“A totalitarian state is in effect a theocracy, and its ruling caste, in order to keep its position, has to be thought of as infallible.”  {George Orwell}  (Thanks Mr. Jon Rappoport for sharing this quote.)

A divided nation is weakened, confused, distrustful and is susceptible to attack from outside and inside with little ability to defend itself or its allies.  A divided people are ripe for totalitarian conquest by force, lies, or both.

I suspect human history is comprised of saecular cycles wherein we acknowledge, then deny, then acknowledge our created spiritual nature in a repetitive cycle of spiritual gain, enlightenment, and abundance where psychopathy is brought at least partially under socio-cultural control; followed immediately by neurotic eras of psychopathic dominance, spiritual confusion, impoverishment, and wanton destruction.

Note: For more on saecular cycles refer to The Fourth Turning (1997) by William Strauss & Neil Howe.

History demonstrates all wanna-be dictators of totalitarian states are psychopaths, differing only in matter of degree.  It matters not whether psychopaths are born (unlikely) or developed via Luciferian influence.  They are a threat to human autonomy and dangerous when allowed to flourish as leaders within non-transparent environments.  Any restraint of freedom is evil, requiring spiritual weapons to restrain or over-come it.  I doubt we can shed ourselves of psychopaths, but perhaps we can come up with a work-around distancing them from the positions of influence and power to which they often rise?  This should be the primary task of 21st century society.  Our task is 100% spiritual as the only effective weapon against psychopathy and social deviance is spiritual growth, health and well-being within the communities we share.

The Democrat and Republican Parties are both disingenuously trending more rhetorically warm and fuzzy while actionably demonstrating increased Totalitarian Tendencies.  Both parties are a waste of oxygen as far as freedom is concerned, since both are wholly owned and operated agents for the world’s psychopathic Plutocracy and constitute a UniParty, no longer representing we the people in any visibly coherent manner, other than aiding the harvest of Main Street people and wealth for privileged Elite benefit;  that is benefit of the top 0.001%.

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Actually David -you’re incorrect!  We do not accept it and will never comply.

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“It’s time to stop being good Republicans.  It’s time to stop being good Democrats.  It’s time to start being good Americans.”
{Aaron Russo}

The Practical Prescription:
If we wish to be free – we must stop purchasing products manufactured by and services offered by the multinational monopolies exercising mercantilist/fascist control over the honor challenged cretins we foolishly elect to represent these monopolies by selling the uninformed populace empty socialist promises instead of representing Main Street.

A few of the items listed below require amending our Constitution but we must be patient as well as firm.  We the people of Main Street cannot attempt a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION now and likely not safely within the next two or so decades as we are too civically dumbed down to survive such a negotiated event intact.  Work smart, not just hard.

The Political Prescription:

The following 18 points are a beginning, assuming the United States can successfully remain in its present 50-State form, which at this point is doubtful.

  1. Pass legislation stating the following: All elected or appointed government officials and all family members, along with non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), institutions, associations, universities, educational facilities, laboratories, manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, shippers, consultants, subconsultants, contractors, subcontractors and/or any other entities providing goods, services and or information to or receiving goods, services or information from any Federal government agency, consultant, or contractor shall provide annual, certified third party audits to each of 50 State’s Attorney General’s office; and additionally shall be subject to unannounced audit(s) requested by House or Senate simple majority vote, to be performed by approved, certified auditor’s selected by the Secretary of State in which the audited entity resides from a list of approved, certified auditors maintained by that State’s Secretary of State.  Neither sovereign nor qualified immunity applies in any case including but not limited to National Security.
  2. Eliminate FASAB 56. Pass legislation requiring enforcement of Article 1, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution requiring GAAP compliant financial reports on an annual basis for any monies drawn from the U.S. Treasury or obligated to or by the U.S. Treasury by any government agency, office, consultant, contractor or other.
  3. Pass legislation requiring all voters to establish eligibility by providing approved identification prior to voting in any election. Require all local, state and national votes cast in any election to be cast using physical ballots of paper or other securely archival material capable of hand counting. Eliminate fraud enabling electronic voting.
  4. Stop covert global and inter-planetary weaponization of earth’s atmosphere, geology, weather and space. Healthy technology can be developed in the open, on the table; it doesn’t have to be hidden.  The covert nature of atmospheric ionization and the militarization of our biosphere via poorly understood physics, chemistry and biology suggests it has little benefit to offer humanity or earth’s life forms other than extinction via short-sighted pathology.  If atmospheric ionization and weaponized weather are stopped, the delivery system for involuntary Nano-Bio Control Technology infestation and FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE over the many by the few is stopped.  This research and development must be made public and must be subjected to scrutiny and open discourse.
  5. Pass the Conflict of Interest Act. The tactic most consistently employed to sustain Mercantilist or Fascist governmental control by Globalist transnational monopolies is appointment of upper transnational monopoly management to Federal Agency leadership positions via the revolving D.C. door. Prejudicial regulatory actions, discriminatory tax policy and Congressional appropriations can all be conveniently targeted to cripple free market competition while enabling monopoly business development, unfair market controls and corrupt subsidization of net negative returns on investment; including mis-use of military force as private enforcement serving political de-stabilization, resource rape and other corrupt agendas.  Self or special interest cannot be part and parcel of public office.  This act is necessary as the honor system is dead.

Conflict of Interest ActPart A. No person or persons employed by, contracted with, otherwise consulting, working for or associated with corporate or partnership interests having gross revenues exceeding $5 million USD annually, nor family and relatives of such persons shall run for elected Federal office and additionally, shall not be eligible for appointment to any Federal government agency.  Part B. No President of the United States, Member of the House of Representatives, or U.S. Senate shall accept or utilize any totality, component part, section or aspect of legislation composed, proposed and/or written by outside third parties beyond immediate Congressional staff authorized and compensated to research and draft such legislation.

  1. Abolish the privately-owned Federal Reserve System of central banking (5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto).  Establish a new, public, central bank (like North Dakota’s) having Congressional over-sight with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) audit transparency made available to citizens.  The new central bank shall have NO POWER to create nor control the U.S. money supply, set interest rates or engage market activity; in other words, CANNOT BE A BANK OF ISSUANCE;CANNOT HAVE A TRADING FLOOR and cannot make foreign loans to countries, nor corporate loans nor make loans to private individuals.
  2. Pass the Enumerated Powers Act requiring all proposed Congressional legislation demonstrating Constitutional Authorization prior to floor discussion and certainly before a vote. If Constitutionality is in question, compliance shall be determined before any vote or approval can occur.  We’ll not “pass it to see what’s in it”.
  3. Impose “term limits” – not to exceed two (2) terms, consecutive or non-consecutive, for all House of Representative Members and not to exceed one (1) term for U. S. Senate Members.  This limit includes all Congressional staff. {Since term limits will never be voted for by corrupt legislators, see Item 18 below and realize VOTER IMPOSED TERM LIMITS CONSIST OF NEVER RE-ELECTING AN INCUMBENT – EVER.} Regarding the U.S. Senate, now the most brazen, organized crime organization on earth; please refer to Point 13 below.  U.S. Senators must be appointed by State Legislatures as originally provided for; not elected at mud-slinging hog auctions as brought about by the malfeasant 17th Amendment, barked by disingenuous news auctioneers, for picking by medicated voters beaten comatose by meaningless political soundbites and technocratic entrainment.
  4. Abolish the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The IRS is nothing more than a collection service for owners of the Federal Reserve Banks. We don’t need it.  IRS employees can do something worthwhile with their time.  The Constitution does not provide for a tax on individual labor, the idea of which is obscene.  Why should any person pay government for the privilege of working for a living?  Any direct tax, such as a capitation (head) tax or property tax is to be apportioned, at best a difficult task and unfortunately, I’m not sure the term direct tax has ever been clearly defined from a legal standpoint.  The Founders certainly disagreed as to its specific meaning, which does confuse Constitutional intent.  In any event, if we insist on being taxed, this notion should be a national sales tax, not to exceed 15%, collected at point of sale and administered by the individual state revenue departments, replacing all other forms of Federal taxation.  Size and cost of the Federal government must be limited to monies collected by this sales tax.  The Federal government shall beg for its money from the States.  The Federal Budget must begin every fiscal year with a blank piece of paper, not a zero-based license to defraud taxpayer largess.
  5. Repeal the 16th Amendment (tax on human labor – income tax – 2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto).  This illegal Amendment was never properly ratified by three fourths of the States at that time anyway.  There were 48 States in 1913, therefore requiring ratification by a minimum of 36 States.  Records indicate that only 20 States can be legally counted as properly ratifying this Amendment; 16 States short.  It appears Secretary of State, Philander Knox fraudulently certified this Amendment for ratification. In any case, ratification is not the issue.  The Income Tax on labor is obscene, discriminatorily abusive and must be eliminated.  Unfair taxation literally breeds Congressional corruption.
  6. All Congressional salaries shall conform to the national average salary as determined annually by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  All Congressional retirement benefits and health care benefits shall be abolished.  All Congressional Members shall be given a housing allowance set per the lessor of the average rental rate for the Washington D.C. area or $1,500/month.  All Congressional Members shall be reimbursed for commercial coach class air travel; $125/day maximum hotel/motel expense; and $30/day meal expense when traveling on Congressional authorized business.  No other travel expense will be reimbursed, and no government or military vehicles are to be available for Congressional use. All Members of Congress are free to make and pay for their own travel arrangements, but not as gifts (bribes) from companies or other individuals.  Annual Congressional office/staff allowances averaging $1.35 million per member (the range is $1.27 to $1.55 million) must be audited and justified, not just appropriated.
  7. Pass Legislation limiting The House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate to a single ninety (90) day legislative session running from February through April each year.  Special 30-day sessions can be called for under special circumstances by two-thirds vote of each Chamber.  This will help keep lobbyists, bundlers, and quid pro quo favors out of the people’s business.
  8. Repeal the 17th Amendment.  Two (2) U.S. Senators shall be appointed for each of the several States by each State’s elected legislature as originally required by our Constitution, not by popular voter fraud as we do today.  Our Constitution intended U.S. Senators to be a “check and balance” on Federal power, authority and over-reach.  This is an important check and balance against corruption and tyranny.  Let’s get our Senators out of the mud wrestling for graft business as our Founders intended and have them start standing up for State’s Rights once again.  The obscene 17th Amendment destroyed State’s Rights, placing the U.S. Senate alongside all House Members under the corrupt lure of D.C. lobbyists, money, black mail and power wielded against voters by Elite insider order-followers and monopolists via the “control file” system.
  9. Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution does not speak to Congressional Districting, which has become contentious and abusive. End “gerrymandering” – irregular Congressional redistricting.  Set all Congressional District boundaries to permanently conform to established survey section lines per equal population per district or equal area per district.  Once set, these district boundaries can no longer be revised.
  10. Add Constitutional Amendment 28 to the U.S. Constitution.  “The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives shall pass no law, the effects from which, they or their staff are exempted.”
  11. Abolish the Social Security and Medicare Scams over a period of ten (10) years and stop D.C. politicians from stealing the hard-earned retirement monies of decent Americans. If a government managed system is desired, it shall have named accounts transferable upon death to named heirs with all monies transparently invested per direction of the U.S. Treasury Secretary, not just spent by integrity challenged politicians.
  12. Demand Federal enforcement of a constitutional form of the 1799 Logan Act, which will help eliminate corrupt NGO influence by participation in special interest entities such as Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove, Bilderbergs, etc. Free speech is one thing, but private individuals combining influence and funding to plot abuses of governmental authority over foreign or domestic matters is another.
  13. AUTOMATIC-TERM LIMITS. Vote all incumbent House Members out of office every term. Vote all incumbent U.S. Senators out of office as their terms come up (1/3 every two years).  Do not support any candidate who doesn’t actively support ending the FED and creating term limits for their office.  Easily corrupted career politicians consider elected public office a a CAREER.  It is not a JOB or CAREER.  It is a sacred privilege allowing a citizen to serve the people of our country.  The servicing of special interests, particularly international conglomerate monopolies demonstrated daily in D.C. is obscene and must come to an end or our children will be reduced to feudal serfs begging for handouts from prominent global citizens, just as our Baby Boomer generation already is.

Remarks:  The Federal government of the United States is too big to succeed AND MUST BE DOWNSIZED BY 75%.  “The People’s” White House, House of Representatives and U.S. Senate are raging out of control with corruption, favoritism, government sponsored and protected monopoly, personal aggrandizement, SEDITION, AND TREASON.  “We the people” are no longer represented nor relevant.  The result is a Supreme Court loaded with political hacks.  The points listed above, or something very much like them, will help re-establish our Constitutional Republic (it no longer exists by the way) by re-establishing appropriate checks and balances across the three branches of government as originally instituted by our Founders.  This will eliminate the expensive blight of career politicians.  Serving “we the people” should be an honor and a sacrifice;  not a well funded license to steal.

U.S. citizens live beneath the heel of an enormous ADMINISTRATIVE DICTATORSHIP, where Federal agencies, directed by unelected Elite pawns, placed by international conglomerate monopolies, write discriminatory regulations and impose penalties having the force of law; completely bypassing the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch.  This is not acceptable.  This Administrative Dictatorship is morphing into TRANS-HUMAN FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE via conditioning, entrainment, surveillance and control enabled by propaganda, digital currency, the developing Space Fence, micro-chips, nano-chips, heavy metal aerosol spraying, 5G technology, modified HAARP technology, etc.  We can wake up, demand transparency and get our freedom back; or continue on our present path to trans-human enslavement.

“There is no death, only change of worlds.”  {Chief Seattle}

“There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal.”  {F.A. Hayek}

“Free people are never equal.  Equal people cannot be free.”  {Unknown}

Additional Editor’s Remark:  Bruce believes the progressive income tax (16th Amendment) on individual labor to be unconstitutional;  the Federal Reserve System to be unconstitutional;  and the Internal Revenue Service to be unconstitutional.  The Owners of the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate and their order-followers deviously and illegally created this obscene tax on our labor.  The labor of an individual is not a gain and is not legally taxable under the Constitution of these United States.  We exchange our labor for something else, such as money.  There is no Federal Statute legally authorizing the IRS to confiscate earnings generated by our labor.

The IRS is nothing more than a privately owned collection agency engaged in government sanctioned organized crime.  A flat tax on corporate earnings or a national sales tax not to exceed 15%, collected by the individual states  is the only Federal tax we need and our Federal government must be limited in scope so as to be fully funded by one of these two taxes, without debt.  Either of these two taxes can be collected through existing State Departments of Revenue with the confiscated revenue distributed to the U.S. Treasury upon request with receipt by each State Treasurer of an accredited Federal budget justifying the expense.  No need for the IRS at all – ever!

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Anarchism stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from the shackles and restraint of government.  Anarchism stands for a social order based on the free grouping of individuals…

Even the insanity of Anarchy is more benevolent than any form of collectivism !!
Free market capitalism is just anarchy with rules —  called equal opportunity !!
it must be governed by a moral people.

No human being alive in the 21st century has ever lived one day under a capitalist, free market economic system.  We don’t know if capitalism has failed because its never been tried.  The fatal flaw of capitalism is its inherent need for moral people, which apparently we the people as a society refuse to become.  Transnational monopoly controlled Mercantilism or Fascism masquerading as capitalism is not free market capitalism.  Sadly, Marxism takes us to the gulags immediately. Readily abused capitalism takes a little longer but 1776 has arrived at 1984.  Now what?