05-21-2024: TACTICAL CIVICS and Restoring Our Broken Republic.

Can working Americans peacefully restore our republic?  Tired of waiting for “Others”?

Short answer:  YES, by EXERCISING our CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY, we don’t have to wait.

What authority we might ask?

The CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY sovereign citizens of the United States legally possess to enforce our Constitutional Rule of Law—authority most of us were never taught we have.  We the people of the United States don’t just possess God-given unalienable rights as all humanity does.  The 5th Amendment to our unique Constitution specifies that accountability for committing capital crimes occurs by presentment or indictment of a grand jury.  Grand jury indictments per the laws of the union are enforced by legally formed militia as spelled out in Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16 of the U.S. Constitution.  These are two levers for taking back America.

I refer here only to Constitutionally stipulated, legally formed, locally trained, County and/or State militia as opposed to privately formed militia groups regardless of intention or how well organized the groups may be.

In short, humanity’s unalienable rights recognized in our 1776 Declaration of Independence are secured for American citizens by the form of republican, i.e. representative government established by the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments.  The U.S. Constitution comprises the Rule of Law throughout America.  This Rule of Law and our sovereign citizen, self-governing DUTY to enforce the law is supreme in these United States.  No branch of government in America looms supreme over we the people.  We the people, “do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”  Below is the proper structure of American government.

We the U.S. people are supreme under God across America.  Legislators, executives, and judges are not supreme in these United States.  Sadly, and intentionally, at least since the Civil War and after twelve abusive years of so-called Reconstruction, most Americans have never been taught this Constitutional fact.  The only Constitutionally legitimate force of U.S. law arises from legally formed county militia exercising true posse comitatus (power of the county) to enforce citizen grand jury indictments.  This is how we bring the battle against corruption into our own hands.  Standing armies and law enforcement were abhorrent to our Founders, each posing potentially abusive threats to liberty.  2024’s military and law enforcement power-overreach are proof-certain of correct Fonder thinking and Constitutional process.  Our republic is in tatters, ruled by traitorous nincompoops and MUST be repaired.

It’s time we learned about these Constitutional Facts of our history and founding.  Thankfully, a group of determined patriots are now teaching these untaught truths of our nation’s founding, while building a network of civics educated citizen volunteers.  Working together, this Tactical Civics network, with God’s grace, is legally and peacefully working hard to take back our country’s Constitutional liberty from the demons who stole it—one county at a time.

Notice: Whereas I am an advocate of Tactical Civics™, I do not speak for nor represent Tactical Civics™ nor the AmericaAgain!  Trust.  Additionally, I am NOT endorsed by Tactical Civics™ or AmericaAgain!  Trust.”

To learn more about Tactical Civics, I recommend checking out: https://tacticalcivics.com/

Our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, and finally, we ourselves have trusted centralized government and law enforcement to defend us.  Instead of being protected and served, we find ourselves intimidated, subjugated, ruled, and often robbed by our own public servants—the servants we pay.  For generations we have elected, or had machines select, so-called representatives who cannot or will not act in our citizen best Constitutional interest per the oath they each swear before God.  Every level of U.S. government is now weaponized against Main Street America, all or in part.  Citizens are now a pocketbook to steal from and a vote to miscount or not count at all.

We are who we are waiting for.  There is no one coming to save us, except Jesus Christ, and Jesus wants us to do our work first.  We have a moral obligation, a DUTY as Christians to nourish and protect our United States’ Declared Covenant with our Creator to serve Divine Providence on Earth.  Many of us have walked away from that DUTY.  As a result, we must apologize, then actively repent by doing the Hard Work of saving the United States for the world, the entirety of which, is depending on us.  With God’s grace we cannot fail in this mission.

That said, in order to win we must first begin.  That is, take the first step.  For those of us, disappointed and exhausted while waiting for someone else to get ‘er done, the door is open for each of us to do our small part.  One such door is Tactical Civics, where we can all meet each other as the good and decent people we are.  We have the numbers.  It’s time we started acting like it by doing our chores, or…

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