U.S. Federal and State agencies are waging 5th Generation Warfare against middle-class and lower-class American citizens!

Since 1913, with Atlanticist nudging, America has been strolling toward inevitable collapse.  Now, 110-years later, traitorous Establishment Republicans and Marxist Democrats, WOKE Globalists All, are stampeding Main Street citizens over the insolvency cliff.  A malevolently organized PERFECT STORM lands at America’s southern border tomorrow, May 11th.

This malevolent whirlwind of global syndicate and DC pain is driven by the storm front collision of failed education, election fraud, financial corruption, insider patronage, lawfare, media narrative, resource rape, and most significantly, Satanic influence.

Rogue elements, buried deep in all U.S. government agencies, the White House, and our courts have treasonously worked against the best interest of the American working class for more than a century, usually under the table.  Today, EVERY FEDERAL AGENCY is openly and proudly weaponized against every independent American middle-class citizen.  Woke DC people living well off our confiscated tax dollars despise middle-class America, while producing nothing.  We have accepted stupidity, duplicity, and subversion in place of competent, transparent management and are now paying the price.

Case in point—the corrupt Biden Freak Show, with legacy media support, point out and negatively highlight differences between people nonstop.  Psychotic White House divisiveness has metastasized into a non-stop barrage of Hate Marketing spewed all over American streets by academia, AI bots, White House spokespersons, government agencies, legacy media, Hollywood, and Woke Corporate Culture.  Mass media never stops vomiting a rhetorical tsunami of fear, distrust, and violence, which of course, obscenely captures, then violates advertising, entertainment, news narratives, and sports.

Dishonest media parrots, Americans in Name Only, encourage and promote ethnic angst and hatred in every way possible—and NOW, THE BIDEN NIGHTMARE IS BRASHLY PUTTING THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS ON STEROIDS.  Title 42, enacted in 1944, but widely implemented in March 2020, expires tomorrow, May 11th.  Hundreds of thousands of illegals from all over the world have been informed about this new open door and have been traveling and massing in tent-cities for months by invitation of the Biden Regime; with transportation, food, water, clothing, medical care, and funding provided by uninformed U.S. taxpayers, various NGOs, the United Nations, and Marxist Catholic outreach organizations.

Many American neighborhoods will be attacked by hungry, unemployed illegals abandoned by the psychopaths who invited them—who are dropping these unfortunate souls on our doorsteps.  Hard-working taxpayers are paying for order-following cretins employed by or contracted with government agencies to transport the forced entrance of unwitting population swap victims.

Enabling this treason required whoever oversees Joe Biden, to SHUT DOWN President Trump’s border wall construction on Biden’s first illegal squatting day in our White House.  We can see fabricated bollard panels, i.e., fence sections uselessly and expensively stored in twenty or so southwestern locations.  These storage photos were taken in south central Arizona on May 7, 2023.

Storage sites are spread across Arizona and New Mexico like badges of stupidity.  Per U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and thirteen Republican colleagues—no Commie Dems I’m aware of—this is costing taxpayers an estimated $130,000/day; totaling more than 300 million dollars since border wall construction was halted in January 2021.  So, construction was halted, but payment for unused materials have not stopped.

According to my math, 27 months at say, 30-days each is about 810 days.  In other words, $300,000,000/810 days ≈ ‡$370,000/day, not $130,000 but since so many federal agency spokespeople are known liars—we will never know the true cost.  However we parse it, this insanity for fraud, political gain, hatred of America, or whatever it is, MUST STOP NOW.

While we don’t know what it costs to keep America’s southern border unprotected, we do know per investigative reporters and analysts Ben Berquam, Oscar Ramirez, Todd Bensman, and a few others appearing on Steve Bannon’s War Room—with video evidence by the way, nearly a million illegals from around the world are congregating along the Mexican side of our U.S. southern border—with uncounted hundreds of thousands more massing in South and Central America preparing to invade.  These abused victims are waiting for 2020’s COVID related expansion of Title 42 to end on May 11th as advertised by DC’s we hate America crowd.  This will kick down the U.S. immigration door so to speak, allowing illegals to freely, as advertised by the Biden Regime, enter the U.S. to receive their free stuff as promised.

We are about to meet and go belly to belly with, by Christmas of 2023, at least 15 million unprocessed, unidentified, foreign nationals at the Biden Regime’s invitation.  The U.S. does not have the workforce nor facilities to house, process, or care for this overwhelming influx.  Millions of illegals, as planned by the Biden Regime, will necessarily be abandoned on the U.S. side of the border.  Assuredly, none of these victims has had this horrible circumstance explained to them.  They and we are about to learn the hard way that election fraud has profound consequences.

Making matters worse, we know thousands among this swarm are convicted criminals, lunatics, and diseased patients emptied out of foreign prisons and hospitals.  Also inserted among this vast throng of imported, poverty stricken, humanity are unknown numbers of unidentified terrorists, traffickers of every evil slave-running type imaginable, and of course, other illegal opportunists bringing in illegal weapons and drugs.

This is not about to occur.  This is happening now—before May 11th even arrives.  American citizens MUST prepare to deal with the sickening reality of criminal malfeasant government.  A federal government weaponized against its own people, aided by most state governments, is a dangerous thing.  It is fair to say, Big Government is Public Enemy Number 1.

Prepare to take these unidentified illegals into your homes and churches to care for them; or prepare to defend your home—or both, because hungry people need to eat—and they, as we would, will hunt food wherever they must.

As the Boy Scouts still say despite WOKISM, “Be Prepared!”

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