but only as lies by omission—sometimes even willing commission.  Study group indoctrinated government criminals are privileged, well hidden, and protected by handlers and layers of agency co-conspirators, as well as by subversive media pawns from having to answer questions asked by citizens regarding our nearly $7 trillion-dollar annual Administrative Dictatorship and $32 trillion U.S. on-book debt.  Citizens have no idea how much off-book debt exists nor how many inflationary digital U.S. dollars there are.  Nor do citizens know how those invisible dollars are spent to dumb-down and enslave the same citizens held responsible for that debt.  We are paying for our mind-control prison and MUST stop doing so, NOW!  Doing nothing means serfdom for future generations—or civil war.

If we dig less than 1mm deeper than declared face value, we find nothing but lies by omission.  Government denial after denial after denial because unconstitutional, criminal government activities are performed for government agencies by unaudited, nontransparent federal contractors.  For example, the NSA does spy on Americans under allegedly legal, though openly abused FISA protocols—but far more illegal spying is done by banks, defense contractors, search engines, social media companies, telecom companies, retail and commercial companies, and other contractors about whom I’m not familiar.  The unconstitutional Patriot Act and National Security are the usual blanket arguments made for brazen violation of our 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, and I suppose other civil rights amendments.

The U.S. government is raging out-of-mercantilist-control, ruled from outside D.C. by an enormous international MONEY TRUST—to borrow a progressive late 19th – early 20th century phrase.  Washington D.C., home to hordes of mid-level management thugs, is autocratically ruled by multinational corporate interests on behalf of psychopathic elite families holding interlocking control, i.e., the Cabal—the Global Syndicate.  So-called anti-trust legislation does nothing to limit monopoly power—it strengthens it.  Anti-trust law just breaks enormous, easily identifiable monopolies into more corrupt, smaller, less identifiable, even more powerful, more influential networked financial chess board pieces.

Imagining federal anti-trust legislation will reduce or stop fascist tech and media monopolies from attacking citizens or surveilling and censoring information is hope-porn.  Government regulators are operated by the regulated, serve as profit incubators for the regulated at taxpayer expense, and often receive operating revenues directly from corrupt regulated companies.  Anti-trust law is a bad joke, especially since multinational corporate monopolies controlled by elites own most law makers.

Illegal electronic surveillance, unconstitutional censorship, bioweapon R & D, weaponized biochemistry, weaponized nanotechnology, weaponized medicine, weaponized nutrition, weaponized pharma, aerosol spraying and weaponized weather including dangerous atmospheric ionization, are all outsourced by rogue traitors to corrupt multinational corporations with zero Congressional accountability or fiscal oversight.  Can we spell legislative appropriation FRAUD?  In cases entangled with other nations, TREASON?  Maybe in some cases, it’s just bicameral misfeasance, not malfeasance, but why don’t public officials complain to voters how impossible it is for them to do their jobs honestly?  Where are the whistleblowers?  If public officials don’t communicate with citizens truthfully, in good faith; then how can citizens improve working conditions and stop this Satanic insanity?  We cannot fix what we don’t know is broken.  Openly unconstitutional government policy and expenditures have never made a stronger, self-accusing case for LIMITED GOVERNMENT—and I mean limited, not just smaller.

We should remember; we the people OWN our Republic.  Every oath taking federal employee, elected, and appointed, works for us—not for themselves and not for outside benefit.  Money laundering out the back doors of Congress via unread, undebated, unconstitutional legislation does not work for us.  Under our U.S. Constitution, we citizens LOAN our sovereign, God given authority to elected and appointed representatives to secure our lives, liberty, and happiness on our behalf.  No powers or authority are arbitrarily or perpetually granted to our self-governed government under Article 1 of our U.S. Constitution.  We use and enforce our Constitution or lose it as is currently happening via the latest coup attempt.

Under the nose of once trusting American voters like me, i.e., victims of dumbed down American education, aided by media co-conspirators; ± $6.3 trillion annually (±90%) of federal D.C. money laundering is spent on crimes against humanity—at home and abroad.  As once free Americans we have dropped every ball in sight, disappointing and horrifying cabal victims across the globe by unconstitutionally gifting control of our Unites States’ military and financial power to the century’s old, Lombard Street & Wall Street MONEY TRUST.

There is only one money trust with three primary branches, though adversarial infighting is common among the Satanically inbred powerful.  In any event, elites agree Main Street humans are nothing more than cattle, to be usefully herded and worked, or done away with if no longer useful.  City of London—the real CROWN power, handles money and capital flows along with Wall Street.  Vatican City handles how people think and behave.  Washington D.C. handles diplomatic influence and military enforcement of money trust agendas.  Not only do American citizens have no effective political voice since 1913, but we also aren’t even on D.C., London, or Vatican radar—other than as commodities to be bought, sold, and traded.  Main Street workers are a hard-working, wealth producing wallet to steal from and for the time being, a digital pile of make-believe votes cast by machines.  Who programs these complicated machines and who do they work for?

On a negative Note, IF the New World Order’s TOTALITARIAN ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT comes about, fake voting by mail-in ballots and machine FRACTION MAGIC will no longer be necessary as freedom will be traded for embedded transhuman slavery.  You may recall WEF, Prussian megalomaniac, Klaus Schwab arrogantly instructing Main Street commoners that by 2030, “We will own nothing and be happy.”  On a positive Note, do not fear because the New World Order has already failed, is crumbling beneath its own bloated filth, and with the armor of God’s grace, will soon be thrown into the trash bin of history’s most heinous ideas by populist movements such as Canada’s Truckers, Dutch Farmers, America’s MAGA, Europe’s Yellow-Vests, the New Federal State of China (NFSC), and less identifiable citizen groups.  We MUST, however, do the hard work of self-governance and realize Satanic freaks masquerading as stylish philanthropists are still dangerous until removed to Guantanamo Bay, away from the world stage.

Americans not yet awakening to the most recent (November 2020 & 2022) take-over of American government operations are strangers to what we are talking about here—but that doesn’t alter reality, nor the 2020 coup.  Do we believe a lifetime punk and known criminal; the hair sniffing, racist bully and imbecilic caricature of a human being who can’t even walk is running the United States?  Seriously?  Are we to believe as the world laughs in confused panic, his cackling sub-three-digit IQ VP is managing something?  Really?  Some believe Marxist Obama, an indoctrinated, order following pawn never seen performing a day’s work in public, is running the White House coup from his new gifted estate.  Obama a decider guy? No!  Obama doesn’t make decisions.  He does what handlers tell him to do and is now wealthy and protected for violating his Presidential oath to commit treason (my opinion).  Obama is just another tool of the global syndicate like the Bushes, Clintons, and so many others.

On July 26th, we learned from whistleblowers, not Congress persons I might add, during recent UAP related, House Oversight Committee pandering that third party contractors do whatever they wish with appropriated dollars, and NO ONE tracks where or to whom hundreds of billions of dollars flow.  This amounts to ±$6.3 trillion of this year’s Washington D.C. business as usual and if healthy goats understood D.C. committee-speak, they’d puke in astonished disgust.  Why do we the people of Main Street accept tax larceny, lies, and now mandated mass murder through medical non-treatment and toxic JABS?  What is wrong with us?  Why are so many not supporting The Twenty?

I imagine there is a U.S. Senator or House member in an upscale, hooker-drenched D.C. bar somewhere mumbling drunkenly about theft of taxpayer wealth, but I haven’t heard a name outside the Twenty.  Did we hear MTG preaching about how she will demand the more than $115 billion in Ukrainian money laundering (so far) be audited?  Haven’t heard a pandering word since her last YouTube pull-up, BUT more importantly—do we imagine Ms. Greene doesn’t know that once monies are transferred by Treasury to a nation or NGO, there IS NO AUDIT TRAIL.  Hundreds of billions vanish, just as with foreign aid and any other money D.C. re-distributes from taxpayers to insiders, accomplices across the globe, and bulging elite coffers.

We suffer through U.S. Senators and House members glibly discussing Congressional oversight with six-figure per week salaried talking heads as though oversight takes place.  They do this with straight concerned faces while parroting scripted responses to softball questions in front of a largely comatose audience, numb from nearly 100 years of what Mattias Desmet calls mass formation; and what Yuri Bezmenov and the KGB called demoralization.  These polished scripted responses are typically lies by omission, but sometimes by knowing commission.

Imagine if you will, the many tens of thousands of expensive hours required to perform even marginally effective oversight of ±430 federal agencies with more than 2.1 million employees; and more than 5,000 federal contractors by our 100 U.S. Senators and 435 House Members.  I don’t think anyone knows how many federal contractors there are.  I’ve seen estimates of 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 19,000, and even one at 100,000.  A reasonable estimate appears to be in the range of 2,500 to 5,000 contractors employing another 4 million people.  Add 1.2 million grant employees, 1.3 million active military, and 500,000 postal workers and we are up to more than 9 million direct or indirect government workers.  This wholesale abuse of the commerce clause, general welfare, and other abused loopholes for end runs around constitutional limits has caused irreparable harm.

Even at the lowest contractor estimates, the idea that bicameral Congress persons and their staffs are performing competent oversight of 9 million people and many trillions of dollars is ridiculous.  Should we add government vendors to our estimate?  A reasonable question might be, “why do White House and Congress persons obfuscate regarding their complete inability to even attempt oversight of federal money laundering?”  Cui bono?  Don’t employees owe their employers, i.e., the American taxpayer some honesty?  This insanity cannot be cured while U.S. elections are under fraudulent control of persons Main Street has no knowledge of.  Electronic voting system companies work for the international Money Trust, not for Main Street.  We MUST stop this devastation because clearly Congress will not do it..

The American situation worsened on July 2nd, 2013, when reforms legalizing domestic government propaganda (my opinion) were passed, as well as implementation of FASAB 56 in 2018 during the Kavanaugh Supreme Circus hearings.  FASAB 56, under the guise of National Security took government accounting dark—so duped citizens no longer have any access to correct government accounting records, nor expectation of fiscal transparency.  How’s that for self-governance?

If we the people do not demand accountability from government by our selected (in my opinion most are no longer elected) so-called representatives—we certainly cannot expect to receive any.  Maybe we the ±300,000,000 people should stop putting up with government lies, whether by omission or commission.

As a starting point for self-governance renewal, I suggest we join together as MAGA Patriots, working peacefully throughout our local and state communities to STOP ALL VOTING BY ELECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEMS.  This MUST include stopping all early voting; all mail-in ballots, and all vote tabulation after 11:00 PM of Election Day.  We can deal with absentee ballots issued with proper identification to a true and correct person and address.

We MUST establish small precincts capable of comfortably handling all votes on Election Day; with all vote tabulation performed by hand count at the voting precinct location with completion by Election Day evening; with all tabulation reporting from the precinct by 11:00 PM.  Election Day should be declared a National Holiday, though it isn’t necessary.  We cannot eliminate global syndicate corruption of government while using mail-in ballots, early voting, or electronically programmable cheat machines.  It is not possible to secure electronic machine tabulation.

We MUST at least discuss the possibility of ending massive ELECTION FRAUD early enough in 2024 to secure our 2024 primary and general elections.  We cannot eliminate massive government and corporate fraud while voting electronically via fraud prone mail-in ballots.

Though late in the game, re-establishing self-governance might stave off our 4th turning economic collapse—or at least provide a softer landing and potential for a more abundant future.  Doing nothing will gain us nothing, so as Aaron Russo once suggested, let’s quit being good Democrats and good Republicans and start working together as good Americans.  Together, we can get this done despite shadow government and deep state duplicity.  Limited American government can be re-established if we work together and support each other’s interests.  Just sayin’.

07-26-23: Is Arizona Election Fraud Just Fine with Establishment GOP Leadership?

If Arizona and National Establishment GOP leadership do not stand by their Party Platform nor actively represent Republican America First MAGA interests—the Party majority; then who or what do they represent?

If Establishment Arizona and/or National GOP leadership disagree with Laura Ingram’s pronouncement last week on Fox News, declaring in part, “If I were Trump or running his campaign, I would strongly urge him to stop talking about 2020, it is over, enough.”; neither of these two GOP leadership groups demonstrate it publicly.  Many America First MAGA Republicans like me are disgusted with well into six-figure salaries/week, media shills like Ms. Ingram, who squawk Establishment 4:00 A.M. talking points like starving parrots in a media cage, performing for rewards.

NO, Ms. Ingram!  It’s the election stupid!  WE CANNOT HAVE A FREE COUNTRY AND NOT HOLD FREE ELECTIONS!  Overwhelming terabytes of evidence are available for proving massive election fraud in nearly every county in the U.S., more than 3,100 counties, in the form of electronic packet capture metadata, documented electric voting system manipulation, video and photographic evidence, ballot-harvesting, fake ballots, destroyed ballots, and tens of thousands of witness affidavits signed under oath by election workers observing illegal election activity.

Yet U.S. attorneys, state attorney generals, nor county district attorneys will conduct preliminary hearings or convene federal or state grand jury investigations to verify probable cause in local, state, or federal election fraud cases now undermining the entire United States’ legal system and government.  This is a disgrace, with every case involving ballots for candidates competing in federal elections also intersecting sedition or even treason if outside nations are entangled.  In my sunbaked Arizona opinion, any American taking election fraud lightly is American in Name Only—and should be ashamed of themselves.  Should we consider what our criminally malfeasant FBI goons have to say about election crimes?

Per the now corrupted, politically weaponized, Stasi-wannabe FBI, federal election crimes fall into three broad categories—campaign finance crimes, voter/ballot fraud, and civil rights violations.  For a broader explanation of each category please visit the once honorable FBI website link below.

Also, per the FBI website link above, election crimes become discriminatory federal cases when certain conditions are met, though such cases only apply to America First Republicans, soccer moms and dads who prefer their children not be racially or sexually groomed by pronoun obsessed ignoramuses, or sexually mutilated by sick freaks requiring psychiatric assistance instead of endorsement.  Apparently, Marxist Democrats and Establishment AINO Republicans are exempt from election crime enforcement, particularly when aiding and abetting illegal citizens smuggled into the U.S. as Democrat labor slaves, guaranteed to remain uneducated Establishment slaves generationally.  When the Biden freak show invites illegals from around the world, the slavery part of the story isn’t mentioned.  Understanding for these victims comes too late to run.

Anyway, FBI Election Crime Conditions for Constitution abiding citizens FBI goons despise include:
▪The ballot includes one or more federal candidates.
▪The crime involves an election official abusing his or her duties.
▪The crime pertains to fraudulent voter registration.
▪Voters are not U.S. citizens.

Cowardly media jackals can laughingly claim “no evidence of 2020 or 2022 election fraud” because the U.S. system of law is weaponized against we the people.  Corrupt or gutless judges routinely refuse to look at mountains of indisputable evidence compiled since November 2020.  Proof of U.S. federal banana republic, Bill of Rights suppression went on full display with kangaroo court imprisoned January 6th political prisoners, and on October 31, 2022, as order following U.S. Marshalls bullied True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips from a Houston courtroom to jail for daring investigate corrupt election software company, Konnech, despite all electronic voting software companies being corrupt.  Yes, all!

All, because ALL independently conducted, electronic voting machine software testing I have seen, uncovered programming elements and backdoor hardware access designed to manipulate vote counts directly via system computers, thumb drive, QR code on a ballot, or other physical access, as well as remote control via Wi-Fi modems or internet connection.  Modems are built into voting tabulation system hardware in a manner making it nearly impossible for untrained or poorly trained observers to identify.  Such criminally designed machines are common in most counties.

Hopefully, Arizona Governor, Kari Lake, duly elected in November 2022—then robbed of her landslide election while the Arizona GOP enjoyed the show along with Marxist Democrats to stick Arizona citizens with globalist pawns like Katie Hobbs and former Sinaloa cartel lawyer, Adrian Fontes.  Arizona’s corrupt state executives now openly promote an unprotected, open southern border for conveniently profitable fentanyl and other poisonous drug trafficking, human trafficking for slave and sex labor, and worse, wholesale child torture and rape as called out in the movie Sound of Freedom, a courageous film denizens of Hollywood ignore or pan along with globalist media.  Should we ask why?

Despite snickering dribble from Laura Ingram or other pandering shills, who would have us accept that a corrupt hair-sniffing punk like Joe Biden, an intellectually challenged Katie Hobbs, and whatever John Fetterman is supposed to be, were elected to office by hard-working, sane American voters while none of the three even campaigned for office; NO, we do not accept election fraud—and never will accept election fraud.  Machine-selected goons are not legitimate.

We demand honest criminal investigations with indictments, prosecution, and stiff sentences when warranted.  The fact globalist UniParty odds are stacked by corrupt lawmakers and courts against Main Street Americans does not suggest despicable shills like Ingram, Hannity, and dozens of others are truth tellers or even have legitimate opinions.

Our America First action item MUST be NONSTOP Election Fraud investigation until the trash is thrown out, the precinct polls are clean again, and the guilty are punished.  That is when we, the people of Main Street, will stop talking about 2020 and will also make sure this criminal behavior is prevented in future elections.

For those interested, here’s a link to an informative Conservative Daily presentation demonstrating how quickly electronic voting machines can add votes, subtract votes, flip votes, and change votes.  This is conveniently done by election criminals remotely or locally using software and system backdoors designed specifically to manipulate these functions without leaving an audit trail.  https://rumble.com/v2gagxg-show-this-video-to-your-country-officials-machine-rigging-exposed-in-90-min.html

Here’s a second link to an older, but informative and relevant video by Bev Harris of Black Box Voting.

This next link, https://thebiglie.frankspeech.com/ARIZONA/index.html shows 2020 Arizona election related Packet Capture Metadata provided to Mike Lindell’s election fraud expose—more than thirty terabytes of data captured in real time.  True the Vote has even more of this data captured for courts to examine—but that has not been happening, hence the false claim, no evidence exists.  Packet capture is a networking term for intercepting packets of data in real time as the discreet information packets cross through network nodes.  This occurs within small networks as well as across global networks.  The metadata captured consists of things like timestamps, protocol, IP address of source machine, IP address of targeted destination machine, latitude and longitude coordinates of both the source and destination IP addresses, and more.

This Arizona 2020 November Election metadata for Biden and Trump show every county in my home state of Arizona experienced illegal vote tabulation manipulation.  Pinal County, for example, had 7,662 votes stolen from Donald Trump and 7,662 votes given to Joe Biden at 0:14:23, on November 6, 2020, by a source machine in Nara, Japan manipulating vote tabulations on a destination machine in Coolidge, Arizona, home of Pinal County Elections Department.  Note this was done on November 6th, three days after polls closed on November 3rd.  This illegal election nonsense is going on all over the United Banana Republic States of America—AND MUST STOP NOW.

More relevant today than decades ago, usually attributed to Black Panther Party leader, Eldridge Cleaver, “There is no more neutrality in the world.  You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.”  This wonderful quote made memorable by Mr. Cleaver is said to originate with ad agency owner, Charles Rosner, who apparently coined the statement for a now defunct company named VISTA.

In any case, thank you Mr. Cleaver and my prayer is that we the people of Main Street USA take your words seriously and put them to work.  Despite disingenuous soundbite experts earning tens of millions annually as well-dressed, global syndicate talking heads: AMERICA CAN NEVER REGAIN CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT WITHOUT HOLDING FREE ELECTIONS.  We will not stop until 2020 election fraud cases have been adjudicated by criminal courts.  Please put pressure on our county District Attorneys, State Attorney Generals, and U.S. Attorneys to work together getting ‘er done.  We cannot fail our children if we never quit pushing for honest U.S. elections.

07-20-23:  Bi-Cameral Congress Votes for U.S. Government Insolvency

Stopping corrupt, often treasonous representative insanity means no more electronic voting systems.  It means defunding and abandoning Globalist UniParty Democrat-Republican Establishment Leadership to, DESPITE RNC LEADERSHIP, SUPPORT PATRIOTIC REPUBLICAN, America First MAGA Precinct Committee Persons and grass roots Republican candidates showing the courage necessary to represent Main Street American and Main Street world interests instead of WEF Young Global Leaders and their dynastic family handlers.

Oh, by the way.  This is mostly spiritual warfare, so let’s please remind ourselves to pray for the bad boys and girls.  Fight to protect those we love, not to injure those who attack us.

If we could find a lost copy of the U.S. Constitution forgotten in a propaganda littered corner of an obscenely expensive government office, we could read Article 1, Sections 7 and 8 to get an idea of how and what federal expenditures are Constitutionally authorized.  Then we could visit the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) website at: https://www.govinfo.gov/app/collection/budget and spend hours combing through abuses of the “general Welfare” clause to tabulate EXPENDITURES NOT AUTHOURIZED by our Constitution.  The more than 90% UNAUTHORIZED money laundering we’ll see is not waste;  it is intentional FRAUD with nary a bicameral eyebrow raised nor question asked—and I haven’t mentioned tens of trillions of dollars missing out the back doors of Congress since 1998.  Refer to https://missingmoney.solari.com/ and learn more than you want to know about WOKE military dereliction of duty and government malfeasance.

I get that globalist, WEF order following Democrats and their sycophant media partners detest America’s founding principles with visceral intensity, desperately want a return to feudalism for the little people; and I get that so-called conservative Republicans are riding the D.C. Power Short Bus.  I understand the Short Bus isn’t a comfortable nor politically safe ride.  None-the-less, politicians are paid to politic, yet most Republicans politely don’t politic on behalf of Main Street; at least not honestly, nor aggressively, unless helping nudge the U.S. closer to financial insolvency via Tytler’s oft quoted path of citizen selfishness, apathy, and dependence leading directly to BONDAGE.

A Republican representing Main Street constituents could at least get on a roof somewhere and raise a stink about what’s wrong in government, i.e., make a real commotion despite media censorship and lies; but outside that effort by a tiny handful of patriots, all Main Street gets is money raising RNC photo ops.  Out here on Main Street, with zero balance of political power, we continue getting ripped off in exchange for polite crickets and no satisfaction.  Why?  Because Democrat leadership works for the CCP and Republican Party leadership supports the Republican Party, NOT THE COUNTRY, and never we gullible voters.  Main Street is drowning in pandering excuses for why truth can’t be pursued because the D.C. guilty will never indict guilty co-conspirators.  The predictable technological result intended by WEF order followers is a floundering U.S. ship of state impoverishing and enslaving its own people.

I don’t expect the tiny number of decent Republicans to win a battle against Marxist evil or Fascist government today, but I want them to defend our Constitution per their oath of office, whether they win or lose.  Avoiding this critical battle for any reason looks like they only care about themselves and their rewarded future with the Republican Party Establishment.  It looks this way because it is this way for all Establishment Neocon Republicans.  Living our overtaxed, over-regulated lives on Main Street, we only see AND TRY TO SURVIVE Pro-REPUBLICAN PARTY policy—with uniformly bad results.  My advice is do not support the GOP generally.  Support grass roots America First candidates specifically and narrowly.  We must stop spending our money on cowards willing to introduce us to transhuman slavery, the new feudal model.

Other than twenty or so American House Members loyal to their oath of office, and fifty or so more doing their weak-kneed best—the remaining members of the U.S. House of Representatives clearly want and regularly vote for U.S. federal government insolvency.  We know this because the Republican portion of the UniParty, despite pandering objections, consistently vote for appropriations exceeding revenues for unconstitutionally authorized spending at every opportunity.  This is fiduciary malfeasance, not misfeasance.  They know what they’re doing.  Ridiculous 2023 Republican Party debt limit treason aiding our enemies put despicable Party-Over-People Policy on full display.  Disgusting Commie Democrats cannot destroy American freedom on their own.  They need media lies and Establishment Republican Party complicity every step of the treasonous way—and Marxist Democrats are never disappointed are they?

In the U.S. Senate, only one Senator from Wisconsin consistently stands behind his oath of office, with thirty or so more doing their pandering best—the remaining 68 U.S. Senators clearly agreeing the U.S. federal government MUST be insolvent.  Is this one reason why so-called representatives are selected by fraudulent voting machines rather than elected by paper ballot on Election Day?

U.S. House and Senate members, since June 5, 1933, after which creditors could no longer demand payment in gold; and more so since 1973 when the U.S. abandoned even remnants of a gold standard, routinely vote to spend money the U.S. does not have.  Rather than honor their oath and fiduciary responsibility to the American taxpayer by competently managing federal budgets, most of Congress corruptly and consistently panders rhetorically for fiscal responsibility while corruptly and irresponsibly voting for debt.  This is well documented in Congressional records since 1933.  The fatuous claim that Congress performs budget oversight is an insulting lie, though Congress does doublecheck that they and their corrupt handler’s interests are well funded by suckers on Main Street.

Listening to so-called conservative pundits bemoan how weak Republicans are, how they just don’t get it is nauseating.  Of course, they get it.  They get it with complicit perfection, becoming wealthy and privileged by dishonestly working for and voting for Main Street impoverishment and loss of civil rights.  Going along to get along at the state level and in D.C. regardless how destructive a policy is for the American people requires knowingly selling your representative soul to the devil.  Please stop parroting how graduates of Duke, Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, and Yale Law; or Harvard, MIT, and Stanford economics programs are too stupid or too weak to understand what they are doing.  Corrupt representatives are protected by shadow government imbeciles, quickly becoming wealthy by destroying Main Street liberty precisely because they get it perfectly.  Are they indoctrinated with globalist academic tripe; consumed with envy and greed?  Of course—but stupid, NOT a chance.  They know what they do; they just don’t care as Batman might say.

Can we sadly and rightfully call the bankrupt, failing United States a Banana Republic?

Sadly, YES, we can.  Analysts cite markers characteristic of nations we refer to as banana republics.  One critical marker is annual government budget deficits exceeding 100% of GDP.

▪The 2023 Biden Freak show annual deficit—only passed with helpful Establishment Republican votes, will be ±133% of declining annual U.S. GDP.  Total U.S. debt in 2023 will reach ± 764% of 2023 GDP.  These malfeasant, and I say treasonous debt levels are the highest in United States’ history, qualifying America’s economy as a significant banana republic marker.

Twenty-four additional banana republic markers also found in 2023 America are:

▪Multinational corporations, especially international banks dictate government policy.
▪Indoctrinated military leadership treasonously turned against its own people.
▪Unprotected national borders and widespread trafficking of all kinds.
▪Population swaps engendering ethnic and racial clashes employed to keep people weak and divided.
▪Religious and traditional cultural morays are criticized, ridiculed, and sometimes persecuted.
▪Targeted civic unrest, looting, and street violence are applauded by political leaders.
▪Schools abandon education for authoritarian indoctrination and social engineering.
▪Families are divided and turned against each other.
▪Food supplies and nutrition are weaponized for population control.
▪Medicine and healthcare are weaponized for population control.
▪Transportation options and geographic mobility become discriminatory and privileged.
▪Go along to get along false media reporting and character assassination attacks.
▪Free speech is censored and/or criminalized.
▪Property rights become discriminatory and are politically weaponized.
▪Insiders have low cost of capital while others have high costs or no access to capital.
▪Corrupt law enforcement and weaponized courts.
▪Go along to get along legislators and thug administrators.
▪Financial cronyism, insider trading, and sweet heart deals for captured officials.
▪Abusive taxation and fees are imposed on citizens as political weapons.
▪If elections are held, lack of trust in election outcomes due to rampant election fraud.
▪Indoctrinated electorate with groups targeted for emotional polarization.
▪Political leaders and media blame foreign nations for both domestic and economic difficulties.
▪Political opponents are demonized, with coups, and impeachments common.
▪Incoming administrations prosecute members of previous administrations.

The above markers indict America’s subversively infiltrated transition into world history’s largest, most expensive banana republic.  This is not arguable.  The question is, do we the over-taxed, unrepresented people of Main Street accept obvious sedition and treason—or do something about it—and if so, what?

I firmly believe our first efforts to recover self-government must be Constitutional or we lose everything.  For example, being better at election fraud than the America Haters is a poor strategy as is political violence.  In both instances, winning is losing.  Since the Democrat Party is lost to totalitarian Marxist/Fascist Globalism and the Establishment GOP leadership at state and national levels are 100% complicit, though claiming otherwise; Main Street’s only realistic, nonviolent path to recovering self-governance is the America First MAGA Movement led by President Trump and his white hat associates, whoever they are.  If I’m missing a better alternative, please let me know, I do sport gray hair and aging side effects.

I see only one reasonable political agenda and goal between now (July 2023) and November 2024.  ABOLISH THE CHEAT MACHINES.  Melt ‘em down and turn ‘em into prison bars as Mike Lindell suggests.  Demand one election day with certified paper ballots hand counted at the voting precinct.  DJT probably has a Devolution Plan (H/T to Patel Patriot) I don’t know about, but if needed, Plan B MUST be honest, transparent elections held on Election Day.  We need honest elections for the future anyway, so let’s eliminate election fraud today.  We have less than 14 months to get ‘er done and the RNC Establishment will not help us – they will fight us.

It appears at present, we have one U.S. Senator, Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) who MAGA can count on.  The other 99 are on the Hate America Team, or are useless to Main Street, or are pandering cowards.  The twenty U.S. House members we the people can count on, must support, and whose number must grow if American collapse can hope to be averted are:

Andy Biggs   R-Arizona                       Paul Gosar   R-Arizona
Dan Bishop   R-North Carolina           Andy Harris   R-Maryland
Lauren Boebert   R-Colorado               Mary Miller   R-Illinois
Josh Brecheen   R-Oklahoma              Anna Paulina Luna   R-Florida
Michael Cloud   R-Texas                      Ralph Norman   R-South Carolina
Andrew Clyde   R-Georgia                   Andy Ogles   R-Tennessee
Eli Crane   R-Arizona                          Scott Perry   R-Pennsylvania
Byron Donalds   R-Florida                  Matt Rosendale   R-Montana
Matt Gaetz   R-Florida                         Chip Roy   R-Texas
Bob Good   R-Virginia                        Keith Self   R-Texas

If providing financial support to these candidates, and we should, please do not send one dime to the Republican National Committee (RNC) nor any state office of the Republican Party.  From what I can see, the RNC does not support America First candidates, and often works to thwart them.  Further proof of RNC bad faith at the state and national levels is lack of support for stopping election fraud or for America First candidates who were cheated.  Send your hard-earned money directly to your candidate’s office, never unaccountable NGOs like WinRed and so many others. There are several popular Republicans I will not add to my courageous patriot list unless and until they quit pandering and actively stand up for Main Street Americans.  I don’t care if they win—just please stand up and make a racket for the world to see.  You can’t win but you can educate.

Where are the subpoena’s Mr. Jordan?  Was MTG part of setting Kevin McCarthy up as Speaker so we could see his true Hate America colors, or is she on the wrong team?  I don’t know as I don’t go to the meetings.  Will the brilliant Ted Cruz ever stop popping up every thirty or so days to make himself relevant and do something useful for Main Street?  Where has new moderate, Mike Lee been?  Why does Rand Paul never go for the knockout punch?  Was Bob Barr still a globalist Bushie, or did he change colors and take one for the devolution team?  I don’t know.  Did Mike Pence also take one for the team to set up devolution, or is he just the eloquent globalist pawn he’s been?  I don’t know.

There are more questions, but we get the point.  Few people or things are as they seem.  Let’s not foolishly rush to conclusions in a world where game theory has gone on a steroidal rampage.

It’s the election stupid!  WE CANNOT HAVE A FREE COUNTRY AND NOT HOLD FREE ELECTIONS!  Unless and until President Trump’s Devolution Team, if it exists in whole or in part, is back in office, the only short-term strategy worth executing is GET RID OF ALL ELECTRONIC ELECTION FRAUD SYSTEMS.  Of course, PCs must get the vote out or there’s no election – BUT – VOTING HARDER will never beat fraudulent machine algorithms.  We’ve had our noses rubbed in smelly mail-in ballot and early voting 2020 and 2022 election fraud.  Do we really need a third stinking nose rub for the 2024 charm?  How much more freedom rope do we think is left to hang on to?  Let’s save our country with that rope—not hang ourselves.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!  LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL and ELECTIONS, ELECTIONS, ELECTIONS.  This is the only viable path currently visible for ending U.S. banana republic status while reclaiming our American sovereignty as a self-governing nation of decent, hard-working people.

We take back our counties, one red hat at a time; then our states, one flag shirt at a time; then we take back the United States of America ONE PATRIOT AT A TIME from the pathologic dynastic families using pathetic order followers to capture it.


06-28-2023: Where Are the United States of America Headed?

06-28-2023: Where Are the United States of America Headed?

Never mistake falling off a cliff for paragliding.

If we race toward a cliff despite the above advice—survival suggests not strapping 45-pound barbell plates to our backs.
Free and honest elections are an analogous sovereignty cliff.  Electronic Voting Systems are like barbell plates—too heavy for safe flying.

In a Constitutional Republic such as the United States, the people are sovereign; therefore, it is the obligation of elected representatives and appointed officials to respect and honor the will of the sovereign citizen.  The fundamental right to vote, and freely casting votes becomes the established means of expression for the people’s will to be communicated to government.  As such, it is sacred.  Infringement of this right is always an attempt to constrain the liberty of free people.

The bad news is—American citizens are no longer free and no longer possess a functional Constitution, nor Rule of Law.  Our federal government, most state governments, and some county governments are corrupt, despotic, and lawless—knowingly herding  poorly informed Americans into the globalist abyss of transhuman slavery.  Our entire bi-cameral Congress, excepting 20 or so brave patriots, are morally and honorably bankrupt.  They have become enemies of the people by allowing or enabling every federal agency to be weaponized against the Main Street American citizen.  This cannot and will not stand.

On Main Street, at present, with so many of us lacking faith in our Creator, unable to forgive each other and move on constructively, many American citizens have lost the ability to love and protect one another, despite differences of opinion.  Spiritually, we have gone down our own path only to find ourselves dangling from the crumbling self-government cliff edge by hard-working fingertips.  We are propagandized debt slaves cowering beneath the compound interest jack hammer of order-following ADMINISTRATIVE DICTATORSHIP.  An expensive Administrative Dictatorship owned and operated by elite controlled banks and malicious multinational corporations, thankfully on its last dying debt legs, but still murderous.  The only Constitutionally non-violent means for taking back U.S. self-government from the stranglehold of elite dynastic families and their order-following corporate and government thugs is re-establishment of legitimate electoral processes.

Montesquieu, in his The Spirit of the Laws (1748), offered readers a model of government the purpose of which was political liberty.  Montesquieu argued that political liberty is the direct result of governmental separation of powers; and that such separation was best achieved by a suitable structure of government.  Though he understood an appeal to first principles was important; human opinion and understanding vary from time to time, making the structure of government itself—the most reliable defense of liberty.

James Madison’s concept of balanced powers within a government structure as expressed in The Federalist suggests his consideration of Montesquieu’s logic as did other of our country’s Founders.  Proof of our Founder’s respect for the concept of de-centralized voting is found in Article 1, Section 4 of the original U.S. Constitution.  Written in wet ink it clearly states: ”The Times, Places, and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.”   The threat to liberty posed by a corrupt Congressional attempt to change this Section of our Constitution is sobering.

Corrupt representative pawns of privilege are routinely selected despite voter’s intent instead of honestly elected by vigilant voters.  These cowardly, selfish, selected pawns, since 1913, work for global syndicate handlers steadily constructing increasingly unaccountable walls of wealth devouring, money laundering bureaucracy.  A dishonorable bureaucracy acting as regulator, law enforcement, judge, jury, and executioner—piggishly granting itself unconstitutional dictatorial authority via its despotically organized system of media lies, corrupt campaign financing, electronic election fraud, illegal ballot chicanery, and a dysfunctional injustice system willing to criminalize cultural, political, and religious views.

The broken U.S. electoral system, under nonstop globalist attack, now used as a punitive club by the UniParty, is both created and protected by mockingbird media parrots and eradicated Rule of Law at local, state, and federal levels.  This obscene end run around Constitutional government is built from the ground up, not the top down, making its localized threat difficult to see or remedy as many small, seemingly harmless local abuses slowly accumulate nationwide, until metastasizing into a monolithic abuse of power—all for the common good, of course.  Hence our necessary AWAKENING.

Strauss and Howe in their prophetic 1997 book, The Fourth Turning, describe four stages of generational social/mood eras (called turnings) including:  The High, The Awakening, The Unraveling, and The Crisis.  Their analysis predicts current generations existing in a state of crisis.  If our Fourth Turning began about 2005 or so, and the 2008-2009 financial debacle kicked the crisis into gear, a climax should have occurred around 2020 (think bioweapon attack and massive election fraud).  The climax then, according to the Strauss-Howe saeculum (four turnings of 20-22 years each adding to a cycle of 80-90 years) should resolve itself in the 2025-2027 timeframe, EXCEPT for President Donald Trump’s upsetting the saeculum.  Because the Trump Administration overcame the odds stacked against its loyalty to the American people, resolution has been pushed into the 2029-2031 timeframe.  This is wonderful, because America now has four additional years to wake up and prepare for bumpy roads headed our way as the NWO collapses in on itself—preferably, not on top of us.  Thank you, President Trump and the courageous people assisting your leadership, worldwide.  I pray devolution is on track. (H/T Patel Patriot & Patrick Gunnels.)

I raise the CRISIS ISSUE because competent leadership comes in handy during difficult times and the U.S. is already in deep doo-doo as its moronic mis-leadership pushes for WW III to leap from unrestricted warfare to kinetic, even nuclear warfare.  If we don’t stop the insanity, given the hair-sniffing Biden weakened U.S. military will be purchasing its computer chips, fuel supplies, oil, rubber, steel, rare earth minerals, medical supplies, and other necessities from nations we are encouraged to wage war against, population reduction and global environmental degradation will be predictably horrific.  Current G20 leaders are often considered the most brainwashed and least competent in history, but only the United States humorously boasts a known imbecilic criminal and traitor (my opinion) in the stolen CEO position.  Top positions in this WOKE military Biden freak show imagines shopping for garter belts and women’s panties (for the guys – not sure what gals are shopping for) as well as financing man-boob hormonal treatments as the path to fierce military victory.

I’m sure our WOKE Secretary of Defense, the quintessentially lean, mean fighting machine, Lloyd James Austin III considers my opinion misguided, but as a 70-year-old gray hair, I consider the new minimum standard Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), replacing the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT),  a dangerous punking of our military.  This politically correct standard will get unfit brave young people slaughtered in large numbers unless in self-defense, they personally train to a much higher standard, which, thankfully, appears to be happening.  While the U.S. WOKE military brass encourage shopping breaks for sex change browsing, Russians take exercise breaks—as are other militaries.  Spetsnaz and SAS candidates must chuckle over this when not performing sets of 25 pull-ups – minimum or juggling 105-pound (48 kg) kettlebells like tennis balls.  Do WOKE military delusion, literally giving away $85 billion in weaponry to the CCP friendly Taliban, and hating America qualify as treason?

The good news is—American citizens, one MAGA hat, one flag shirt at a time are beginning to notice each other awakening in greater and greater numbers.  We are coming together as our Founders did, beneath the armor of God, awakening to our role in taking back America to lead the world back to spiritual health and loving abundance.  As nations of the world come together to crash the UniParty debt-based dollar later this year, the door to global freedom opens for everyone.  Elites and their World Economic Forum psychopathic Young Global Leaders will awaken with us—or will fall into the abyss they have been creating.  Though difficult, it’s a wonderful time to be alive; to share this opportunity to overcome the evil of democidal murder by Big Government drones and to help collapse the Satanically influenced, New World Order scheme.  This is all good, but we must do the hard work, the painful work, aided by grace, which requires first recognizing mistakes we’ve made.  We can’t possibly fix what we don’t understand is broken.  Fixing America at this stage is not safe and will not be easy; but it is our responsibility to do it, and we are.

We might recall, as Dr. Thomas Sowell in A Conflict of Visions (2007) reminds us of Rose and Milton Friedman’s warningin their 1980 book, Free to Choose; “A society that puts equality—in the sense of equality of outcome—ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom.  The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interests.”  We are presently kneeling at that ugly gate; must stand up together, and must say, WE DO NOT COMPLY, then act accordingly.

We the people of 21st century America clearly have not yet heeded Mr. & Mrs. Milton’s warning—nor Dr. Sowell’s.  The result is an upside down, WOKE PSYOPIAN dystopia, where violent Leftist looting, burning buildings, and murder are called peaceful protest while responsible parents questioning abusive school boards about sexually grooming young children are deemed domestic terrorists.  The same children by the way, public education bullies into dumbed down victimhood, while forsaking arithmetic, civics, morality, reading, science, and writing skills.  Cowardly, Stassi wannabe, FBI goons won’t investigate government corruption, money laundering, child sex trafficking, mass murder by fentanyl, sedition, treason, or other serious crimes but are happy to subjugate soccer Moms and other decent citizens by criminalizing free political speech.  The CIA was a dishonorable Elite con from inception, but now the FBI cannot be fixed either.  What good they occasionally or accidentally do pales when compared to harm they brazenly foster.  If not, why aren’t there more FBI whistleblowers?

More than four hundred weaponized federal agencies and departments rage across America as a 400-headed, freedom eating, regulatory Leviathan voraciously on track to devour nearly $7 trillion of our money for on-book fiscal year 2024.  We don’t know how much off-book spending flows out the back doors of Congress, but do know as of fiscal year 2015 via Inspector General Reports (now redacted) for just two agencies, DoD and HUD, more than $21 trillion was missing as undocumented journal adjustments.  Refer to:  https://missingmoney.solari.com/ for more info.  We also know FASAB 56, adopted in 2018 during the Kavanaugh Circus, under abused auspices of national security, (my opinion) provides wiggle room for federal agencies not to disclose spending totals nor disclosure of recipients to American taxpayers.  For additional information, refer to:  https://missingmoney.solari.com/fasab-statement-56-understanding-new-government-financial-accounting-loopholes/ .

I’m not sure anyone knows how many federal agencies exist, but in 2015, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley (R-IA) told us the Federal Register lists ±430 federal agencies, sub-agencies, and departments.  I get that enumerated powers granted the federal government by the U.S. Constitution become debatable when juxtaposed with the general welfare, BUT federalized weaponization against the American people is another matter.  This debate was already underway during the 1787-1788 Federalist Papers debate regarding the proposed Constitution.  That said, a viral infection of mass formation (Refer to Mattias Desmet’s, The Psychology of Totalitarianism) must exist for U.S. citizens to accept the bloated Administrative State currently eating Main Street freedom, productivity, and wealth.

Abject failure of Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government to operate within Constitutional separation of powers boundaries, coupled with refusal to appropriately defend separation of powers turf, render this morally destitute failure of representative government unfixable by Main Street political action via Constitutionally prescribed means—UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE TAKE APPROPRIATE STEPS TO RE-IMPOSE AND ENFORCE THE RULE OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW—INCLUDING OUR SOVEREIGN RIGHT TO VOTE.  This can still be done peacefully—and MUST be done—or the world we share has no habitable future.

History tells us a committed 3%-10% of a nation’s population can bring about meaningful change.  Today’s MAGA Movement comprises more than 80 million legal U.S. voters along with those afraid to share their honest opinion because of Leftist violence.  80 million hard-working, responsible America First citizens are more than 25% of current U.S. population.  Adding those afraid to speak out against globalist tyranny and transhuman slavery, we likely have more than 100 million (30%) of our U.S. population on the side of liberty and freedom, maybe as many as 200 million—not just for ourselves, but for every person on Earth as our Declaration of Independence sets forth.  Of that enormous number, only 5% to 10% or so will risk standing up for what’s right, BUT that’s more than enough to take back our country and then God’s Earth.  We just need the moral and political will along with God’s blessings to succeed making a better world for future generations.

We stand up together as united Americans in defense of our sovereignty and constitutionally recognized rights or lose them.  If we lose ours, the world loses hope, and that is not America’s destiny.


06-23-2023: Ballot Harvesting Low Road OR Honest Elections High Road?

Because U.S. electronic election fraud is pervasive across every American Red and Blue county; because state and national legislatures are AWOL on in-our-face disenfranchisement of hard-working taxpayers; because Republican Party leadership is AWOL on this criminal behavior; and because local, state, and federal courts will not consider allowing evidence to be openly examined—we are now seeing Constitution supporting citizens and upstanding patriots suggest, ‘If we can’t legally beat the cheating globalist scum, let’s jump in the gutter and join ‘em.”  In other words, otherwise decent people are sadly advocating for Republicans to legally ballot harvest better than Marxist Democrats.  “Legally” is an oxymoron in this case.

As if “finger-pointing” ballot harvesting, well-intended or not isn’t bad enough;  an announcement on June 7th, 2023 by pandering RNC Chair, Ronna McDaniel, proudly unveiled the RNC’s national “BANK YOUR VOTE” strategy.  This sinks Republicans to new levels of assured conservative destructionMaximizing of pre-election day voting is a promised WARRANTY to the DNC that Republican voters will vote early in large numbers, thereby minimizing inconvenient, ELECTION DAY SURPRISES—particularly regarding America First, Ultra-MAGA Trump voters.

In other words, no matter how successful a 2024 grass roots get-out-the-Republican vote effort is—RNC’s BANK YOUR VOTE strategy guarantees a Marxist Globalist win via previously demonstrated capability to implement pre-designed, electronic voting system fraud by using early voting to identify trends.  Is this RNC misfeasance or malfeasance?

This neon-lit alert generously provided to the Hate-America-Crowd is a bonus gift telling globalist criminals they can accurately assess 2024 voter trends early on, then program precise algorithmic adjustments within electronic voting systems, i.e., electronic cheating with gleeful alacrity.  The stupidity or intentional undermining—readers will judge, of this predictably losing RNC strategy guarantees Republican get-out-the-vote efforts WILL FAIL, because the Marxist Left will know well ahead of ELECTION DAY what STEPS MUST BE TAKEN to ensure a Marxist Democrat win in 2024.  If MAGA voters fall for this RNC delusion, it is likely, America’s last federal administration prior to UNSTOPPABLE full economic collapse will be a Satanically inspired carnival of pain even worse than imbecilic traitor, Joe Biden’s freak show is now creating.

Apparently, Republican Party leadership has abandoned their long-time strategy of loudly and uselessly complaining while rigidly place-holding for the Globalist Left.  This June RNC announcement unabashedly dresses Republican leadership in their best Globalist suits, with conflict-of-interest strings attached, to proudly board the order-following Globalist slave ship.  With no respect what-so-ever for criminally selected officials; this open cooperation with America-hating governments, pathologic multinational banks and corporations, and hundreds of corrupt, parasitic NGOs from within and without the United States is treason.  If not, what is it?


However, for electronic ballot count manipulation to function effectively, ballot fraud systems must also be brought into play as back up in the unlikely event an untoward county or two convenes a legitimate audit.  Such an event requires the covert work of ensuring ballot counts are at least in the same ballpark as fraudulent electronic vote tabulations.  Early voting and algorithmic manipulation of vote counts is just one part of the story.  Ballot harvesting is the support system.


Ballot Harvesting generally refers to a practice whereby someone other than the voter picks up a voter’s ballot and delivers it to a polling location.  Originally, ballot harvesting was limited to absentee ballots, but morphed to cover mass mail-in ballots.  Jurisdictions vary regarding precise definitions, restrictions, stipulations, and possible penalties for this highly abusive practice.  In many states, paid political operatives coerce the uneducated and infirm to vote by mail; fill out the mail-in ballot for the victim, and deliver the fraudulent ballots to polling locations.  Such hard to police practices make mail-in balloting so fraud prone, most banana republics more sophisticated and/or honest than the U.S.—DO NOT ALLOW MAIL-IN BALLOTS.

Making matters worse, readily abused national systems like the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), along with programmable, editable, algorithmic tabulation machines and other equipment easily controlled directly or remotely, undermine the Constitutional intent to de-centralize elections via independent county and state systems.  National and local elections using compatible electronic systems distributed with similar software across the 3,100 or so counties in the U.S.—ARE IN FACT, HIGHLY CENTRALIZED AND PRECISELY CONTROLLED.


The ERIC STATES SYTEM centralizes electronically stored information such as motor vehicle department data, voter registration rolls, Social Security Information, and U.S. Postal Service data.  This is done along with centralized reporting under the coordinated auspices of both State and Federal statutes.  Almost nothing related to voter rolls in the U.S. is de-centralized, independent, or secure.  Only Florida, Missouri, and West Virginia—in March 2023, had the good sense to better protect election integrity for their citizens by pulling out of the centralized ERIC System.

Here is a link (https://www.eac.gov/voting-equipment/certified-voting-systems) to the U.S. Election Service Commission listing of so-called certified voting systems and their manufacturers.  Yes, it is fully centralized.  Voluntary certification testing is performed against the brand spanking new 2005 standard voting system guidelines (VVSG). I guess electronic voting system technology hasn’t advanced since 2005, so nothing new to see. Operating certification, in my humble opinion, rarely performed anyway, just certifies seamlessly functional election fraud across all participating U.S. counties.  How’s that for centralization?


Various forms of ballot fraud, one of which is harvesting, are used to confound potential audit trails by matching the number of ballots to electronically manipulated machine counts.  We can re-count any number of illegal ballots hundreds of times but discover zero fraud doing it—which is why the need for re-counts is uselessly touted by electoral criminals.  The threat of audit is largely superfluous as almost no county or state has funds available to legitimately audit anything —and don’t.  Arizona took a weak stab at it, but our state legislature refused to defend their own audit in front of the entire world.  Early voting plays a role by allowing identification of voter trends for calibrating initial algorithm set up, then endless days or weeks of counting after election day provide time to fabricate, add, or remove ballots as needed to match algorithmically derived machine vote totals.

Criminals ballot harvest.  Honest citizens do not ballot harvest.  American-In-Name-Only (AINOs) citizens despising God given unalienable rights stated in our Declaration of Independence, and as recognized and secured by U.S. Constitutional Authority embrace and promote ballot harvesting.  Subversive globalists, i.e., Marxist Democrat and Establishment Republican order-followers support ballot harvesting directly (in private of course) or more often, indirectly by ignoring it.

Ballot harvesting, along with early voting, mail-in ballots, and protractive ballot counting times provide an effective means of calibrating electronic voting machines to illegally manipulate ballot counts for control of election outcomes—and then cover it up.  This strategy is a fact, and much is known since exposed in 2003 when Ms. Bev Harris formed BlackBoxVoting.org, then on March 4, 2004 published her book, Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century.

If any of this electronic ballot counting fraud is news to you, please follow the link below and watch the 24-minute Bev Harris video exposing how calculated FRACTION MAGIC is used to manipulate supposed vote counts.

Is it possible 100 U.S. Senators, and 435 U.S. House Members, not to mention elected members of 50 state legislatures do not know this fraud is ongoing in every state?  Can we the people of Main Street imagine accurate information is not available to state and federal legislators?  How many of these supposedly elected officials make use of or at least benefit from this election fraud strategy?  Has America, since the propagandized 2000 elections’ “hanging chads” controversy, been outsmarted by electronic voting shenanigans designed to cleverly and invisibly select candidates for office as opposed to voters electing candidates to office?



I’m not an absentee or mass mail-in ballot expert but it appears as of this writing, in 2023:
            ▪11 states do not specify who may return a voter’s ballot.
            ▪1 state requires the voter to return their own ballot.
            ▪14 states specify who may return ballots for other voters.  This practice is typically limited to family members,                                     caregivers, or another member of the household.
            ▪24 states and the District of Columbia allow anyone chosen by the voter to return the voter’s ballot.

My home state of Arizona permits a family member, household member, or caregiver to return a voter’s absentee ballot.  Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 16, Elections and Electors §16-1005: ballot abuse; violation; classification; states:

A. Any person who knowingly marks a voted or unvoted ballot or ballot envelope with the intent to fix an election for that person’s own benefit or for that of another person is guilty of a class 5 felony.

B. It is unlawful to offer or provide any consideration to acquire a voted or unvoted early ballot. A person who violates this subsection is guilty of a class 5 felony.

C. It is unlawful to receive or agree to receive any consideration in exchange for a voted or unvoted ballot. A person who violates this subsection is guilty of a class 5 felony.

D. It is unlawful to possess a voted or unvoted ballot with the intent to sell the voted or unvoted ballot of another person. A person who violates this subsection is guilty of a class 5 felony.

E. A person or entity that knowingly solicits the collection of voted or unvoted ballots by misrepresenting itself as an election official or as an official ballot repository or is found to be serving as a ballot drop off site, other than those established and staffed by election officials, is guilty of a class 5 felony.

F. A person who knowingly collects voted or unvoted ballots and who does not turn those ballots in to an election official, the United States postal service or any other entity permitted by law to transmit post is guilty of a class 5 felony.

G. A person who engages or participates in a pattern of ballot fraud is guilty of a class 4 felony.  For the purposes of this subsection, “pattern of ballot fraud” means the person has offered or provided any consideration to three or more persons to acquire the voted or unvoted ballot of a person.

H. A person who knowingly collects voted or unvoted early ballots from another person is guilty of a class 6 felony.  An election official, a United States postal service worker or any other person who is allowed by law to transmit United States mail is deemed not to have collected an early ballot if the official, worker or other person is engaged in official duties.

I. Subsection H of this section does not apply to:

1. An election held by a special taxing district formed pursuant to title 48 for the purpose of protecting or providing services to agricultural lands or crops and that is authorized to conduct elections pursuant to title 48.

2. A family member, household member or caregiver of the voter.  For the purposes of this paragraph:

(a) “Caregiver” means a person who provides medical or health care assistance to the voter in a residence, nursing care institution, hospice facility, assisted living center, assisted living facility, assisted living home, residential care institution, adult day health care facility or adult foster care home.

(b) “Collects” means to gain possession or control of an early ballot.

(c) “Family member” means a person who is related to the voter by blood, marriage, adoption, or legal guardianship.

(d) “Household member” means a person who resides at the same residence as the voter.


Near uniform lack of enforcement renders the above Arizona statute meaningless.  Arizona Republican Party leadership has sat idly by since November 2020 observably doing nothing meaningful to defend Arizona voter’s rights.  If uncertain about how serious this disenfranchisement is and how easily fraud is accomplished using “certified” electronic voting systems, please watch the video linked below.  It is worth our time as responsible voters to absorb this information, since our leadership has no demonstrated interest in learning it, sharing it, or taking legal action against it.

The second link (see below) is to a 1-hour, 50-minute presentation by Mark Cook on Joe Oltmann’s Conservative Daily podcast.  If you’re interested in seeing how easily electronic voting systems are designed to be manipulated on site or remotely, this panel discussion presents the simplest, easy to understand demonstration I’ve yet seen.  In less than two hours you will become educated regarding electronic election fraud in today’s world.


Current INSECURE voting procedures, at least in my home state of Arizona, now a laughingstock in politically coherent company, guarantees no active Arizona voter of any party knows:

1.  If they voted.
2.  Who they voted for.
3.  How many times they voted for somebody they didn’t know they voted for.

Three reasons for the three questions above are EARLY VOTING, MAIL-IN BALLOTS, and ELECTRONIC VOTING.


The current U.S.  ELECTION FRAUD system operates something like this:

1. Early voting enables identification of voting trends.  Algorithms designed to manipulate vote counts are adjusted per the early vote trend data bringing about the desired tabulated result.  This is why voting machines compute vote totals using algorithms as opposed to simply counting votes.  This fraudulent system SELECTS rather than ELECTS candidates.

2. Programmed tabulators begin calculating final votes on voting day—or sometimes, for weeks afterward.  If unanticipated voting day trends upset predetermined outcomes, vote tabulation is stopped as in 2020 so algorithms can be adjusted, then fraudulent calculation and/or vote switching resumes.

3. Extended so-called COUNTING is continued beyond ELECTION DAY so the final tabulation calculations can be supported by creating, adding, or removing ballots, real or fake.  Extended so-called COUNTING periods enable the number of real or fake ballots to be covertly adjusted so the final vote calculations appear balanced within acceptable limits.



Eight Steps to END ARIZONA ( and U.S.) ELECTION FRAUD:

1. Voter identification required.

2. No mail-in ballots.

3. No early voting or late voting.

4. No electronic voting systems.

5. Use ear-marked or otherwise officially demarcated verifiable PAPER BALLOTS, printed by audited certified printers, protected by a transparently verifiable chain of custody provided by observers from all political parties.

6. All ballots are CAST IN PERSON, then HAND COUNTED AT THE VOTING PRECINCT under transparent observation by observers appointed by all political parties involved.  Each party appoints a minimum of three observers.  Five each would be better.


8.  Precincts MUST be small enough for all VOTE COUNTING to be completed AT THE PRECINCT and results known within 5 hours of designated poll closing.

At this point it’s clear no selected politician can or will fix this corrupt banana republic voting system we the people are having our noses rubbed in.  We have twenty or so America First Heroes who desperately need our citizen support to grow their numbers.  Failure to throw the I-HATE-AMERICA-CROWD out with the trash means America as we have known it is finished.  Like it or not, the HOPE OF THE WORLD depends on American Main Street citizens standing up to demand our Constitutionally recognized freedoms be respected and enforced.  Our victory will then be shared around the world.  Let Elites,  Shadow Governments, and the international Deep State suck on that from their prison cells.

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