AMERICA FIRST STRATEGY Considerations:  Article #3 – Arizona Self Governance

SELF-GOVERNANCE requires citizen awareness, discernment, and active participation.
FREEDOM requires self-governance.  Human beings have found no other way to freely cohabitate.


Big Government Complicity results in abuse and subjugation of Main Street citizens, i.e., slavery.

Psychopaths, socially deviant or not, and treasonous order-followers parasitically nest as Ruling Class Thugs within big government systems where layers of bureaucracy defy accounting compliance, effective oversight of any kind, rule of law, and fiduciary responsibility to citizens whose confiscated wealth pays the bills, and whose blood feeds designer wars orchestrated by the dynastic family owners of the Ruling Class Thugs.  History shows NO EXCEPTIONS.

The United States of America began less than 250 years ago as a manageable, limited government system with Constitutional restraints hand-cuffing rogue elements in government from abusing and subjugating citizens.  2023 America has left Constitutional checks and balances in tatters, bloating Washington D.C. into a monster of corruption; a multi-headed Leviathan gnawing on our Bill of Rights, with most, if not all Federal agencies weaponized against we the people.  If we don’t stand up and fix this mess, if we fail to support and increase the courageous Congressional numbers of the so-called Twenty within the GOP Freedom Caucus, our kids and grandchildren will grow up as emaciated cyborg serfs living on ground up bugs, trying to breathe poisoned air, in concrete stack and pack smart gulag cities enclosed within full spectrum dominant electromagnetic boundaries.

So what do we do? Where do we begin? The answer is local, local, local, that is, from the bottom up.

There are ±330 million of us in the U.S.  Of those, roughly 100 million are lost to globalist indoctrination.  Approximately 100 million are awakening to the need for spiritual discernment, courage, and the will to resist brutal Fifth Generation Warfare being unconditionally waged against Main Street values, judgement, and freedom.  In the middle are roughly another 100 million or so who don’t know there’s a problem; or they do but have no idea how to effectively address it.  It is our Christian responsibility as spiritually awakening citizens, all ±100 million of us to protect all citizens including the lost and comatose. Salvation of the entire world, for reasons I don’t quite understand, hangs on America’s winning our battle against order-following globalist proponents of the Satanically inspired New World Order.

If we ±100 million awakening citizens unite in Christ’s name; if we effectively network together in prayer as well as action, we organically form a massive army for good, protected by the Armor of God, countering the chaotic evil surrounding us.  The world has never seen an army this large.  We have the numbers, the loving attitude, and the discernment to say NO THANK YOU to conveniences entrapping us in a globalist mind-control gulag.  We just need to organize ourselves, putting our numbers to work.  This can be done in small ways—each within our towns, cities, counties, and states.

Since we have the numbers, we don’t have to dedicate our entire lives, sacrificing everything to save our country and the world.  We MUST, however, each do something.  To get started, here’s a few action item suggestions.  We can each personalize our own short list per our individual interests, available time, training, and skill sets.

Since I reside in Coolidge, Arizona (Pinal County) I’ll start with just one suggestion:

▪ Follow what’s happening with active Arizona House and Senate legislation.
  Here’s a link to the AZ Legislature website’s “Introduced Bills” page.

  If you haven’t used this web page before, as I haven’t in the past, here’s what I’ve learned so far.  Hopefully, you’re a more skilled searcher than I am and know better ways to search bills—but this has been working for me.
     •Go to the Introduced Bills webpage using the above link.
     •Go to the Menu heading for House Bills or Senate Bills.  Click on the one you’re interested in.
     •In either case you’ll see a column with rows identifying a range of Bill Numbers.

             Let’s say you want to check on House Bill HB 2552 regarding voting; elections; tally; prohibition.  Click on the row showing the range of bills from 2551 to 2600.
              Then click on Bill 2552 in the column that comes up.
     •When HB 2552 comes up, you’ll see a summary page.  To see the text of the bill, click on the Menu Item “DOCUMENTS”.  This will bring up a page displaying related PDF documents to choose from.
     •If you would like to read the Introduced Version of HB 2552, click on the PDF blue icon on the right.  This will bring up the full text of the document.

▪ Contact your Arizona House or Senate Member to let them know where you stand on bills in question.  We should be sharing our opinions with representative regularly.  I know this, because I’m the guy irritated for decades because my representatives never did what I wanted—BUT how could they?  I never reached out to them with my agreement or concerns.

Following AZ legislation and commenting to our representatives is just one thing we can do as responsible citizens of Pinal County, Arizona to take our State back from the Establishment goons who attacked our election integrity and freedom to choose on November 8, 2022.  First we take back Arizona; then the United States of America; then the world. Just sayin’.

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