1. How long have Marxist infiltrators been indoctrinating U.S. citizens with totalitarian ideas

Short answer:  Since Woodrow Wilson, Colonel Edward M. House, and Comrades on or about 1911; but absolutely without question, since 1920.  The longer answer follows.

In 1984,  Mr. G. Edward Griffin interviewed Yuri Bezmenov, a Soviet KGB defector to the Unites States.  In this interview, Yuri explained a KGB strategy for subjugating nation states without the need for violent overthrow.  Put simply, he described a long-term KGB brainwashing program conducted in four phases.

Here’s a link to the Griffin-Bezmenov interview:

Stage 1 is DEMORALIZATION which typically requires 15 – 20 years for completion.

Stage 2 is DESTABILIZATION which typically requires 2 – 5 years for completion.

Stage 3 is CRISIS which typically requires only 6 weeks or so.


Please bear this ±25-year societal demolition program timing in mind while I tell you a personal story.

Back in the pre-Google dark ages of 1982, I was working as a 31-year-old, Assistant City Engineer for Monona, Wisconsin.  I became friends with a retired General Contractor working part-time as our Construction Inspector.  He lived in a beautiful home on the east shore of Lake Mendota in Madison.  His home had a wonderful private library in which I was free to roam.  This library story is significant because as you may recall the first message transmitted over ARPANET was sent on October 29, 1969.  By the end of 1982, ARPANET was just reaching transmission speeds of  ±50Kb/second—so Google was 16-years in the future and libraries were our best-bet information sources.

Anyway, while browsing early one evening before dinner and cognac, I ran across a pamphlet in the Military History section of the library.  Though not military per se, I guess it was filed there because it was a Communist publication, and we were caught up in the so-called Cold War (1947 – 1991).

In any event, to my limited knowledge, the first organized, large scale, intentional Marxist demoralization attack on individuality and free thinking in America was launched by the Wilson Administration in 1913; later in conjunction with true believers in Communism, mostly labor related, during the roaring twenties, not long after the Anglo-American Atlanticist funding of the 1917 Bolshevik Coup in Russia.  The pamphlet I held in my own, once callused hands, was a stapled manual of maybe two dozen or so, 5” x 8” pages, copyrighted 1920, published by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA, as split from the Socialist Party of America in 1919).

This pamphlet simply and clearly outlined protocols for creating small independent groups (now called cells) to infiltrate and undermine the Catholic Church specifically and Christian churches generally, as well as indoctrination of American educators and popular societal groups.  The objective specified, was and still is, undermining moral and cultural values in America.  Marxist infiltrators were instructed to create disharmony and societal disorder through a process of undermining local organizational effectiveness by incrementally infiltrating state governments, county boards, city councils, school boards, school administrations, university faculties, religious associations, church groups, publishing houses, newspaper editorial staffs, newsrooms, professional associations, etc.  The success of this demoralization program was and remains impressive, hence today’s attack on human decency by dumbed-down WOKE culture.

I’m disappointed I didn’t make a copy.  My bad!  This pamphlet epitomized Fabian Socialism and the teaching of Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci (1860 – 1937) as well as others of the so-called Frankfurt School, who believed Communist utopia would eliminate capitalism incrementally via a better idea, i.e., infiltration instead of invasion, as opposed to the Marxist/Leninist view of violent overthrow by the working class.

I’m sharing this Communist pamphlet story to showcase the long length of American indoctrination in the context of Yuri Bezmenov’s 1984 remarks, where he explains that after just fifteen to twenty or so years of DEMORALIZATION brainwashing, a significant percentage of the targeted population no longer processes information.  This unfortunate percentage, susceptible to brainwashing, usually at least one third of the population, no longer cares about making decisions and prefers to be told what to do and how to behave.  After 15-20 years of this indoctrination, the KGB found that only a severe shock could break through the brainwashing filters to reignite logical thinking processes.

My little personal story suggests people of the United States have now been under DEMORLIZATION attack since at least 1920.  That’s more than a century of DEMORALIZTION—five times longer than the typically required twenty or so years the Soviet KGB found necessary to overcome a population.  Recent kinetic wars loom large in all our minds; but the nearly invisible 5GW Information War began 248-years-ago.  Its incremental nature renders it difficult to realize this war even exists, much less that the attack poses a threat we must fight, if humanity is to survive and thrive.

This circumstance suggests, those of us working to restore our Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law should not become unduly frustrated with difficulties encountered while engaging enemies of our Republic or mind-controlled victims of those 5GW enemies.  We are engaging this largely spiritual battle with Satanically influenced totalitarianism, more than a century after our psychopathic enemies from within and without our national boundaries started the fight.  We won’t win this fight overnight.  Success in this fight requires courage, discernment, fortitude, patience, perseverance—and most of all, PRAYER.  Obtaining victory in our 21st century Fifth Generation Warfare struggle means, We MUST ask for our Creator’s help in this battle, just as our Founders did in their day.

If you haven’t read The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) by LTG, U.S. Army, Michael T. Flynn (Retired) and SGT, U.S. Army, Boone Cutler (Retired), please check it out.  It’s an excellent guide to better understanding humanity’s battle against Globalism. Here’s a link to LTG Flynn’s Substack:

Many strategists argue taking back sovereign citizen control of local city and county government is our best strategy for defeating Globalism.  Along the lines of this local, local, local strategy is another excellent book by Colonel, U.S. Army, John Mills (Retired) titled, THE NATION WILL FOLLOW.  Here’s a link to Colonel Mill’s Substack: https://substack.com/@colonelretjohn

The spiritual, intellectual, and emotional violence of Marxism, its twisted sister Fascism, and finally, synthesized Globalism drive many of us to imagine violent self-defense as the logically exclusive answer to humanity’s survival.  Self-defense via a 2nd Civil War may necessarily become our future path – but not yet.  We can still save American Rule of Law through grass roots political action.  At least two-thirds of the United States population are Constitutionalists of Christian or Jewish faith.  We have the majority numbers but do not act as though we do.  It’s time we did.  Time to become involved locally in our church groups, at school boards, town, city, county, and state levels.  As THEY say—all politics are local.  Let’s get involved, get our hands dirty, and work together – wiping America clean of Satanic totalitarian disease.

More recently, adding to Yuri Bezmenov’s 1984 remarks, Professor of Psychology at Belgium’s University of Ghent, Dr. Mattias Desmet offers instruction in “mass formation”, a subject arising from KGB studies of “mass demoralization” (my opinion).  Through a process of applied societal stresses and repetitive indoctrination, large population groups can be conditioned to adopt a hypnotic “collective unconsciousness”, forming what Gustav Le Bon (1841-1931) referred to earlier, as a “psychological crowd”.  Such groups feel socially isolated, humanly disconnected, cannot make sense of life, therefore lack meaning and purpose in life; then, suffering from free-floating anxiety, behavior metastasizes into free-floating aggression.  We saw this conditioned behavior among the Bolshevik Red Guard, Mussolini’s Black Shirts, Hitler’s Brown Shirts, Mao’s Red Guard, and we see the repeat today with social justice warriors like members of Antifa, BLM and so forth.

If you haven’t read it, Professor Desmet’s 2022 book titled The Psychology of Totalitarianism is beyond informative and well worth our curious time.

The Mass Formation indoctrination process, which the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has turned into a fine art, creates groups of people incapable of tolerating competitive or opposing views, even to the point of responding with Fascistic violence to simple questions.  Frustration generated by the narrowly limited ability to engender rational responses to questions and debate drives these unfortunates to confront reality, instantly herding them back to the anxiety and unhappiness precipitating mass formation initially.   We’ll not delve into this further, but must realize in self-defense, globalist conditioning runs deep, posing extreme danger to all free or mostly free societies.  A person, once demoralized, can no longer effectively process information.  This mass formation conditioning cannot be reversed except through some form of extreme shock.  We see the sad result of mass formation conditioning throughout the United States, in every BLUE CITY, BLUE STATE, and among complicit Establishment RINOs.

Making matters worse, as though Marxism alone isn’t Satanically destructive enough, useful idiots have blended Marxism with Fascism, thereby synthesizing Globalism, i.e. worldwide totalitarian slavery of the many by the few.  As the Nanny State promise predictably fails everywhere its tried, the hobnailed boot of Fascism crushes Main Street throats, enforcing the subjugation of Big Government Dependency.  This incestuous marriage of twisted sisters, Marxism and Fascism spawn the enslavement system euphemistically called Globalism, now struggling to gain transhuman traction in our dumbed down schools.  This raises a 2nd, longer term question.

  • How long have dynastic families been indoctrinating U.S. citizens with authoritarian ideas?

Short answer:  Since authoritarian Prussian educational principles began infiltrating our universities beginning at William and Mary College in 1776, matriculating to Yale in 1780, Harvard in 1781, and so forth.  Authoritarian Prussian thinking steadily spread across America’s university system until finally in 1877 the federal Bureau of Education was formed.  Today we call this demoralizing monster of centralization the United States Department of Education.  Through state and national standards supported by detailed record keeping—all tied to unconstitutional federal educational funding, the United States has foolishly centralized education, thereby enabling its systemic failure to properly educate while strengthening its infiltrated ability to indoctrinate.

On pages 34-39 in his 2004 book titled LIBERTY AND LEARNING, Twelfth President of Hillsdale College, Dr. Larry P. Arnn describes the 1877 culmination of this protracted assault on education (my words) as announced by Andrew Dickson White at the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1877.  Dr. Arnn ends his summary with a comment on 20th century American education.  “We now have the Prussian system.”

For those interested in learning more about this Prussian infiltration, I suggest reading Mr.  Will Zoll’s deep dive into history, through his series of Substack articles called Prussia Gate.  Here’s a link:

If you prefer listening to reading, check out Mr. Patrick Gunnel’s Substack series called “Reading Epic Threads.”  Scrolling through the threads, you’ll find among other interesting content, readings of the Prussia Gate series.  Here’s a link: https://substack.com/profile/6869492-patrick-gunnels.

This second bit of history adds a considerable time duration to planned educational undermining and authoritarian brainwashing of Americas leaders and citizens; but that scope of discussion is beyond today’s comments.  I shared my personal Marxist pamphlet experience along with a glimpse of Prussian history, so we can better understand how long and how deep this godless delusion has been planted within our dumbed down, once educational culture.  We must remain coherent in our thinking, firm in our commitment to truth, and avoid being trapped into violence against one another as our enemies so often instigate.

We fight for love of those we care about and in defense of those unable to defend themselves, but never out of hatred for each other.  This is how, with love and our Creator’s guidance we defend ourselves against evil, take back our American Republic—and with that accomplished, help others around the world take back their unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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