This week’s big Congressional pander event is the House Oversight Committee sending important letters to our treasonous FBI, requesting documentation of an alleged PAY-TO-PLAY scheme between foreign nationals and hair-sniffing imbecile Biden and other family members while he was O’s VP.  What a joke?  The Committee anticipates the Honorable Christopher Wray complying with requests and/or subpoenas (if any).   Nothing will come of this, as most bicameral Congressional members are doing the same thing at some level, but the Committee will get this info into the public realm via alternative media—a very good thing, indeed.

The privileged Biden Crime Family, like the Bush, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Romney, and so many more DC crime families do not live in a vacuum.  Laundering hundreds of billions of dollars annually out the back doors of Congress, along with other lucrative pastimes require teamwork as well as a rigged arena to play in—large teams including corrupt bankers, fake news, corrupt law enforcement, corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, too many corrupt NGOs to count, and so forth.

Lobbyists, for example, outnumber elected officials in DC by what: two or three to one?  Maybe more?  WHY do globalist-controlled multinationals and other special interests bear the lobbying expense?  Because lobbying is effective.  Elected and unelected DC parasites love access to power, positive press, accolades, awards, money-laundering sweetheart deals, gifts, and even old school bribes.  Privilege is a wonderful thing to have—above the law, even better.  The phrases “conflict of interest” and “fiduciary responsibility” are forgotten in DC—or at best, rarely mentioned except by Newbies.  Elected House and Senate parasites also enjoy living off campaign contributions, one reason so many are perpetual, energizer campaign bunnies.

Lobbying was once a euphemism for arm twisting and bribery.  Now lobbying is a reflexive legal term for sanctioned team corruption on an unimaginable level—trillions of dollars over time—sometimes crossing the line into sedition and treason—two more terms not spoken in DC.

If every elected U.S. Senator, House Member, and herds of unelected bureaucrats hosted a Congratulation Party for themselves, even the old Redskin’s Stadium (FedEx Field) seating 91,000 could not host the event.  I do not know how many stadiums, back-to-back, are required to host such an event, but one won’t do it.


The corrupted denizens of Washington DC (and yes I know it’s not 100% – we still have the GOP TWENTY) will not investigate or indict themselves, which is why scumbags like Joe Biden, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton,  Barack Obama, at least half of Congress, and thousands of administrative thieves CAN NEVER APPEAR ON A WITNESS STAND IN FRONT OF A REAL PROSECUTOR AND A REAL JURY TO ANSWER REAL QUESTIONS UNDER OATH.  Think about it.  At least half of Congress would go down with them.  It is not going to happen—ever.

LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL.  Criminal cases must be rolled-up from the bottom by local law enforcement and constructed of sound evidence.  This does not happen because local jurisdictions, and even states, don’t have the money or resources to pursue cases of this enormous scale.  Our American citizen freedom requires re-prioritizing local government budgets away from Marxist cattle-slop (H/T Revolver News) with more for our legal citizen protection.  What we are discussing here, is just one reason ANTIFA, BLM, and other Marxist/Fascist/Globalist funded groups want local law enforcement de-funded.  It makes TAKING BACK AMERICA and MAGA impossible.

Across the ‡3,100 counties and parishes in America; County District Attorneys MUST investigate, indict, and if warranted by evidence, prosecute our corrupt elected U.S. Senate and House Members.  There are a lot of them—some we like and foolishly admire.  If General Flynn, in 2017 could be unfairly and politically indicted for nonsense in a United States District Court for the District of Columbia: THEN WHY can’t elected representatives from the various states committing felonies in Washington DC be indicted and prosecuted in their home counties by a County DA; or at the state level by a State Attorney General?

Every form of fraud, including election fraud, must be prosecuted in criminal court.  Unfortunately, most, if not all, these cases will qualify as racketeering under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.  These are tough, expensive cases taking a long time to investigate and prove.  This means we the people MUST DEMAND—LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT and our ELECTED DISTRICT ATTORNEYS and STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS begin investigations NOW. As citizens, we MUST adjust city, county, and state budgets to enforce our Rule of Law, or we lose it along with our freedom.

We take back our country by taking back our counties.  First – counties.  Then – states.  Finally – national government.  Then we make our entire world great again.  I do  not believe there is any other way.  Asking DC parasites to indict themselves is a fool’s errand.  Taking back American self-governance starts in our cities, counties, and states.  Just sayin.’

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