Are Western European and American Main Streets under attack by global elites?
Will we the people ever realize FAKE JUSTICE is PERSECUTION?

Persecution takes many forms.  Persecution can be religious, secular, or something less recognizable.  One common form is politicizing non-political institutions with dishonest agendas.  This institutional infiltration by enemies is a Trojan Horse type of subversion putting a powerful brake on the effective function of institutional purpose.  Via this incremental rotting process, protective institutions become enslavement tools.  Frederic Douglas reminded us never to lose track of our “saving principles” outlined in the 1776 Declaration of Independence.  Mr. Douglas was, and still is, an expert regarding human enslavement.  It’s in our best interest to pay attention.

In my humble opinion, the most important saving principle is stated in the final paragraph of our 1776 Declaration.  In the form of a Covenant with God it plainly states for all the world to see; “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Politics is politics, dirty or not, and as social beings; we are likely stuck working out political differences on many mud-slinging fronts.  Such routine differences, however, do not threaten the fabric of culture, society, or tradition as infiltrated weaponization always intends.  We don’t like to talk about it, but destructive infiltration of trusted institutions is a demonically influenced activity, i.e., spiritual warfare.  We become victimized by forgetting that personal potential only becomes fully actualized by freely choosing to unite our created human essence with our Creator’s essence.  Sans unification, we are left to struggle with demonic influence on our own—not a proven recipe for success.

Fake justice is based on lies and other forms of deception. When we are lied to, our perception is skewed—in turn altering our ability to coherently reason and make freely chosen appropriate decisions.  Since lying masks or displaces truth, our right to freely choose is stolen from us.  This violates the 7th Commandment, not to steal.  On a societal level, propaganda is an enormous crime impacting billions of lives and is vastly underrated as a source of discontent and maladjustment.  Information, legal, and surveillance warfare are forms of spiritual warfare, the resulting harm of which must never be underestimated or tolerated.  Unnoticed inches add up to miles of damage.

Spiritual unification with our Creator is the sole source of our ability to overcome evil influence in the material world.  Human ability to receive and share LOVE requires avoiding and/or overcoming evil influence, and we are not able to do either of these without the blessings of GRACE.   Faith, hope, and charity in the presence of love, along with consideration for ourselves and others enables the possibility of political generosity.  Our God-given consciousness, moral authority, and the ability to reason separate humanity from nature’s flora and fauna.  We are not animals and ought not consciously behave as though we are.  Immobilizing human consciousness to a lower level of animal consciousness disarms us and renders political selfishness attractive.

For reasons outside my wheelhouse, we are born in the image and likeness of God into a material world inhabited by powers and principalities motivated by an aversion to God’s love.  These spiritual creatures despise all creation, particularly humans with a rage difficult to imagine.  Given this circumstance, abandoning the armor of God at any point in life is a bad idea.  Despite history’s many lessons, in this 21st century, many people of the United States and Europe are shunning God’s eternal love, while simultaneously accepting the evil politicization of basic institutions our society relies on for protection from the same evil influence we foolishly embrace.  Remember the apple!

If we wrote this story in a comic book, we would never believe it.  Not only have American and European culture and traditions been inappropriately politicized, BUT many of our once-trusted institutions are cruelly weaponized against humanity, i.e., our communities—even though we must live in this world together.  Institutions we rely on are no longer under our control, cannot be trusted, and are aggressively enslaving us within a growing surveillance state.  Here’s a short list of politicized institutions now dangerously weaponized against the innocent people who pay for them.

Business (Monopolies, NGOs)
Career Management
Currency Management
Government Agencies & Departments
Mass Media
Military Service
News Narrative (Propaganda)
Retail Sales
Technology (AI, Entrainment, Nanotech)
Vaccines (Nanotech, mRNA)
and More

We might ask, “why is this politicized list of weaponized institutions important?  Why does it matter?  The short answer is because this list of corrupted institutions along with citizen apathy result from unconstitutional government subversively intertwining with Communism and Fascism. This cancerous Globalist autocracy then uses blackmail, bribery, extortion, and intimidation to mold a fear-driven, ORDER-FOLLOWING Ruling Class which not only detests human freedom but despises ALL CREATION.  The same freedom necessary for love to flourish is routinely strangled by bureaucratic corruption and incompetent nepotism and/or patronage.  Globalist lies, surveillance, and entrainment do not enable freedom.  GLOBALISM IS SLAVERY!

Ultimately, GLOBALISM’S ONLY GOAL is to DESTROY ALL CREATION as painfully as possible.  Another name for the religion of GLOBALISM IS SATANISM, but we commoners aren’t supposed to realize that salient fact.  Hence the real motivation behind our INFORMATION WAR as well as all 5th Generation Warfare (5GW).  H/T to U.S. Army Ltg. (retired) Flynn and Boone Cutler.  Here’s a link:  Citizens Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare

Cancerous Globalism cannot be fought from the top down.  Blackmail, sweetheart deals, and extortion render top-down remedies ineffective as leadership is captured.  As U.S. Army Col. (retired) John Mills explains in The Nation Will Follow published in 2022, the Deep State must be defeated from the ground up.  Think local, local, local – one county at a time; all 3,143 of them across the United States.  Col. Mills followed this analysis with 2023’s War Against the Deep State.

Here’s the links: The Nation Will Follow      War Against the Deep State

For reasons I don’t understand, humanity’s healthy survival apparently requires America’s survival, which means Americans MUST STOP saying Yes to self-destructive, weaponized poison pills.  It’s time for America to honor its covenant with Divine Providence, time to grow up, stand up, and take our protective, non-resource raping rightful place in the world.  This is not a “should do”.  This is a “MUST DO” – NOT FOR America alone, BUT for the world.  The CIA, FBI, State Department, and seditious, treasonous agencies like them MUST be flushed down the toilet of American history’s mistakes.  They can no longer be fixed or saved.  Article 1, Section 8 is American Law.

In fact, all American government agencies and departments not authorized under Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution MUST be dissolved.  We don’t need any of them, even if we like them and imagine we receive short-term benefits.  Our Constitutional Rule of Law, with God’s grace will save us if we choose to use these tools we inherited with our republic.  The republic we the people own.

Our newest millennium began on January 1, 2001, but most of us customarily consider the year 2000 as the birth of our third millennium.  Technical calendar issue I guess, though year 2000 was designated as the International Year for the Culture of Peace as well as World Mathematical Year, so there’s that—but less noticed, year 2000 also offered a prescient good read most of us missed.  It dealt directly with the subversive corruption of our legal system.  We should have paid attention.

Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton co-authored The Tyranny of GOOD INTENTIONS that year.  Subtitled, “HOW PROSECUTORS AND BUREAUCRATS ARE TRAMPLING THE CONSTITUTION IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE”; this well documented work, taken to heart, with prompt citizen action, could have saved Americans from the mockery of freakshow government and courtroom circus extremes plaguing us today.  One infiltrated extreme DEMONIZES, then unconstitutionally INDICTS INNOCENT VICTIMS via alleged imaginary process crimes, always political in nature; while the other extreme ignores probable cause, PROTECTING BRAZEN CRIMINALS from adjudication, always for political reasons.  This is Satanically influenced banana republic criminality gone off the rails in a grossly uninformed, propagandized Amerika.

Corruptive identity politics, simple-minded virtue signaling, and other divisive thought control mechanisms lead to WOKE logic failures muzzling the free exchange of ideas.  Cunningly constrained boundaries focus and popularize bigoted Overton Windows ensuring someday we will rue the remaining days of our truth-starved lives.  With study of logic banned from the globalist indoctrinated, Prussian wannabe classroom, reflexive terminology circles back on itself, cleverly establishing new discriminatory legal precedents outside centuries-old, established common law.  By contorting linguistically alchemized word salad ingredients like climate denier, diversity, equity, fairness, gender identity, homophobia, inclusion, misogyny, racial justice, social justice, and other manipulative terminology—the Constitutional equality of every person is trampled, including the tramplers.

Censorship, information warfare, lawfare, and truth-challenged media narrative relentlessly attack constitutionally recognized unalienable rights, i.e., civil rights; replacing God-given human value and dignity of every person with cheap, prejudiced sound-bite equity applauding confirmed status quo herd behavior.  Judgmental social justice surveillance and social credit systems are mind-control cattle prods, coercing destructive behavior from fearful victims of peer reviewed ridicule or worse.  Careers are put at risk for daring to think creatively or even to think at all.  Criminalized political views now mean prison time for innocents still believing the 1st Amendment is respected in captured Trojan Horse leadership circles.

Spiritual warfare, bolstered with lawfare, and confounding word salads are relentlessly parroted by globalist mass media propagandists to divide and weaken every sector of society, but the productive middle class is the most targeted group slated for emotional and intellectual destruction.  Worse, we are slowly learning drop by drop, the middle class is also being democided via endless wars, toxic aerosol spraying, bioweapon JABS, food and water poisoning, harmful vaccines, and other means.

Arbitrarily applied equity and fairness dogma coercively elevate preferred classes of privileged bullies to impregnable positions of societal influence.  For instance, the miniscule U.S. transgender population of 0.39% estimated by National Institute of Health in February 2017 is abusively being used to help destroy cultural morays of more than 330 million U.S. citizens (99.16%) with what are as of yet, undetermined effects—both for self-identified transgenders and everyone else.  No one is safe, particularly transgenders with suicide attempt rates ranging from lows of 30% to highs of 50% across national boundaries.  Is this inhuman brutality a worthy goal for any cultural tradition?

We may be unhappy with society, but we still live in it.  Do the cruelly used transgenders, all 0.39% of them, like some other minorities, imagine they will finally thrive when our imperfect Christian culture of forgiveness is replaced with Satanically induced anarchial chaos?  Who will brandish the biggest club?  Lying to and emboldening the bullied to become bullies themselves cannot resolve abuse of power.  Such behavior just strengthens the painful clubs of abuse by adding revenge sweeteners to the poisonous mix.  All Main Street winners are cleverly eliminated by the boiling hate-pot until finally, without Main Street noticing, the puppet masters enslave the programmed bullies and bullied victims alike.  Only fallen angels are left to chant in the aftermath of Main Street darkness—unless and until we spiritually awaken from our worldly coma to take appropriate action.

Adrenaline and anger disrupt the monotony of daily life and can make us feel more alive but aiding and abetting the simmering of each other’s brains in cortisol is a self-defeating trap we should avoid.  As hippie guru, Ram Dass recalls in Be Here Now (1971, page 43), being told by Georges I. Gurdjieff, “You are in prison. If you think you’re free, you can’t escape.”  Sadly, the importance and necessity of freedom to the quality of human life are no longer taught in American or European education.  If mentioned at all, liberty is deceitfully maligned.  Only Big Government is at liberty to do as it wilt—and as unredacted history demonstrates, always and predictably does to the starving detriment of Main Street.  Hence the critical significance of Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-1769) regarding legal theory, particularly in pre-revolutionary America.  Historic significance we mistakenly ignore at our peril.

Short of a miracle, the only way we the people fix this Satanic Ruling Class mess controlled by dynastic family elites is to say “NO THANK YOU” to bad choices while embracing good choices for each other.  No politician can or will save us from ourselves.  We MUST with God’s grace DO THE WORK.  Since the Devil owns the fence, sitting on it is a poor strategy.  We need to educate each other, study hard, and determine healthy courses of action.  We MUST each take a stand on these healthy courses and make sure we defend each other’s backside against attack by the powers and principalities arrayed against us.  Together we win.  Divided we fall.  Winning freedom back requires each of us doing our small part.  Clarity requires turning off the propaganda machine.

Consider spending some quiet time alone.  Pray and meditate.  Put on some beautiful music and kick back with friends, or better, make music and do some singing ourselves.  Repent for mistakes made and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and blessing for our emboldened spiritual path to better government.  Then meet with friends and neighbors.  Network together.  Discuss and figure out what is best for our neighborhoods and our counties. Take out the trash and make good things happen across our neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, countries, and world.  Courageous, grass roots, prayerful action is a powerful force empowered by Divine Spirit.

The Spirit of Love cannot be overcome by the spirit of darkness, but since we have free will—WE MUST DO THE WORK.  God and His angels respect free will, therefore work through us; not for us.  We must provide God with efforts to bless.  Let’s help each other stop disparaging each other and start strengthening each other through good intentions and prayerful actions.  We can do this if we want to and if we remember to request God’s blessing for the work we do together.  In America, WE THE PEOPLE ARE SUPREME.  Our GOVERNMENT IS OUR SERVANT—not our master.  Embrace this concept. Our world can live within a loving system of TRUE God-given JUSTICE if we choose to exercise our DUTY to the CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY every American has.  Our blessings can then be shared across the world as Christ intends

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