In March 2004 Ms. Bev Harris published a book titled Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century.  Her book, based on more than 40,000 electronic files related to early generation electronic voting machines established the fact of votes routinely being added, deleted, and/or switched by rogue elements involved in the electoral process of vote tabulation.

Nearly two decades after (18-years) publication of Ms. Harris’ book and after someone in the White House ordered the book in 2004; local, state, and federal elected representatives, law enforcement, and the courts have done nothing to restrain ubiquitous national election fraud.  A form of cheating assuring the freedom and well-being of every Main Street citizen is at risk—or incrementally vanishing.

As a recently elected Arizona GOP Precinct Committeeman, I am sadly not surprised to see 2020’s openly unpunished AZ election fraud put on steroids for the 2022 November election.  My home state of Arizona is openly and apparently proudly, a totalitarian state RULED by Globalist Pawns comprising a UniParty of Marxist Democrats married by Constitutional insult to Establishment Republicans.  Ignorance and apathy bless this unholy marriage, tightly united by what I imagine to be sweetheart deals, favorable press coverage, awards, and future promotions as the carrot—along with blackmail, extortion, financial pressure, negative press coverage, public demonization, and no possibility of future promotions as the stick.

If we as Arizona, or U.S. citizens expect anything better than impoverished feudal serfdom as our future, this vile banana republic behavior must be terminated NOW.  This is not a Democrat/Republican or Liberal/Conservative issue.  This corruption, much of it promoted by, funded by, organized by, and institutionalized by entities outside our U.S. national boundaries is just one aspect of an openly aggressive asymmetric warfare attack on the U.S. rendering cooperating U.S. citizens guilty of, or possibly guilty of, …”adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort” per Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.  A Constitutional basis of law the bleached skeletal bones of which still exist but enforced functionality of and balance of power vanished into a vast, multi-trillion-dollar quagmire of corruption, money laundering, sedition, and treason (my non-legal opinion) never seen at this scale in human history.

One question many of us have is as citizens and or supporters of political parties—can we or how do we address this invasive threat to our freedom, financial well-being, health, and security?

As a retired Professional Civil Engineer my focus is designing and constructing things that function effectively or fixing things that don’t work.  From this perspective, figuring out WHO DONE IT is not a primary concern.  The SYSTEM IS SUBVERTED AND BROKEN.  Guilty parties WHO DONE IT are easily replaceable and can be legally dealt with after the system is repaired and made whole.

We can simultaneously attempt to reclaim our election system while prosecuting WHO DONE IT fraud but will fail as the fraud is systemic throughout our executive, legislative, and judicial bodies at every level, i.e., this parasitic system protects itself and captured pawns sustaining it.  In Arizona, this infection is most prominently advertised by the Maricopa and Pima County Boards of Supervisors locally, at the state level of Governor, Secretary of State, and State Attorney General offices; and appears to be supported by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office as well.

I suggest we the citizens of Arizona (and of course, citizens across all states in the U.S.), get past our useless “divide and conquer” differences, AND GET OFF OUR COUCHES  to form a strong, united coalition for ELECTION INTEGRITY.  As we do this, we can discuss priorities, strategies, and tactics for accomplishing our to be determined goals.  This process has already begun via True the Vote and other organizations.  We can build on this foundation via our own local clubs and organizations.

For those not aware, a brief overview of how the vote tabulation system is corrupted:

Regardless of differing laws for handling EARLY VOTING and/or MAIL-IN BALLOTS in different jurisdictions, laws are ignored, and these mail-in ballots are used to determine early voting trends.  Since electronic voting machines are programmed TO CALCULATE VOTES, rather than COUNT VOTES; the algorithms are calibrated per early trends in favor of selected parasitic candidates and ballot initiatives.  The longer EARLY VOTING IS PROLONGED, the easier it is to fine tune what are to become PREDETERMINED BALLOT COUNT OUTCOMES.  This knowingly corrupt, intentional process is augmented by jimmied voter rolls, ballot harvesting, fake ballots, etc.  Any group controlling vote tabulation logistics can produce any outcome they wish for any election.  So-called signature verification is so unreliably foolish, it doesn’t bear consideration as a security measure.

NOTE:  There are many ways for electronic voting tabulators to fraudulently function.  Votes can be switched, re-switched, not counted, counted more than once, etc.  Ballots can easily be damaged or misread, then placed into manual adjudication for non-transparent fraudulent counting by corrupt order followers.  Another method is simply weighting the count.  For example, a Republican or Democrat candidate vote can be calculated as 0.80 votes.  An opposing candidate vote can be calculated as 1.20 votes.  Total ballots cast will equal total votes calculated within an acceptable margin of error and the selected candidate wins the count with zero transparency and no ability to reliably audit results.  This is how election results show impossible vote totals with partial votes like 10,687.3 or 103, 956.8, etc.  What person cast the 0.3 or 0.8 vote?  Wireless or physical internet connection to tabulators adds the capability for remotely adjusting calculation algorithms while confounding audit trails.  This can be done from outside the U.S. as we saw in Germany, Portugal, Italy and other locals in 2020 via online metadata packet-capture courts refused to look at.

Here’s one way this ELECTION FRAUD works:

1. Early voting enables setting up programed algorithms for vote calculation instead of simple vote counting.

2. Programmed machines begin calculating final votes on voting day—or sometimes, for weeks afterward.  If unanticipated voting day trends upset predetermined outcomes, vote tabulation is stopped as in 2020, algorithms are adjusted, then fraudulent calculation resumes.

3. Extended so-called COUNTING is continued beyond ELECTION DAY so the final tabulation calculations can be supported by adding or removing ballots, real or fake.  Longer so-called COUNTING periods simply enable the number of real or fake ballots to be more conveniently adjusted so the final vote calculations appear balanced within acceptable limits.

My first suggested contribution to END ARIZONA ( and U.S.) ELECTION FRAUD is as follows:

1. Voter identification required.

2. No mail-in ballots.

3. No early voting or late voting.

4. No electronic voting machines.

5. Ear-marked or otherwise officially demarcated verifiable PAPER BALLOTS, printed by audited certified printers, protected by a transparently verifiable chain of custody provided by all political parties involved.

6. All ballots are HAND COUNTED under transparent observation by observers appointed by all political parties involved.  Each party appoints a minimum of three observers.

7. Voting is on ELECTION DAY.  Make ELECTION DAY A NATIONAL HOLIDAY, if necessary.

8.  Precincts MUST be made small enough for all VOTE TABULATION to be completed and results known within at most,  6 hours of designated poll closing.

These eight points will make a good start toward circumventing criminal behavior.  If we can accomplish this election clean-up, then we can investigate and prosecute WHO DONE IT criminals.  Just sayin’.

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