If we despise our Main Street American political voice; if we detest having an honest voice in elections; if we hate freedom; if we yearn for psychopathic oligarchs to TAKE CARE OF US as cyborg slaves;  if we enjoy being RULED by privileged, order-following government thugs; early voting, mail-in ballots, and electronic voting systems guarantee all the above, and more for our future.

WTF, you might say.  I get it.  Most of us were taught to trust government institutions.  Tragically, nearly all of them at the County, State, and Federal level are weaponized against hard working taxpayers.  All G20 government order followers we mistakenly call leaders, bow in cowardly servitude to Satanically influenced Elite handlers.  Handlers who rely on election fraud to put and keep corrupt order followers in positions of power.  Once in power, sweetheart deal carrots or sticks like blackmail, extortion, or worse keep corrupt pawns in line.

Given the percentage of corrupted pawns now holding selected or appointed office, we can no longer eliminate corruption without first establishing honest elections.  The guilty don’t indict the guilty and wishing they would is futile.  We can, however, fix our elections by standing together in mass.  The question becomes, “how do we establish honest elections?” 

Before answering this question, we MUST understand why electronic voting systems CAN NEVER BE USED.  Below are links to two videos demonstrating this is the case.

The link below is to a 24-minute Bev Harris video made six years ago exposing how calculated FRACTION MAGIC is used to manipulate supposed vote counts.  This deceptive decimal strategy alone can precisely control election outcomes.  When we see decimal values in vote count totals, i.e., 748,697.31 votes for candidate X, this strategy is being used.  America does not yet have a human, 0.31 person mailing in a ballot.  Bev Harris incidentally, formed BlackBoxVoting.org in 2003 to expose built-in machine bias programmed into electronic voting systems.

Unfortunately, most systems today are designed to never show decimals used in actual calculation adjustments in the reported data. This renders the “cheat” invisible to honest election workers not involved in the programming.

The second link (see below) is to a 1-hour, 50-minute presentation by Mark Cook on Joe Oltmann’s Conservative Daily podcast.  If you’re interested in seeing how easily electronic voting systems are designed to be manipulated on site or remotely, this panel discussion presents the simplest, easy to understand demonstration I’ve yet seen.  In less than two hours you will become educated regarding electronic election fraud in today’s world.

Current INSECURE voting procedures, at least in my home state of Arizona, now a laughingstock in politically coherent company, guarantees no active Arizona voter of any party knows:

                                    1.  If they voted.

                                    2.  Who they voted for.
                                    3.  How many times they voted for somebody.

Three primary reasons for this inability to know with certainty are EARLY VOTING, MAIL-IN BALLOTS, and ELECTRONIC VOTING.

The current ELECTION FRAUD system operates something like this:

1. Early voting enables identification of voting trends.  Algorithms designed to manipulate vote counts are adjusted per the trend data bringing about the desired tabulated result.  This is why voting machines compute vote totals using algorithms as opposed to simply counting votes.  This system SELECTS rather than ELECTS candidates.

2. Programmed tabulators begin calculating final votes on voting day—or sometimes, for weeks afterward.  If unanticipated voting day trends upset predetermined outcomes, vote tabulation is stopped as in 2020 so algorithms can be adjusted, then fraudulent calculation and/or vote switching resumes.

3. Extended so-called COUNTING is continued beyond ELECTION DAY so the final tabulation calculations can be supported by adding or removing ballots, real or fake.  Longer so-called COUNTING periods enable the number of real or fake ballots to be adjusted so the final vote calculations appear balanced within acceptable limits.  NOTHING TO SEE HERE.


Eight Steps to END ARIZONA ( and U.S.) ELECTION FRAUD:

1. Voter identification required.

2. No mail-in ballots.

3. No early voting or late voting.

4. No electronic voting systems.

5. Use ear-marked or otherwise officially demarcated verifiable PAPER BALLOTS, printed by audited certified printers, protected by a transparently verifiable chain of custody provided by all political parties.

6. All ballots are CAST IN PERSON, then HAND COUNTED under transparent observation by observers appointed by all political parties involved.  Each party appoints a minimum of three observers.  Five each would be better.


8.  Precincts MUST be small enough for all VOTE COUNTING to be completed and results known within 5 hours of designated poll closing.

We take back our country by taking back our counties.  First—counties.  Then—states.  Finally national government.  Then we make our entire world great again.  I do  not believe there is any other way.  Asking DC elected and appointed parasites to indict themselves or honor their oath to protect and defend our Constitution is a fool’s errand.  We the people, i.e., YOU and ME must establish honest elections and throw the bums out.  Taking back American self-governance starts in our cities, counties, and states.  Just sayin’.

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