Disclaimer: MY OPINIONS as expressed on this page or on this website are my own and have nothing to do with any opinions held by content providers I’ve linked to below. No agreement regarding my personal bias is expressed or implied by any content provider due to my sharing of these links. Note that I have not spoken with nor requested permission from these content providers to share links to their information.

The purpose of this page is providing convenient educational links for visitors regarding U.S. election fraud brought about via electronic poll books, early voting, mail-in ballots, and electronic tabulation systems. All of these links are to information responsible American taxpayers and/or voters MUST be aware of if they are interested in remaining more or less free in America. Continued short-term ignorance and denial guarantee the dystopian future planned by global syndicate goons comes about. Taking action now offers a peacefully legal, Constitutional path to reclaiming American self-governance. Citizen refusal to take action now leaves two choices on the globalist slavery table: transhuman slavery or civil war. These two nasty alternatives are unacceptable; offering no decent future for our children or future generations. We cannot remain free in America while accepting dishonest elections.

Please take time to view some or all of these informational videos linked below. They have been recorded by courageous, determined patriots who still care about freedom and are unafraid of UNIPARTY wrath. Some are short; some are long; but all are worth our time to better understand the depth of organized U.S. election fraud, much of which is orchestrated from outside the United States. This of course, means conspiratorial citizens helping enable the hostile take-over of American government are traitors and MUST be exposed.

Below the posted links, for the curious, I explain why this information is critically important for voters to understand. It’s often said, “knowledge is power”, but I believe knowledge is only powerful when put to constructive use. Brave patriots provided the knowledge for us. The decision to use this knowledge, then take powerful action together is up to each one of us. My decision is to work with you to take our country back. What say you?


Conservative Daily presentation provided mostly by Mark Cook and and knowledgeable panel demonstrating how quickly electronic vote counts can be decreased, increased, or switched locally or via a remote location – even another country location.

Joe Oltmann interview with Edward Solomon explaining in detail the intricate geometric nuts and bolts of mathematic election fraud Mr. Solomon shows how just three precincts can be used to precisely determine election outcomes for every precinct within a state. mark Cook presents the big picture in the link above. Mr. Solomon dissects the big picture into understandable pieces of intentional election fraud via mathematics at the precinct level.

Informative interview by The Colonel of Truth with Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University, Andrew W. Appel.


This link takes you to more than 30 terabyte of pocket capture metadata caught in real time as data passed through internet nodes. If you visit this link, at the top of the page you’ll see a menu item called “By State”.  Every state in the U.S. has its packet capture metadata available for anyone to see. All 3,100 or so counties in the U.S. can be viewed at this link.

This link explains in just 24 minutes what Bev Harris, founder of https://blackboxvoting.org/ calls FRACTION MAGIC. This older video is a must watch video for any person who cares about honest elections. To understand how completely evil the insidious UNIPARTY is, please note Ms. Harris has been informing people about electronic election fraud since publishing her 2004 book, BLACK BOX VOTING: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century. Ignorance is not an excuse since 2004. Thank you Ms. Harris and David Allen.

This vitally important link is to Mike Lindell’s Live-Streamed, August 16th and 17th, 2023 ELECTION SUMMIT. As I understand it, Day 1 (the 16th) is a state by state report on election fraud status and what’s being done about it in each state. Day 2 is the unveiling of a nationwide plan for re-establishing honest United States elections without going through corrupt courts.

This link is to Mr. Edward Solomon’s Fish Tank Paradox; an analogy showing the geometric nature of election fraud mathematics. Additional links to important election fraud information are also provided here. This presentation is worth any concerned voter’s time to take a look at how our government is being stolen from we the sovereign citizens.

This link is to the mathematical analysis dated April 29, 2023 as performed by Mr. Edward Solomon regarding Nevada’s 2020 and 2022 Clark and Washoe County elections. Note that this analysis is based on Certified County Recorder Tabulations for both Clark and Washoe counties. In my humble engineering opinion, this step-by-step analysis proves intentional election fraud.

This BARD link is also by Mr. Solomon (see link above) and does an analogous comparison of fraudulent auto sales reporting and the election fraud analysis of Nevada’s Clark and Washoe counties. In both instances, similar math formulas are used to control tally outcomes.


The ADMINISTRATIVE DICTATORSHIP OF THE UNITED STATES is run by a corrupt, treasonous UNIPARTY. This subversive group of rogue citizens and some WOKE military leadership are owned and operated by the international MONEY TRUST. This MONEY TRUST privately controls central banks and other large multinational banks across the globe, along with an interlocked cartel of multinational corporate monopolies. Management is primarily by private entities from offices on Lombard Street (City of London) and Wall Street (New York), though lessor financial power centers thrive on every continent. A small number of dynastic family members steer this hopelessly greedy management system through membership in exclusive societies, clubs, and other covert or nearly covert organizations

UNIPARTY influence is negatively and infectiously spread by blackmail, bribes, deceit, extortion, fear, lies, and when necessary, force, though on American streets not much force has been necessary – so far. Force isn’t necessary when we’re motivated to keep going along to get along. Global syndicate psychopaths and weaponized think tanks like London’s Tavistock Institute and its adjuncts are expert at using good intentions of decent people against their own best interest. It is through our misguided perception enforced by propagandized lack of intention via intentional distraction and misdirection, along with a subtle level of induced anxiety (mass formation) that we become reluctant to say NO THANK YOU to bad ideas, even when common sense suggests we should not comply. It is imperative for any chance of free survival, that we open our eyes and see what is hiding in plain sight, i.e., transhuman enslavement by Satanically influenced psychopaths and their order-following Pawns of Privilege.

The MONEY TRUST enforces it’s academic, diplomatic, financial, legal, medical, military, nutritional, and political control through layers and layers of globalist indoctrinated order-followers throughout academia, government, and the private sector. I refer to this crucial international indoctrination network as the STUDY GROUP SYSTEM. The study group system is so wide and so deep, it is nearly impossible to notice its structured web of organization. It poses as a professional network offering education and career opportunity, which it is and does; but is underlaid by a malevolent web of psychological control mechanisms. Cognitive dissonance, confusion, and a touch of anxiety caused by the relentless diet of controlled opposition and controlled conflict weaken critical thinking skills and the ability to make decisions for study group participants and leaders alike. Otherwise good people become susceptible to suggestion by influential others and less able to think coherently. The nearly invisible study group system is a brilliantly conceived control device rendering guns, cattle cars, barbed wire, torture, and forced labor unnecessary. We the uninformed sheeple fund and vote for our own mind control imprisonment.

Re-establishing freedom for United States citizens and then sharing it with our entire world requires fasting, prayer, and concerted action by morally unified citizen groups across the globe. Our time to stand in the gap with God’s grace has arrived. We are who we have been waiting for. JOIN OR DIE as Mr. Franklin once gloriously cartooned.

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